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To Lower Crime Rates, U.S.A. Should INCREASE Immigration

President Trump has ordered Homeland Security to create an office called VOICE: Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement. Apparently he believes that there is more criminality among immigrants than American born citizens. The exact opposite is true.

Trump argues that immigrant criminality is such a big problem that he needs to spotlight and blame all immigrants for the crimes. A look at criminal statistics shows that the issue is much more complicated. If you look at facts, immigrants to the USA have lower rates of crime than people born in the USA.

Many have reported on this fact which is scientifically and statistically confirmed. The New York Times wrote last year;

“In America, as in Europe, anti-immigrant backlashes have often followed episodes in which foreigners are blamed for crimes and other problems. But statistical studies show that in the United States, at least, immigrants are far more law-abiding than natives, regardless of race, class or education.”

Reason magazine wrote;

“This new study bolsters my reporting on the topic back in 2014 which also found lower rates of criminality among immigrants. As I then noted: University of California sociologist Ruben Rumbaut finds, among other things, that the incarceration rate of American-born males between 18 and 39 years of age was five times the rate of foreign-born males, and finds similar conclusions in a survey of other studies on the topic.

Rumbaut and his colleagues have updated their data. From the executive summary of their study:

‘For more than a century, innumerable studies have confirmed two simple yet powerful truths about the relationship between immigration and crime: immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime. This holds true for both legal immigrants and the unauthorized, regardless of their country of origin or level of education. In other words, the overwhelming majority of immigrants are not “criminals” by any commonly accepted definition of the term. For this reason, harsh immigration policies are not effective in fighting crime.’”

Let’s look at the statistics. I looked at this some years ago and found these excellent charts from one of the studies by Rumbaut. Its statistics show that 3% of the US population between 18 and 39 was incarcerated in 2000. 3.5% of the U.S. born population and 0.86% of the foreign born population was incarcerated.

Thus: to decrease the crime rates in the U.S.A. increase immigration (and end racist laws and policing practices targeting Black and Brown communities)!

PEW research wrote about it in 2013.

If Donald Trump wants to decrease the rates of criminality in the USA, he should open the borders and bring in more immigrants. 

(Edited 3/2)

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    • Actually, there does seem to be a bit of “false narrative” in pay with regard to that story as well.

      It’s suspicious that the story appears almost exclusively on sites that are hostile to Muslims. Some of the headlines are along the lines of, “Migrant students were allowed to remain enrolled after raping 14-year-old Swedish girl, principal claimed THEY were victims.”

      Oddly, however, the actual story in Swedish doesn’t say the perpetrators were “migrants,” nor that they were Muslims. It states that one of the boys, who was 16, was named “Ajuub” and that the other boy was 15 and “unnamed.” I’ve never even heard the name “Ajuub,” unless it’s some variant of “Ayub”? Either, how does one conclude from that they were both migrants? Or in the case of Jihad Watch, that the boys were Arab Muslims, inspired to commit this crime by Islamic doctrine, as Spencer implies? That’s a bit of a stretch, based on that actual underlying reports I’ve managed to find.

      If you have a more complete report, please post it here so we can take a look.

      It’s terrible that a 14 year old girl was was raped and otherwise sexually assaulted, and made worse by the fact the boys are still attending the school, whereas she is continuing her studies elsewhere. One perpetrator was sentenced, and the other was, it seems not really held accountable. I can’t find more details to fully get the context, but even the school administrators admitted it’s a troubling situation.

      Any lapse of judgement in punishing these boys, and making sure the girl’s right to return to school is made a priority, seems to me falls to Swedish authorities. Why would their decisions indict Arabs/Muslims instead of them?

      Also, how does is merely knowing that ONE boy is named “Ajuub” prove all these assumptions about the perpetrators?

      It seems to me like the standard doesn’t have to be very high on these sites. All you need is some clue a person has a “Muslim sounding name,” and that’s justification of all kinds of wild speculation. It takes a gullible audience not to question that at all.

    • Sense Offender

      Yes and that 14 year old rape victim was just a false narrative too.

    • mindy1

      Problem is that certain incidents, like when illegal immigrants commit rape and/or murder in sanctuary cities, fire people up and they lump all people into the “bad hombres category”

    • USInfidelPorkEater

      What a wonderful idea. I, on the other hand, think that expelling the crooks and bad people would be a better idea.

    • Awesome

      Cosmopolitanism and heterogeneity are healthy ideals that every society should strive for. Anti-immigration, pro-homogeneity policies are as dystopian as they come, because they eventually lead to countries becoming virtual open-air prisons for their citizenry, where no one is free to travel to any other country, effectively becoming imprisoned in their own. And that’s just a few small steps away from them becoming closed-air prisons.

    • Joey Sanders

      That, in the end, is the problem with television. A lot of people in America do not read. All they watch are news programs that show a few bad immigrants engaging in illegal activities and they many immigrants are coming over to commit crimes and engage in other nefarious activities.

      Will these statistics and others like it ever make it to the television screen to educate Americans on this issue? I doubt it. Reminds me of a song:

      “Television the drug of a nation Breeding ignorace and feeding radiation”

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