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The United States of Donald Trump

“It feels like 9/11.”

This is how a large swathe of racist America felt after Barack Hussein Obama was elected in 2008.

Now they are empowered.

The United States elected a fascist. A man who whipped up hate and xenophobia to shocking and unprecedented levels. The people surrounding and advising Donald Trump are the same people we have been warning about and exposing for years now. There was never a doubt that any Republican victory in the presidency would embolden this network of professional and career fear-mongers; Trump’s candidacy was worse than all of them.

This thread is for you to share your reflections and thoughts on the election of an American fascist.


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    • Khizer

      Fiction is the new ‘fact’, Illisha

      Fiction is the new fact……

      ‘Rational thought’ would imply thinking, and people don’t have time to think when they can instead spend their time on shitty YouTube videos/articles ‘explaining’ Islam and how Muslims are in ‘denial’ of the ‘fascistic elements’ of Islam. it’s easier letting others do the thinking for you.

    • Awesome

      One of the reasons Trump won was by exploiting fear of Islam. This is a real fear of Muslim failure to integrate and fascistic elements in Islam.

      And Muslims are in denial about this.

      This “real fear” stems from anti-Muslim propaganda promoted by the “bogeyman industry” for the fact-resistant troglodytes who don’t really know (or care to know) any Muslims, don’t really know (or care to know) Islam and/or don’t really know what fascism is.

      It’s obvious to Muslims that the propaganda against Islam and Muslims is a farce, as the lies, half-truths and hysteria that it runs on are so glaringly apparent to them, so naturally they’re going to reject the anti-Muslim propaganda. Indeed, anyone capable of critical thinking would reject it.

      This anti-muslim sentiment isn’t some freak outbreak. It is upheld by many traditionally liberal element such as homosexuals, women, peaceful religions as well as the majority of non Muslims. And it’s growing.

      It is upheld only by ignorance and by identity politics, while lies, half-truths and hysteria are used to brainwash people with it. It is indeed quite ironic that those who cry “fascism” about Islam, are in reality advocating it themselves.

      Think about this next time the Iman is telling you that the kuffir will burn in hell.

      This might actually be a legitimate point if almost every other major religion didn’t have similar beliefs regarding those who don’t believe in it.

      And for gods sake, do something constructive with this site and your time instead of encouraging the increasingly deafening negative feedback loop of rhetoric.

      The fact-resistant population are the only ones encouraging a “negative feedback loop of rhetoric”.

    • Khizer

      “Now we have a big following in Pakistan, Malaysia, in Egypt”

      By ‘big following’, do they mean armchair secular-liberal Pakistani teens, angry Malaysian secularists who hate practising Muslim Malaysians and raging secular Sisi supporting Egyptian ‘intellectuals’?

      Also for a ‘big following’, 20,665 Facebook fans seem pretty small for satirical sites, especially more well known satirical sites such as the Onion (which has 9.3M followers on Facebook).

    • Khizer

      Will do, ma’am

    • Awesome

      Trump’s win comes as no surprise, and he only won because his opponent was Hillary Clinton. Had Bernie Sanders not been cheated out of the nomination, he most likely would have won the election instead of Trump.

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