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Anti-Muslim bigots freak out when Texas TV station warns of oncoming haboob


Quite similar to the freak out over “haboob” in Arizona back in 2011.

Anti-Muslim bigots freak out when Texas TV station warns of oncoming haboob

By Travis Gettys  (RawStory)

Texas television station KCBD kicked up a cloud of anti-Muslim bigotry Tuesday night by sharing an alert from the National Weather Service on its Facebook page.

“Haboob northwest of Lubbock as seen from the Science Spectrum,” the NWS warned. “If you must drive west of Lubbock, plan for near-zero visibility in blowing dust and strong winds of 50+ mph.”

Although haboobs are more commonly known as “dust storms,” a NWS meteorologist said the Arabic word refers to a particular weather phenomenon.

A haboob refers specifically to a wall of dust created by cool, dense air blowing away from a thunderstorm or along a cold front, said meteorologist Jerome James.

But it signaled something even more threatening to some of the station’s Facebook fans.

“Never had a haboob until we got that muslim boob for potus,” said viewer Jeff Bertrand, referring to President Barack Obama, who is believed by some of this critics to secretly be a Muslim.

Haboob 1
Haboob 2
Haboob 3
Haboob 4
Haboob 5

Meteorologists have used the word “haboob” since at least the 1950s, James said.

He said dry conditions in Texas had made the phenomenon, with its distinctive brown skies, more common in recent years.

The English language uses many words with Arabic origins, including cotton, algebra, candy, lemon, alcohol, and sofa.

[Image via Wikipedia Commons]

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  • Hmm, that’s a curious one.
    It’s also possible that it just didn’t garner enough support to keep it afloat? Seems like a niche website if there ever was one…

  • George Carty

    I wonder if any of them have de-hijabbed Jesus’s mother?

  • George Carty

    I know it’s not the kind of Traditionalism you’re thinking of, but I remember a website once called “Society for the the Veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary” which essentially advocated that Catholic women wear hijab following Mary’s example (it even linked to the Shukr Clothing website).

    It didn’t last long before it was wiped with only a blank “Under Construction” page (I’d link to the Internet Archive, but unfortunately the site wasn’t up long enough to get archived).

    Why do you think it was yanked so quickly? I have two hypotheses: either

    a) it was a guerrilla marketing exercise by Shukr Clothing targeting Catholics (which was shut down when it was exposed) or

    b) it was a genuine Catholic site which was abruptly shut down because its creators realized they were giving unintentional da`wah. This would have parallels with an evangelical Christian mission in the Horn of Africa which I read about, which was abruptly shut down (with advice that adherents return to their traditional churches) because they realized that many of their members were defecting to Islam.


  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of haboobs

  • Tanveer Khan

    I just finished listening to the original. It was still this cover that I heard (on a TV advert I think).

  • George Carty

    Some Islamophobic tropes (like “they’re outbreeding us”) owe more to anti-Catholicism than antisemitism.

  • George Carty

    This song is a cover version — perhaps you’re thinking of the Amr Diab original “Habibi ya nūr al-`ayn”?

  • Tanveer Khan

    I’ve heard this song before…. can’t remember where though.

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