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Rep. Sue Myrick Endorses Radical Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel

Rep. Sue Myrick

GOP Rep. Myrick Endorses Conference of Noted Islamophobe

Fresh off a tense town hall with Muslim constituents last month, Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) has blasted out a letter enthusiastically endorsing the group ACT! For America, and its leader, Brigitte Gabriel, who has made a number of extreme comments against Muslims.

ACT! For America’s national conference and legislative briefing is scheduled for June in Washington, D.C. The group describes itself as “a collective voice for the democratic values of Western Civilization, such as the celebration of life and liberty, as opposed to the authoritarian values of Islamofascism, such as the celebration of death, terror and tyranny.”

But Gabriel, who emigrated to the United States from Lebanon in the 1980s, has painted the problem of Islamic terrorism as one having to do with all Muslims. She has said that “Every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim.”

She also said in a 2007 speech at the Joint Forces Staff College in Virginia that a “practicing Muslim who believes in the teaching of the Koran cannot be a loyal citizen of the United States of America,” the Washington Times reported.

Gabriel is the author of They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.

Myrick’s letter endorsing Gabriel and ACT! For America came in a March 16 e-mail blast from the group which hailed Myrick as “a bold, courageous champion on Capitol Hill in the struggle against the threat of radical Islam.”

Myrick’s letter reads in part: “Knowing ACT! for America as I do, and its leadership team beginning with Brigitte Gabriel and Guy Rodgers, I have no doubt that this conferene will be a first-class event you won’t want to miss.”

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  • Common Man

    Islam is seeking peace. Of course, peace is only possible once all non-muslims have been either killed, converted (by the sword), or made into slaves. This is the peace that islam offers and is actively pursuing around the world.

    People need to read the quran to know that this is the true. According to the quran, it is acceptable, even promoted that muslims should lie to non-muslims in order to promote the spread of islam and sharia law.

    Look up “female circumcism” and ask yourself, what kind of religion would purposely destroy what God has created perfectly within the form of a human being?

  • Les

    You’re right on Dan. The Maronites are traitors of Lebanon as far I am concerned. They have blood on their hands. If they think they’re actually white and better than everyone else, they should move to Europe already.

  • Dan

    A lot of Maronite Catholics are like her. Many of them love Israel and adopt BS Crusader imagery in order to justify their pitiful existence. They claim to be staunch Christians in a sea of Islam yet they take pride in being promiscuous hypocrites and gloating about the Sabra and Shatila massacres. Not only that, they seem to have a thing for European fascist movements such as the Phalange/Kataeb and the LebaneseForces. Check out their forum to see what crap they spew on a regular basis.

    If it were up to me, I’d send off all the Maronites to France so they can live their delusional lifestyle and leave Lebanon to the rest of Christians who consider themselves Lebanese first. You don’t see this behaviour with Melkites, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, or Syriacs in Lebanon; just the Maronites.

  • Jack

    @Funny how; Brigitte Gabriel isn’t an ex-muslim or anything like that. She was raised in a Maronite Christian family. Lebanon has a significant population of Christians. During the Lebanon civil war (1975-1990), Christian militia’s, Palestinian nationalist militia’s, Shi’a militia’s, Sunni militia’s, Druze militia’s, Communist militia’s, Baathist militia’s and let’s not forget the Israeli army were all at each other’s throats.

    By the way, be sure to check out the gross errors and exaggerations that have been pointed out in her story about what her family went through during the early years.

    “Critics of Gabriel state that her biographical account is riddled with factual inaccuracies. While she claims that she lived for seven years in a bomb shelter, her former neighbours in Marjayoun say that her family, like that of others in the village, may have spent a few nights in their shelter or basement at times, but that they otherwise lived relatively normally.

    Gabriel also used to tell audiences that Hizbullah was the group that terrorised her family for the seven years between 1975 and 1982. She stopped making this claim after people objected, pointing out that Hizbullah was formed after she left Lebanon, as a direct result of the Israeli invasion and occupation of 1982.”

    The second blunder is especially damning. Not only does it show Gabriel doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about, but also that she’s perfectly willing to make things up just to suit her political agenda.

  • Funny how…

    It’s funny how all the so called “ex-Muslims” love Israel SO MUCH. They literally gush all about it. Wafa stalin even went as far as to lie about a so called raid in her house by Israeli soldiers and how quiet and humble they were. Now I have nothing against Israel. It’s a beautiful country and the Jews are Ahl al-Kitab (people of the book). But these “ex-Muslims” think that it might piss us off by galvanizing the word Israel every second. Just like KnowingTheTruth said, she loves Zionism more than her own country. These “ex-Muslims” are nothing but sell-outs for money. It’s sad as hell to see people fall for them.

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  • JustAFan

    It’s unfortunate that individuals lacking intelligence can be elected to such high offices. Perhaps she is taking these actions to win over the extreme right in her party. Perhaps she is doing it for the money. Only time will tell. Hopefully a brave person from her office will share the true reasons behind these actions.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    I’m Lebanese myself and this women is such a self-hating Lebanese. And I know that most Lebanese Christians are kind people in fact some of my family members are Lebanese as well and they find her disgausting and the fact that she is a Pro-Zionist, and loves Zionism more then her own Country. Shame on her.

  • Jack

    Myrick’s support for Brigitte Gabriel doesn’t stand in itself (check out ‘related’ in the sidebar).

    She wrote the foreword to a book called ‘Muslim Mafia’. According to Wikipedia:

    “The book is based on a six-month undercover investigation of the Washington-based CAIR by Chris Gaubatz—son of co-author Paul David Gaubatz—who posed as a convert to Islam. The book uses documents Chris Gaubatz obtained as a CAIR intern to support the book’s assertions that CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, and that CAIR supports international jihad against the U.S.”

    Following the book she wrote the foreword to, Myrick demanded an investigation to ferret out alleged muslim spies posing as interns:

    “Myrick has had a tense relationship with her district’s Muslim community for many years, but it’s been aggravated recently by her campaign to investigate undercover Muslim intern “spies” on Capitol Hill.

    That effort arose from purported revelations in Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America, written by Paul Sperry and David Gaubatz, with a foreword by Myrick.”

  • Swaleh

    Evil people are of mutual bargain.

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