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Texas Christian Man Plotted Terror Attacks With His IDF Roomate On Muslim Holy Sites in Jerusalem


(h/t: Sumayyah)

According to The Guardian Israel has indicted a Texas Christian man for plotting to attack Muslim sites in Jerusalem. Where was he radicalized and what if he was Muslim.

Israeli officials say they have indicted a 30-year-old American Christian from Texas for plotting to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. A 30-year-old American Christian from Texas has been indicted in Israel for plotting to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. Israel’s Ministry of Justice said on Tuesday that a court had indicted Adam Everett Livix in connection with the plot. It said that Livix conspired with his roommate, an active soldier in the Israeli military, to obtain 1.4kg (3lb) of explosive material to use to blow up the unidentified Jerusalem holy sites. The ministry said the plot was discovered by a police agent in October.

Shin Bet Secretly Arrests, Imprisons Texas Christian Fundamentalist for Planning Dome of the Rock Terror Attack


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  • GreenEagle

    Well, he didn’t come from any Madrassah; he was an Evangelical Christian. I can forgive your mistake, however, since Evangelical Christians and Islamists resemble each other more every day.

  • GreenEagle

    When I worked in Israel, I knew someone who had served as an adviser on this sort of thing to the IJerusalem government. Here is what he told me: the Israelis stop numerous plots like this every year, the majority coming from American right wing Christians. The Israeli government does not like to publicize this, fearing that it would only encourage others to try.

  • cmyfe .

    Errr… which madrassah did he come from?

  • mindy1

    I hope that the active soldier is now an ex soldier…I do wonder how one comes to the conclusion that starting wars in a volatile part of the world is a good thing :/

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