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“Nuke Sweden”, “Shoot the Women”, Let Them Eat Bacon”!

What happens when Breitbart and the ex-Breitbart propagandist Milo Yiannopoulos hears about an attack in Sweden where a racist harasses Muslim women? They write about it and imply that the women are lying. What happens when their readers read the articles? The readers write that they want to: nuke Sweden, kill these women (and all Muslims), “shoot them, hang them, and throw bacon at the mosques, “Shoulda wrapped it around his fist and beat the shit out of them”, “shoot them with bacon greased bullets”. And of course as always: “hang the Jews”.

A racist went up to some Muslim women that were sitting on a train in Stockholm. He took out bacon and shoved it in their faces while he shouted that he hates “Muslims and negroes”. When they got up to move away from him, he followed them waving the bacon in their faces and screaming racial slurs.

Swedish media reports that the women told the police that they were afraid that the man would attack them. A witness told the police that he yelled that he hated “Muslims and negroes”:

“He went up to three women that carried a veil and shoved the bacon at their faces and their hands. He said: “what is it, am I not allowed to eat bacon?”

Two of the women were only visiting Sweden and did not understand Swedish. “I could hear the words “islam, islam” in what he said. His behavior was very aggressive and I was really scared that this man would attack us”, one of them told the Police,

Milo and Breitbart

A clear case of harassment?

Not so for Breitbart and the ex-Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos.

Breitbart obviously found the news so important that they wrote an article which reports how people in social media ridicule the Swedes and the harassed women.

Reaction to the incident on social media has been a mix of laughter and disbelief amongst English language users. Twitter user PeterSweden tweeted his disbelief at the charges saying: “What’s the next step, being racist for walking your dog?”

As usual the article is followed by a comment section filled with hatred against Swedes, Muslims and Jews. “Kill them, shoot them, force them to eat bacon, nuke Sweden”.

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Milo Yiannopoulos implies that the women were lying and his followers on Facebook get furious.

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The comment sections of Breitbart and the “ex-Breitbart” writer Milo are disgusting. But sometimes it is important to look at them. Don’t forget that Steve Bannon and Steve Gorka, two of the main security advisors of Trump, come from Breitbart. This is the articles Trump hears about and bases his security policy on. That is the kind of hatred they whip up, and the kind of supporters they have.

They claim that the Muslims are barbarians, while they themselves are the “crown of creation”… That is hardly the impression you get when reading the comment sections of Milo and Breitbart.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      The world is full of unprincipled opportunists.

    • George Carty

      Reminds me of what Timothy Snyder wrote about the Holocaust in the Baltic States, where many of the Nazis’ local accomplices were people who had earlier collaborated with the Soviet occupiers, and thought that murdering Jews would divert attention away from their earlier treason.

      Or how the Ustaše regime gave away most of Croatia’s coastal territories to Italy, and then organized an anti-Serb genocide to distract a Croatian populace outraged by this treasonous act.

    • Awesome

      Do I really need to list all the obscene practises carried out in the name of Islam?

      Just because a Muslim does something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is because of Islam or even in the name of Islam. A laundry list of these obscene practices proves nothing about Muslims and nothing about Islam.

      How about stoning women,

      Traditionally, stoning (lapidation) is a mandated punishment for both men and women who commit adultery. While it is traditionally a part of Islamic law, it is also, like the death penalty for apostasy, controversial among Muslim scholars and jurists throughout history, because it is not in the Qur’an and arguably contradicts what is in the Qur’an. Most supported it but there has always been a minority that did not.

      Today, it is only a judicial punishment in 9 Muslim-majority countries. Furthermore, given the strict standards by which it would have to be proven Islamically, it is virtually unenforceable, and largely irrelevant.

      It is curious that you don’t mention that that this penalty is applied to men as well, or what it is even for.

      public crucifixion,

      – A prescribed capital punishment that can only legally be carried out by the state and is optional only for armed robbery that results in murder.

      beheading people,

      – Not a part of Islam. It is a form of execution that predates Islam, has been legally practiced virtually everywhere by virtually everyone at some point, and the only country in the world where it is still a legal form of capital punishment is Saudi Arabia.

      honour killings,

      – Not a part of Islam. It predates Islam and is practiced by non-Muslims as well from those same regions, further proving it is derived from local/regional culture and not religion:

      The only variation, which religion, at most, might influence, is what is considered to be “dishonor”. The act itself, however, has nothing to do with religion.

      genital mutilation,

      – Not a part of Islam. In reality, punishing the rape victim, “honor killings” and “FGM” have nothing to do with Islam. These are localized cultural practices whose origins are non-Islamic and that, despite this fact, have been retained through generations of Muslims in those locales through local tradition.

      preventing women from driving,

      Not a part of Islam, and the only country with this law is Saudi Arabia.


      -Not a part of Islam, only regulated by some of the laws of Islam. Slavery has existed since ancient times, predating Islam, and spanning virtually every culture in the world. While “chattel slavery” has been abolished in most of the world, slavery itself has not been, as serfdom, debt bondage, usury, conscription, and penal labor are all forms of slavery that are still widespread and prevalent today. These other forms may not be as direct as chattel slavery, but the end result is virtually the same.

      restricting schooling for girls,

      – Not a part of Islam, but a cultural practice that exists independently of Islam.

      kidnapping, murder,

      Kidnapping and murder are crimes in Islam, and those who commit them, Muslim or non-Muslim, are criminals.

      repression of non Muslim religions,

      – Only in Saudi Arabia. There are thriving non-Muslim communities in the 54 Muslim-majority countries in the world, excluding Saudi Arabia.

      Everyone believes that their religion is the “one, true faith to the exclusion of all others”, with their tolerance for them varying significantly from person to person. Ultimately, it comes down to how much right they believe a person has to be “wrong”.

      persecution of non Muslims,

      – Not a part of Islam. Rather, it is, as is the persecution of all minorities, a product of the human social condition, as some from among the majority always have a tendency to view the differences with minorities as anti-social and persecute them for it.

      persecution of apostates,

      Only in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Mauritaria is apostasy from Islam punishable with death, which is only 8 Muslim-majority countries out of 20 that have laws against it out of a total of 54 Muslim-majority countries worldwide. That means that there are 34 Muslim-majority countries (more than half of the total) that do not have any laws against apostasy and 46 Muslim-majority countries (approximately 6/7 of them) that have no death penalty for apostasy from Islam.

      In terms of religion, the Qur’an says that there is “no compulsion in religion” while the death penalty for apostasy is not in the Qur’an, but is only derived from ahadith. Obviously, one must preclude the other. For some, it is generally understood that “no compulsion in religion” only applies to someone who has never been a Muslim. For others it is maintained that the death penalty was really a punishment for treachery, which happened to go hand-in-hand with apostasy at the time.

      restrictions of freedom of speech,

      -Nothing to do with Islam. Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, which nations around the world respect within certain boundaries and with varying degrees of hypocrisy.

      In the end, most people only accept “free speech” and “free press” when it’s something that they either agree with or don’t find objectionable enough to care either way. If they truly cared about those values, they would be making more of an issue of how Western governments (and their darling little brainchild; Israel) target those who engage in it with fines, imprisonment and death.


      – Not a part of Islam. There is no Islamic law or command permitting the persecution of Jews or commanding the hatred of Jews. The Qur’an criticizes, rebukes and condemns them for their past and present behavior, but that isn’t the same thing. Today, nothing causes more antisemitism than the “State of Israel”.

      killing translators, film makers and cartoonists,

      – Not a part of Islam, and again, just because a Muslim does something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it has anything to do with Islam.

      thousands of terror attacks etc. etc. etc.

      – Not a part of Islam and is in fact contrary to Islam.

      Praying five or five hundred times a day is most definitely not the problem.

      Yet, the Islamophobes whine and complain when Muslims build mosques primarily for just that.

      Is the fear of those rational enough for you? Or do you pretend such things don’t exist?

      The fear is irrational because it is erroneously conflated with Islam and Muslims, and exaggerated far beyond its reality.

      Is it all Muslims behaving that way? Of course not.

      Is it even a majority of Muslims who behave that way? No.

      Are such crimes committed by Muslims in the name of Islam and with justifications from Islamic texts and traditions? Absolutely.

      In fact, there is nothing in Islamic texts to support the vast majority of those practices, some of which are even against what is in those texts.

      Are they exclusive to Muslims? No, not in all instances.

      In none of those instances are they exclusive to Muslims. Perhaps a few might be exclusive to Muslims today, but then that just stems from culture anyway.

      I am wary of most religions and many secular ideologies. My fear of Islam is a fear of the most brutal form religion takes in the modern era.

      That depends on what you base the form of a religion on. Most of the practices mentioned have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims collectively. They are either about certain controversial penal codes in Islamic jurisprudence, or practices and activities that some people who happen to be Muslim engage in. Yet, there is little to nothing in terms of a genuine criticism of something that is actually a part of Islam that makes it “the most brutal form religion takes in the modern era.” In reality, it is only the image of Islam crafted by its polemicists and detractors that make it appear that way to those with no true perspective on reality and/or lacking in any critical thinking skills.

    • Awesome

      Your article is tagged with the term ‘Islamophobia’. It is impossible to take seriously anyone who uses the term. The fear of Islamic ideology is not irrational, but perfectly rational.

      On the contrary, the fear of Islam is quite irrational. The “fear of Islam” is predicated on the anti-Islam propaganda machine, which is basically just one big double standard of hypocrisy that runs on lies, half-truths and hysteria in a perpetuating feedback loop with fear and hate mongering. It is as irrational as they come.

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