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The Georgia Security Force: Islamophobia in the USA

There is an all white militia in Georgia calling itself the Georgia Security Forces (GSF) which is likely another iteration of the KKK.  We might need someone like General Sherman to take care of group’s like this if their racism and hatred gets out of hand.

Aljazeera has the scoop.:

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      In 1995 the Americans did the right thing for once and saved the Bosniaks from total extermination. But I’m only middlin’ pleased with the solution they came up with. I mean, handing the aggressor the ill-gotten gains of aggression on a silver platter! And now, would they help the Bosniaks again?

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on you. Are you really that daft?

    • Floki

      Without mentioning the obvious (or, perhaps, mentioning the obvious), you’ve brought up an incredibly valid point in my view – this is not a One-Way Street. Blood-shed breeds blood-shed … with a big DUH toward that end. It always will. If all is timed just right and well, diplomacy might (perhaps) breed diplomacy … it just might. We’ve removed ourselves (globally) so much from that point that the terms “hope” and “understanding” may as well be removed from our vocabulary altogether.

      I honestly believe that we may all learn from one another – may we agree or disagree – yet, we’re all too bloody stupid to give a rip. Well, that’s that. I’ll see you in Valhalla, or Heaven, or Paradise, or Hell (Norway), or Boston (their candied baked beans are alright by me).

    • Floki

      In the eyes of indigenous Americans, whitey is nothing but a nothing-and-no-good invader. Please do reach within yourself and tell me how wonderful it is that whitey invaded and conquered the New World’s “savages”. With that line of logic, what’s wrong with Muslims and all their Islam “invading” the New World and the technologically advanced “savages” who might push a button to kill when weepy and offended?

      Fair is fair, right?

      Power is power, right?

      Damn understanding, sympathy and empathy!!! Might and white makes right!!!

    • CowabungaCreeper

      No, see everything muslims do that’s inconvenient to the counterjihadklan’s arguments, is taqqiyakitmansaudipetrodollars.

    • CowabungaCreeper

      You have to laugh at the cognitive dissonance on display from these morons. You’d think the people who’ve been rampaging across the globe for 241 years would know what an invasion looks like,

    • Americans are threatened by invaders??? Really? Because the REALITY is that America is invading OTHER PEOPLE’s countries. Not the other way around.

      Don’t YOU underestimate Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Libyans, Afghans, etc when they are not only THREATENED by American invaders, but are relentlessly attacked!

    • No Quarter

      You are not wrong. Things have changed. islam=death

    • No Quarter

      Do not underestimate Americans when threatened by an invader. What has islam attracted? The list of murders is endless. Dylann Roof has not a thing todo with this. Get your shit straight. islam=death

    • JD

      Best Troll would be start a Muslim Only branch of

      Georgia Security Force and hand out food public in full Islamic Clothes and make sure media cover it

    • Joey Sanders

      Lol. They probably fight terror as much as George Bush fought the Vietnamese while he was stationed in Texas during the Vietnam War.

    • AJ

      Is that an onion?

    • mindy1

      That sounds about right…

    • mindy1

      Oregon?? That’s the bastion of liberalism in the U.S., surprising.

    • mindy1

      Oh this is helpful :/ can’t we buy an island someplace and let the extremists from both sides battle it out?!

    • HSkol

      LOL! I’d think that’s their base. I’d think, however, they may sow more objectionable seeds than that. I hope I’m wrong.

    • golden izanagi

      I would like to think that most of their recruits will be people who played call of duty too much and think they’re bad asses and can take on terrorists groups and bullet wounds can be healed just by waiting it out just like in the games.

    • JD

      I want to know what church they went to We they radicalized at church at home or online Is this part of hidden Christianity we don’t hear about…..How many media van out side there house covering this…

      That from Bizarro Fox News

    • HSkol

      These dudes are scary – but hilarious all the same.

      Rogue elements? Rogue elements? Doncha think these fellers are likely enough to attract persons not all that unlike Dylann Roof? Oh, that’s right, only “the other guys” have rogue elements. Rogue elements …

    • Ilisha


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