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German Soldiers Plotted False Flag Attack To Blame On Refugees

At least two German soldiers have been arrested for plotting to commit a false flag attack and blame it on Syrian refugees. The intense focus on so-called “Islamic terrorism” obscures the threats of white nationalists and neo-Nazis that pose a greater threat to Europe than fanatical Muslim political groups.

The Independent

A second soldier has been arrested for allegedly planning a “false flag” terror attack to be blamed on refugees in Germany amid fears of a wider neo-Nazi network within the army.

The plot was exposed with the arrest of a German lieutenant, Franco A, who was found to be posing as a Syrian refugee in order to carry out a shooting attack targeting left-wing politicians.

One of his friends at Illkirch-Graffenstaden barracks in France has now been detained for allegedly covering for the soldier’s absences as he periodically returned to Bavaria to continue the ruse.

Maximilian T, a 27-year-old German national, was also a member of Jägerbataillon 291 and was arrested on Tuesday after being questioned by military intelligence officers.

He had joined his friend on a trip to Vienna in January – supposedly for an officers’ ball – where Franco A stashed an unregistered gun to be used in the attack at the city’s main airport.

Maximilian T was also part of an online messaging group where he, Franco A and other members exchanged far-right posts, photos and audio files, Der Spiegel reported.

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    • George Carty

      In the 1980s it was Zionists who were framed by French far-right radicals who attacked hostels used by Maghrebi immigrants:

    • Vigilant Skeptic

      I find it sad that when a small section of immigrants commit crimes (normally due to diminished opportunity in life in their final destination) or are indeed emmigrating in the first place, people can’t take a step back and asky WHY people are doing these things in the first place and what can be done to resolve the root cause.

      Likewise, when a small section of the local community commits crimes against those immigrating to their community (mainly because of a sense of betrayal on their part for accepting immigrants in the first place), the immigrants themselves (and those on their side) are also seemingly incapapble of asking WHY the local people are feeling threatened and considering what can be done to alleviate the fears and feelings behind them.

      People prefer to ‘pick a side and get behind it’ as it is far easy to demonise the other side then scrutinise the whole situation or indeed yourself.

    • Vigilant Skeptic

      You will find most media outlets do not describe terrorists by their religious identity anymore, just by name.

      And the description of the planned attack as a ‘false flag’ attack is accurate as the intent was to pose as another faction while causing damage to life and/or property. If an immigrant civilian was to dress in an army outfit and do the same in reverse, it would be called the same thing.

    • Awesome

      Far right radicals plotting terror attacks to make refugees look bad. This is what it has come to……

      False flag attacks are nothing new or uncommon. They just don’t make the news as such unless they fail, where the plot is exposed and the actual perpetrators are caught. The real question in this regard is how new or uncommon this particular incident is of far right radicals framing refugees for attacks in a PR war against them. I doubt this is the first time it has happened, but probably only the first time that it has failed and been exposed.

    • cmyfe .

      Standard answer to this would be something like this;

      Don’t you know they have a right to do so? They are “surrounded by enemies” who want to “wipe them off the map”.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Like I said I’m not surprised at all. How can there ever be peace with such, ah, people? the hypocrisy! Whenever they show photos of Palestinian children with toy guns they whine “oooh, why do they hate us?”, and here … ? And NO, I’m Not anti-semitic!

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Of course not. Only Islam is terror, and all terrorists are Muslims, and all Muslims are terrorists. Everybody else is exonerated, no matter what they do and especially if they are genocidals >:-(

    • mindy1

      Great, just what the world needs, more haters :/

    • Raad

      Israeli children:

    • Joey Sanders

      I guarantee that no mainstream media outlet is referring to them as Christian or German terrorists.

    • sasboy

      Far right radicals plotting terror attacks to make refugees look bad. This is what it has come to……

    • HSkol

      Wowzer. The Independent’s site is extremely slow, but the article deserves a full read. Individual Germans making Germany look as Germany herself “collectively” and intentionally wishes to not look. Sounds as though there’s a near-crisis within their military membership.

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