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Poll: GOP Really Dislikes Muslims

Poll: GOP really dislikes Muslims

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Anyone wondering why Rep. Michele Bachmann would launch a witch hunt against Muslims or why the Republican Party would add a plank to its platform opposing Shariah law need look no further than a new poll conducted by the Arab American Institute.

The poll, released today, asked Americans for their views on various religious groups, as well as on Arabs and Arab-Americans. It also asked respondents how confident they would be that a Muslim or Arab-American holding a position of influence in government could do their job without letting “ethnic loyalty … influence their decision-making.”

The results are split sharply along partisan lines. Overall, Republican voters hold strongly negative views of Muslims, with 57 percent saying they view them unfavorably and just 26 saying they view them favorably — more than double. The numbers are similar for Arabs, whom Republican respondents view negatively by a slightly smaller margin of 26 percent, 53 to 27 percent. When asked about “Muslim Americans” and “Arab Americans,” the numbers improved slightly, with a 12 and 15 percent net unfavorable rating, respectively.

By contrast, Democrats held favorable views of these groups by margins of at least 20-35 percent in all four cases. The view of Muslims and Arabs among Democrats was still less positive than other religious groups included in the survey, however, underscoring a resilient problem of post-9/11 America. Still, Democrats gave no group a net negative rating, while Republicans gave negative ratings to Muslims, Arabs, Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans.

Of the 13 religious or ethnic groups included in the survey, only Sikhs had anywhere close to the negative ratings of Muslims and Arabs. Among all respondents, the religious group is viewed favorably 45-24, but Republicans are split 36-35, with almost a third unfamiliar. All other religious groups had strongly favorable views by margins of up to 60 percent in the cases of Presbyterians and Jews.

On the question of Muslims and Arabs in the government, the results were similar. While about twice as many Democrats said they were confident a Muslim-American could do his or her job and that ethnic loyalty would not interfere, the results were flipped among Republicans. A slim majority of 51 percent said ethnic loyalty would trump job responsibility, while 25 percent said they were confident Muslim-Americans in government could do their jobs.

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  • Michael Elwood

    Speaking Arabs, Muslims, and Republicans, Walid Shoebat wrote alarmingly about a meeting between Joe Walsh and Muslims:

    The meeting was arranged by Moin Khan, a Muslim Republican who said, “No matter how much he accused us, we are going to be very tolerant, and we would like to just show him our identity, our culture and how truly American we are.”

    I think Margaret Thatcher put it best when she said, “if you have to say you are, you aren’t.” There’s nothing “tolerant” about the “values” many Republicans espouse (including the “Muslim” ones). Just recently, Romney’s friend John Sununu questioned Obama’s Americaness because he was supposedly born outside America:

    The irony is that Sununu was born in Cuba to an Arab father! Does that mean he’s not an American? Also, I wonder what Sununu and Shoebat make of the above poll which says that 53% of Republicans have a negative view of Arabs?

    Anyway, Shoebat’s fears were unfounded. Joe Walsh didn’t apologize for his comments:

  • DrM

    stevie blunder said :

    “Drm, you do amuse me. Your hatred of atheists is funny”

    Don’t be too pleased with yourself, stevie. I don’t hate atheists, just the Dawkins variety geeks and nasty trolls like you. Any reason why anyone should be nice to you given your support for the EDL?

  • Awesome

    The GOP doesn’t have a positive opinion of anyone who doesn’t have the same backward values that they have, so this should come as no surprise. Or did anyone think that it was a coincidence that all of the Islamophobes just so happen to be supportive of the GOP with a hatred for liberals?

  • Nilufer R Sage

    Not that it matters… but Atheists tend to be Muslims greatest ally… and worst enemy depending on which side of Atheism they stand on…

  • Steve

    Drm, you do amuse me. Your hatred of atheists is funny

  • DrM

    stevie blunder said :

    “Shame they didn’t ask about atheists, that would have been interesting.”

    Why, feeling sorry for yourself, EDL wannabe?

  • DrM

    Big surprise. Both the GOP and Dems are bigoted, crooked and useless scum. We should steer clear of them.

  • Steve

    Shame they didn’t ask about atheists, that would have been interesting.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Not surprising at all. I know Khalid raised some good points, but I’m going to state my own thoughts here. First of all, much of the hatred for Islam is exacerbated by the fact that it is still politically correct to voice such sentiments. Remember, Islamophobia encompasses a variety of bigotry not only against Islam and Muslims as people, but also against Arabs, South Asians and pretty much anyone whose ethnicity can be traced back to some country between Morocco and Bangladesh, regardless of whether they are Muslim or not. The fact that Sikhs seem to be conflated with this, even in light of the shooting in Wisconsin, is troubling. We’ve even had stories of Greeks, Latinos and God only knows who else, being assaulted by Islamophobes.

    The fact is, in the current political climate, it is acceptable to voice such prejudices, and that is far, far more worrying. Indeed, I’m not entirely sure how many politicians actually BELIEVE their crap, but it certainly helps people like Bachmann, King, West, Tancredo, Giuliani and the others score political points. And, as I’ve said many times, Frank Gaffney and the other Islamophobic elite have deep pockets, which other parasitic opportunists no doubt wish to leech off of. This is in part due to a failure within our own community. Blacks and Latinos are both minorities and they have won a considerable amount of influence by banding together and fighting for it. Regardless of whether racism still exists, people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and others are able to mobilize resources against any politician who is perceived as being anti-black. Hell, there’s a Congressional Black Caucus for crying out loud.

    While we are not as bad as our Brothers and Sisters in Europe, we still need to make our voices, our concerns and our interests heard in American politics. We cannot simply take the attitude that this will all go away and we shouldn’t rock the boat. We cannot allow ourselves to be victims. Especially in light of the violence that we have seen. The Sikh temple shooter, who all but disappeared from headlines after it was revealed he was a white supremacist, set off a wave of attacks on mosques across the country. I have no doubt in my mind that these attacks were inspired by anti-Muslim rhetoric that politicians spew, and if that’s the sort of persecution we must endure during Ramazan, then I dread what will happen as the anniversary of September 11th looms closer to the horizon.

    Our situation is somewhat like that of the Jews. Certainly they have some advantages being seen as a sort of predecessor to Christianity, and likely because they do not seek converts. However, in the 19th and early 20th centuries there was hostility towards Jews even here in America. There was also hostility towards Catholics, and immigrants in general. I think we can learn much from how these groups mainstreamed, but I also think we need to find our own path. Islam is different from Christianity and Judaism. Despite what we may share in common, Islam is distinct from religion as it has come to be practiced in Western Europe and North America. This cultural baggage, which I believe in continuing for the record, is something that the dominant forms of Christianity and Judaism in this country did not have (though certainly OTHER Christian Churches, such as the Copts, Assyrians, Greeks, Russians, Ethiopians and the like do).

    As I’ve said before, much of the Islamophobia industry is based off the assumption that the masses will remain ignorant of Islam. Robert Spencer, who has no academic credentials whatsoever, very deliberately manipulates what he tells his followers. As more and more Americans get to know Muslims, or even wind up with Muslims in their family tree, many of the more vile myths will die out. Same thing goes for the rise of prominent Muslim celebrities. However, we are not evenly distributed in the country yet. Hell… we’re only like 1% of the total population. It will take time before the Islamophobic hatred dies down. I have no doubt that that it WILL collapse, just as the anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic and anti-black ‘experts’ have since fallen to the fringe. The people who support Geller and Spencer will one day deny to their grandchildren that they ever supported such crap.

    The main problem is that I don’t see it happening soon enough!

    The other thing is American foreign policy, which anyone with half a brain can see is a mess. For Euro-Americans, it is much easier to justify a war in a distant country in the Middle East or Asia because. Euro-Americans don’t see it as part of their heritage. They might care about people there in the abstract, but they aren’t quite so keen as to their suffering. Many of us Muslims still have family overseas, and we still feel their pain quite keenly. And yes, sometimes we wind up being connected to partisan causes. Kurdistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Western Sahara, Syria, Iran, Libya, Azaouad… But its no different than the equally misguided support Euro-Americans (including Peter King) gave for the IRA. But then, that’s an issue that needs to be resolved elsewhere.

  • Géji

    @Khalid Shah says: “… [as] much as many of us hate to admit; a significant number of Muslims do continue to vote Republican because they cannot accept the Democratic Party’s stand on Homosexuality and Abortion.”

    No surprise there that most Muslims in today’s world would ‘vote’ Republican. They have things wrong, or rather they seem to have things up side down. And I don’t think this began a decade or even decades ago, but try few centuries ago. Since few centuries now, the whole global Muslim community are lacking strong leaderships. That’s why most of Islam’s today seem unrecognizable beyond comprehension, stripped away from its most strongest asset – justice, that made the religion very appealing to people since the very beginning. Therefore that’s where lies most of the confusion eating-up most Muslims of today’s world, because Islam’s priorities have been so messed-up by few self-declared “leaders” with loud intolerant voices. This is what I believe had happened, ignorant masses calling themselves “Muslims” without even ever comprehending why they are Muslims in the first place, thus without giving the slightest effort to study even a bit what they’re supposed to believe in, and so became vulnerable and easy to manipulation by the few strong, wacko-head “religious leaders” that claims (supposedly) had “studied” the religion, and as such thus “knows” what they are saying concerning when dealing with the ignorant masses, and where their interpretations cannot be contradicted (because remember they’ve “studied” and you did not!).

    So how come an ordinary “Muslim” with no knowledge about Islam (other than what his/her religious “leader” told him/her) will vote for a party (republican) that advocates carpet bombing of entire countries and with it innocent human beings? it’s because their religious “leaders” told them to think and believe that two men having consentual sex somewhere is far WORSE of a “crime” than the criminal injustices of carpet bombing innocent beings, and no one dare to ask them but how?

    And by the way, not that the so-called “Democratic” party is any better when it come to supporting the many criminal activities inflicted on human beings abroad by the USA, but at least they seem more tactful and diplomatic about it. The other party seem to be populated by bunch hatemongering, warmongering criminals that are loud and proud of their naked quest for blood.

  • Michael Elwood

    Republicans don’t like Islam and Muslims??? Wait, here’s my shocked face:

  • Lexus

    And to think most muslims voted for these idiots pre-bush… those days are gone for good… My kids wont vote for these clowns, nor will my grandkids, and so on…..

  • Khalid Shah

    One hopes for better analysis that Republican bad, Democrats good. Firstly it is not quite as simple as that, life never is. Secondly it doesn’t suggest how to turn things around and thirdly, much as many of us hate to admit; a significant number of Muslims do continue to vote Republican because they cannot accept the Democratic Party’s stand on Homosexuality and Abortion.

    We know from the national county based map that Rural areas are overwhelmingly Republican and urban counties are mostly democratic. And rural areas have lower levels of education and are conservative in being less trustfull of those they do not know. But other group’s, most notably the Jews, have been able to overcome these built-in obstacles. Clearly a number of Republican politicians take advantage of these biases by fanning them as a means of personal political gain but the stark weakness of Muslims compared to any other demographic group also says something about the lack of Muslim visibility in society. Perhaps it is changing with the younger Muslims but by and large the immigrant Muslims (still a majority of all Muslims in US) are quite content to be passive in social and political issues. It is this Muslim apathy that is as much a cause of these weak numbers as anything else and doing something increase Muslim participation in social and political issues will go a long way to bringing up the very negative present ratings for Muslims in polls of Republicans.

  • mindy1

    Shocker/sarcasm What is wrong with some people :roll:

  • NurAlia

    The American Republican Party, along with people like the EDL, the loons, bigots, warmongers and haters fear change, and it is manifest in hate.

  • BuddhaShrink

    Regarding these poll results: Let me show you my surprised face.

    And, in my opinion, the GOP dislikes women, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Native Americans as well as Muslims. Not a very inclusive, accepting or welcoming bunch. Too bad for them.

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