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Pamela Geller advocates banning Islam, demolishing mosques, deporting and killing Muslims

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Pamela Geller has renewed her calls for banning Islam, demolishing and killing Muslims. (h/t: J. Singh)

Pamela Geller advocates banning Islam, demolishing mosques, deporting and killing Muslims

Over at Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller has posted a response to the latest “Muslim patrol” video to appear on YouTube. “For years now,” Geller pontificates, “Leftists and assorted ‘anti-racists’ have been denying the existence of these Sharia patrols….” It is of course true that we deny their existence, but that is for the simple reason that they don’t really exist.

You’ll see that the new video contains no actual patrolling at all. In contrast to the two previous videos the two-man, self-appointed “Muslim patrol” doesn’t even approach anyone on the street, still less harass them. The video just features a lot of loud-mouthed ranting to camera, with a middle section showing an apparently drunken man nodding off on a bench, accompanied by a disapproving commentary.

As existential threats to western civilisation go, you’d have to say this one isn’t particularly scary.

More significant, however, is that Geller crossposts, with evident approval, an article from another Islamophobic blog called The Muslim Issue commenting on the video. It reads in part:

If a government wants to learn how to manage growing Islamic problems, take some advice from Ottoman army officer Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Atatürk abolished Islam by putting a complete ban on Islamic materials, demolishing mosques, and removing any traces of Islam in his country to get rid of the evil. Those who tried to revolt were put in their place, or basically killed….

It is time for the UK to stop wasting their military abroad, but bring them to patrol their own streets and begin to remove Muslims. And it is vital time to plan and arrange deportation programs – and even arrange new deportation programs for practicing Muslims born in England to be deported to their parent’s country of origin.

This goes way beyond anything that even the English Defence League or the British National Party would officially support. They are the sort of policies advocated by the most extreme neo-Nazi elements of the far right in the UK. Are US Republican Party organisations and mainstream media outlets going to continue providing a platform for a woman who posts material like this on her blog?

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Nice one ! you managed to get back to the subject above.
    I asked a doctor “is Pam MacBeth Geller bonkers ?,
    His reply was there are two views on this difficult subject.
    One is “Yes “and the other is “Very”

    Sir David

  • “There are many people who have written about Ataturk being a Crypto Jew.”

    There are many people who claim that JFK was assassinated by the Soviets, Cubans, Mafia or even Lyndon Johnson. There are people who think that 9/11 was an inside job. Some people think that the Holocaust never happened or the U.S. never landed on the moon. Those are extreme examples, but my point is that anyone can claim anything and at least give the facade of being factual. I also find it irrelevant if Kemal had Jewish ancestry – I believe there’s a theory his mother was, if this is what you’re referencing. Who cares?

    “If it is in fact true that Ataturk was a Crypto Jew, then perhaps it is so: in majority Muslims nations it has been unheard of to have a non-Muslim run the country.”

    Jews and Christians could, at varying times in majority Muslim states historically, gain quite a lot of power (the former especially; which, while it was bad in a lot of ways for them, usually was in some areas better than in Christian Europe). When pogroms did happen against either by Muslims – and they did – it was often in protest that those Muslims felt they were upsetting the religious hierarchy enforced by legal practice, which the jizya emphasizes. It’s like a poor white in the antebellum American South trying to wrap his head around the fact that there were free blacks not only better off than him, but infinitely more educated.

    “Ataturk did try to push Islam out of the political system in Turkey.”

    If Kemal (Ataturk is an honorific given to him; lit. ‘Father of the
    Turks’) was anything, he was almost certainly an atheist or at least
    hard agnostic. I’ve had conversations with people before saying that
    various writings by him show a general apathy and sometimes even disdain for organized religion. Any argument specifically focusing on the apparent ‘Jewish’ nature of his character, even if he had Jewish
    ancestry, is bigoted fear mongering.

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