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Theresa May Didn’t “Refuse” Saudi Leaders On Hijab Headscarf

Theresa May, the conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom did not make some “bold feminist” stand against the Saudi leadership by not donning the hijab or headscarf when she visited the kingdom. May, was simply dressing as many other female leaders have while visiting Saudi Arabia. (h/t: MEND community)

Theresa May has worn the hijab when visiting mosques in the UK:

All of this stupidity obscures the real problems in the UK-Saudi relationship: the carte blanche support the UK gives to Saudi Arabia in terms of military sales and diplomatic cover as it pummels Yemen and aides transnational “Salafi-jihadi” organizations.

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    • Daniel S.

      Wow, I am new to this site and didn’t expect such ignorant remarks, emperor. Viredae made a great response. Quite frankly, some fashion gossip is a welcome reprieve from the Bashar Assad/Russia Today/Press TV/AlManar narrative that you shoehorned at the end. Saudi Arabia should be faulted for not doing enough in the past 40 years to protect muslim communities from Iranian terror. If the US did not invade two sovereign nations and hand them to Iran perhaps things would be different ie better?

    • Viredae

      And the… the carte blanche support the UK gives to Saudi Arabia in terms of military sales and diplomatic cover as it “pummels Yemen” Is not an issue because that’s literally the position of every single country outside of Iran and Russia (and, of course, the Houthis who are funded by Iran), and if your opinion matches Iran and Russia, you may need some self-reflection on your opinions.

      Also, which “Salafi-Jihadis” groups? Considering Saudi Arabia has the Muslim Brotherhood on their terrorist list, and even the resistance groups in Syria they support are only part of the least responsible for civillian casualties )that honor goes to Assad’s regime at 90% and ISIS with the remaining 9.5%), this sounds like more lies fed to scared Muslims in order to pit them against each other.

      So literally, this outrage is stupidity masking nothing but bigotry.

    • Nomez

      Damn. That was deep.

    • sasboy

      You cannot refuse to do something someone has not asked you to do.

    • mindy1

      Typical “news”, pushes an agenda without knowing the full story. :/

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