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Canada: Islamophobic Mob Disrupts Townhall Meeting, Rip Apart Quran

These are the self-proclaimed heroes of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and western civilization who decry so-called Muslim intolerance but will happily disrupt a townhall event on some trumped up fear and anxiety that Muslim school children are taking over public schools by privately praying together for 15 minutes.

Sadly, these same types are the ones who are leading the US government now.

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    • As I indicated previously, I don’t do diplomacy. No apologetics. Zero appeasement. Believe whatever you want. How can I possibly be any clearer?

    • Ben

      I see that you tend to the “minority view” while not wanting to take a stand for it. Sounds timid but probably stems from diplomacy not so much from scholarship. The latter you have preemptively disclaimed.

      To “go ahead and believe whatever” was not my quest here. May I then assume that you are not speaking as one of Muslim faith? But thank you for the link you have provided and for the courteous reply even though it did not substantially add to my knowledge on the subject.

    • No, my statement is well-known to be true. Puberty was the standard in the ancient world, and there is no reason to be apologetic about that. I have yet to see a single scholar who advocates prepubescent sexual relations. The “sound mind” aspect comes from Islamic law.

      Now, when someone else here said that Judaism advocates pedophilia, notice that I pushed back against that and provided a link to a refutation that says it doesn’t. I’m not a scholar, but I’m willing to accept it when Jews tell me that’s not what their scripture says. What would be my motive for arguing? I don’t have an interest in demonizing Jews, and I don’t have an interest in engaging with anyone whose motive is demonizing Muslims. It’s a waste of time.

      I remember a few years ago someone on the Salafi path telling me to never debate this matter. Never engage in apologetics. If someone says, “Aisha was 6 when she was betrothed, and 9 when the marriage was consummated,” just say, “Yes she was, and thank you for noticing.” Not because that’s a fact. Her age is unknown. But rather because this is almost never a good faith debate.

      People engaging in good faith don’t need to be appeased, and people who are not engaging in good faith can’t be appeased. So you go ahead and believe whatever you like.

    • So not actual evidence then.

      The minimum requirements for marriage on Islam are (1) passage through puberty, and (2) being of sound mind, and thus capable of entering into a contract.

    • Ben

      Anecdotal evidence. Actually one view may be two I found during my browsing. I recall it only because it was unique and telling. But most others believed it was an example set by the Islamic Prophet and Muslims are to follow it. That it was okay if the child has had a period. Seemed gross to me.

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