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This 13-Year-Old Is Scared When the Sky Is Blue Because of Our Drones

His grandmother was killed by a US drone.

This 13-Year-Old Is Scared When the Sky Is Blue Because of Our Drones

“I no longer love blue skies. In fact, I now prefer grey skies. The drones do not fly when the skies are grey,” a 13-year-old Pakistani boy named Zubair told Congress on Tuesday. Zubair was 12 when he and his younger sister, Nabeela, were injured in a drone strike near North Waziristan last October. “When sky brightens, drones return and we live in fear,” Zubair told Rep. Alan Grayson and others at the congressional briefing.

Think about that for a second — because of drones, a little kid is scared of one of the most harmless things in the world and the universal indicator that the day is going to be a good one. Being afraid of a blue sky is the inevitable trauma that comes with the recovery process Zubair and his sister are going through — the two were injured when a drone attack hit their home, and blew their grandmother to bits while she was working in the garden.

“A piece of shrapnel ripped into the boy’s left leg, just above his kneecap. A scar approximately four inches in length remains,” The Guardian reports. “I had seen my grandmother right before it had happened but I couldn’t see her after. It was just really dark but I could hear [a] scream when it had hit her,” Nabeela told The Guardian.

Zubair and his family represent the civilian toll of these drones. In the nine years spanning between 2004 and 2013, drone strikes killed an estimated 2,525 to 3,613 people, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported. Between 407 to 926 of those are civilians, the bureau believes, and Zubair’s grandmother is one of them. The Obama administration has disputed those numbers.

Zubair and his family spoke at the briefing today that marks the first time members of Congress will hear from victims from drone strikes. The briefing was set up by Grayson, one of the most left-leaning members of Congress. It began at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and is still proceeding.

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  • El Cid

    “…poetry for a unicorn”

    Being factitious, or taking umbrage for your own?
    Nevertheless here are DETAILS that may be helpful/contribute to your inquiry/quest:

    September 3, 2008, Republican National convention, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, butcher of NY, was the first to use the phrase “hope is not a strategy. Specifically, his convention speech included these exact words:
    “Because ‘change’ is not a destination, just as ‘hope’ is not a strategy.”

    He was demagoging the President of course with words written for him by his handlers. He had no solution to offer, only to rabble rouse the ‘mob’ against the President.

    Little later, January 23, 2009, CBS News posted an open letter Dr. Benjamin Ola Akande had written to Barack Obama. Dr. Akande, is an economist, a scholar, Dean Business School, Webster University, St. Louis. He used the EXACT phrase “Hope Is Not a Strategy” as the title of his letter.

    He was advocating action rather than hope. His
    practical/thesis/intent was to advise Obama on how to put life back into the economy. The lines from which this famous quotation comes are as follows:

    “Yet, the fact remains that hope will not reduce housing foreclosures. Hope does not stop a recession. Hope cannot create jobs. Hope will not prevent catastrophic failures of banks. Hope is not a strategy.”

    Akande then went on to outline his points:
    National deficit
    Auto industry
    New New Deal
    2009 Homeowner Protection Act
    Strengthening middle class America
    Health plan for all
    Rewriting financial service laws
    Restructuring bailout
    Bipartisan approach

    Obviously they had latched on to President’s “Hope and change”.

    Hope and prayer is all you have in a difficult to impossible situation, but you need to be prepared to do your part to assist in the completion of the goal as well. A fundamental requirement in Islam before invoking Allah’s help and Will: ‘Inshallah’.

    ‘Hope is Not a Strategy’ is also the title of a salesman instruction/action book by Rick Page.

    I gave the credit to Hillary Clinton(H.C), as I had heard her use that phrase, without reference but clearly also a ‘cut’ on the President.

    I will attend to Renyardine’s dreams, delusions, and impracticality and terror underpinnings of Utopia…when I am able to find time.

  • El Cid

    “Hope is not a strategy”[H.C]

  • The greenmantle

    So nothing to do with Ghandi at then ?
    Sir David

  • Tanveer Khan

    Please read what I said very carefully and then ponder over it for a bit.

  • Christian-Friend

    Wait, let me get this straight: To retaliate agaisnt KENYAN murderers, send in more drones to kill AFGHAN murderers?

  • jkings

    Thank you for all of this good info. I was more trying to make the point that the drones didnt magically appear. They were sent to kill scary murderers that cut peoples heads off. It is a sad fact that they sometimes injury and or kill people that are not terrorist. I do understand that is a horrible thing. I also understand what the mall attack in Kenya was. Muslims killing anyone who were not Muslims. They shot some kids up to 5 times. That is an act of a devil. The drones are a reaction to things like this.

  • The greenmantle

    Have you been watching Star Trek ? maybe too much ?
    The destablisation of Pakistan began from the day it started dreamt up by a mystic .
    Britain should have never agreed to partition .
    Sir David

  • El Cid

    Drone attacks on Pakistan are an important component of the overall plan, program, and ongoing campaign to dismember Pakistan, break it up into pieces and distributed among Bharat, Bharat protectorate of Afghanistan, and a bit to a beaten down downgraded Iran.

    The breakup and dismemberment of Pakistan is fundamental to the success of the War on Islam: The end requirement of crushing Muslims and turning them into “Hewers of wood and fetchers of water” for the Farangi and its ZioNazi Overlord, as has been done to the Palestinians in their own land–a major objective: This requirement is given in their Holy Book.

    The encirclement of China, control of Suez and Hormuz, and the expansion of a Greater Israel over the Middle East are the other consequential objectives…these will automatically domino once Pakistan has been destroyed. Muslim men slaughtered, women folk parceled to the brothels of the west, children set aside for laboratory/medical experiments for the development of drugs, surgical techniques and torture protocols.

    Muslims are NOT considered Human by the Farangi and the ZioNazi. And treated as Untouchables by the Hindu. The Drone Program and Targeting refinements are being honed and tested on Muslims around the World. There will be better, faster, deadlier, higher altitude Drones over Pakistan and other Muslim countries before long. Drones are necessary to create distrust, disunity, dissension among Pakistani civilians, demoralize the Armed Forces Personnel. Cause misunderstandings and distrust between the two.

    Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, etc., were easy. They did not have the geography, infrastructure, or the fighting ability and fortitude to stand up to the guile and hardware of the Farangi. Iran is different, and difficult. Persians tend to fight to the death. Syria has a powerful Patron: Chess Master The Great Putin International Strongman, Peacemaker.

    An all out invasion of Pakistan is militarily complex and victory problematic if not impossible to win. Pakistan’s Nukes are formidable. Its Strategic Command has yet to be seduced as has been done with its Military, Civil & Foreign Services and Government. An all out US-NATO-Israeli-Hindu Juggernaut Blitzkrieg would end in Planetary Catastrophe.
    Pakistan’s Strategic Command is under oath, committed to it, at least some of the personnel are, know in their heart and mind the inevitability of it—given the Farangi’s Hegemonic Plans and the belligerence, over reaching stupidity of the Hindu.

    These will result in Sub-Continental Armageddon and ensuing World Catastrophe. Then there are the undefeated indefatigable Ultimate Warriors of Allah: The Taliban Freedom Fighters…who will fight for a thousand years if need be, and percolate filter down from Kabul to Karachi to Delhi…to Bangalore, Lahore and London, more…

    Thus the ZioNazi Faranghi strategy is to set Muslim against Muslim. Allow NO peace talks, much less peace in Pakistan. Drone are a part of this friction, an irritant.

    Drones, Raymond Davis & Clones, Dr. Afridi, Mallala, Sallala, Abbottabad and Rimsha…all Agent Provocateurs, planned events, Criminals, Traitors, Wannabes, disinformation propaganda agents and such, are used to keep the pot boiling till some thing gives and the Pak Nukes can be neutered, rendered mute.

    Drones killing children in Waziristan and Swat are feints and distractions. Their primary purpose is to lay down an ever evolving matrix, current and updating civil, military, strategic targets over Pakistan, even as we speak.

    The Pakistan Military and Air Force has been beguiled to slaughter their own people, while the Hindu is distracting in the East and LoC. All the time establishing roads, forts, military warehouses and barracks, in the West and South East. Hindu Subs and Farangi Armadas lie in wait in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

    The Faranghi will retain air assault capacity in the North but once most of its forward personnel are out of harms way, from the Taliban Warrior, and most of the scheduled withdrawal of its defeated ground troops completed…Pakistan will see its teeth: US-NATO Canines !
    Fangs !!!

  • AM24

    To make the taliban less willing to make peace with the government so Pakistan stays destabilized.

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