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Hindutva Fanatic Yogi Adityanath Appointed Chief Minister Of India’s Most Populous State

Yogi Adityanath, a fanatical Hindtuva priest (wants India to be a “Hindu Rashtra,” or Hindu state) from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population equivalent to Brazil, was appointed by Narendra Modi’s BJP to be the state’s Chief Minister. Uttar Pradesh is roughly 80% Hindu and 20% Muslim.

Speaking about Muslims he displayed such Yogi wisdom as:

“If the other side does not stay in peace, we will teach them how to stay in peace…in the language that they understand.” (Hindustan Times, 2014)

“In places where there are 10 to 20% minorities, stray communal incidents take place. Where there are 20 to 35% of them, serious communal riots take place and where they are more than 35%, there is no place for non-Muslims,” he had said. (Aap Ki Adalat, 2014)

“If they kill one Hindu, then we will kill 100 Muslims.” (Azamgarh speech, 2007)

“If they convert 1 Hindu girl, we will convert 100 Muslim girls.” (Azamgarh speech, 2007)

One wonders: will the Yogi try and make good on his call to followers to “rape dead Muslim women,” and place “idols in every mosque?” Adityanath, has been implicated in several cases for rioting and murder:

In year 1999; legal case against him was registered under section 147 (punishment for riot), 148 (rioting with deadly weapon), 295 (insult to a community’s worship site), 297 (encroachment on cemeteries) , 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on the basis of religion, caste, birthplace, residence, language etc.), 307 (attempt to murder) and 506 (punishment for criminal threat) were registered in the Maharajganj district.

Case of murder: It also the matter of Maharajganj, where the case was registered under section 302 (death penalty). Apart from this, a case was lodged against him under 307 (attempt to murder) 504 (intentional insult with intent to disrupt peace) and 427 (damaging the currency note of fifty rupees).

Some of the other policies that Adityanath promotes consist of the forced conversion of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism, which he describes as a “homecoming” but that most people understand to be crimes against humanity.

A fact finding report of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM) on Kushinagar found dozens of cases of rapes and forced kidnappings of young Muslim girls for religious conversion.

The report by AIMMM came on the heels of an event in Agra in which 50 poor Muslim families were forcibly converted to Hinduism. The families were lured by Hindutva activists under the pretense they would be attending a Hindu religious ceremony where food would be given and ration cards handed out to them.

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    • Bill

      Unique? What about France’s Gaullists and even Front National – or the Americans’ Republican Party? Erdoğan’s Turkey and Putin’s Russia are institutionally secular, too.

    • Ajay Kumar

      It was an observation based on your comment. No apology was requested or expected. I was a bit disappointed and saddened for you not supporting your own. I, like you, have experience of them and don’t favor extreme ideologies wherever they may be from.

      One can easily misunderstand others online. To be fair I will again try to get him to explain his position and language. Thank you for clarifying yours. Namaste!

    • Not a sample of one. I have experience with Hindutva, which is not equivalent to Hindu nor Indian. I will judge them for their ideology, to which they choose to subscribe.

      I have no use for Zionists, Nazis, and Hindutva and make no apologies.

    • Ajay Kumar

      “retarded dog in heat, make you look like a ridiculous living joke.” And what are you then? A vulgar one in heat or a pious joke?

    • Ajay Kumar

      So with a sample of one you project your conclusion over a whole population, a population of millions. A people you yourself come from, belong to, yet betray. How sad.

      Had you any insight you’d know that you both are cut from the same cloth. You have demonstrated a mindset in common with him. Says much about your uppity comment, in common with him, his mindset, intellect and education.

    • Ajay Kumar

      Why get down to their IQ to prove your point. You could surely do better than them, if your try. Don’t you think?

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Its just because fascism, xenophoby, racism, bigotry have become fashionable again, as in the 1930s. Btw, I think the RSS was founded, or at least got its ideological background around that time, too. Japan too adopted fascist ideology around that time. Look at how the Japanese treated the Russian POWs of 1905 and the German POWs of 1914-18 (for most humanely) and contrast this to how they behaved towards Allied POWs in WWII (mostly beastly). See?

    • Friend of Bosnia

      “Peaceful” Buddhists are the aggressors and the genocidals in Burma. But that does certainly not mean all Buddhists are evil.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, but what can be done with such people? My first impulse is to go out and shoot them, but: 1) I’m not a murderer, I’m not a criminal, I have no right whatsoever to attack anyone, I don’t want to go to jail or be shot. 2) Maybe I could do that if there was a war going on, but it’s highly unlikely I would come across one of them, I could get hit myself (even though today, in a war you’re more likely to be killed if you stay at home than if you’re a soldier on the front line); and most importantly, do I seriously want war to break out or resume? No, I don’t! Only if my side, my people, are attacked. Only if war is forced on us! But let not my side fire the first shot!

    • Khizer

      Quite frankly your vicious rage and the fact your lashing out like a retarded dog in heat, make you look like a ridiculous living joke.

    • Khizer

      Could you present YOUR side of the arguement? Insults will not do.

      I’m sure we would be delighted to see it and debate about it.

    • Thank you for coming here to demonstrate what Hindutva looks like first hand.

    • nilbud

      It’s hard to know if it’s all the cousin fucking or the brainwashing or the combination that makes you a ridiculous living joke.

    • The “brainwashed dimwits” are the Hindutva, as you’re amply demonstrating with your blind hatred toward Pakistanis.

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