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The Reason Why Sebastian Gorka Won’t Answer A Simple Question About Islam

Sebastian Gorka, assistant to Trumpelstilskin, and self-styled “counterterrorism” expert is slated to have a ridiculously privileged role in influencing what Trump thinks about national security.  He swims in the same swamp as the other Islamophobes who are a part of the administration.

Recently, Gorka was unwilling to answer a basic question: “Does the president believe Islam is a religion?” Gorka’s non-answer:

Gorka spurned the question, telling Inskeep, “This is not a theological seminary. This is the White House. And we’re not going to get into theological debates.”

“If the president has a certain attitude to a certain religion, that’s something you can ask him,” Gorka said on the radio show. “But we’re talking about national security and the totalitarian ideologies that drive the groups that threaten America.”

The reason Gorka cannot answer the question is because the Islamophobes surrounding Trump, such as Bannon, Miller, and himself are ideological allies to the folks at hate blogs such as JihadWatch, FrontPage, etc. where the canard that “Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian political ideology” has been regularly propagated for years.

Loonwatch commenter, Mo, mentions the dangerous slippery slope intent that lies behind this view of Islam:

If Trumps people can convince Americans that Islam is not a religion, then they will be able to convince Americans that following Shariah is not protected by religious freedom – because it’s not religious law.

If they can ban us from following our religious law, they will eventually extend this to ban hijabs and even halal meat. Eventually they will extend this further to ban the congregation of any Muslims they deem to be “un-american”… whatever they decide that means.

They are attempting to roll back our freedoms one by one. This is how it begins.

In addition to this central point, Gorka’s allies, Spencer, Gaffney and the likes have advocated that the Sedition Act be used to charge Muslim Americans if they believe or proclaim to follow Shariah. That is the totalitarian intent behind the Islamophobic narratives they have pursued with such vigor over the years.

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      Richard A. Posner is chief judge of the U.S court of appeals, Seventh Circuit Chicago. Katherine B. Silbaugh is associate Professor at Boston University School of Law, they say that before the 1900s age of consent was ten years old,

      “The law governing the age of consent has changed dramatically in the United States during this century. Most states codified a statutory age of consent during the nineteenth century, and the usual age was ten years.”

      I got that information from here:

      Learn about history more.

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