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Central African Republic: 417 Mosques Have Been Destroyed

During UN envoys visit to the country last month, the US envoy said that 417 of the country's mosques have been destroyed.

During UN envoys visit to the country last month, the US envoy said that 417 of the country’s mosques have been destroyed.

Did it really take Samantha Power to highlight the destruction of mosques in CAR? It has already been pointed out by many observers and legitimate human rights organizations.

As the following article notes, CAR is a “mineral rich” country, that being the case it would be wise to be wary of the interests of neo-Colonial nations and their own schemes in the region.

In the meantime the people of CAR continue to suffer and struggle.


BANGUI – Long months of fighting in Central African Republic have resulted in the destruction of almost all mosques in the tiny African country, leaving a huge Muslim population with no worshipping places.

The devastation “kind of crazy, chilling”, Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the UN spoke to reporters on Tuesday after a Security Council visit last week to the country, Aljazeera reported.

Power added that the outcome of months of war was widely noticed in mosques of the country.

During UN envoys visit to the country last month, the US envoy said that 417 of the country’s mosques have been destroyed.

She visited the one remaining Muslim neighbourhood in the capital, Bangui, and described the residents as “a terrified population”.

In PK5, the only Muslim district in the capital, Muslim women, terrified to leave for donning hijab, were forced to give birth in their homes instead of hospitals.

After France and European Union decisions to pull peacekeepers, Power expected the situation to get worse.

France had sent 2,000 troops to its former colony.

“That’s a big drop-off in capability,” she said.

The UN peacekeeping force remains at about 80 percent of its planned strength of about 10,000, Power said.

The UN secretary-general last month asked for more than 1,000 additional peacekeepers, and Power said the council is “very favorably disposed” to the request.

She added that the combined forces have “averted a worst-case scenario,” but the country’s roving armed groups remain armed.

CAR, a mineral-rich, landlocked country, descended into anarchy in March of 2013 when Seleka rebels ousted François Bozize, a Christian, who had come to power in the 2003 coup.

Over the past months, anti-balaka Christian militias have raided Muslim homes killing children and women and looting and vandalizing properties.

Along with killing, kidnapping, torture and arbitrary arrest and detention, in the war-torn CAR, a UN investigation found evidences of sexual violence.

According to the UN, more than one million have been internally displaced since the eruption of violence in December 2012.

Inter-religious violence has claimed thousands of lives and displaced a million people in the population of 4.6 million, yet such clashes are unprecedented in the poor, landlocked country.

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  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    True. The conflict in CAR seems to be severely under-reported so I guess we shouldn’t really be all that surprised.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    I was looking it up too. Seems apart from Al Jazeera, the New York Times is the only other major news source which made mention of it.

    I too came across Shoebat gleefully showing off pictures of Mosques being destroyed. A bit pathetic really.

  • sustapha

    What of in Aramaic? Who built it and what was the purpose. Now, in Islam any place where the Lord of the universe is worshiped is called a ‘mosque’ whose function is mentioned in Qur’an 2:125. The whole earth including your country is called a mosque. there is no restriction. Am I compelling you to believe in that or obey the Lord?
    George! Why is it that everything in Islam is disliked while those who dislike it have nothing to do with it. Is this not a cause of extremism hatred in provocation, prodding and intimidation?

  • Palidor

    Here’s a bit of the modern history behind these events in Central African Republic for anyone who cares to read it.

    Francois Bozize served as a senior minister in the government until participating in a coup and fleeing the country in 1982. At some point he returned and served as Chief of Staff for President Patasse who ruled from 1993-2003. A pretty good run for President of CAR.

    In 2001 economic collapse resulted in strikes by civil servants after their paychecks bounced. An attempted coup against Patasse by junior army officers in May 2001 failed but the capital was plagued with insecurity and violence. As the riots and crisis deepened Patasse brought in foreign troops from Libya and Congo to bolster his authority. This alienated his Chief of Staff Bozize so Patasse then ordered his arrest. However, Bozize and his followers escaped north to Chad late 2001. Patasse could not put down the rebellion as endemic corruption and a withdrawal of funding from the IMF meant he could not pay his army. By March 2003 Bozize’s forces had captured the country.

    Rebel factions not loyal to Bozize immediately rebelled against his rule and the CAR Bush war ran pretty much the entirety of Bozize’s rule 2003-2013. Eventually Bozize paid enough of them off that peace agreements had been signed with most factions after 2007 but low level violence was a constant feature of life in CAR.

    Muslims account for about 10% of the CAR population. They are mostly concentrated in the north east along the border with Sudan. On Dec 2012 one of the rebel factions called Seleka made up of Muslims from the north east accused Bozize of reneging on their deal and rebelled. Financed by selling blood diamonds through trade with Sudan they amassed a huge arsenal and with help from the Sudanese Janjaweed militia quickly overran most of the country capturing the capital the following March. The new Muslim President Michel Djotodia let his Seleka run wild across the country in a state of anarchy looting and pillaging. Seleka were known for using swords and machetes to execute their victims.

    Eventually anti-balaka (balaka means machete/sword) militias sprung up to defend towns and villages from the Seleka. As they grew more organized they beat back Seleka. President Djotodia resigned and reprisals by Christians against the Muslims spiraled to the point of looking like genocide. The Seleka drew their ranks from only 10% of the population and could not win the wholesale demographic war. Rightly or wrongly the Muslim population are seen as scapegoats for the atrocities committed by Seleka.

    Bozize is busy funding the anti-balaka from France and plotting a return to power..

  • Kousik Ahmed

    World media have no news about this. I’m asking why?

  • George Carty

    Its name in Hebrew is “Bet HaMikdash” while in Arabic it is “Bayt al-Maqdis” or “Bayt al-Quds” — don’t all of those roughly translate as “house of the holy place”?

    Nothing like “masjid” (which literally means “place of prostration” IIRC) at all.

  • sustapha

    Then what will it be called in Hebrew or Aramaic? Do you know who built it and the purpose?

  • George Carty

    It probably doesn’t make the headlines because it’s seen as just more of the unending stream of s**t coming out of sub-Saharan Africa.

  • George Carty

    You mean the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem? I did read something about that temple sometimes being described as a “masjid” in Arabic, but it certainly shouldn’t be called that in English…

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    It’s the same with Nigeria: the attacks on Baga on Lake Chad at the beginning of 2015, in its extent much larger than the attack on Charlie Hebdo, but very far away from the central nerve of Western conciousness… Only now slowly Boko Haram gets the attention of Western media.
    Ever heard of the Maluku conflict 1999-2002? Another conflict of religiously (in this case more cultural) underpinned violence between Christians and Muslims. Never got the same attention like 9/11.

  • sustapha

    That is unimportant. Was Jerusalem mosque not destroyed by Nebuchadnezzer and Titus? It is the displacement of innocent people that is heinous.

  • cmyfe .

    Shoe-brat has no credibility. Which “Jihadists” were operating in that particular area?
    If I were to use that approach I would’ve said yeah all attacks on Christians worldwide are justified because Christians murdered MILLIONS in JUST India. Did you read that? MILLIONS! in just ONE of many colonies!
    Also should he not be in jail for attacking a bank? a crime which he openly “admits”?

  • cmyfe .

    When Muslims will retaliate to this they will be called terrorists. The media and “western” world is oblivious to the suffering of Muslims but what goes around comes around.

  • mindy1

    So he is justifying persecution :/ which as we all know is what Jesus would have done

  • Yausari

    That’s a big number. How on earth does something like this not make headlines? Just Aljazeera?

    I goggled it and ugh… guess what Fake ex Muslim Walid Shoebat said’

    “Christians in the Central African Republic have destroyed almost all of the mosques in their country, obliterating 417 of the nation’s 436 mosques. This was done as a result of the horrific persecutions done by jihadists against Christians, who have decided to wipe out the problem from its root, and that is Islam.”


    You can’t make this stuff up, “Shoebat”

    Tens of thousands of Muslims flee Christian militias in Central African Republic

  • mindy1

    Sad :((

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