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Serbian Appeal Court Halts Srebrenica War Crimes Trial

Many are still uneducated and unaware of the fact that 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were systematically massacred by the Serb national army, and thousands of women and girls raped.

Thousands gathered across the world to remember the worst massacre in Europe since the end of World War II, letting the world know that this will never be forgotten or swept under the rug. In Srebrenica, over 20,000 gathered, while Serbian officials chose to miss the commemoration.

On the heels of the commemoration of the genocide at Srebrenica, an appeals court in Serbia halted the first ever war crimes trial.

via. Daily Sabah

Serbian appeals court has stopped a landmark trial of eight former Bosnian Serb police officers charged with taking part in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre Thursday.

The court in Belgrade said it has accepted defense complains that the indictment against the eight is invalid because it was filed when Serbia did not appoint the chief war crimes prosecutor.

The ruling meant that the whole proceeding will have to start over from scratch.

The eight former members of a Bosnian Serb special police unit went on trial in February this year, accused of organising and participating in the shooting of more than 1,300 Bosniak civilians in an agricultural warehouse in the village of Kravica near Srebrenica in July 1995.

It appears to have been halted over a technicality. Hopefully, the trial proceeds sincerely and factually, so that Serbia can live up to the genocidal crimes committed in the name of Serbian nationalism and Orthodox religion.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Yes, Islamophobia begets genocide. The root of anti-Muslim genocidal crusade is Islamophobia (actually it’s the pretext, the justification. The real reason is land grab, rape and robbery. But people don’t usually commit such crimes unless they are told by their leaders that it’s all right to commit them). Just look at Central African Republic and Burma.

      It’s for that reason that I not ony reject ultranationalists and fascists, I want them outlawed. Because such people can only destroy and never do anything constructive.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Actually, justice has not been done in convicting any of the Serb war criminals, the genocidal anti-Bosniak crusaders, even Mladic, the modern-time Attila, this completely depraved man whose own daughter committed suicide out of shame for what her old man was doing. Because the Serb conquests have not been reversed, the stolen property has not been given back to its rightful owners and because the Serb nation has not renounced its aims to ethnically cleanse all Bosniaks from BiH. THat most people in Serbia still approve of such evil juts goes to show that a large majority of Serbs are really are bloodthirsty anti-Muslim thugs, thirsty for Muslim blood, and I forbid my daughter to marry one. I have once said that I don’t hate all the Serbs but that applies only to those who aren’t genocidal anti-Bosniak crusaders. That means about a handful of a nation of ten million people.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      So they have sentenced Ratko Mladic to life in prison. Big deal. It took them all of 22 years. Besides that, justice will only be done when Mladic’s conquests are reversed. Not before.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Let us see whether tomorrow, 22 November 2017, Ratko Mladic T H E M O D E R N A T T I L A, will really be given what he deserves. I suggest 10.000 years in prison. But not in Norway or Sweden or some such cosy place where a prison is more of a luxury resort. No, rather in Turkey.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Indeed not. There is no political will. Surely because the victims of aggression and who have been given the rawest deal in BiH are Muslims. Don’t anybody even try to convince me otherwise. What with all the rampant islamophobia I keep reading all the time. What with all that rabid, blind, visceral, fascist, racist anti- Muslim hate speech I read every day. People who pride themselves in being pacifist, decent, middle of the road citizens, hard workers, faithful husbands and loving family fathers, become (at least in their speech, but if they talk like that one can expect them to act like that as well) bloodthirsty thugs hungry for Muslim blood at once. Truly Mankind is Hell, and Man is Man’s wolf.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      If the Serbs don’t stop acting offended and pretending to be the victims but instead go on provoking and infuriating the Bosniaks, then future generations of Serbs will have to suffer the conequences and may then the evil they unleashed in 1992 fall on their heads. Until they finally acknowledge what they did. The Germans had to do it. Why then not the Serbs? In the end the Germans and the Japanese have become powerful and respected nations without having to resort to hegemony,militarism, fascism and chauvinism. Why can’t then the Serbs? Because they are still stuck on that more primitive level of mentality that finds easy and plausible but false answers to complex problems. Like fascists have always done. And I say this not because I hate the Serbs. I don’t hate them. But because I have seen what they do and I read what they say. Then one can only come to the same conclusions as I do. Also, as the likelihood to meet a fascist, chauvinist, hegemon, authoritarian, genocidal, islamophobic Serb is far greater than to meet one who isn’t anything like that, I feel I can’t trust them. The Bosniak people has been cheated out of justice by the ICTY. Karadzic was not sentenced to life. Most Serb war criminals served at best 1/3 of their sentences, in jails that are like a luxury resort, and are now free again, free to pride themselves of their crimes. So then I do understand that if they have the chance, the Bosniaks will someday exact revenge. Even so, it was not necessary for Bakir Izetbegovic to say that he’d be willing to go to war if the serbs try to split up BiH also de jure. That’s a foregone conclusion. No need to talk about it. He should either have said “no comment”; or “Que será, será”; or “we will take all and any appropriate measures and use all means at our disposal if it comes to that.” But the Bosnian Serbs’ reaction shows how scared and filled with bad conscience they are. Then I want to say to them, “don’t panic. Be very, very frightened.” Ah, maybe it will all resolve itself just by demography. Life conditions all over BiH are hopeless. There are no good jobs to be had. Corruption and thievery are rampant. Able young people are leaving in droves. People can’t plan their future or have a family. People are dying out. It’s a black hole of misery and despair. Well then, so be it. Ah, it’s hopeless. Earth is truly a paradise for a§§holes and bastards. Justice? Only on Judgment Day. Not one second before.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Me too. I think I see what you meannow. It’s not so that Serbia is just Russia’s lap-dog however. Like in 1914 it’s more a liability. It only saddens me to no end. There are two peoples who are actually quite nice and kind folks, and see how they go on. It’s like with the Japanese. The Japanese too are a cultured people and actually very kind and nice. But you see what they did in WWII. Because they too were infected by fascism, chauvinism and delusions of grandeur. The Japanese had learned to be aggressive from the British. Many Japanese even today are ultranationalists. But they had to remove expansion and hegemony from their political agenda. We all know how this came about. Should the Serbs resume their aggression against the Bosniaks – say, by also de jure splitting BiH apart – they need the same bitter medicine the Japanese got in 1945. I don’t want this to happen, because as in Japan in 1945 mostly the humble folks will suffer, and not those who started it all. But then one can’t just stand aside.

      So I pray for some sort of understanding. While at the same time I want to alert the Bosniaks that they must be ready to defend themselves against aggression, all the time. And I do this because from what I read, I think most of them seem not to notice, or pretend not to see.

    • Floki

      No need for apologies from you to me. I got your point, but was unclear with my own point. I’m happy to have come to an understanding here.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Ah, I see. Thanks and my apologies. I know there are Serbs who are all right. But as I have explained above, I read mostly messages from enemies of the Bosniak people.

    • Floki

      In my short post, I did mean to empathize with the Bosniaks more than anything. “I do, alone perhaps”, though not true – many do care a great deal – was meant to display my thought. Pardon my quick reply and any misunderstanding between us.

    • cmyfe .

      All these delaying tactics because there is no desire to punish em.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      What the #u§k do you mean by that ?!?!? I hope not that the Serbs have a “right” to waste the Bosniaks! Or else (see above)

    • Friend of Bosnia

      These are the very worst people around. And they deserve the very worst things to be done to them.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      That would be the first time indeed. If justice is not forthcoming, future generations will exact retribution because they will feel that their people was not only victim of aggression but was on top of that cheated of justice. And so the vicious circle of violence will continue. I say this not because I hate the Serbs – not all of them, but there are lots and lots of Serbs who deserve hate and contempt – but because such is human nature. If justice is denied, some time revenge will be exacted. That’s not exclusively of Muslims. As for myself I will not grieve for any Serb who will be killed then, if he shares the views of those who actually committed genocide. If any Serb, or supporter of Serbs, today or 500 years hence, approves in any which ever way, of what Serbs did to Bosniaks in 1992-95, not just in Srebrenica but all over BiH, in my eyes he will be as guilty as if he himself had been there and got Bosniak blood on his hands. Because by approving of the anti-Bosniak genocide he shows that he is willing to do the same. Then, may the evil he wants to do to innocent people just because of their forenames, fall on his own head. And destroy him. Unfortunately I see the world is full of genocidal serbofascist anti-Bosniak crusaders. They crawl out of the woodwork every single time I put my fingers to the keyboard, to insult and slander me and peddle their mendacious justifications on me and on everybody else, insult my intelligence. One of those evil idiots wrote about an article on Srebrenica “Good that Holy Mother Russia was there to save Europe!” So it took the Serb anti-Bosniak genocide to “Save” Europe, and that Russia aids and abets the criminals (e.g. through Russia’s veto to a UN resolution on Srebrenica which they see as “anti-Serb”!) Save Europe from what? The “Muslim invasion”??? Whenever such a thing happens, I get the strongest notion to hit them over their evil heads, every single one of them, and that if ever there was war in BiH again, I want to be in it, just for the chance of taking such a person prisoner and ask him what he thinks of the Greater Serbo-fascist Genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade. If he expresses regret, I might let him live. For all the others I’d have a short samurai sword at hand. And I wouldn’t care about being wounded or killed myself as long as I can send at least one such evil individual to Hell where he belongs.

    • Khizer

      “NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!!”

      – Serbian ethno-nationalist.

  • mindy1

    Hopefully there will be justice soon

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