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In 2017 Attacks Increased by 44% Against Muslim Americans

2017 saw another spike in hate crimes against Muslims, however some see a silver lining in a report study that finds that less people support Trump’s “Muslim ban” than previously.

via. Middle East Eye

When President Donald Trump announced his “Muslim ban” – a law that would keep citizens from six predominately Muslim states from entering the US – around this time last year, the country witnessed a wave of Islamophobia. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) found that 2017 was one of the worst years for Muslims in America, with attacks on community members increasing by 44 percent from the year before.

Since then, the so-called Muslim ban has morphed into several versions, with many states’ supreme courts weighing in on the legality of Trump’s executive order, which for now targets Iran, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Chad, North Korea and Venezuela.

But this week, a study published in Political Behaviour, a quarterly academic journal, found that Trump’s anti-Islamic sentiment has backfired in some ways.

A team of political scientists from the University of Delaware, Michigan State University and University of California in Riverside found a silver lining to a survey they conducted. Trump’s anti-Muslim actions, which became a cornerstone of his election campaign and later his immigration policy, have changed national perceptions of the controversial law.

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