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Keith Olbermann: Steven Emerson: “The Worst Person in the World”

O’Reilly was the runner up for his “Muslim problem” theme, but Emerson took the cake by being a sleazy scoundrel laundering non-for profit money to his for-profit outfit. Counter terrorism sure makes you a pretty penny.

Keith Olbermann: Steven Emerson “The Worst Person in the World”

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  • NassirH

    Dude. JB doesn’t have the gonads to condemn a fellow right-wing nut. He’ll just stick to what’s acceptable amongst his ilk–claiming Muslims are trying to take over America, are Islamo-fascists, stealth jihadists, etc, etc…

  • Khushboo

    Come on Bob, tell us what you think of Emerson? Tip: It’s okay to be honest.

  • mindy1

    He gets away with it, because people tend to listen to authority, real or not.

  • NassirH

    I guess JB has no problem with stirring up hatred and fear for profit.

    Says a lot.

  • Anj

    It’s amazing how this guy gets away with it!
    Who says he is a terrorism expert?, then he gets paid to peddle his lies and hate.

  • One of the points I was making Justin and Sir David, I was waiting for him to speak up and offer some condemnation of this mans vile actions but alas I was obviously expecting to much… I should have known, someone who thinks that name calling is worse than hate for profit obviously has some questionable morals. Nor does he have an issue with Spenser or Geller partaking in name calling, name calling that is far worse than the stuff done by Olbermann. I think that just about sums you up Bob, don’t bother debating any more, you have nothing to stand on when you’re as hypocritical as that. Remove the rod and all that stuff, heck you claim to be Christian so you’re not even following your own faith!

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    How can he have a problemwhen he does the same thing ?

  • Justin

    Notice how JihadBob doesn’t have a problem with Emerson’s fear-mongering for profit scheme.

  • Sulayman F

    O’Reilly is a fool yet again. Do I describe the problem with Israeli settlements as a Jew problem? Do I describe the AIPAC lobbying as a Jew problem?

  • Awesome

    Bob not being stupid?

    Is that even possible?

    Stupidity is like the one element that ties his hypocrisy and hate together and allows them to exist. He’d destroy his whole theme if he weren’t being stupid.


    “subject matter” – “Steve Emerson”

  • Don’t be stupid Bob.

  • JihadBob

    Are you referring to Keefe Olbermann when you mention someone who makes loads of cash through hate and distasteful means?

  • And that shows what exactly Bob? Spenser and co partake in name calling all the time, worse than his stuff, you don’t make an issue of it then… Besides, which is worse? Being a guy who makes loads of money out of hate through distasteful means or some kiddy name calling?

  • JihadBob
  • schmorgus

    Emerson is a corrupt-deceiving-hateful-anti-Muslim-anti-freedom Israeli Zionist extremist shill for hatred.

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