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Geert Wilders Thinks He Can Lecture Pope Francis

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It’s good to see fascists squirm. It seems that Pope Francis makes Islamophobes like Wilders and Rev. Deacon Spencer very worried. That’s a good sign.

Wilders lectures Pope on Islam

Dutch anti-Muslim racist Geert Wilders has published an open letter to the Pope, pulling him up on his statement that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence”.

Instead, Wilders urges, Pope Francis should “defend the West’s Judeo-Christian and humanistic civilization” and “speak the truth about Islam – the largest threat to mankind in this present age”.

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  • Guess

    “It is Occidentalist ideologies (which despise democratic-capitalist society as decadent, cowardly and money obsessed) which breed suicide bombers.”

    This is not what the research shows. Not even what the terrorists themselves claim for the reason of their actions. You seem to be peddling the neoconic mastered by Bush mantra — they hate us because of our freedom! b-s excuse they use to justify the invasions of sovereign countries.

    “Occidentalism” ?? buff, it doesn’t impress me, seems like a very poorly thought, poor imitation of Orientalism !

  • Guess

    How would you define the “Western” regimes state gang- terrorism that attacked Iraq and Afghanistan sovereignty since “911” ? Secular ? Liberal ? Christian ?

  • Guess

    If we really had any clear, or real definition of what’s “Occident” or “Orient”, other than paranoid enclosure mainly defined by “West” of white and “East” of non-white it would be easier. Of course none of this is true.

  • George Carty

    It is Occidentalist ideologies (which despise democratic-capitalist society as decadent, cowardly and money obsessed) which breed suicide bombers.

    Ideology of this type hasn’t really existed to any great extent in the West itself since the Nazis were defeated in 1945. In fact one of the main examples of suicide attacks by a European power was the Leonidas Squadron of the Luftwaffe, which aimed to crash their aircraft into the bridges over the River Oder in order to stop the Red Army.

  • George Carty

    Thinking it again, I think both of my suggested explanations for the decline of left-wing terrorism are true: left-wing Western terrorists were put out of business by anti-terrorist policing, while left-wing Arab terrorists defected to the Islamist cause (as radical secular socialism of the Nasserist/Ba’athist variety was discredited by its failure to defeat Israel, as well as by Saddam Hussein’s defeats).

  • The greenmantle

    I think your question is misplaced . Terrorism by its nature is political and has been used both by leftwing and right wing, nationalist and internationalist groups over the years . The difference now is that terrorism is still political but it serves others to paint it as religious to further their own ends . It suits Al Q to try to appeal to the poor to follow them and to appear more supported than they are even though their aims are political . It appeals to the zionists as it makes any attack by Al Q et al an attack on their religion and not on their dubious political proposals and actions. ditto the neocons and hate mongers in the states
    Sir David

  • George Carty

    What do you think about how terrorism itself has changed since then 1970s?

    In the 1970s most terrorist attacks were by left wing extremists, while now jihadists and right wing extremists are the main perpetrators. Also there tend to be fewer attacks now, but more people killed per attack.

    Is the changing nature of terrorism because the left wing terrorists were lately taken out of circulation by improved anti-terrorist measures, or was it because of changing world politics?

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes Syria was the heart of Shaam in many ways.

    I have to look into it but my initial guess would be that there wasn’t a neat division of identity along those lines.

  • Guess

    I think the suicide bomber narrative — largely narrated in context of the “enlightened, civilized savior” white, West and Christian Vs the “uncivilized, mad savage ” brown, East and Muslim (a very old tale) imprinted deep in the Anglo-American empire, and that of its main beneficiary, the genocidal project of Zionism, — its greatly overrated, and part and parcel of the psychological warfare validating the state-terrorism activities disguised as “wars” unleashed on Muslim states since “9/11”.

  • George Carty

    Jihadists aren’t the only (or the first) extremists to have no desire to preserve their own lives; this was also true of the Tamil Tigers, the Japanese kamikazes and the Spanish falangists (one of whose slogans was “¡Viva el muerte!”). It is part of a long anti-Enlightenment tradition that began with the German Romantics of the 18th century:

    Occidentalism and “Anti-Imperialism” (Marko Attila Hoare & Ian Buruma)

  • Guess

    “I think that’s reasonable as jihadist terrorists (due to their disregard for preserving their own lives) are more dangerous than other types of terrorist.”

    I think that shall do (for the whatever upcoming hate scene in …..) keeping alive the ongoing trend of “western” Islamophobia. For sure It’ll replace Aïcha as did Zenab before !

  • George Carty

    Why respond to a Jewish promoter of Zionist terrorism differently from a non-Jewish promoter of Zionist terrorism?

  • George Carty

    What do you mean by “Islamisation is a myth”? Are you simply expressing your own belief in the superiority of Western values (to the extent that they are not in any way endangered by the presence of Muslims in society)?

    Or are you instead claiming that the Islamisation notion is a malicious lie that even the counterjihadists themselves don’t really believe, but are simply using as part of a ploy to grab power for themselves?

    As for the security services being focused on Islamic extremism, I think that’s reasonable as jihadist terrorists (due to their willingness to commit suicide for their cause) are more dangerous than other types of terrorist.

    Is the development of driverless cars a cause for concern? Suicide car bombs have been a devastating weapon for jihadist terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere, and driverless cars would extend this capability to Western radical rightists and other non-suicidal terrorists.

  • I generally like you response, except “Islamisation” is a myth – and supporting what Western intelligence and security are doing to Muslims and their communities is also a kind of “politically correctness.”

    It’s not politically correct to be concerned with the potential for radical right violence and to be focused on “jihadists,”

  • George Carty

    Is there not a clear distinction between the neocons on one hand, and the radical counterjihadists (like Geert Wilders and Anders Breivik) on the other?

    Both are ardent partisans for the West against Islam, but while the neocons are confident in the superiority of Western values (and indeed seek to spread them worldwide) the counterjihadists fear that in fact it is Islamic values that are superior. That is why they advocate ethnically cleansing Europe of Muslims — because they suspect that in a fair competition between Western values and Islamic values, then Islamic values would actually win (aka “Islamization of Europe”).

    In his manifesto, Breivik decried George W Bush’s “war on terror” as “politically correct”, stating that what was needed was not an offensive war for democracy (what the neocons are about) but rather a defensive war against Shari’ah.

    I suppose that would make the difference between neocons and counterjihadists similar to the difference between WWI German imperialists and Nazis.

  • George Carty

    Even for atheist ethnic-Jews, Palestine would still be the most logical choice for a modern Jewish homeland, as it was where the ancient Jewish homeland was located.

    It would have been funny if a group of Jews during the Russian Civil War had attempted to re-create the old Khazar state though 😉

  • George Carty

    Syria too was part of ash-Shams — before the 20th century, didn’t the word “as-suriyya” refer not to all Syrians, but only to Christian Syrians?

  • George Carty

    Why should anyone (except an anti-Jewish racist) give two monkeys about whether or not Wilders has Jewish ancestry?

    “What kind of agnostic refers to West Bank and Gaza as Judea and Sumaria?”

    A Zionist agnostic perhaps?

  • Rights

    Great, then. I think you are doing fine.

  • Tanveer Khan


  • The ironic thing is that Jews and Christians are not out of the Arabian peninsula – they are just not allowed to build places of worship. So if it’s an authentic Hadith, clearly it is not implemented.

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