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Are Muslims Rapists?

Hatred against Jews and hatred against Muslims have a lot in common. One thing in particular is that throughout history Jews and Muslims have been accused of being rapists. The Nazis in the 30’s were well known for their claim that Jewish men seek to rape “Aryan women and small girls” to “make Europe more Jewish.” The myth that all Jewish men are rapists is still being spread among antisemites. Today Muslims are victims of this slander as well.

The internet is filled with claims that Muslims rape women. The website close to President Donald Trump, Breitbart, is no exception to that. Breitbart often claims that Muslim men are sexual perverts that just want to rape women.

Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor at Breitbart, stated;

Women will suffer terrible sexual atrocities at the hands of Muslims, but they will survive these encounters most of the time.  Muslims want to violate women, not kill them.”

A lie that is often repeated will be accepted as the “Truth” by many in the end. So too with the lies of Breitbart.”Muslim Rape Crisis“, “Muslim Rape Gang Leader“, “Muslim Gang Rapists are Springing Up Everywhere“, “Islamic Rape Gangs“, “Muslim Child Rape“, etc etc…

Jewish and Muslim “Rape-culture”

By now you might ask whether a Muslim has ever raped a woman? Of course there are individual Muslim rapists, as there are Jewish rapists, rapists among Trump supporters, among farmers, Americans, Christians, Russians, carpenters and stamp collectors.  But if you claim that Muslims, Jews, Trump supporters or Christians  are rapists you are spreading a dangerous lie. You are implying that ALL are criminals.

According to Breitbart there is a “Muslim Rape Culture.” The Nazis spread the same lies about Jews in the 30’s, as Breitbart does today in respect to Muslims, and claimed that there was such a thing as “Jewish Rape Culture.” The German magazine Der Sturmer was especially famous for spreading these kinds of slanders.

In the picture below, from Der Sturmer,  you can see the satanic Jewish snake that is raping a woman, and in the background you can see the Talmud.

Antisemitism Germany 5

The Nazis claimed that the Jewish Talmud allowed marriages between adult men and children. It was claimed that Jews were pedophiles and that it had its origin in the religion. If you wonder where the myth that all Muslims are pedophiles comes from, or slanders about the prophet Mohammad and Aisha, you should look at the antisemitic roots of these slanders.


“Jewish Defamation of the Blood,” that is the headline of this issue of Der Sturmer. In the bottom of the page it says that “The Jews are our disgrace”.


The Nazis took real rape, committed by individuals that happened to be Jews, mixed it with lies and fabricated stories about “rape.” The example below is from Der Sturmer 1927. According to the article, an American Jew raped a German woman in Ohio. “Defamation of the Race in America” is the headline. The implied message is that “all Jews are like that.”

By claiming that Jews were rapists and by giving “evidence” about this the Nazis whipped up hatred against Jews in Germany. Truth was replaced by “alternative facts.”


In the Nuremberg trials after World War 2 it was established that the lie that a “Jewish Rape Culture” existed was one of the crimes against humanity the Nazis committed. In Nuremberg this quote from Der Sturmer 1933 was put forward as one of the evidences of the Nazi crimes.

“One single cohabitation of a Jew with an Aryan woman is sufficient to poison her blood forever. Together with the alien albumen she has absorbed the alien soul…. Now we know why the Jew uses every artifice of seduction in order to ravish German girls at as early an age as possible; why the Jewish doctor rapes his patients while they were under anaesthetic. He wants the German girl and the German woman to absorb the alien sperm of the Jew. She is never again to bear German children… The author and abettor of such action is the Jew. He has been aware of the secrets of the race question for centuries, and therefore plans systematically the annihilation of the nations which are superior to him. Science and authorities are his instruments for the enforcing of pseudo-science and the concealment of truth.”(M-20).

But are Muslims rapists?

Of course no. The question is stupid. Are all Christian rapists? Are Americans rapists?

The lie is easy to expose. They claim that all people belonging to a group are guilty of real or invented crimes that a few persons in the group might, or might not, have committed. That is hatred, that is racism!

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    • Khizer


      He did? I guess they had a falling out, and that’s probably why he hates Muslims so much (stupid reason to hate a whole community of people, but I guess it’s a reason atleast).

    • As I said, Muslim women can work, but it’s CHARITY, not an obligation. The obligation is with the man.

      In an ideal Islamic society, women have a choice. Being FORCED to work, even though I don’t want to, doesn’t feel like autonomy to me.

    • Heather Rose

      Maintenance, as you call it, comes with a cost – autonomy. But, as a Westerner, I am more individualistic than communal? It sounds like a control issue, & whoever controls the purse strings is in control & not subject to the charity or goodwill of others. It’s complex. No doubt!

    • Viredae

      For a good primer on the PROPER way to interpret Hadith (something ISIS seems more than happy to ignore), Jonathan AC Brown is an excellent resource:

  • No, I’m definitely NOT saying there is “gender equality” in Islamic law. That is a modern Western concept, and one which I reject.

    Men and women are not exactly the same, and therefore do not have exactly the same rights and responsibilities.

    For example, in Islam, a woman has a RIGHT to maintenance. A man has a RESPONSIBILITY to provide maintenance. That is not equality. If a woman works, it is considered charity, whereas a man who works is fulfilling his obligation to his family. I don’t see any way to frame that as “gender equality.”

    Personally, I never wanted to be herded into cubical prison. I was, of course, because I live in the feminist-designed West. I don’t feel this burden is a “privilege.” When it comes to having work to earn an income, I don’t want to “gender equality.” I want the privilege granted to women under Islamic doctrine.

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