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Susan Starkey slams Kookie Joe Kaufman for his Lies

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman, a Kahanist inspired anti-Muslim crusader against “evil” CAIR has been outed by Susan Starkey, Council woman in Davie Town, Florida. This whole drama began when Kaufman’s hate organization (which is him and three other people) became offended that CAIR and some “Mooslims” had participated in a program to pick up litter from the streets. In their insane folly Kaufman and company accused Starkey of being an “Anti-Semite” and a supporter of “terrorism.”

Susan Starkey Responds to Anti-Semitism Allegations

Davie Town Council member Susan Starkey says she never said “Jews try to convert everyone,” as alleged by activist Joe Kaufman, of the Coral Springs-based Americans Against Hate.

The exchange occurred December 18 between Starkey and Jeff Rubinoff, at the holiday party of the Davie / Cooper Republican Club, of which Rubinoff is chairman. He wanted Starkey to take down an adopt-a-street sign that recognized the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim group attacked by conservatives for ties to Hamas. The sign is near the intersection of College Avenue and Southwest 39th Avenue.

In an email, Starkey told Juice:

The statement he alleged ” Jews try to convert everyone”. I am stunned by and offended by the comments and written statements such as this made by Jeff Rubinoff and further perpetuated by Joe Kaufman. I would not say such statements that would offend anyone in this way.

There was at no time any “Anti-Semitic rant” made by me. Mr. Rubinoff is a member of the same activist group as Mr. Kaufman. Many statements made by Mr. Kaufman are hateful, prejudice and outright lies. I have had a wonderful opportunity to serve the town’s diverse population of 92,000 residents as well as a colleges and university professors and students within the town. I had promoted, supported and voted for a $18 Million dollar bond for which the town co-signed with the Broward Jewish Federation, and Davie JCC and Soref no other city in Broward stepped up to help. I have attended at invitation of my Jewish Community many events and functions. I supported Rabbi Pinny’s congregation in the Town of Davie and in fact meet with him and a friend today for guidance on this matter.

We should also note, for the record, that the Jewish faith is not one for proselytizing. In fact, it’s a mighty big hassle to convert to Judaism, at least compared to the ease with which you can become a Christian.

In an email yesterday to Starkey, I asked her to characterize her discussion with Rubinoff.

I would describe the holiday conversation on Dec. 18th a little out of the ordinary in the fact that Mr. Rubinoff was upset that Broward County and the Town of Davie had not immediately removed a sign that he and Mr. Kaufman insisted be removed. He demanded answers and I explained that we were looking into the matter. I have since learned that the sign in question is a part of the Broward County “Adopt a Street” Program to clean up litter on the streets and they are handled administratively by the County and Town Staff. No action is required of the County Commission or the Town Council. This is a volunteer program by organizations to pick up litter.

In yesterday’s post, I ventured a theory that the rupture between the two Republicans, Starkey and Rubinoff, was an illustration of larger statewide trend of conflict between the party’s moderates and its more conservative wing. Starkey’s environmental activism would seem to put her among the party’s moderates, while Rubinoff’s suspicions about CAIR suggests he’s in the more conservative crowd. Starkey responded:

Yes, I am a registered Republican but do not belong to any “clubs”. Municipal government is non-partisan. I consider myself a fiscal conservative environmentalist. I believe in strong family values, community, honesty and integrity and treating everyone fairly as I would like to be treated.I have know that both the Republicans and Democrats have divisions with extreme views sometimes on both sides. I prefer to stay involved with my issues within the town that are important to my residents and stay out of the fray, there is more than enough to keep us busy in trying to provide adequate quality services in these tough economic times.

Kaufman, who admits he didn’t witness the argument between Starkey and Rubinoff, rejects the idea that it was related to any trends of Republican Party tension. In an email responding to yesterday’s post he said:

Mr. Rubinoff’s interaction with Councilmember Starkey had absolutely nothing to do with any type of infighting between members of a political party, and it had absolutely nothing to do with any political issues. Rubinoff did what’s right, and he should be commended for it.

Your spin has absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever.

So there you have it.

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  • Dood

    Carmen is one of Barnum’s “suckers born every minute” if she truly believes Kaufman. That, or she’s a Kahanist psycho herself. After all, they are known to go around the web and jerk each other o…cheer each other on.

    Kaufman is a freak. [Who I suspect is] He had a bajillion YouTube accounts back in 2006-07 under the names intelsum, diaperhead, and terrorfreeoil 1,2,3[ad infinitum.] DISCLAIMER: I have no definitive proof that it was him, just a premonition and speculation on my behalf. Don’t sue me Joey! lol

    But whoever this user was *ahem* they would go around calling every Arab user things like an “Islamo-nazi camel f*ck” and a “cousin-dad.” It’s typical Kahanist racism. They’ve been known to go further than words. Kahanists murdered Alex Odeh, tried to assassinate Congressman Issa, and DID assassinate Prime Minister Rabin. Sickos. Thankfully this guy is just a clown.

    PS – Someone cloned him under the name terrorfreeoil5. (Who I suspect is our man) left a comment on the user page with his terrorfreeoil3 account, riven with his typical invective. The parody account terrorfreeoil5 is still active and the comment is still there to view on the channel page. It can be viewed here:

  • Carmen

    I believe Joe Kaufman, Starkey will not have my vote.

  • Valerie Parkhurst

    Joe Kaufman is a media whore who should be on medication for paranoia. While in his own world he percieves anything or anyone that doesnt agree with him as Anti-semetic. Got news for you Joe, alot of us have other priorities than taking on your fight. But if we dont we are Anti-semetic?..Joe Kaufman is a lonely guy..has no women, has no life and is at war with everyone. Stands on US soil and has no interest in any other aspect of social injustice’s, dont hear a word from him on rampant crime in the streets, out of control border policies, crooked politicians, over-crowded schools or out of control spending…yea for old Joe to get moving in the morning, its got to be his percieved persecution of all things Jewish. Other than that not a peep, Nada..yea your a real gold mine Joe, just what all the people need…

  • Too Many Oranges

    Kaufman is not taken seriously, he is a class A jerk, trying to intimidate and coerce Susan Starkey by shouting “anti-Semite.” It seems the Kahanist cannot recover his marbles.

  • Rogain

    Susan Starkey is good lookin, Joe Kaufman look like geek ass. Kooky Kaufman be takin his geek revenge. Case closed.

  • Xexes

    Susan Starkey must not be intimidated by this barbaric cretin. He is a notorious Kahanist extremist who hates everyone and everything Muslim and anyone and anything that does not hate everyone and anything Muslim. The guy is a psycho hate freak, if he were White instead of Jewish he’d be easily seen for the trashy racist that he is. Accusing anyone who can’t stand his lying mug as anti-semitic is typical of his crybaby desperate ways. Susan, keep on slapping him down, no one with any brains takes this moron seriously.

  • AF

    Joe Kaufman is a moron
    Always has been always will be

  • Jamal

    does CAIR even notice this cracky potty kooky looser? duhhhhhhhhh, take a hike Kaufman, spinning lies and spin against a city official makes you look like the lowest there is , a real mean spite logged brain

  • Nabeela

    Looks like he is about to lay an egg! What an odious character.

    Good for Susan Starkey.

    Well Kaufman is the kind of sewer rat that doesn’t understand civil behaviour so I wish someone had pelted him with tomatoes on behalf of Susan. That would be a waste of tomatoes though!

    Maybe horse manure! Some should drag him through it. He deserves it, so he can be reminded how his lies stink.

  • Bobby

    Susan Starkey is a moron
    Always has been always will be

  • Leonora

    I agree with Ustadh. Thanks to Susan for outing him.

  • Ustadh

    Kaufman is a lost soul. He sees things through a narrow prism and anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a terrorist sympathizer.
    Susan Starkey should be applauded for holding her ground while be under fire for made up claims of “anti-semitism.”
    Kaufman shot himself in the foot on this one.

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