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Jordanian Man Killed His Daughter For Converting to Islam


Don’t expect to see this in an “Honor diaries” near you. May this woman and all victims of so-called “honor killings” rest in peace.

If the father who crushed his daughter’s skull had been Muslim, you can be sure that this would all over US and Euro media outlets.

*It should be noted that relations between Muslims and Christians in Jordan are harmonious. (h/t: Baktashi)

Two charged with premeditated murder of Ajloun woman

(Jordan Times)

AMMAN — The Criminal Court prosecutor on Sunday charged a man and his brother with complicity in premeditated murder in connection with the killing of a woman, who allegedly converted from Christianity to Islam, in Ajloun, 70km northwest of Amman, official sources said.

The 26-year-old victim died after receiving several blows to the head with a wooden stick and a rock in a forest in Khirbet Wahadneh on April 30.

The victim’s father headed to a police station on Wednesday evening and turned himself in, declaring that “he killed his daughter because she converted to Islam,” a senior official source said. 

However, police had suspicions that more than one person took part in the murder based on an autopsy report prepared by pathologist Ali Shotar from Irbid’s National Institute of Forensic Medicine, the official told The Jordan Times.

Shotar, who established that the woman died of a crushed skull that caused heavy bleeding, also discovered bruises on her wrists, a medical source told The Jordan Times.

“Shotar concluded that more than one person was involved because the bruises indicated that she was held while she was beaten by the wooden stick and the 50cm by 30cm rock,” the medical source added.

In his initial confession to police, the 51-year-old father said that he learnt about his daughter’s conversion to Islam from another daughter.

“The victim’s decision to convert was a secret but she decided to tell one of her sisters who eventually told their father,” the official source said, citing the suspect’s initial confession.

The father then informed his 49-year-old brother and they allegedly plotted to murder her, the source added.

Both men were ordered detained at a correctional and rehabilitation centre pending further investigation into the incident, the source added.

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  • Laila Muhammad

    did i make a mistake?…stoning not found anywhere in quran it is a punishment in torah/talmud only

  • lawrence

    Study your Islam again before you try to deceive people.Stop sugar coating for the sake of image.

  • Guess

    Thanks for the reply, but that’s not convincing enough arguments that differentiate between the so-called “honor killing” and cheating murder. Even if we say in some cases the “Now I’m a figure of shame to all my friends” is absent, there’s higher chance that the “he/she made a fool out of ME” reaction is present, the “ME” meaning the self-honor. Beside I highly doubt that “honor killing” is solely based on “Now I’m a figure of shame to all my friends”, the pain of deception and betrayal plays a huge part. I guess we just have to agree to disagree and move along, thanks for sharing your thoughts anyway.

  • Yitzchak Goodman

    You really seem obsessed with this post. I find this tedious.

    I agree with that. I’m also getting bored.

    What statistics?

    I have simply been assuming that if even a fraction of the numbers from the Al Jazeera article I linked to are correct, then most honor crimes don’t see the light of day in the Western Press, not even at World Net Daily and Jihad Watch. That’s it. If you want, we’ll consider your last comment to be the last word. Besides agreeing with you on the “tedious” part, I’m just repeating myself. See ya later.

  • Yitzchak Goodman

    The Shafia case seemed to be pretty big news in Canada.

    I’m sure you’re correct, but I didn’t say that such cases never make a big splash in the media. My point is that they don’t in most cases. You wrote “If the father . . . had been Muslim, you can
    be sure that this would all over US and Euro media outlets.” As far as I can tell, that’s not true. If I was “sure,” it would I mean I was taking Loonwatch too seriously.

  • Reynardine

    There is a distinction between plain jealousy killings and honor killings, no matter the culture. Jealousy killings occur from the conviction that one’s partner/intended is denying love/passion to oneself and bestowing it on another. Honor killings come from the thought: “What will the neighbors (my buddies, the PTA, etc.) think, and HOW DARE so-and-so make me look bad to them?” In a case involving actual or possible couples, it’s hard to sort out motives. A parent killing a child because the latter may pose an embarrassment is an honor killing, whether so styled or not. Thus, Andrea Yeats, who drowned her children in case their behavior showed her up as a bad mother, and Mrs. Dutro, who beat her four-year-old son to death for “walking and talking gay”, were both honor killers. There are also numerous murders of family members done for insurance, out of rivalry, for spite, for inheritence, etc., that fall into neither category.

  • Reynardine

    It wasn’t even in one of our (to borrow a phrase from Dr. M) fecal fascist states. It was in Oregon.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Gosh, how PRIMITIVE…
    Of course you described it right.
    Could you say where that was?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Hm. Most media are biased, some are biased in a certain way, and sone in another. I don’t trust the media. They are just propaganda. You should have seen the unbelievable fantastic stories Serb newspapers wrote about Muslims back in 1992. To make Serbs hate Muslims. Like “they bled Christian children to death,to make their bread with the blood” (a story the Crusaders used to libel the Jews with around 1099 as a pretext to murder and rob them); or “our priest told me the Turks had made our church into a horse stable” (that was Napoleon’s troops in the then unfinished Cathedral of Cologne actually); or the incredible fantastic stories the Yanukovych press told the Eastern Ukrainians all the time about Western Europe, (Western Europeans being all homosexuals, children having sex regularly at 11 years of age) and the ignorant uneducated populace always suck up to such, yearn for the good old (Yugoslav or Soviet) times and are willing to condone mass murder and genocide or rebellion and civil war.
    So of course they go on about “Muslim honor killings”, conveninetly forgetting that “honor killings” (liek a Sicilian man murdering his unfaithful wife or sombody who seduced a young girl being shot by her brotehrs, as Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote in “Chronicle of an Announced Death” aren’t among Muslims at all; or teh Iraqi guy who killed his daughte for wanting to marry a Muslim, or becoming a Muslim herself, that was a Yezidi. “Honor killings, a typical Muslim thing”, that’s not just bullcrap. It’s war propaganda.
    And I don’t want to know what Israeli tabloids write about Palestinians.

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  • The greenmantle

    One does wonder what the famous human rights activist Mrs P Geller of New Jersey thinks of this

    Sir David

  • Guess

    The really big issue here is with the term “honor”. What really makes a killing more “honor” driving than other ones? Is a man (or woman) killing a spouse for dishonoring his/her “reputation” not honor killing?

  • Guess

    Would like your thoughts on this. Would a man who finds out his wife (or girlfriend) cheated on him then decides to take her life as a results amounts to honor killing? and vise versa if a woman do the same.

  • Laila Muhammad

    according to u s justice dept figs there are 15000 murders per yr in the usa….thats 195000 murders in usa since 9/11….30% are spouses killing each other usually for wanting to divorce and marry someone else….the spouses that kiss feels disrespected and lashes out…..while adultery is punished by stoming to death in the torah/bible their is no such punishment in islam 100 lashes to both parties if 4 witnesses come forward….thanx

  • Yitzchak Goodman

    You are dismissing hysteria and political agendas in mass media.

    I don’t see how.. I’m just pointing out that most honor-killings, as individual events, pretty obviously don’t get much media coverage. Maybe a little bit of hysteria goes a long way. And media agendas vary.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Just another case of Honor Killings being based not in religion but in culture which, despite having some religious influence, can only be blamed on that.

  • Anonymous

    Dis”honor” Killing is a disgusting crime no matter who does it.

  • HSkol

    Rey, I remember that story. How sad, how disgusting. If someone might not even look after their own, how can we possibly trust them in a humane society?

  • Reynardine

    They do, indeed, reside in all cultures. A mother in one of our own states beat her four-year-old son to death because she thought he “looked gay”. Ignorance, feudalism, and authoritarianism are behind most such murders.

  • rookie

    I`ve posted this a week ago.

    May Allah grant her Jannah, she died pure of sins, died for her Religion as a Martyr… 🙁

  • mindy1

    I guess “honor” killings and the assholes who do them are found in all cultures :(( may they rot in hell-who kills a bleoved family emeber over such a thing >:(

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