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Trump Supporter Attacks Muslims On Texas Beach

New York Daily News

A heavily intoxicated Donald Trump supporter, who verbally attacked an innocent Muslim family, turned a fun beach day into a nightmare.

Alexander Jennes Downing, 35, was arrested May 3 and taken into custody by the South Padre Island Police for the reported public intoxication incident, which involved Downing shouting slurs and threats to a family nearby.

Downing, a Connecticut native, also made inappropriate gestures toward the group, who had children in their presence at the Texas beach.

A member of the victimized family, Noria Alward, recently uploaded the fiery footage to Youtube, which has since gone viral.

Downing can be hearing in the clip shouting out, “You’re a f—ing Muslim, motherf—er … You will never ever, ever, stop me, my Christianity, from rising above your Sharia law. Your Sharia law don’t mean s–t to me.”

“When he called it his country … It is my country too,” Ahmed told the news site.

“America is my country whether he likes it or not.”

Noria concluded in the YouTube post that the group would not be making future plans to visit the same resort.

“Overall we enjoyed the lovely island and we will definitely go back to South Padre again, we surely will never go back to Pearl South Padre hotel, Texas again,” she said.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Bah, and what about the ethnic cleansing of Spanish Muslims in 1492-1614? Was that an act of humanity? THe genocide of Bosniaks by Orthodox christian / Christianofascist Serbs? The genocide in Rwanda by Catholic Hutu (even though I have to admit that most of theor victims were Catholic too)? What about the ongoing genocide of Rohingya by the “peaceful” Buddhist Burmese? Is that a good thing? Is that of little account of compared with the genocide of the Armenians? With the Holocaust? Admittedly, the Bosnian war cost 100.000 dead, of them 80.000 Muslim Bosniaks. To a pleople of two million, that’s a whole lotta stiffs. One might say “that’s little when compared to the six million victims of the Holocaust”, but what does that mean? that the lives of Christian Armenians or of European Jews are worth more than those of Muslims? Can’t you see that those who were shot at Srebrenica, Koricanske Stijene, Prijedor, Visegrad and countless other places in BiH – almost all in the back, blindfolded, with hands tied, because those cowardly Serbs where too lily-livered to shoot them while looking them in the eyes! And there is one Oradour-sur-Glane in France, there is one Lidice in Czech, but there are hundreds of Oradours and Lidices in Bosnia-Herzegovina! And in Rwanda! And in Burma!) Is not someone who was shot in the back in Bosnia, or clubbed to death in Rwanda, or shot in Burma, just for being what he was and having the name he had, as dead as a European Jew who was gassed to death, for the same reason? How darfe someone sday I’m disparaging the victims of the Holocaust when I mention the Bosniaks? That too is racism! And a very perverse form of racism at that! And right now we have a return of the evil times of 1933-1945, what with populism and ultranationalism which bear in themselves the seeds of authoritarianism, fascism and racism! The leaders and supporters of which are an illiberal (as Viktor Orbán said it!), antidemocratic, inhuman clique whose views are not an opinion but a crime, and must be suppressed. I will not greet them with “peace, bro”; I will not try to talk reasonably with them, and less with courtesy. I will not turn the other cheek, I will not be led like a lamb to the slaughter. And yes, I am morally superior and I am beter than such people. I am better and more intelligent,,or in any case more decent than the Trumpiots, than the Pegida idiots in Eastern Germany, than the old and new Nazis, the cetniks, than Daesh and than their narrow minded supporters, even though I am determined to play as dirty as they do. I intend to play as dirty as they do, because if by playing according to Marquess of Queensberry rules I risk losing then I’d rather not. Even still I will be morally and intellectually superior to them because I’m not a racist, I’m not a fascist and I don’t crave power. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and also I don’t want to take the burden, the responsibility and be resented by the populace for that; politics is a dirty and thankless job and only pays off if you play it dirty, and I’m too decent for that. Not to forget I’m genetically superior too, because I’m of mixed “race” descent and not pure-bred. I’m proud of that. I’m also proud that my daughter is of mixed European and African descent. Pure-bred species tend to degenerate. Indeed if I had to take part in politics, in order to succeed I’d have to be worse that Attila, Gengis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Milosevic all rolled into one. I’d have to be willing to walk over mountains of corpses and wade through the blood of innocents up to my neck. Because man is man’s wolf and man’s shark. I don’t want to stand before my Creator with innocent blood in my hands.) I just want to live my life in peace. But who steps on my toes, I want to smash him into the ground. Who tries to convince me that I should turn the other cheek and give them my shirt when they have already taken my coat, just tries to put me on, and who tries to put me on is insulting my intelligence and thus my person, and deserves to be smashed into the ground. Unfortunately this world is getting darker and taking a great step backwards, what with the renaissance of populism, ultranationalism, demagogy, “alternative facts”, racism, fascism, authoritarianism, 19th century and Dark Ages ideology, Trumpism, Nazism, Putinism. Cognitive dissonance – a cancer that rots the brain, they keep thelling people that the sky is green, that 2+2 = 5 – or 3 if it so suits them – and in the end the poor saps out there can no longer say whether the sky is actually green or blue, can no longer distinguish between 3, 4 or 5, and will go out and kill their neighbors if their leaders say so, which they already did in BiH. And don’t think it can’t happen in the USA. It can, and it will. It has happened in Europe already and it will happen again! I almost regret having conceived a daughter. My parents were better off than me, and I’m better off than her; but she’s smarter than me, and ths’s my hope for her. But I wonder if she will be able to avoid having to marry a fat, ugly, lecherous, dirty old man just because he’s rich and can thus assure her material well-being. I wish her the best. I really do.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      It does make me feel better. The rule of law seems not to have been completely abolished in the USA – for now.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Well, I will always call an evil fool an evil fool if that’s what you mean. There is no reason and no justification in collectively blaming all Muslims (nota bene, I assume you don’t). But for those who do, I have nothing but hate and contempt. It is such people who committed the genocides in BiH, Rwanda, Central African Republic and Burma (well, actually the genocidals are nothing but robbers and bandits besides rapists and murderers, but those who support genocide ands genocidals are just what I described them. Anyway, I wish them all a sticky end, and a most hideous one at that. They richly deserve it). Besides that, fascism is not an opinion, it’s a crime. So therefore all fascists are criminals and I feel entitled to blame them collectively for genocide. Having said that, not all Serbs or all Rakhine are fascists, but it suffices that a large number of them are, so I can’t but regard them all with suspicion.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Tsk, tsk, tsk. How people make fools of themselves. Evil fools at that. I have no sympathy whatsoever for those who follow populists, fascists, racists and ultranationalists. None at all.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Better to fight dirty than to lose. Better to strike them down than to turn the other cheek. Better to kill in self-defense than to be led like a lamb to the slaughter. And yes, as long as I am the one being attacked, as long as I am teh tartget of aggression, I do have the higher moral ground. The CHUTZPAH you have demanding of me to be victimized so I can have the higher moral ground. What good is the higher moral ground if I’m killed, expelled from my home country, robbed or humiliated, or all of the above? Yes indeed, if some fascist anti-Muslim thugs come to do any of that to me I solemnly swear I will take down with me to the Nether-world six genocidal side-boys. That’s a promise.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      This sort of collectivist mentality is fascism, pure and simple, and its adherents are fascists, nothing else.

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