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US Culture of Death: Orgasmic Over “Mother Of All Bombs” Dropped on Afghanistan

This is the largest bomb ever dropped in the world after the two nuclear bombs that were dropped on Japan. In the US there have been celebrations and joy over the attack, with many describing it as “what freedom looks like” and praising the “red, white and blue.”

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    • HSkol

      HSkol, you’re cute. No one else will ever say that to you, so I found myself impelled to do so.

      *multiple self appreciative personality disorder … or something*

  • HSkol

    Two very different people with perhaps very different understandings of the world, you and I – yet, we align as siblings (uh, siblings who actually get along, that is *snicker*). Innocently, I heart you.

    Monitoring human rights is the trickiest of the tricky – yet, I think about it often, seeing multiple sides, feeling for all, not understanding all, but wishing to promote self-determination. Your first paragraph is a stamp of reality – I see it; however, the “pious” often enough reject such words at every level. Please permit me to quote Nietzsche, the philosopher I agree with 47% of the time. Further, please do not accept his “grouping” of persons literally, however.

    From The Will to Power:

    342. . . .

    b. The inconsistent type. War is waged against evil—there is a belief that war waged for Goodness sake does not involve the same moral results or affect character in the same way as war generally does (and owing to which tendencies it is detested as evil). As a matter of fact, a war of this sort carried on against evil is much more profoundly pernicious than any sort of personal hostility; and generally, it is “the person” which reassumes, at least in fancy, the position of opponent (the devil, evil spirits, etc.). The attitude of hostile observation and spying in regard to everything which may be bad in us, or hail from a bad source, culminates in a most tormented and most anxious state of mind: thus “miracles,” rewards, ecstasy, and transcendental solutions of the earth-riddle now became desirable…. The Christian type: or the perfect bigot.

    Well, that made sense before being called to duty – helping my daughter with her homework.

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