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FYI Israeli-French Citizens: Israel Is Also Racist

Marine LePen, ultra-nationalist, whose party the “Front National” a court in France ruled can justifiably be described as “fascist” has said that dual nationalities, those who hold Israeli and French citizenship would have to choose one or the other.

In a display of irony, Haaretz published a report on LePen’s proclamation that says many dual French-Israelis would choose Israel over France. My question to these folks: you do realize that Israel is an aggressively racist, colonial-settler state, right? So you aren’t okay with racism and neo-colonialism in France but just enjoy the Israeli flavored racism? Is it because it targets you and in Israel it targets Palestinians and Muslims?

Many French Jews who have immigrated to Israel told Haaretz that in such a case they would choose to remain citizens of the Jewish state, but said they fear for the physical and financial safety of those who continue to live in France or who travel between the two countries.

“My choice is made, I would remain Israeli, because Le Pen’s behavior is truly fascist,” said Agnes Hanna Goldman, a 60-year-old who works in public relations and movie production and is in the process of moving to Tel Aviv.

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    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      These trolls feed on provoking and angering…that’s how they get their jollies.

    • Khizer

      The comments……just……beautiful, *sniff*

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      I know this sounds cruel, but I really do want an escaped convict to break into their houses, anally rape them, HARD and bash their heads with a lead pipe, Lord knows how many brain cells will be left after the beating since there already seems to be a lack them already.

    • HSkol

      Holy Moly. I’ll look for that news.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      Recent news from France is a police officer raped a Black man and they are now claiming it was by “accident.” Perhaps all those riots have been by accident as well.

    • HSkol

      Ooo, one against the other here. Hmm. I’m happy to live in neither France nor Israel … though we do all gotta work this stuff out … globally … or, either which brutal cheerleader will have their own way. We in America have a great deal of work to do between the various groups that make us US as well. Damn, do I ever hope we succeed. France and Israel … hmm … by populous, not likely to gain any understand whatsoever.

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