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The Sikh Temple Carnage, White Supremacy and Islamophobia

Sikhs pray at the funeral for those killed by White Supremacist terrorist, Wade Michael Page.

by Garibaldi

Friday, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin six Sikh Americans, five men and one woman, victims of a terrorist attack were laid to rest “surrounded by men and women singing traditional Punjabi hymns.” They were killed in their house of worship, the Gurdwara, where they had gathered for prayer and celebration. The six fallen are as follows: Sita Singh, 41; Ranjit Singh, 49; Prakash Singh, 39; Paramjit Kaur, 41; Suveg Singh, 84; and the temple’s president, Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65.

When news of the terrorist attack on the Sikh Temple was breaking I unreservedly reported it on Loonwatch, it had all the hallmarks of an attack rooted in hate and Islamophobia. Considering the underreported increase in hate crimes and bias attacks against Sikhs, many of which are motivated by attackers’ “misplaced Islamophobia,” I highlighted that,

At the moment we do not know who the shooter was, or his motivation, but in light of the rise in bias attacks and incidents against Sikhs, who are often mistaken for Muslims, this story may be related to violent anti-Muslim Islamophobia and general xenophobia.

Immediately, Islamophobic critics, most of whom are keen on downplaying the effects of racism and bigotry took offense, claiming we were trying to score “points.” This is nothing more than their own projection, as any crime, real or perceived, possibly committed by a Muslim would forthrightly be blamed by them on “Islam.” As Wajahat Ali points out, questions about whether Wade Michael Page actually mistook Sikhs for Muslims are “irrelevant.”

We have yet to determine if Page mistook Sikhs for Muslims, but such questions are irrelevant. In today’s Islamophobic atmosphere, there has been increased marginalization of all AMEMSA (Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian) communities. In particular, Sikh Americans have faced the brunt of post 9/11 hate crimes and backlash, with Sikh men often being mistaken for Muslims. The first, post 9/11 hate crime murder was of Balbir Singh Sodhi, a Sikh gas station owner in Arizona, whom the murderer chose because he was“dark-skinned, bearded and wore a turban.”

What has largely been missing from this discussion however is the relationship between White Supremacists and Islamophobia; there is a nexus that links the two. White supremacy is not new to the Islamophobia Movement. White Supremacist groups and ideologues on both sides of the Atlantic have latched onto the rhetoric of Islamophobic anti-Muslim hate, which they find to be an altogether more easier, accommodating and acceptable vehicle of bigotry to express their agendas and policies. This approach was summed up by Nick Griffin of the BNP (heirs of the White Supremacist National Front), his quite public attempt to break with the BNP’s anti-Semitic past was revealed for the fraud that every one suspected it was. At a conference in the USA, Griffin spoke about the BNP’s strategy and true attitude towards Jews,

“The proper enemy to any political movement isn’t necessarily the most evil and the worst. The proper enemy is the one we can most easily defeat.”

The enemy he talks about most “easily” defeating are Muslims.

Like the BNP, the Islamophobes in the EDL are following a similar course, showing faux respect and solidarity with other groups while bashing Muslims and Islam. Frequently, one will see Israeli flags at EDL protests, a cover that ironically masks a number of Neo-Nazis and sieg heil saluters at the core of the EDL grassroots. In Germany, a story layered with Islamophobia from the lowest to the highest levels exposed a severe security blunder on the part of authorities; for over ten years a cell of Neo-Nazis targeted and murdered German Muslims of Turkish and North African descent. Throughout Europe, Muslim places of worship, community centers and graves have been desecrated with swastikas. Geert Wilders (PVV), Marine Le Pen (FN), Vlaams Belang, Italy’s Northern League, Greece’s Golden Dawn are just some of the supremacists whose rhetoric echoes closely their more open and unabashed White Supremacist and fascist predecessors.

In the United States one must recall the godfather of Islamophobia, Daniel Pipes who bemoaned ‘brown-skinned Muslim people’s exotic customs,’

“Western societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene…All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most.”

Pipes’ Jewishness in this regard did not impede him from hurling such racist sentiments akin to what we expect to hear from the Grand Wizard of the KKK. The revelation here is that while some White Supremacists are eager to mask their old prejudices for more convenient “new” ones, there are some individuals from minority backgrounds who are all too eager to reciprocate. This is likely why you saw a Jewish Defense League division of the EDL, and Rabbi Nachum Shifren taking up the rhetoric of White Supremacism,

… I AM an Islamophobe, and everything we need to know about Islam, we learned on 9-11! I believe in peace and justice for everybody – but that’s not why they’re here…. We’re getting sucker-punched because we as white – yes I said it! – as white, Christian Americans are being taught that somehow WE are to blame for all the problems.

White Supremacism’s nexus with Islamophobia is even more vividly on display when we encounter the curious case of White Supremacist, David Yerushalmi. Yerushalmi, one will note, is the chief architect behind the anti-Sharia legislation drive that has swept dozens of US states over the past several years. Yerushalmi’s oxymoronic identities of Orthodox Jew and White Supremacist reminds one of the case of young Israeli-Russian Jews who turned Neo-Nazi, and afterword went on an anti-Semitic binge in Tel Aviv.

Yerushalmi is a co-founder of the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE); an organization that seeks to criminalize the practice of Islam. Islamophobe David Gaubatz‘s Mapping Shariah Project was conducted under the aegis of SANE, it’s main claim that over 80% of mosques in the USA are hotbeds of radicalism and terror is a viral talking-point with the Islamophobia Movement. This fake claim about US mosques has been reproduced by such prominent bigots as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Frank Gaffney and has even found its way into the mouths of numerous politicians, including Rep. Peter King, the McCarthyist chair of the current witch-hunt hearings on American Muslims. The number of “80%” has also been used to delegitimize and impede the construction of mosques. It was a frequent trope that was pulled out by anti-Mosque activists during the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy.

We know that bigots have, since 9/11, wedded the rhetoric of Islamophobia and White Supremacism. The Twin Towers, a building that was targeted by terrorists, has been transformed by the cynical in the Islamophobia-White Supremacist nexus into a symbol to be manipulated and exploited for their own agendas. Was it a coincidence that the terrorist Wade Michael Page had a 9/11 tattoo?

Maybe not.

9/11 and The Twin Towers have unfortunately become part of the iconography of hate amongst the Islamophobia Movement. The Twin Towers are all over the Islamophobes’ websites and blogs and even in their emblems, for instance, take Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller’s SIOA image:

Long before the SPLC labeled SIOA a hate group, Loonwatch did. Loonwatch exposed not only how Islamophobic the SIOA is but how its membership is filled with racists, many who espouse White Supremacist views, with frequent talk of “ragheads” and “sandniggers” on their official Facebook membership page.

In a clear example of the union of Islamophobic and White Supremacist iconography take Douglas Story, a White Supremacist who adorned his pickup truck with the Confederate flag; the Neo-Nazi code numbers of 14 and 88 on his license plate; as well as an image of the collapsing Twin Tower’s with the words, “Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Islam, I Learned on 9/11.”

Douglas Story was later arrested by the FBI for purchasing an AK-47 from an undercover agent. Robert Spencer defended Douglas Story and has never issued a retraction or an apology for his defense of Story.

I have only scratched the surface when it comes to the nexus between White Supremacism and Islamophobia in this article. There is much more to discuss. While Islamophobia is a multi-varied phenomenon, White Supremacism is a virulent and pungent trend within the ranks of the Islamophobia Movement. A further, more detailed article discussing all of the various Islamophobic-White Supremacist hate organizations, web sites, blogs, and political parties is necessary for a full treatment of this dangerous racism.

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  • Jim


    Back to your conspiracy straw man huh?

    Your funny dances have been amusing clown.

  • Chameleon

    Ahh, FINALLY – some relevant facts. Congratulations, Jim, you have finally saved yourself from complete humiliation by coming up with a few musings of “support” regarding the EFFECTS of potential terrorist action by “Muslims” against Jews. Ironically, the exact same “support” from white supremacists would be expressed for black supremacists taking action against Jews. So does this mean there would be, could be, might be a “link” between the two groups? Of course not. Also, as demonstrated by your literally days of effort to finally come up with a few meager sentiments to support your argument among thousands of much stronger sentiments to the contrary, you are still your own best argument against your own claim. To be honest, even I was shocked and never expected that such an epic fail would be possible on this issue such that not a single quote could be found. I just refuse to back down from anyone continuing to make a claim that they refuse to support with relevant facts, and I will do so again and again and again in the future. Next time, please drive your claims with facts rather than wasting everyone’s time demanding that others provide them for you. You make the claim. You supply your own facts.

    That said, thank you very much for also conceding your actual claim. You now admit the following: “You are 100% right that this is a minority subcurrent amongst these people”. To say that is now just a “minority subcurrent” completely contradicts your actual claim, particularly with respect to “widespread” and your implication of conspiratorial intent, which you have failed to prove. And even this “minority subcurrent” I would still dispute without more facts, since you used the present tense to describe what is happening NOW. Most of those sentiments were just kicked up musings of dust after that same debunked 2005 blustering by that white supremacist reject. If anything, they merely demonstrate more strongly that an alliance with “Islamic supremacist” ideology is NOT possible and is NOT happening, since it was apparently already tested – and failed miserably – according to your own evidence. What you also fail to acknowledge is how any such musings are totally trashed by the veteran Stormfront crowd as untenable to the ideology of white supremacism/nationalism, as I have repeatedly pointed out (and Garibaldi too above). Moreover, you have failed to show where there is any ideological “common ground” whatsoever between the CAUSE of white supremacists and the CAUSE of “Islamic supremacists”, which are diametrically opposed. Finally, you have failed to show any evidence of actual conspiratorial intent, which is the only point that I am really concerned with, since to imply that it exists, as you did, is nothing more than the same Islamophobia peddled by JiwadWatch, as this quote shows: “white supremacist neo-Nazis generally consider Islamic supremacists to be their allies” (per Robert Spencer in a very recent JihadWatch article). There is ZERO evidence of any such link or alliance between these two groups. End of story.

  • Jim

    You are 100% right that this is a minority subcurrent amongst these people. I simply said we should be more accurate with the labelling since one is not always the other.

    @Chameleon pathetically then proceeded to write a 60000 word novel denying such a subcurrent existed. I proved it did, not that that it was straight orthodoxy.


    This part is certainly up for debate, but here in Europe words like facist and Nazi get thrown around so much they have practically become meaningless.

    Criticisims become shrill inaccurate name calling and the public here anyway is increasingly saavy to nuance and exagerrations on the part of the media in this area.

    I’m simply saying a more accurate use of calling Islamophobes what they are and white supremicists what they are and Nazis what they are leads to criticisms being taken more seriously and becoming more effective. Bigot is the only term that I can think of with universal appeal. Otherwise we should try to be accurate and not oversimplify like those guys do.

  • @Jim

    I also came across at least one anti Muslim bigot, on the internet who regarded Islam pure evil, and he was a of eugenics.

    Do you know what eugenics is?

    Rational Wiki on Eugenics

    The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

    The guy also claimed to be a former Muslim and a former Islamic scholar, something I sincerely doubt.

    But anyway, I can across at least one “counter Jihadist” who shared at least one of his fundamental beliefs with the Nazis.

    Now I don’t know if this is the same guy that I remember, but I think he is. He’s not exactly pro Islam, and he clearly believes in anti Muslim conspiracy theories like the Stealth Jihad. Check out the videos in two of his playlists and tell me you don’t think he’s a racist.

    Now unless this guys’ a fake, we have at least one Islamophobe, who is also racist, even if he denies it, and clearly a white supremacist, who hates Islam and Muslims.

    In addition I saw multiple anti Muslim / Islamopobics comments on this Stormfront page you linked too, hoping to show what, that White Supremacists want to ally with Muslims?

    Such as these,

    “Muslims are just as dangerous as Jews.

    Look what they are doing to Europe, replacing old European cultures with Islamic stuff and turning neigborhoods into no-go zones.”

    Panzer VI
    “I would never be an ally with Muslims.They are tearing apart our homeland of Europe.They rank pretty high on the list of enemies.Our forefathers have been fighting the muslim hordes for centuries.”

    magilla gorilla
    “Islam is a religion centered on conquest. Yes, I’m sure they would absolutely love “allying” themselves with us. But, I’m more sure that after whatever hypothetical joint victory we might gain, would quickly turn into a continuance of the mohamedan invasions and their subsequent rapes, murders, and other crimes forced upon the White population by these animals.

    Selling our souls simply on the presumption that these people “hate Jews” enough to NOT see us as ‘infidels’ and be buddy-buddy with us is ridiculous and dangerous. There’s no better way to incur FBI, CIA, etc. infiltration/exploitation than to “ally” ourselves with jackasses like al-Qaeda.”

    Do these three not sound like they would like to kill, or at least expel all Muslims from the “White nations?” I’m certain there are many more, but obviously you ignored those didn’t you? That’s actually some pretty compelling evidence that a lot of white supremacists are not only against Muslims because they tend not to be white, but because they’re Muslims.

    Also, why don’t you do yourself a favor and look at some of the people that Spencer and Geller and many other in the “counter jihad” have been known to support such as the British National party.

    Your denial won’t make this go away.

  • Jim

    Well since the existence of supporters was my claim, not terrorist conspiracies, thanks for conceding.

    And I guess these hardcore Stormfronters are just rocking some white “taquiyya” to deceive you I guess?… Like the SPLC, Jack Cope and David Duke.

    Or maybe they’re talking about guys like these:

    “While most see in Islam a group of so called “terrorists” I see them as a potential ally to the white race, one that can help in removing world Jewry from positions of power. We all know how Muslims feel about Jewry and this is precisely the reason why they would make a good ally, they are not fooled by the media’s interpretation of the world.”

    “To the degree both parties want autonomy and have a common enemy which is responsible for about 80% of the friction between them, there is no reason why the two groups cannot work towards the common goal of independence from Zionism and each other.”

    “ten million Arab/Muslims could be used to root out the Jews. It would be a little like importing foxes to Austrailia to get rid of the plague of rabbits.”

    “An allegiance must serve one purpose and one purpose only, to further the aims of the white race. If pretending to get along with another race that also has a common enemy serves a purpose I see no reason why it shouldn’t take place. Once the aims of the allegiance have been reached the allegiance stops and they in turn become our enemy again.
    It would be nothing more than using them to serve our purpose and fulfill our aims.I see it as an option for one reason, there are so many of them in our countries already and they could theoretically be put to good use if we use our brains.”

    ” The Jews have committed genocide and war crimes against them. Their lands have been taken from them. They have suffered utter humiliation at the hands of the Jews for the past 60 years. In my humble opinion, the US is utterly on the wrong side of this fight. Think about all the cheap oil and riches to be reaped if we where to actually be allies with these people.”

    “The fact is, an alliance between Nationalists and Muslims would be beneficial to us and cause no harm to the white race what so ever.”

    “Well I’m not about to hug a Muslim and give him a big sloppy kiss. But if they seek to ally themselves with Whites then sure why not. I see no reason to turn down potential allies.”

    “They are actively resisting Zion. They are killing Jews. What have you done today? Don’t oppose them unless you are doing more.”

    “Hey people, give your heads a shake will you. Anyone the zionists want to attack is not our enemy. The enemy of the zionist is our friend. Ahmadinejad is an honorable man who isn´t afraid to stand his ground against the zionist bullies, and as such, has my support.”

    “I’m and American but I support Iran’s nuclear quest. In fact I think Iran should be given advanced nuclear weaponry. They already have a delivery system which can hit Israel so all they really need are some of those really cool advanced Russian supersonic cruise missiles and a license to manufacture them in Iran. Then let the fun begin.”


    Your sad desperate denials won’t make it go away.

    Sad clown is sad.

  • Chameleon


    I am still waiting for you to support your claim with multiple quotes of support. But the humiliating reality is that you still can’t provide even ONE quote. Sorry, someone hinting that such quotes might exist does not qualify. What I did find interesting was the very next poster replying on the same page as your “hinting” quote, admitting that he is probably one of those being referred to (who “support Islamic Supremacists …just because these same muslims are opposed to the state of Israel”, but he defines this as being “all about priority” in terms of who the more immediate enemy is, not even remotely in a sense of truly supporting another supremacist cause or advocating some sort of absurd collaboration as part of a “final solution”. In fact, he denounces all terrorist methodologies employed by the “Islamic Supremacists” and says “we do things according to the law.” In short, there is ZERO room for ideological “common ground” here, even among these so-called “supporters”:

    “I’m probably one of those WNs you’re speaking of, so I’ll discuss my thinking on the subject. First, let me make it clear that I view jews, Arab immigrants in White nations, and islamic terrorists as enemies to the White race. However, with multiple enemies, the victim must prioritize the most threatening enemy down to the mere annoying. Obviously, I consider muslim extremists and zionists as extremely threatening. However, muslim extremists, I believe, have much in common with White Nationalism, — that is, they want their countries to be all Arab, free of immigration and jewish influence. What differentiates them from White Nationalists is we do things according to the law and don’t terrorize the world. If the Western world stopped supporting zionism, muslim extremists will stop terrorizing our nations, but that’s open up to debate because Islam is intolerant, or so the media says, of other religions and want to force their religion on everyone. I’m not sure on that issue and I would love to hear peoples’ opinions on it. However, the jew opens our borders to immigration making White nations vulnerable. If we were free of jewish influence on our gvernment, we would be safe from non-Whites on multiple levels. If we succeed in ridding White nations of zionist jews and non-White jews, we can focus our attention on cleaning our nations of the dirty arabs and other non-White races. It’s all about priority.”

    Crash and burn yet again. I am starting to get bored with this repetition now.

  • Jim

    Right, because apparantly the sentiment has been expressed SO WIDELY on SF that the islamophobic guys get pissed about it:

    “I have a hard time figuring out some of my fellow WNs around here. They will support Islamic Supremacists that are responsible for murdering Whites in the thousands just because these same muslims are opposed to the state of Israel.”

    “This entire post should be required daily reading here till a few more WNs get the message. Apparently the idea of killing Israelis is so delicious to some, they don’t mind if White people are slaughtered by the thousands.”

    “Do you believe that an org that cheers on Islamic terrorists is a net benefit to whites? (This isn’t the majority, but a fair amount on here do).”

    Sad, sad clown. Dance some more.

  • Chameleon


    Wrong again. You are arguing with ghosts in your head now.

    I referred to the “innocuous principles he [David Duke] advocated in that video”. If you believe that anything he said in that video was threatening, then I clearly must have missed that part. I never claimed David Duke was inherently innocuous. I only claimed he would be if he stuck to his syrupy-sweet form of separatism (per that video) and didn’t impose his hate on others. However, as I said in my last note to Garibaldi, it is all too easy for white separatism (or prejudice of any kind) to morph into white supremacism (or racial/religious suppression of any kind) with the right push of propaganda behind it – like yours – to scare everyone into acting on their hate for a contrived threat.

    Also, I never claimed that you said “this is the majority opinion over there [at Stormfront].” Since you are clearly very thick in the head, here is your claim, YET AGAIN, that I totally debunked:

    “[S]entiments [are] expressed widely on Stormfront” seeking “common ground” with Muslims by white supremacists as part of a “final solution” (i.e., collaborative violent aggression and terrorism against Jews or whomever to destroy them).”

    Is it Groundhog Day again, Jim? I am sure it is beginning to feel that way for you by now.

  • Jim

    Right, because I’ve been saying this is the majority opinion over there?

    That your NEW straw man?

    Almost as funny as you calling David Duke, neo-Nazi and KKK grand wizard “innocuous”.

    Keep squirming, clown.

  • Chameleon


    And it took me all of ten seconds to pull up the quote that I have been waiting to pull up for a long time based on the prediction that you would do exactly what you just did: quote from the “Opposing Views” forum, which is the only place “guests” and newbie members not yet indoctrinated are allowed to post. You have completely failed to realize how much groupthink is going on in these white supremacist movements to discipline and isolate all deviations from the party line, which is the ultimate source of all your continued embarrassment in trying to prove me wrong. It seems like you missed this little Stormfront policy on posting:

    “If you’re here to argue with us, confine your posts to the “Opposing Views” forum if you don’t want them deleted”.

    In other words, you are bringing up a view that is, by definition, opposed to the views of Stormfront! Your humiliation continues, Jim. Moreover, even in your quote (from a newbie poster named Nick who believes, by the way that the U.S. government was responsible for 9/11, not the Arabs), it merely mentions “European-Arab” alliance, not Islam-White Nationalist/Supremacist alliance, since the latter would be too offensive to other posters. However, even that indirect wording was not enough to avoid significant reprisals, since he still got thoroughly trashed by the veteran Stormfront crowd. Here are some nice tidbits, starting with the immediately following post, which was fully endorsed by the very next poster too (note that each paragraph below is a different poster):

    “They will still be our enemies regardless of whether they know the truth regarding the Jewish question or not. They’re not White. I know that our problems in the Middle East are due to our support of Israel. We shouldn’t be over there period. We are though, and everytime a White soldier gets killed or injured by Muslims, my blood boils. Just because one of my enemies hates another of my enemies, doesn’t nessesarily make him my friend. They are not potential allies to me. Doesn’t really matter anyway. They regard us as “Infidels”.”

    “To me, all Non-Whites are the enemy.” (supported by other veteran posters in response to Nick)

    “I´ve a lot of resprect for David Duke, but there´s one thing I can´t approve: He says that ‘every people on earth have the right to preserve their heritage and their culture.’ But why is he silent about those white or non-white christians who are oppressed by muslims? Why doesn´t he say for what reason. It´s simple – because the Quran teaches to fight against infidels.” (in response to Nick’s white separatist views referencing David Duke, which dramatically emphasizes my exact point regarding David Duke above).

    “Since the child molesting bandit king’s followers came out of Arabia in the 7th century, the scrurge of Islam has been a plague on Western culture and civilization. We can only thank god that the vile filth who follow this perverted religion were defeated by Charles Martel in the west and at the gates of Constantinople in the east. Allying with Muslims is suicide to our collective European heritage. There is nothing redeeming, worthwhile or admirable about Islam. Any alliance with them is foolish and those who advocate such nonsense fools themselves or at least those who need to read a bit more history before suggesting such things”

    “We have stated it over and over Muslims have no place in White society…A WHITE NATIONALIST IS NEITHER A JEW NOR A MUSLIM.”

    “I care less about ‘have everyone happy’ than ‘where they are’, which in the case of Jews&Muslims is ‘not in my country or my ancestral homelands’. Unless they voluntarily decide to pack up and leave, or at least stop having more of them come here and give up their political power here, then we have to ‘defeat’ them.” (again, note the unambiguous distinction emphasized between separatism, which Stormfront denounces, vs. supremacy, which they support)

    I went through over half the pages on this entire thread, by the way, and found no support from veteran Stormfront members. Nick the white separatist was carrying almost the entire opposing viewpoint until he dropped out after a few pages. There were only one or two other newbie posters who indicated the Jews were a more serious problem than Muslims, but they did not advocate any alliance or some absurd ideological brotherhood of mutual supremacy. Finally, it is very telling how this entire conversation thread predictably sprung up just after that same 2005 debunked posturing by that potbellied white supremacist reject. Within a few months (last post Feb. 2, 2006), this thread was dead, where it remains today.

    You truly are a masochist, Jim. I am almost starting to get impressed. Keep coming back for some more if you want.

  • Jim


    This took all of 30 seconds to find in a thread TITLED “Muslim Allies… why not?”

    I’m sure you looked VERY hard.

    “If anyone is going to defeat zionism, it will be Arabs. America and Europe aren’t going to wake up to the issue soon enough, in my opinion. So yes, I think a European-Arab alliance is the only strategic move left.”

    Plenty more out there if anyone HONEST and COMPETENT cares to dig through the hate.

    Of course, now you’re going to ask for a photo of a hooded KKK member and a Muslim hugging over a bomb with a time stamp from the past week for this sentiment to exist.

    Like I said you devolved into comedy a while ago.

    Thanks for the laughs, clown.

  • Chameleon


    Your claim has been weighed, it has been measured, and it has not only been found wanting, but totally devoid of any factual support. I am laughing at your epic failure to come up with even a single quote, let alone quotes “expressed widely” on Stormfront to support your claim. If I did not “win”, then please ridicule yourself some more by explaining how I did not just destroy your claim.


    The “solidarity” word from the SPLC is based on the same quote I already debunked, so the SPLC erred in implying a bogeyman hate link between two groups that simply does not exist.

    No one, including me, is making the claim that there are not nuances in pro-white movements with respect to Islamophobia, since not all pro-white racists are Islamophobic. For example, many, if not most, white SEPARATISTS (like David Duke) are arguably not even Islamophobic, since their entire philosophy is based on separation, NOT supremacy: i.e., we should all be peaceful and tolerate one another, but we need to stay “separate” as races. I have no qualms or objections with people like David Duke even though I think his viewpoints are racist and hateful. As long as he lives by the innocuous principles he advocated in that video and doesn’t inflict his hate on anyone, he is no threat to anyone who disagrees with him, nor is he a credible source of any “Islamic supremacy” conspiracy no matter how many syrupy videos he might make to Muslims.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with respect to white SUPREMACISTS. As Jim just proved with his epic failure to prove otherwise, there is absolutely no such contradictory “nuance” with these folks. However, if you still believe that there is or you can perhaps squeeze some nuance of tolerance out of the statement from the article you just quoted (“There are no British-born Muslims in my eyes. They don’t belong here and Islam is alien to us.”), then perhaps you would like to take up the debate where Jim left off.

    That said, with respect to the “nuance” qualification, I agree that some white supremacists may be less negative (i.e., more neutral) towards Muslims than others, but that does not make a single one of them positive about Islam or Muslims, let alone positive enough to express some sort of serious collaborative intention. This “nuance” just speaks to the evolution of racism as a spectrum of behavior from passive prejudice, to active separation from others, to active suppression of others in the form of supremacist ideology. This evolution can indeed be nuanced, but it is always driven at a social level by propaganda.

    For example, pro-white passive prejudice can easily morph into white separatist racism vs. Muslims, which, in turn, can easily morph into white supremacist hatred and active suppression against Muslims. All of this malevolent evolution is facilitated by Islamophobic propaganda that implies “the mooslims are commanded to kill you or make you into dhimmi-slaves”. In other words, this propaganda implies that if you are not willing to take action and become your own self-styled supremacist (white, western, Christian, Jew or otherwise), then you have already lost the war: the “Islamic supremacists” will simply walk all over you with their sharia law when they finally come, and not even peaceful “separatist” values will be able to save you. That is why we must be clear that no matter how far you want to stretch the potential “nuance” in defining white supremacists, this does not in any way shape or form imply some sort of absurd potential compatibility between white supremacism and the completely fabricated “Islamic supremacism”. There is none. The fear-mongering chants of JihadWatch and others just want to make us believe that there is a link between the two even when they cannot come up with a shred of evidence whatsoever – just like Jim.

  • Garibaldi

    Interesting discussion that has ensued. The National Front’s recent declaration that it will protest ‘once a month’ in front of a Mosque in the UK:, proves in a quite blatant way the nexus between White Supremacism and Islamophobia, that said it goes without saying there are nuances.

    I also want to add, the fact that some White Supremacists have a feeling of “solidarity” with the Bin Laden’s of the world doesn’t really tell us much about collusion or collaboration.

    Also, relying solely on Stormfront threads, when the world of White Supremacy is very diverse is not a good way to quantify where more of this movement’s sympathies lies. I think leaders like Nick Griffin reveal more about organized strategy than such threads do.

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