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No Breitbart, a Muslim mob didn’t set fire to Germany’s oldest church

No Breitbart, a Muslim mob didn't set fire to Germany's oldest church St. Reinold’s Church in Dortmund. Photo: DPA.

Journalists have condemned a report by Breitbart news that claimed a mob of 1,000 men had attacked police and set fire to a church, calling the article a distortion of facts.

By Emma Anderson 5 January 2017 14:34 CET+01:00

Breitbart wrote an article about New Year’s Eve in Dortmund on Tuesday with the headline “Revealed: 1,000-man mob attack police, set Germany’s oldest church alight on New Year’s Eve”.

“At New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dortmund a mob of more than 1,000 men chanted ‘Allahu Akhbar’, launched fireworks at police, and set fire to a historic church,” the alt-right website reported.

The report was attributed to local news site Ruhr Nachrichten, which fired back on Wednesday, accusing Breitbart of “using our online reports for fake news, hate and propaganda.”

Ruhr Nachrichten pointed out how Breitbart attributed separate unconnected incidents to a larger, collective “mob”.

There was in fact a total of around 1,000 people gathered to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Leeds Square, including “large and small groups” of young, foreign men as well as families with children, according to Ruhr Nachrichten.

The original report by the local news site from that night describes how some individuals did start launching fireworks from within the crowd towards police, who told them to stop but were ignored. Broadcaster WDR reported that officers then issued orders for some people to leave and took some into custody.

While Breitbart wrote that the “mob” set the roof of Germany’s oldest church on fire, Ruhr Nachrichten pointed out that this was also not accurate.

St. Reinold is not Germany’s oldest church – that would be the Cathedral of Trier – and a small fire had started on some netting on scaffolding around the church, not the roof, due to one firework.

And while Breitbart states that the “fireworks were launched at” the church, there was no indication from local news outlets or from the fire services that the fire had been started intentionally.

The fire was small and lasted 12 minutes before firefighters put it out, Ruhr Nachrichten reports.

Police told local media that overall it was a quiet night.

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    • 786 Yea, verily! Years before I converted, I came across Ghouller’s stuff linked at Debbie Schlussel’s site. At that time I thought Schlussel was grand, though admittedly when I tried to research her stories for confirmation I would come up short. I’ve since learned much, much more about Things; but even when I thought Debbie was great I stayed away from Ghouller and Co. Even in my utter ignorance I could tell that they were beyond the pale of any civilized discourse. Their followers truly frighten me.

    • Montaigne

      I read today few articles written by Pamela Geller on her website and some comments written by right-wing people. I could not beleive it – the distorted facts, the delusional conspiration theories, the disturbing thought process of some people (and Geller). It was scary. Troubling.

      I am Canadian (a “very white” one, born from “very white” parents) and I can’t believe how some right-wing Americans are so racist and intolerant. What a shame. Please do not come in Canada. I prefer to get 10,000 Muslim refugees in 1 day than having 1 person like those in 10,000 years.

    • 786 Since this was printed, Breitbart has printed an additional article dismissing the case against them as all lies, led (of course) by the commie-multiculturalist mainstream media. No, I couldn’t make this up. I left them a hot one in the comments; judging from the amount of hatred and conspiracy theorizing in the comments, I’m probably destined for a few hot ones myself. Mine, however, is intelligent.

    • 786 As a veteran myself, I’ll be hornswoggled if I stand by while you reduce the entirety of our service to the cheap two-dimensional “us vs them” melodrama in your head. Your words are an profound insult not only to veterans, but to America’s core values; your willingness to twist and co-opt those values to fit your depraved worldview reveals your contempt for American ideals. You obviously hate my country and everything it stands for. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you clearly hate my mother tongue. Your rampant, unapologetic butchery of English and your inability to frame a grammatically-correct sentence is further proof that you haven’t assimilated to American culture. What I can’t figure out is where in the scumiverse you found two other people who despise America so much that they would upvote your comment.

    • Not officially. He’s just been busy with other things, from what I understand.

    • james


      has danios left loonwatch?

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      “Listen up, you traitorous, America hating, Sharia loving seditious vermin… Your $#!t is in the wind.” Is this the best trolls can do nowadays?

    • golden izanagi

      “We know what you are” your information network must be great not a lot of people find out we’re actually titan pilots. “We are all armed to the teeth” just so you know your puny weapons would be no match for my titan.

    • CowabungaCreeper

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    • Joey Sanders

      We have tons of money, because we don’t celebrate Christmas, drink or do drugs. We’re enjoying the new year having fun spending our money by going on vacations and hanging out with family. That is why the commentary is lower than usual at this time of year.

      You are just some loser mouthing off. You are nothing but a Fox News scholar. You, probably, don’t even know what Sharia is or that most Muslims just want you to stay out of their countries and leave them alone. They could care less about what freedoms you think you have.

      If America is such a free country, why is it that a person can be put into jail for the tiniest infraction? That is why we have a higher rate of imprisonment than any other country in the world.

    • I’m baffled as to where people are getting their information. Muslims are 1% of the population. How imposing can this tiny minority possibly be?

      Filth?!? By what moral compass could it possibly be that Muslims are imposing *filth* on Americans? There is no definition of the word *filth* I can find that makes that assertion make any sense at all. Not in the literal nor the metaphorical sense:

      Definition of filth 1 : foul or putrid matter; especially : loathsome dirt or refuse 2 a : moral corruption or defilement b : something that tends to corrupt or defile

      Watch even a mainstream, popular show like Big Bang Theory where a lovely red-haired nymphomaniac scientist gets it on with multiple main characters, including a scene where she takes on two at a time.

      I’m not making this up:

      Where does one go from there? And why would it be Muslims who would take the perversion from traditional morals to the next level?

      This doesn’t seem like a well thought out position. Yet I see similar comments fairly often. It’s like there is something in the water….

    • Alyeth

      Lol, what violence? Last time I checked Muslims weren’t the one’s constantly drone bombing and dropping hundereds of thousands of metric tons of weaponry on innocent civilians. “America hating” Ha! What a riff, who DOESN’T hate America? Or in other words, a proproganda fueled nation which runs on the constant invasion and destruction of others? The “United” States of America has been in war for over 98% of it’s existence! Stopping misogyny? A joke! 1 in 5 American women are raped. “Stopping your homophobia” ???? How exactly??? By voting for someone who believes that taking away funding from AIDS/HIV and electrocuting gays is a way to “cure” them? Hell, multiple of the most homophobic Muslim countries are well loved by the American Govt. “Stopping your violence” xD how IRONIC! America has killed MILLIONS since 1995 you baboon, stop your own pathetic violence. “This is not Sweden. This is not Germany.” Ohhhh the cringe here! I bet my left arm that you’re one of those imbeciles who thinks Sweden and Germany is going through some form of “rape crisis”? They’re not.

      “We will never NEVER accept you imposing your filth on others” ???? What’s this tidbit here supposed to mean? Americans LOVE putting their filth on others, like they did in Afghanistan, Alabania, Chad, The Congos, Mexico, Pakistan, the Guatemalas, Argentina, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Chile, Cuba, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran and countless others. Try your nonsensical “This is not rant” with that list for once. Oh and P.S. “Sharia” translates into “path towards”. I can tell your Sharia hating, as you hate any “path towards” the truth.

    • Paranoia is a terrible affliction. Please see a therapist.

    • Coralislands

      Wow… Some powerful readership is showing itself here… . Listen up, you traitorous, America hating, Sharia loving seditious vermin… Your $#!t is in the wind. We know what you are know what you are trying to do. Many of us will put our lives on the line (and have put our lives on the line while in uniform) stopping your misogyny. Stopping your homophobia… Stopping your violence.

      This is not Sweden. This is not Germany. We are all armed to the teeth and love our nation. We will never NEVER accept you imposing your filth on others.

      Bring it….

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