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Adam Purinton Killed Two Hindu Men In Islamophobic Attack

More fall out from the hate that Trump has propagated against Muslims. Two Indian, likely Hindu engineers were gunned down by a racist, Islamophobe yelling “get out my country.”


Purinton, a Navy veteran, was booked into the Henry County Jail. After the charges were filed, Purinton appeared before a judge in Henry County and waived his right to fight extradition.

It was not known how soon he would be returned to Johnson County.

Purinton allegedly told a bartender in Clinton that he had killed two Middle Eastern men, The Star has learned.

He reportedly told the bartender that he needed a place to hide out.

At least one witness reportedly heard the suspect yell “get out of my country” shortly before shooting men he thought were Middle Eastern. Both men, engineers at Garmin, appear to be originally from India.

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    • wright gregson

      and don’t forget that native americans were human beings with all the glories and faults of any other human being. as the victims of the Huron’s war culture what it like to be bashed over the head with a stone club.

    • Awesome

      The White man’s “Taqbir”, is “get out of my country”.

      That’s been the cry of some for a long time. Unfortunately for them, they fail to realize that being “white” doesn’t make it theirs, nor does it give them the right to dictate to others who can stay and who can’t.

    • kartashok

      The White man’s “Taqbir”, is “get out of my country”.

  • mindy1

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