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The 1974 Houari Boumédiènne U.N. Speech Myth

Houari Boumédiènne

Did Algerian President Houari Boumedienne say in 1974 that he wanted Muslims to conquer Europe by migration and producing Muslim babies? 

If you follow what Islamophobes write on the internet you will often see a quote attributed to Houari Boumedienne that allegedly proves the secret “Muslim conspiracy” against the West. It is claimed that he held a speech at the U.N. in 1974 where he said:

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

The quote is used to make people believe in a conspiracy to destroy and enslave Europe, and to make people scared of immigration and Muslims. (You can see how it is used on the Jihadwatch website.) A quick search on google reveals hundreds of thousands of citations in English alone. All with the intent to “prove” that “the Muslims” are waging a “Demographic Jihad”, against the western world.

But when you investigate the source you never find the source of the quote. All that you find is rightwing extremists that refer to other rightwing extremists that refer to other rightwing extremists. etc. And never any real sources.

On Wikipedia you can see that others have tried to locate the source to no avail.

When you contact the United Nations they say that he only gave ONE speech to the U.N. in 1974 and that speech is a famous anti-colonial speech. If you read that ONLY speech he made there that year nowhere does he mention a demographic jihad against the west. The closest you get is his warnings of tensions between the developed and undeveloped world due to economic differences.

To paraphrase the famous Mythbusters, this myth is certainly busted!  But what is its origin?

The origin of the myth?

The quote is used as a part of the so called “Eurabia myth”. According to the Eurabia theory the Muslims and their collaborators in Europe agreed in the early 1970s to cooperate. The elite in Europe agreed to take in immigrants in exchange for oil, and thus to  Islamize and Arabize Europe. Wikipedia notes:

“The concept was coined by Bat Ye’or (pen name of Gisele Littman) in the early 2000s and is described in her 2005 book titled Eurabia: The Euro‐Arab Axis. Europe, Ye’or argues, has surrendered to Islam and is in a state of submission (which she referred to as dhimmitude) in which Europe is forced to deny its own culture, stand silently by in the face of alleged Muslim atrocities, accept Muslim immigration, and pay tribute through various types of economic assistance. According to the theory, the blame rests with a range of groups including communists, fascists, the media, universities, mosques and Islamic cultural centers, European bureaucrats, and the Euro-Arab Dialogue.”

But the creators of the Eurabia myth did not invent the myth about the “demographic bomb,” that this concept sometimes is called, or the myth about the 1974 speech. It was used long before them. The origin is unknown but some traces of its origin can still be found. The similarities between the Eurabia myth and anti-Catholic myths of the last century is striking!


The myth about the demographic bomb is central in the Islamophobic propaganda. Not long ago the same thing was claimed about the so called “Catholic ideology” (The haters claimed that Catholicism were not a religion, it was an ideology.)

In the anti-Catholic propaganda last century you can find exactly the same myth about the demographic bomb.

Today anti-Catholic myths are not as widely spread. But as late as the 90s there was still lots of discussion about the “global conspiracy to make the world Catholic”. Anti-Catholics claimed that the European Community was a creation of the Pope: through the EU, Catholic southern Europe would dominate and slowly conquer the Protestant North through the “demographic bomb” and through politics. In Southern Europe they gave birth to more children than in the north and slowly Europe would become Catholic.

Anti-Catholic propaganda today

This was way before the internet. I am talking about the 50s, 60s, 70s, and up to the 80s. Racists that today whine about Muslims whined about Catholic Poles and agents of the Pope. (Some remnants of the anti-Catholic scare stories can still be found online. There is a website dedicated to the anti-Catholic and anti-Irish politician Ian Paisley that can be studied for this purpose.)

After some time it became obvious to most people that Catholics were not some kind of  bloodthirsty monsters that ate children. Thus: the myth faded and was replaced by myths about the Muslim invasion, accompanied at times with ideas that Catholics or Jews are behind it.

And yes, in the same way as the Jewish and Catholic religions were called an “ideology” the islamophobes called Islam an “ideology”.

There is still lots of racist anti-Catholic propaganda on the internet but the demographic aspects of the hatred has disappeared. It is a thing of the past. Today, instead, the Muslims are said to be the “demographic threat” to the Western World. Thus Islamophobes invent and spread fake myths about a “Muslim conspiracy. Like the 1974 Houari Boumediene U.N. speech.

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    • Bill

      Algeria is, of course, north of the equator.

      But suppose it weren’t. Why would a man determined to have lots of Algerian babies born in France have devoted his whole life to separating the two countries? If you’re looking for someone with a secret plan to have people from the southern shores of the Mediterranean relocate to the northern shores, why aren’t you looking at the OAS?

    • Bill

      I must point out that the “anti-Irish politician Ian Paisley” was Irish. He was anti-republican, anti-(Irish)-nationalist and very definitely anti-Catholic, but the man was an Irish Unionist and Irish Loyalist.

    • Khizer

      Whoa! I bet they went through the worse parts of the ‘surface web’ though.

      There are worse places in the web. Have you heard of the Deep Web?

      The Internet we use is called the ‘surface web’, all the millions of sites we visit using google chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, etc are only the tip of the iceberg. The deep web is so encrypted and secret, that any terrible and/or crazy person can use it for their own nefarious reasons without being noticed.

      There are pedophiles who visit unbanned child porn sites. Hitmen for hire. Terrorist groups who use the deep web for ‘get togethers’. gore sites for creepy people who enjoy seeing vids and pics of actual gore and blood. Drug dealers selling drugs anonimously on their own sites, from small stuff like marijuanna to hardcore drugs like cocaine and heroine, along with more extreme foreign made drugs. Also nazis, lots of nazis, probably more extreme than the people on Stormfront.

      It basically it’s is a more larger and shadier Internet, for shady people to get together do their ‘thing’ without being noticed by normal people. In some aspects, it’s MUCH worse than the surface web. I wonder how extreme the PTSD would come by exploring the worse parts of the deep web.

    • Joey Sanders

      Danios wrote a great article about Batshit Ye’or back in 2009 titled “Bat Ye’or: Anti-Muslim Loon with a Crazy Conspiracy Theory Named “Eurabia”.” Here is a link:

      As far as the comments concerning Boumedienne goes: He was somebody who believed in freedom and equality for everyone. He believed that no country should be subservient to another. He was against colonialism and that is why the West saw him as evil.

      I assume that Batshit wrote untrue things about him, because he probably spoke out against Israel in some way. Why else would she say the things that she does?

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      Yeah, PTSD as a result of scrounging through the internets worst crap is a real thing: In Manila, I meet Denise (not her real name), a psychologist who consults for two content-moderation firms in the Philippines. “It’s like PTSD,” she tells me as we sit in her office above one of the city’s perpetually snarled freeways. “There is a memory trace in their mind.” Denise and her team set up extensive monitoring systems for their clients. Employees are given a battery of psychological tests to determine their mental baseline, then interviewed and counseled regularly to minimize the effect of disturbing images. But even with the best counseling, staring into the heart of human darkness exacts a toll.

    • Khizer

      Jerlerup, how do manage to scrounge throw right-wing horse crap, searching for the truth, without going mad? I know I would.

      Keep up the good work.

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