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The Intercept: A Terrorism Expert’s Secret Relationship with the FBI


Trevor Aaronson, The Intercept

Evan Kohlmann is the U.S. government’s go-to expert witness in terrorism prosecutions. Since 2004, Kohlmann has been asked to testify as an expert about terrorist organizations, radicalization and homegrown threats in more than 30 trials.

It’s well-paying work — as much as $400 per hour. In all, the U.S. government has paid Kohlmann and his company at least $1.4 million for testifying in trials around the country, assisting with FBI investigations and consulting with agencies ranging from the Defense Department to the Internal Revenue Service.  He has also received another benefit, Uncle Sam’s mark of credibility, which has allowed him to work for NBC News and its cable sibling, MSNBC, for more than a decade as an on-air “terrorism analyst.”

Kohlmann’s claimed expertise is his ability to explore the dark corners of the Internet — the so-called deep web, which isn’t indexed by commercial search engines — and monitor what the Islamic State, al Qaeda and their sympathizers are saying, as well as network the relationships among these various actors. Kohlmann doesn’t speak Arabic, however, and aside from a few days each in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Dubai and Qatar, has hardly any experience in the Arab world. Kohlmann’s research is gleaned primarily from the Internet.

Indeed, Kohlmann is not a traditional expert. Much of his research is not peer-reviewed. Kohlmann’s key theory, to which he has testified several times on the witness stand, involves a series of indicators that he claims determine whether someone is likely a homegrown terrorist. Yet he has never tested the theory against a randomly selected control group to account for bias or coincidence.

For these and other reasons, Kohlmann’s critics describe him as a huckster.

Kohlmann’s works are “so biased, one-sided and contextually inaccurate that they do not provide a fair and balanced context for the specific evidence to be presented at a legal hearing,” said one terrorism researcher.

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    • Jkelly

      Ha Ha Ha Ha. The name of his site fits its authors and readers well.. Liberal unthinking for yourself loons on this site. Good for a laugh.. When push comes to shove ya all better hunt for a Koran to protect yourself..

    • 786 Don’t do it, dude, I urge you. You underestimate the degree to which the loons are insulated from reality and overestimate the reliability of your source here. Those lackwits. Many of the links don’t go to a relevant news story at all. Even several shootings in a night by unknown perps are listed as “mass shootings.” Also, drive-by, not the same. Not yesterday and not today. Will not register with loons. Most egregiously, however, is the fact that the VAST majority of “incidents” listed on that site were perpetrated by unknown shooters. If you trot out that list, or one based on it, the loons will immediately–IMMEDIATELY–say that Muslims must be the ones who committed most, if not all, of the mass shootings whose perpetrator is listed as “Unknown.” It will fit perfectly with their reality. I’m all for obtaining additional sources of information. But let’s not grab the hand that’s going to push our head underwater.

    • JD

      Not Muslim, Not News: FBI: Men Arrested For Making Explosives To Resist Government

      CHARLOTTE, NC — The FBI has reportedly arrested three men on violations of federal weapons laws Saturday.

      Reports say that law inforcement received tips that Walter Litteral, 50, Christopher Barker, 41 and Christopher Campbell, 30, were attempting to manufacture explosive or destructive devices.

      Law enforcement were reportedly told the men were reconstructing live grenades from “dummy grenades” sold as military artifacts at stores.

      Authorities believe the men were preparing for the possibility that the government intended to use armed forces to impose martial law, which they planned to resist.

      The FBI also reportedly became aware that the men wanted to manufacture pipe bombs.

      Other defensive items were said to be purchased from stores, including a .338 caliber rifle, hand-held radios with throat microphones for communication, military issue Kevlar helmets, body armor vests and balaclavas (a form of cloth headgear designed to expose only parts of the face).

      The three men are facing charges of conspiracy to violate laws governing firearms and explosives. Campbell was also charged with receiving, possessing and making firearms.

    • JD

      Anti-Muslim Europe: Finns Would Rather Live Next To Alcoholic Rehab Center Than A

      Mosque, Poll Shows

      People from Finland would prefer to live next to a rehabilitation center for alcoholics than a mosque, a poll reported Tuesday. The poll, conducted by the Finnish policy research center Taloustutkimus and commissioned by the Finnish news service Yle, reported that only 37 percent of respondents would be willing to live near a mosque.

      The survey was commissioned to probe “Nimbyism,” which stands for “Not In My Back Yard,” according to Yle, and all of the questions were related to neighborhood changes in service or community centers of some kind. Of the types of changes proposed — a mosque, an alcoholic rehabilitation center, a mental hospital — the only one that was less popular than a mosque was a needle exchange center for drug addicts, with only 27 percent of Finns polled being amenable to such a change.

      Anti-Muslim sentiment has been on the rise across Europe for several years. Due to mounting violence in the Middle East by the Islamic State group, as well as certain Islamist-motivated attacks in Europe, including the massacre in Paris in January that claimed the lives of 12 cartoonists at the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, many European residents have begun supporting anti-Muslim viewpoints.

    • mindy1

      Seems like I should quit lab work and become a terror “expert” I would be a millionaire in no time. Good lord do these people have any integrity at all?

    • JD

      Muslims, Mass Shootings and the Media

      The most up to date tally of mass shootings in the U.S. shows that there have been 207 mass shootings in 2015 so far (where “mass shooting” is defined as four or more people shot in one incident). Shooting Tracker, “the world’s only crowd sourced mass shooting tracker,” provides the best record of these atrocities. While aimed at the U.S.’s overly generous gun policies, the site is revealing in at least one other regard: of the 207 mass shootings so far this year, precisely 1 (the July 16, 2015 Chattanooga murders) was committed by a Muslim. The other 206? It’s hard to tell because many suspects have not been identified. But, and here’s the point, they are not identifiably Muslim and Islamic terrorism was not identifiably the motive.

      Caveat: these statistics omit the May 3, 2015 Garland, TX shooting because it was not, by definition, a mass shooting (the only casualties were the two Muslim perpetrators).

      Beginning with the links provided by Shooting Tracker, my analysis of the media coverage related to each mass shooting revealed a pattern. For every non-Muslim shooting suspect, the media never mentioned their religion. Moreover, in nearly every case, it was claimed that the mass shooters were suffering from some sort of mental instability. These suspects were often ostracized from both society and family, deeply depressed and suicidal. People thusly afflicted, given easy access to guns, sometimes kill people, lots of them. Then they either turn the gun on themselves or perish in a hail of anticipated bullets. Crazy, right?

      Yet the media immediately identified the motivation of Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez when he recently killed five U.S. soldiers in Chattanooga: radical Islam. Unlike the preceding 206 mass shooters, his religion was not ignored; his religion was the only thing that mattered.

      Reports have emerged, however, that Abdulazeez was a drug and alcohol abuser with a history of mental illness. He was ostracized from his family and friends; a loner with little hope. Probably suicidal. But, based on exactly two ambiguous blogposts, Abdulazeez has been repeatedly called “a devout Muslim” and his shootings a terrorist act. He wasn’t crazy, we are assured, he was a Muslim. Honestly, though, a devout Muslim? Hardly. Terrorist? Who knows? He died before anyone could question him.One of those who “knows” not only Abdulazeez’s inner thoughts but also (as one might expect) Obama’s complicity is Tomi Lahren, host of One America News Network’s On Point. In a viral video, she proclaims, evidence to the contrary: “This is not a criminal act with motives unknown. This is terrorism. The suspected shooter, Muhammad Abdulazeez, a devout Muslim.” She goes on to tar all Muslims with radicalism: “radical Islam is becoming the rule, not the exception” and “yesterday’s moderate is today’s terrorist.

Intercept: Leading GOP Candidates to Appear at Event Hosted by Anti-Muslim Conspiracist


by Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept

This Saturday in New Hampshire, several leading Republican presidential candidates are scheduled to appear at a “National Security Action Summit,” hosted by the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a think tank led by notorious anti-Muslim conspiracist Frank Gaffney. Among the topics slated for discussion at the event are “shariah and the Global Jihad movement,” as well as border security and the “hollowing-out” of the U.S. military.

Among those listed on the event website as confirmed: Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina and George Pataki.

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker are currently listed as “yet to confirm.”

Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy have a long and well-documented history of anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. In recent years, Gaffney has alleged that Muslims serving in the U.S. government are waging a “civilizational jihad” to undermine the country from within, famously accusing Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin of being a covert operative of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2004, Gaffney leveled similar accusations of sedition against former DHS official and Republican political operative Faisal Gill, an individual later revealed to have been subsequently targeted for intensive government surveillance, as per documents revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and reported by The Intercept.

Following Gaffney’s participation in controversial hearings on Muslim-American radicalization in 2011, Linda Sarsour of the National Network for Arab American Communities observed that “Inviting such pseudo-experts to articulate views about Muslim communities in New York is akin to inviting David Duke, or head of the KKK to discuss African-American affairs.”

Gaffney’s Muslim conspiracies have ventured into even more paranoid territory in recent years, with claims that the U.S. Missile Defence agency logo had been altered by the Obama administration, and now “appears ominously to reflect a morphing of the Islamic crescent and star with the Obama campaign logo.” Such unhinged allegations have now earned him a listing as anti-Muslim extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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    • Yausari

      Well it wouldn’t be a movie unless we exaggerated it a little. Let’s make it a horror movie. Crazy obsessed faceless stalker, she he doesn’t take no for an opinion.

    • Reynardine

      What do you have in mind?…

    • Yausari

      They should make a movie out of this.

    • JS

      The GOP (and Republican by extension) leaders have become a joke. Over a dozen candidates blasting each other… honestly the Democrats are setting up for a third term easily. And while I dislike both parties, at least Democrats don’t (usually) listen to loonies like Gafney.

    • mindy1


    • Reynardine

      Fox and the pulpit.

    • mindy1

      Argh I wish politicians would stop with that crap

    • mindy1

      Eh, unless it was politically motivated I don’t call it terrorism. Waiting see what comes out

    • mindy1

      FFS where do these people come from?

    • sasboy

      Frank Gaffney is an excellent example of a far right conspiracy theorist we should all be taking turns to laugh at.

    • Jekyll

      Feminist tactic #124 : Modern Art (next exhibit would have armpit hair)

    • Reynardine

      Get back to business.

    • Jekyll

      Do we need real feminism ?

    • Reynardine

      I had an ugly barney with a vicious little Islamophobe on Facebook today. She posted a clip of a truly savage beating a man gave his wife in an American department store under one of those “what would you do?” rubrics, but then went on a rant about how this man was a Muslim and that when creeping Shariah had crept up on us, all women would be mandated to be treated like this. I had strong objections to both the man’s conduct and stronger ones to both the gloss she put on it and her motives for posting it at all. I thought that was the end of it, but then she began pursuing me illiterately through Messenger service (I don’t remember friending her), finally accusing me of being sex- obsessed. Evidently, the little Falkland Road cage trollop didn’t realize I was a woman. She blocked me, so that her little yellow-livered self would never have to hear my response; but the level of malice this analphabetic bore to over a million people she knew nothing about and her witless determination to spread it to others were a quite frightening testimony to the level of indoctrination among the populace. It’s chance, maybe, as to who might be the first target of the building genocidal rage: blacks, “Mexicans” (a rubric for all Hispanics), Muslims, Jews, “liberal” Christians; but it’s all but inevitably going to break out, and, once ignited, a fire like that is ever hungry for more fuel.

    • JD

      I am Looking for the T word ……Terror. Terroris….Terrorism… Nope nothing guess He’s got the complexion for the protection Mental illness all we hear but his does count this time unlike the Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez mental illness

      —— 3 dead, including gunman, in Louisiana theater shooting

      Last Updated Jul 24, 2015 3:12 AM EDT

      LAFAYETTE, La. — Police said three people, including the shooter, were killed Thursday night in a movie theater in Lafayette, La.

      Two died at the scene, including the gunman, and the third in a hospital, Police Chief Jim Kraft said.

      Authorities said nine other people were wounded. Craft told reporters the victims’ conditions ranged from non-life-threatening to critical.

      The bodies of the deceased were still in the theater, Craft told reporters in an overnight briefing. He said the first officers arrived at the scene as soon as 30 seconds after getting the call around 7:30 p.m., because they happened to be very nearby.

      Craft said they encountered patrons racing out, then spotted the gunman and heard one shot. He said it’s believed the gunman was sitting by himself, and that the first people he shot were sitting directly in front of him. Eye witnesses told police he stood up early during the showing of the movie Trainwreck” and began shooting.

      It all happened in the Grand Theater, which is a multiplex. About 100 people were viewing “Trainwreck” when the gunfire broke out.

      “It was a typical Thursday night in our community until this happened,” Lafayette Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley told CBSN.

Schools in the UK Are Now Asking Muslim Children to Fill Out “Counter-Extremism”

“Counter Extremism” survey administered to primary school pupils in London

Schools in the UK Are Now Asking Muslim Children to Fill Out “Counter-Extremism”

Over the past couple of days, this photograph of a questionnaire/survey given to primary school children in East London has been widely circulated on social media.

May 27, 2015  by Ananya Rao-Middleton

Statement from the executive head teacher of Buxton school, which is one in a number of schools involved in the pilot programme funded by the European Commission (source: Twitter)

It has been described as a ‘counter-extremism’ survey, consisting of undeniably loaded questions aimed at discerning the religious, ethical and even patriotic beliefs of the children taking part. Worse still, it is evident that this survey is undoubtedly intended for Muslim children primarily, who will continue to undergo interrogation of this kind as part of the new legal obligations upheld by educational institutions, consisting of monitoring potential ‘extremists’, as dictated by the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill that recently passed in parliament. This survey, and its wider implications of state-sponsored violence and Islamophobia, are disturbing for a number of reasons, however, I want to first focus on what it means to categorise Muslim children as potential ‘extremists’.

To categorise children in such a way is a form of preconceived criminalisation. By categorising Muslim children as potential ‘extremists’, the government can justify violence enacted through laws that essentially treat them as criminals without having to provide any tangible evidence for doing so. In the CTS Bill, this criminalisation is determined by the exhibition of certain behaviours and values displayed by children that the government identify as ‘radical’. These so-called signifiers of ‘extremism’ amongst children appear to be based on symbols of religiousness and increased religiosity. If this is the case, is the government not conflating terrorism with Islam?

Continue reading …

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    • Reynardine

      That looks like a lotta bull, boy.

    • Reynardine

      My, you’re swift.

    • Reynardine


    • Jekyll

      Stay safe hun

    • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

      I doubt it really matters. We have the highest ranking Muslim police officer saying that not celebrating Christmas and shunning alcohol somehow warrants putting people under surveillance. We have Cameron saying we quietly condone ISIS and a whole manner of other stupid things which I have thankfully forgotten.

    • moraka

      That is an unintelligent reply, that somehow has completely misunderstood everything i wrote.

    • Lynchpin

      I like venison, it’s a bit deer though.

    • Lynchpin

      Your question is loaded – Britain is not totalitarian. Do you live here?

    • Lynchpin

      I’m not defending the questionnaire, I’m suggesting it might not be a good idea to encourage kids to give dishonest answers.

      If they want to give answers like what you stated on their own accord then so be it, kids will be kids I guess.

    • Lynchpin

      Why would the authorities wish to discriminate against certain children? If it could be shown that the children had been encouraged to answer dishonestly, wouldn’t that cause greater harm than any honest answers they give?

    • Lynchpin

      If it was shown that many children had been strongly encouraged to answer dishonestly that would surely cause bigger problems.

    • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

      Yep and I am also suspect of the people who created this test and what metric they use to judge “normal” vs “radical” students

    • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

      I find it strange the weird way they conflate race and religion on question 11.

      A person may be fine with marrying someone of a different racial background but want to marry someone of the same religion.

    • downwithpants

      Why not ask them questions like: Have your parents sent you to “camp” in Pakistan? Do you enjoy the monkey bars and jumping through fire? When answering the phone do your parents say “death to america” When we use the term “biological clock” Do you think of A. Your own internal clock? Or b. The clock on your biological weapon? I know for a fact I would sabotage the test and on the back I would probably write at the top My Plan for Jihad (top secret) 1. Make infidels think I’m patriotic…..

    • Solid Snake

      This isn’t a something that is being done in good faith. It’s clear that this whole program is built upon suspicion and distrust. This isn’t an honest discussion of issues. Otherwise, school officials would have had meetings with the community discussing whatever issues they deem important instead of doing something like this. I don’t want my kids to live in an atmosphere where they are constantly being questioned to see if they pass a test.

      Sure, they can answer honsetly, but do you seriously think these answers can be used to accurately gauge a person’s potential level of extremism? And from this age?

      People’s beliefs evolve over time. And if this was presented to me and my friends when we were kids you can bet that we would have sabotaged it as well. Not because of ideological reasons but because we were F*!#ing kids, if you wanted to be cool you rebelled against the authorities.

    • moraka

      This raises the question: Is Britain totalitarian because it is a cryptofascist state or because British democracy is totalitarian?

      Name: David Cameron Year: 2015 Gender: Male (though i have my doubts) Age: 48 Which three words best describe who you are?: Tyrant, fascist, imperialist. If you needed advice, who would you talk to?: The ghost of Rotha Lintorn-Orman How much do you trust people from this group?: Muslims – Not at all Race/Religion – I hate Muslims and immigrants Police officers – Well I do control them School teacher – Well I do use them to spy them evil Muslims

      Have the following things happened to you in the past week, either inside or outside of school? Being spoken to by your Churchill dildo – Yes it told me to be more totalitarian and intolerant.

      Please tell us your opinion on the following statements: People should have freedom of thought – NO! People should have freedom of religion – NO! People should have freedom of speech – NO! People should have freedom of political ideologies – NO!

New Poll on American Muslims Is Grounded in Bias, Riddled with Flaws

Screen-Shot-2015-06-26-at-12.04.02-PM3 This is particularly important highlight:

Sixty-percent of respondents agreed that “shariah as interpreted by Islamic authorities is compatible with the U.S. Constitution, including freedom of speech and other rights,” and 51% chose this definition of jihad: “Muslims’ peaceful, personal struggle to be more religious.” These rare but helpful nuances are not even alluded to … in conservative outlets like Fox News. Bill O’Reilly also makes exaggerations that the already-flawed data doesn’t support. “Fifty-one percent [of Muslims] say sharia law should be the reigning law,” he said. But that language is nowhere in the survey data he’s likely referencing, which says that “a majority (51%) agreed that ‘Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.’”

June 26, 2015  By: 

On Wednesday, the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a Washington, D.C. think tank run by former Reagan official Frank Gaffney released a survey of 600 Muslims living in the United States. Its takeaway, captured in a headline on the CSP website, is this: “Poll of US Muslims Reveals Ominous Levels of Support For Islamic Supremacists’ Doctrine of Shariah, Jihad.”

The poll gained quick traction online and in the media. On the evening of its release, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly also lent credence to its findings and cast doubt upon American Muslims’ loyalty to their country.

Among the poll’s findings are:

  • “A majority (51%) agreed that ‘Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.’”
  • “Nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled believed that, ‘It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.’”
  • “Nearly one-fifth of Muslim respondents said that the use of violence in the United States is justified in order to make shariah the law of the land in this country.”

But this survey should not be taken seriously. It comes from an organization with a history of producing dubious claims and “studies” about the threat of shariah, and was administered using an unreliable methodology. Its proponents seize upon its shoddy findings, exaggerating and misrepresenting them to American audiences, and falsely claim that the survey data represents the views of Muslims nationwide.

Here are the details.

CSP’s History of Baseless Fearmongering

In recent years, many groups have raised questions about the objectivity and intentions of Frank Gaffney. His tendency to posit conspiracies about Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood is well documented, and has earned him sharp critique across the political spectrum. The Center for American Progress labels him a “misinformation expert,” while the Conservative Political Action Committee banned him from their 2011 conference for peddling false accusations about GOP connections to Muslim extremists. It was his organization, CSP, that was behind the unfounded rumor that Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin, was linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and once floated the false idea that General David Petraeus had “submitted” to shariah.

Since the early 2000s, CSP has generated dozens of occasional papers, blogs, and reports that fixate on shariah or other allegedly nefarious topics related to Islam. Often, they are loosely sourced or entirely unsubstantiated, relying instead on a furtive web of connections or, in one case, a 24-year-old document written by a lone Muslim activist that has since been roundly discredited.

False Statistics and False Claims

Both Gaffney and O’Reilly claim that the poll’s findings are representative of nationwide Muslim public opinion. But this assertion is untrue.

CSP’s survey was an non-probability based, opt-in online survey, administered by the conservative group, the Polling Company/Woman Trend, a small Washington-based agency that has collaborated with CSP on other occasions to produce surveys about Islam and Muslims. (We learned this after reaching out to the Polling Company to get more details about their methodology, which wasn’t released to the public when Gaffney began promoting the survey’s findings.)

According to the body that sets ethical standards for polling, the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), opt-in surveys cannot be considered representative of the intended population, in this case Muslims. The AAPOR says that in these cases, “the pollster has no idea who is responding to the question” and that these kind of “polls do not have such a ‘grounded statistical tie’ to the population.”

So when O’Reilly and guest Zuhdi Jasser pointed to this survey and made claims about what “25% of three million, which is hundreds of thousands of Muslims” believe, it’s not only a misleading statement—it’s outright false.

This survey does not represent the views of American Muslims. It only represents the views of the 600 Muslims that it polled.

Loaded Questions and Answers

Another problem with this poll is the way that questions and answers are phrased. Often, they are not neutral but are imbued with assumptions, and replicate, in an interrogative form, statements that Gaffney and CSP have declared as fact for years. In one question, respondents are asked: “Do you believe the Muslim Brotherhood in America accurately represents your views?” Packed into this question is the assertion that the Brotherhood indeed exists in the United States — something that Gaffney has long propagated. Those who answer “yes” confirm his suspicions, while those who answer “no” acknowledge nonetheless that the group is present here. They’re put into a lose-lose situation.

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  • mindy1


Schools Monitoring Pupils’ Web Use With ‘Anti-radicalisation Software’


The out of control counter-terrorism industry in the UK has a new feature, software that is being sold to schools as a way to fight radicalization by spotting “extremist-related” language among pupils. Truth is stranger than fiction.

By Diane Taylor, The Guardian

Schools are being sold software to monitor pupils’ internet activity for extremism-related language such as “jihadi bride” and “YODO”, short for you only die once.

Several companies are producing “anti-radicalisation” software to monitor pupils’ internet activity ahead of the introduction of a legal requirement on schools to consider issues of terrorism and extremism among children.

Under the Counter-terrorism and Security Act 2015, which comes into force on 1 July, there is a requirement that schools “have due regard to the need to prevent pupils being drawn into terrorism”.

One company, Impero, has launched a pilot of its software in 16 locations in the UK as well as five in the US. Teachers can store screenshots of anything of concern that is flagged up by the software. Other companies offering anti-radicalisation software products to schools include Future Digital and Securus.

Impero has produced a glossary of trigger words such as “jihobbyist” (someone who sympathises with jihadi organisations but is not an active member) and “Message to America” (an Islamic State propaganda video series).

Schools involved with the Impero pilot already have contracts to buy or rent other software from the company, and are trialling the anti-radicalisation software at no extra charge. They are in areas including London, County Durham, Essex, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Yorkshire and Staffordshire.

A spokeswoman for Impero said: “The Counter-terrorism and Security Act places a duty on schools to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. Since the introduction of the act at the beginning of the year we have had a lot of schools approach us requesting a keyword-detection policy focused on radicalisation.

“The system may help teachers confirm identification of vulnerable children, or act as an early warning system to help identify children that may be at risk in future. It also provides evidence for teachers and child protection officers to use in order to intervene and support a child in a timely and appropriate manner.

“It is not about criminalising children, it is about helping schools spot the early warning signs so that risk in relation to an individual can be assessed and measured, and counter-narratives and support can be put in place to help educate children before they potentially become victims of radicalisation.”

Different schools are interpreting the anti-radicalisation clause in the new counter-terrorism legislation in different ways. Headteachers interviewed by the Guardian said it was a very difficult issue for schools to get involved with.

Some schools are simply signalling that they are aware of the requirement to take the issue into account, while others are being more proactive. One school is east London is offering workshops on spotting signs of radicalisation.

Monega primary school in Newham has invited parents of children as young as four to a workshop on 26 June. The invitation states: “Come and join us for this session led by a social worker on how to prevent and detect radicalisation. All parents are welcome.”

Yahya Birt, a Muslim academic specialising in British Islam, tweeted about the four-year-olds potentially being monitored for radicalisation: “They’re pre-lingual, let alone pre-political. It’s bonkers.”

Last month there was controversy over a questionnaire circulated to pupils in five primary schools in Waltham Forest, another east London borough with a large Muslim population.

The questionnaire asked pupils leading questions about their views and beliefs including whether or not they would marry someone from a different religion, whether they would be prepared to hurt someone who made fun of their race or religion and whether they felt God had a purpose for them.

Waltham Forest council later said the questionnaires would be withdrawn. It said they had been produced by the behavioural insights team, also known as the “nudge unit”, which started life inside 10 Downing Street and is partly government-owned.

Continue reading…

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    • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

      I was supposed to complete some history homework at lunchtime but got distracted by Obama memes… now I have two pieces of homework to do within three hours >.<

    • HSkol


    • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

      Update: I finally got round to searching up the blacklisted words and they didn’t come up as blocked. Sed tims.

    • Yausari

      Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) once said that one day people of the future times will consider that doing good deed is bad and committing sins is good.

    • Reynardine

      Well, this dress makes my ass look big.

    • Reynardine

      A truly pretty tit (whoops) chickadee

    • HerrSkolly

      Really? I do. But, then I love chickadees.

    • Reynardine

      At least, in the U.S., we don’t refer to chickadees as “tits”

    • Reynardine

      A Jihobbyist is clearly a kid who insists his/her rocking horse be pure Arab.

Former Congressional Candidate Conspires to Mass Murder Muslims

Robert Doggart conspired to commit acts of terrorism against US citizens

Islamophobia? What Islamophobia ? So where was he radicalized? I am sure we will have demands for condemnation from the media, and “experts” ready to support profiling white looking congressmen? I won’t hold my breath.

It has been nearly a month since his arrest with very little to no media reaction. Most of the media coverage has been in the last two days, that is nearly a month after his arrest and after the community issued a press release to raise awareness of being the targets of mass violence. Do we even need to imagine what would have happened if he was Muslim? The media firestorm and mass paranoia and Islamophobia would be pervasive.

Former Congressional Candidate Conspires to Terrorize, Commit Mass Murder, Burn Mosque and School of Islamberg Village in New York

In Press Releases On 15 May 2015

HANCOCK, NY — FBI officials arrested and charged former 4th Congressional District candidate Robert R. Doggart of Signal Mountain, Tennessee in connection with a plot to kill residents and destroy the school and mosque of the Muslim village of Islamberg in Hancock, NY. The criminal complaint, filed in federal court April 20 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, shows Doggart, age 63, planned to use an M4 rifle, explosives, machete and, if needed, snipers. He warned that those who joined his team should prepare for hand-to-hand combat with any residents encountered in his pursuit. The Muslims of America, Inc., the religious organization under threat, was notified of the danger and worked with state and federal officials to provide residents with round the clock security.Court records show that Doggart is a graduate of LaSalle University with both masters and doctorate degrees, and is an engineer by training and trade who ran for U.S. Representative in the 2014 election. Doggart’s plan to bomb Islamberg served to put the United States government on notice of his gripes. “I got this battalion that I command and they want to go take action. [They] are so sick and tired of the crap the government is pulling that we go take a small military installation or we go burn down a Muslim church…,” reported Doggart in a wire tapped telephone conversation.

The criminal affidavit also indicates that Doggart travelled to South Carolina and Texas to meet with members of so-called militia who shared a similar hatred of the U.S. and Muslims. This activity matches an increase in unwelcomed strangers visiting properties of The Muslims of America in South Carolina, Texas and other states. Interestingly, RSS Internet posts by Doggart on August 28, 2014, show he did in fact go to a TMOA location in Tennessee, “I traveled to Dover, Tennessee in Stewart County yesterday…”. On Saturday, May 9, 2015, Islamberg residents reported to authorities a suspicious pickup truck at the entrance to their property with an insignia on the back titled “10th  Mountain Division”. When approached, the vehicle drove off speedily. Doggart sold his evil scheme against Islamberg as a suicide mission where losing his life was worth the sacrifice, “If Hancock, NY happens, so be it. And I’ll do what I have to do.  If there’s a gunfight, well there’s a gunfight…if it’s necessary to die then that’s a good way to die.” The federal authorities monitored all of Doggart’s electronic and telephone communications and eventually arrested him on April 10 just as he was planning to go to New York to conduct his own “reconnaissance” of Islamberg. The complaint lists Doggart declarations about the “reconnaissance” trip wherein he says, “I’ll probably bring my M4 with me just in case”.

Members of The Muslims of America primarily consist of African American Muslims of the Sunni sect of Islam who are indigenous Americans with Islamic roots spanning four generations. The first generations were mainly converts from various branches of Christianity. Local law enforcement and neighbors have nothing negative to say about the Islamberg community. The Public Relations Director for The Muslims of America, Matthew Gardner vehemently expressed, “Doggart is an example of the results of unchecked and rampant Islamophobia which has spread lies for years about our peaceful community. This man plotted to mercilessly kill us, kill our children, and blow up our mosque and our school. We have sound reason to believe he has already visited our other locations around the U.S. What other murderous plans do he and his private militia have and where are his accomplices? All would agree, if a Muslim did this, the perpetrator would be immediately identified as a  terrorist then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The examples are numerous. Therefore, we call on all branches of justice to see to it that this man is prosecuted for planning a heinous hate crime and terrorist act.”

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    • Awesome

      The doggone Robert Doggart is a miserable old fogey whose aspirations only amount to throwing tantrums at this point (albeit very violent, destructive ones) and is only given such leniency in those kangaroo courts because those who he intended to victimize were Muslims.

      “Court records show that Doggart is a graduate of LaSalle University with both masters and doctorate degrees, and is an engineer by training and trade who ran for U.S. Representative in the 2014 election.”

      This forever demonstrates that attending college is not an indicator of the quality of an individual. College, despite all of the education and skills it provides, does not necessarily make all of its successful attendees better people. Education and emotional maturity are mutually exclusive.

    • ShunTheRightWhale

      This community is as dangerous as the Amish. Such haters are the nidus for corresponding groups, cultivating their worldview of overarching conflict solvable through killing the weakest (in reality just seeking an easy, but moronic, short-sighted, distorted and desastrous vent for their hate and fear), instead of facing the real-life counterpart of their stereotypes directly: flying to Syria and getting blown up by the IS, who cultivates the same patterns of thought, positions reversed.

    • Zan

      They are supporting OAF.

    • downwithpants

      If you look at the Doggart pic he looks crazy.

    • downwithpants

      Literally lolled

    • mindy1


    • downwithpants

      I hear it was an Islamberg that sank the Titanic.

    • golden izanagi

      because nothing says “patriotism” more than burning down a school and gunning people down because they’re Muslims.

    • AJ

      I have met members from a similar Muslim community in Appomattox, VA through a homeschooling network. These are very nice and refined people. Quite a different lot than Doggart’s breed, an example of which is apparent from the recent episode at Waco, TX.

    • mindy1

      I am actually surprised at that.

    • JD

    • JD

      Muslims decry double standards following bail of former congressional candidate who plotted attack

      -NEW YORK – Muslim organizations are voicing concerns this week after a manwho plotted to attack an Islamic community in New York State was released on bail without being charged with terrorism offenses.

      Community leaders have pointed to a double standard, not only in the legal consequences faced by Robert Doggart, a former congressional candidate from North Carolina, but also in what they say is scant media coverage of his plot to “utterly destroy” the town of Islamberg.

      Doggart, 63, was arrested by the FBI before he could carry out his plan of killing residents and firebombing a school and mosque in the small town of predominantly African-American Muslims, located 140 miles north of New York City.

      Islamberg residents along with representatives of the town’s founding organization, the Muslims of America (TMOA), decried the leniency of the charges leveled against Doggart and called for federal prosecutors to revisit the case.

      “You cannot imagine the level of disruption Mr. Doggart’s threat has caused the families of Islamberg,” said Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, general counsel for TMOA, said in a news conference Monday, local media reported.

      Intercepted phone calls and social media posts revealed that Doggart had planned to attack Islamberg on April 15 with members of a private militia.

      He also instructed his accomplices to carry AR-15 and M16 rifles to carry out the attack. “Those guys have to be killed,” he was recorded telling an FBI source in a phone call. “Their buildings need to be burnt down. If we can get in there and do that not losing a man, even the better.”

      Doggart made an unsuccessful bid for Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District seat in 2014.

      He later pleaded guilty to a charge of interstate communication of threats and faces between zero and five years in prison. He was released to home confinement after posting a $30,000 bond.

      The plea agreement is an example of a legal double standard, according to Amatul-Wadud, who has called for a meeting with Department of Justice officials.

      “Anybody who purports to be Muslim and acts inconsistently with the laws would certainly be charged with terrorism,” she said. “There should be no discrepancy in how the law is applied to Muslims versus someone who is not Muslim.”

    • Ruhani

      Ugh, this wouldn’t be the first time either. A couple years ago a former military general threatened to storm the white house with a thousand marines and they let him go willy nilly. But the NSA will be all over your ass if you so much as listen to a war nasheed.

    • AJ

      whaaaaat? o_O

    • cmyfe .

      My proportionate reaction (in line with the typical online jobless community) to this should be something like the statement seen below;

      “I say screen all white people walking on the streets, better yet arrest the filthy pigs and send them back where they came from.”

      But I am neither jobless nor typical.

    • Yausari

      Well… I’m just disappointed that we still have the “Obama the secret Muslim” rumor floating around. Will no one bury it?

    • JD

      #CAIR: Comments on Anti-Islam Hate Site Applaud Planned Terror Attack on NY Muslims

      (WASHINGTON, D.C., 5/19/15) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today released comments posted on a well-known anti-Muslim hate site applauding the man who pleaded guilty to planning a terror attack on New York Muslim as a “true patriot” who had the “right idea” and should be given an “medal.” The comments were posted following an article about the planned terror attack.

      [NOTE: CAIR is not naming the hate site so as not to drive traffic there.]

    • mindy1

      What the fuck…. :O I swear something is in the water in that state that turns people into nuts. If not for the bbq that state would be useless….

Muslim Woman Discriminated by Florida Domino’s Pizza

Muslim_Woman_Florida_Dominoes_Hijab, BARTOW, Fla. – The Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida (CAIR Florida) has announced they will pursue a lawsuit for public accommodation discrimination and other legal claims against a Davenport Domino’s Pizza for the horrendous treatment of a Muslim customer on July 27, 2012.

Hakima Benaddi, a Florida woman who was wearing a Muslim head covering at the time, was accused by Domino’s Pizza management of threatening to blow up the location after she complained about the service and pizza she received. On July 27, 2012, a pregnant Benaddi went to Domino’s to order a veggie pizza with her 23-month-old daughter. When Benaddi opened her pizza box she discovered that it was grossly inadequate and returned to complain and seek a refund.

“I was surprised because what I got was nothing like my order,” Benaddi explained. “That pizza was barely suitable to feed to a dog.”

Prior to the incident, Benaddi was a regular customer at the location. There was one small difference, however, on the day of the incident Benaddi had recently started covering her hair by wearing the hijab, the Muslim head scarf.

The Domino’s Pizza did not assist Benaddi when she returned, they did not offer to make her a new pizza or offer her a refund. Instead, the cashier laughed at her and mocked her limited English proficiency.

Then, in what could only be described as a brazen discriminatory act, the Domino’s Pizza management called local police claiming that Benaddi had threatened to blow up the location resulting in Benaddi’s arrest.

Benaddi was in custody for over 24 hours before she was released. She was also forced to remove her headscarf before her booking image was taken.

CAIR Florida’s investigator revealed that eyewitness accounts were consistent with that of Benaddi’s and admitting that Benaddi never made any threats other than to file a complaint. The story the Domino’s Pizza’s manager provided to the police was completely, intentionally and maliciously fabricated.

Although the felony charge against Hakima was dropped before the arraignment, Domino’s Pizza has yet to confirm any wrongdoing.

“Without them acknowledging what they did wrong, this is our only opportunity for her voice to be heard,” said Thania Diaz Clevenger, Civil Rights Director of CAIR Florida. “We need to tell people that this is not okay, to let Domino’s Pizza know this is not okay, and to let other Muslim women who are targeted to know that they can stand up for themselves.”

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    • shem

      Gufo wrote:

      > The same CAIR listed among the terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates? <

      No, not that “CAIR”. Just so you don’t malign the wrong group, I’ll attempt to help you with your confusion. CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations, is an organization that deals primarily with religious discrimination cases, they litigate on behalf of clients who would not have recourse to the advantages you might expect you have in proceedings of law or equity in AMERICAN courts.

      Here’s what they say about themselves or see :


      CAIR’s vision is to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding.

      CAIR’s mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.


      CAIR supports free enterprise, freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

      CAIR is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, regardless of faith.

      CAIR supports domestic policies that promote civil rights, diversity and freedom of religion.

      CAIR opposes domestic policies that limit civil rights, permit racial, ethnic or religious profiling, infringe on due process, or that prevent Muslims and others from participating fully in American civic life.

      CAIR is a natural ally of groups, religious or secular, that advocate justice and human rights in America and around the world.

      CAIR supports foreign policies that help create free and equitable trade, encourage human rights and promote representative government based on socio-economic justice.

      CAIR believes the active practice of Islam strengthens the social and religious fabric of our nation.

      CAIR condemns all acts of violence against civilians by any individual, group or state.

      CAIR advocates dialogue between faith communities both in America and worldwide.

      CAIR supports equal and complementary rights and responsibilities for men and women. ——————–

      Does this seem unsettling to you Jelly? Try this, we once appealed to CAIR in a matter before the Appellate and Supreme Courts of Washington State regarding the Federally protected right to provide a member of our religious community residence in a building remodeled for that purpose which was compliant with RCW 19.27.042, for the indigent. Churches across America have been fighting in the courts since the 90’s, when the homeless crisis spilled over into communities, to provide shelter in buildings they own without being burdened by all the excessive regulatory building codes, as long as life, health, and safety of the occupants are not threatened. CAIR declined to assist us with an amicus curiae brief, but hey, they have a lot on their plate and we had satisfactory counsel.

      I think you have your hat on upside down inside out and backward … but that’s the point of you … distort, disrupt, denigrate, and try to destroy any discussion of anything American liberties is your modus aperandi. Try a little harder to make it not so obvious the next time and maybe your pizza argument will “stand up” for itself and not kick your foot in your mouth.

    • Tanveer “Utter Khanage” Khan

      Was a deceptive piece of faeces.

    • HerrSkolly

      Well, that … waitress …

    • Tanveer “Utter Khanage” Khan

      On the topic of side dishes, a waitress at Pizza Hut deceived me into buying garlic bread as a side even though there was garlic bread available at the buffet area. I wasn’t very happy when I realised that.

    • HerrSkolly

      Do you want … some cheesy bread with that pizza?

    • Tanveer “Utter Khanage” Khan

      Not particularly.

    • Tanveer “Utter Khanage” Khan

      I eat like a trooper and I am fed like a King, don’t be jealous.

    • Rajano

      I live in Florida, about an hour south of Tampa on the Gulf Coast. I have never had a bad Dominoes Pizza either. One thing about Florida is that you have a HUGE mix of cultures. A rule of thumb is that the farther North in the state the more “Southern” the culture is. The farther South you go the more of an influence you get from New York, The Midwest, and Latin America. There are, unfortunately, pockets of extreme bigotry in parts of Northern and Central Florida.

    • The Domino’s here is outstanding. I’ve never had a bad pizza from them. Of course, it’s a Michigan company so maybe the Domino’s pizzerias in my state have more stringent standards.

    • Fibromyalgia is an actual disease. The science is there. Doctors no longer think of it as an imaginary malady, as they once did with Multiple Sclerosis. There are specific diagnostic criteria and, while the treatment (there is currently no cure) and causes are a matter of debate among the experts, its existence is not.

      Fibromyalgia has cost me my dignity, my job, my home, and my wife.

      Some days I can’t even keep food and meds down.

      And I’ll be damned if I stand by while some know-nothing half-wit insinuates that fibro is nothing more than the invention of lazy thralls to enable them to get out of working.

      Therefore, I hereby cordially invite you to fuck off and die.

      Forty grams of henbane (Hyoscamus niger) in a decoction (NOT an infusion!) should do the job.

      Or a couple cups of H2SO4.

      Thanks. Have a nice day.

    • downwithpants

      I want to see the skirt t….and when I see it’s black yell “it’s not black it’s blue!”

    • Tanveer “Utter Khanage” Khan

      Pizza Hut lunchtime buffet, I’m right there. £6.99 buffet, £2 something unlimited fizzy drinks. Free salad bar. Bloody bargain.

    • Mehdi

      Built by a French and a copy exists near Eiffel tower. Maybe it’ll be removed as the crown could come off as a hijab.

    • Tanveer “Utter Khanage” Khan

      No hablo Inglés

    • Mehdi

      It’s beyond shocking.

Norwegian Muslims will form a human shield around an Oslo synagogue

Hundreds of people gather for a vigil Feb. 16, 2015, in Copenhagen after a gunman killed two people and shot up a synagogue. (Michael Probst/Associated Press)

Norwegian Muslims will form a human shield around an Oslo synagogue

February 18 at 12:40 PM

The headlines have been grim. Europe’s Jews face “rising anti-Semitism“; in some countries, many are leaving in “record numbers.” In separate incidents in recent months, gunmen have targeted Jews and Jewish institutions in Paris and Copenhagen. Even the Jewish dead have not been left in peace, with reports of graves being desecrated.

But the future of tolerance and multiculturalism in Europe is far from bleak. The bigotry on view has been carried out by a fringe minority, cast all the more in the shade by the huge peace marches and vigils that followed the deadly attacks. And some communities are trying to build solidarity in their home towns and cities.

One group of Muslims in Norway plans to form a “ring of peace” around a synagogue in Oslo on Saturday. On a Facebook page promoting the event, the group explained its motivations. Here’s a translated version of the invite:

Islam is about protecting our brothers and sisters, regardless of which religion they belong to. Islam is about rising above hate and never sinking to the same level as the haters. Islam is about defending each other. Muslims want to show that we deeply deplore all types of hatred of Jews, and that we are there to support them. We will therefore create a human ring around the synagogue on Saturday 21 February. Encourage everyone to come!

According to the Times of Israel, Ervin Kohn, a leader of Oslo’s small Jewish community, had agreed to allowing the event on the condition that more than 30 people show up — a small gathering would make the effort look “counter-productive,” Kohn said. Close to 1,000 people have indicated on Facebook that they will attend.

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Muslims Infiltrate the White House! Me Included!


So the #MuslimMeeting has neo-cons and other assorted Islamophobes going haywire. Although it would be an understatement to say the Obama administration has a complicated relationship with the American Muslim community especially on civil liberties and foreign policy. Nonetheless this is a good effort to reach out to a diverse array of individuals from the American Muslim community.

Muslims Infiltrate the White House! Me Included!

I was one of the 14 ‘Muslim-American leaders’ invited to meet with President Obama on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what it was like.

By: Dean Obeidallah

I can’t believe it but Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann were right after all. Muslims have infiltrated the White House—and at the highest levels. Sharia law can’t be far behind, so I hope you like turkey bacon and non-alcoholic beer because that’s all you will be getting once these Muslims have their say.

What am I talking about? Well, on Wednesday, I was one of 14 Muslim-American leaders to attend a one-hour meeting with President Obama at the White House. I must admit I was thrilled at the prospect of actually having a conversation with the president about issues of concern to our community.

Once I was in The White House, two main thoughts came to mind. First, it looks just like House of Cards. I kept waiting for Frank Underwood to walk out and share his plans for world domination.

And secondly, after I sat down in the Roosevelt Room and observed the glasses and plates that bore the White House insignia, I immediately began plotting how to sneak one out with me. Seriously, you would’ve had the same thoughts if you saw it. They are really impressive/cool. (No plates or cups were ultimately stolen.)

In any event, why was this meeting happening? Farhana Khera, a lawyer and executive director of Muslim Advocates, who spearheaded the effort, explained, “We’ve been asking for a meeting with the president since he came to office.”

Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t Muslim-American leaders who have an ongoing working relationship with the administration. But there has never been a meeting with leaders from around the country with Obama before this. (And just so it’s clear, there are many other great Muslim-American leaders other than just the 14 at this meeting, but the White House wanted to keep this event small to encourage a discussion.)

So what happened at this meeting? Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m now the new ambassador to the United Kingdom. OK, not exactly. In fact, there are certain ground rules to these meetings, so I can’t disclose everything.

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List of those who attended:

Diego Arancibia, board member and associate director of the Ta’leef Collective; Azhar Azeez, president of the Islamic Society of North America; Maya Berry, executive director of the Arab American Institute; Hoda Elshishtawy, Muslim Public Affairs Council; Rahat Husain, Universal Muslim Association of America; Farhana Khera, president of Muslim Advocates; Dr. Sherman Jackson, professor of religion and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California; Farhan Latif, chief operating officer, Institute of Policy and Understanding; Imam Mohamed Magid, representative of the Adams Center; Haroon Mokhtarzada, CEO of Webs; Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad, Muslim chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania; Dean Obeidallah, comedian; Bilqis “Qisi” Abdul-Qaadir, director of women’s basketball operations at Indiana State University; Arshia Wajid, founder of American Muslim Health Professionals.

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    • Sorry, I don’t know how that ended up as a reply to you AJ! Bloody computers, I must have done something wrong.

    • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

      I learnt how to swear.

Fox Guest: “Put Razor Wire Around” Muslim “No-Go Zones” And Catalogue Residents


“Put razor wire around those [Muslim] No-Go Zones … you turn off the water and then as they come out you catalog them”

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    • Capt. JB Hennessy

      The right are Nazis. The Republican Party is made up of White Supremacists.

    • HSkol

      Mmm . . . mustard.

    • Reynardine

      That’s about right:

    • Yausari

      I didn’t say he was accurate…

    • Reynardine

      Geritol actually has some merit. A few drops per feeding does wonders for anemic pups and kittens.

    • Lithium2006

      It was the first time I read, but now I read it for the same reason I wipe the fog from my windshield.

    • cmyfe .

      Tell Hannity if that were true then he wouldn’t have been able to say this BS on T.V. The 20% would have slaughtered him along with his lying masters.

    • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

      Outside of it’s main territory ISIS is a brand of sort, a few people just identify with but as formal organization no.

    • Trimmercastle42

      ISIS in Afghanistan ?? I thought ISIS was based in the area around Northern Iraq and Eastern Syria, unless they have airplanes or troop carriers; also one major obstacle blocks ISIS from Afghanistan, and that’s Iran, and If ISIS attacks Iran.

      I don’t even have a degree in political sciences and i can already his claim.

    • cmyfe .

      HEIL FAUX!

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