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Video: Eight Buddhist Monks Among 24 Identified in Attack on Prayer Center


Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer is conspicuously silent on this.

Video: Eight Buddhist Monks Among 24 Identified in Attack on Prayer Center

The police have identified 24 persons who were involved in yesterday’s (January 13) attack on a Christian place of worship in Hikkaduwa including eight Buddhist monks.

Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana claimed that the police have compiled a report on the attack and have submitted the list of identified suspects to the courts.

Yesterday (January 12), a mob which included a number of Buddhist monks attacked a Christian place of worship on Baddegama road in Hikkaduwa while claiming it was an illegal prayer center.

The mob which took the law into their own hands stormed the building and destroyed property in protest while confronting the police who were at the scene as well.

Despite the claims made by the mob lead by Buddhist monks, members of the prayer centre stated that the establishment had been operating since 1997.

Furthermore, all investigations concerning protests and demonstrations related to religion will be handed over to the Religious Affairs Ministry, the Police stated.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana stated that the Ministry will be informed of this today (January 13).

Meanwhile, the Hikkaduwa police are conducting further inquiries.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    No faith or religion by itself is evil. They all promote the idea that people should be kind to and help each other. It’s what power greedy and cynical leaders make of it, and that too many people are too intellectually lazy.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    The path of evil seems wide and easy. It’s an increasingly steep and slipery slope. There is a point of no return, and it is reached very quickly.
    They should be made to experience in their own flesh the evil they so casualy do to others.
    Mahatma Gandhi said that “an eye for an eye will leave everybody blind”: But I want them to suffer as their victims have suffered. Anything less is actually no punishment. Unless that out of remorse and guilt they lose their mind.
    However, a lot of people can live very well with being a mass murderer. Those should be made to die every single death they caused, one after the other. And then, their names and any physical evidence of them having ever been around, should be destroyed.
    But no. Alas, as everybody can see from the farcical Geneva Peace Conference of today, and the similar cynical shows Karadzic was allowed to put on in the 1990s, it’s “kill one person, and you are a murderer; kill 10, and you are a serial murderer; kill a couple thousands or hundred thousand people, and you get invited to a peace conference.” That’s the way the world is run.

  • A Muslim Guy

    How evil must the Christians have acted that even the peace-loving Buddhists are fighting them?
    (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist using this demented line, which I read so frequently from commenters following reports of Buddhist attacks on Muslims in Myanmar).

  • mindy1

    Glad to hear that they are stepping up to the plate, but it’s sad that this is happening in the first place-Buddha was a man of peace.

  • Talking_fish_head

    I sure Jeehadwatch and Atlasdruggs are hard at work reporting this incident on their respective “blogs” (read: Cesspool)

    **Cricket sounds

  • Elmorocojo

    Police have identified attackers:

    Sri Lanka’s Muslim say “protect Churches”

    Denouncing attacks against Christian churches, Sri Lanka Muslims have expressed concerns over escalating Buddhist threats in Sri Lanka, urging the President to protect religious minorities from monks attacks.

    “We kindly urge your Excellency to order the law enforcement agencies to rein-in these mobs that infringe on the peoples fundamental right to worship,” Sri Lanka Muslim Council said in a statement cited by Colombo Gazette on Friday, January 17.

    “Should there be any breach of law by any individual or groups, we kindly urge that due process is followed and necessary legal action is taken without letting individuals or religious groups to take the law in to their own hands,” the Council added.

    Repeated attacks on Christian churches have been reported across Sri Lanka in December and January.

  • mindy1

    They are supposed to be so peaceful, what’s been going on?

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