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Newsweek Goes for Broke with ‘Muslim Rage’


Thoughtfulness has flown out the window at Newsweek this week, as Tina Brown traded in a little bit of integrity and placed her bets on Islamophobia being a big seller with the magazine’s screaming “Muslim Rage” cover. Sure, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s story is a worthy read, but it’s mostly about Salman Rushdie and her personal departure from Islamic fundamentalism (“I know something about the subject. In 1989, when I was 19, I piously, even gleefully, participated in a rally in Kenya to burn Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses,” she writes), not about last week’s news. But we still can’t get past that cover. Man that cover–that font, the two angry faces that are standing in for all Muslims, their fists …. Having learned their lesson from incendiary covers like making President Obama Gay and following it up with its record-setting and hardly factual “Hit the Road Barack” cover line (it was one of the magazine’s best selling issues since 2010 and was penned by Hirsi Ali’s husband Niall Ferguson ), we now have “Muslim Rage” staring at us in the face this morning. Never mind that President Obama and the Secretary of State have stressed that the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the embassy raid in Egypt were the work of a minority, and that many in Middle East have even protested that the actions of those few don’t represent them or Islam, Brown and Co. still went for the big, generalizing cover. And the team over there knows exactly what they’re doing:

Want to discuss our latest cover? Let’s hear it with the hashtag:.

“Discuss” with handy #muslimrage hashtag, sort of screams: get outraged, BUT FIRST share this with friends! Let’s check out the conversation. Here is, as of this very moment, the six most recent #MuslimRage tweets:

Ridicule or not, the payoff of being part of the discussion is clicks and money — Newsweek‘s financial struggles aren’t really a secret at this point, especially not to IAC chairman Barry Diller a.k.a. the guy saddled with paying for Newsweek‘s  financial burden. Since we have news to write and stories to give you, we’ll let HuffPo blogger James Miller take it away:

Want to discuss our latest cover? Let’s hear it with the hashtag:.

@Newsweek Let’s discuss your failing revenue stream, and how this is a desperate attempt to fix that. 

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  • Lexus

    I only read Newsweek if it is sitting there at my doctor’s waiting room and it is the only thing there. If there is an option, I will grab the children’s Highlights magazine since it contains more newsworthy information than Newsweek’s rubbish

  • Xithurel

    Boycotting Newsweek should have been done a long time ago – but better late than never.

  • Ibn Mikael


    It’s not like it matters; no one even reads newsweek anyway.

  • Sarah Brown

    Yes, more seriously – sympathise about the actual trigger for this – I don’t have a strong sense of what Newsweek is like so it doesn’t have the same resonance that it would if it was a UK publication.

    Have just tweeted:

    “Muslims in my timeline all saying ‘Shana Tova’ – undoubtedly a sinister codeword designed to trigger Islamic revolution. #MuslimRage”

  • @Emperor

    I’m pretty disappointed with News Week, for doing this.

  • Sarah Brown

    This tweet just found its way onto my timeline.

    infidel woman favorited one of my tweets!!! #MuslimRage

    (I immediately favourited it, obviously.)

  • mindy1

    Bahaha@muslimrage jokes 😆 let’s hope it ends up like the creepingsharia jokes a few months back 😆

  • Reynardine

    You know what? *My* mother used to boil coffee grounds alive for four minutes at a time, and she wasn’t even Muslim! But wait till you hear what Cubans do to them. They cram them into little volcanos, and wait for the eruptions…

  • AbeMan

    Well, if there is anything I got out of this, is that Time magazine and other ‘news’ magazines have lost another reader. But seriously, who still reads Newsweek? That magazine has been declining for over five years they are literally the butt of jokes in the world of journalism, next to Fox news. These guys have been pandering to every political aspect possible, from hard the core rightwing, to the libertarians, to the liberal spectrum, and now the Islamophobic trash. Just a few years ago, they were writing articles about how much Muslims have helped society progressed. They will do anything, stoop to any level if it means getting some $$$ back. This latest attempt is proof of that.

  • Ahmed

    “72 virgins turn out to be all male” … DANG! 😀

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