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Australia: Man Assaulted By Racist Thugs Harassing Muslim Women on Train

Australia, populated by the descendents of genocidal colonial-settlers telling hijab wearing Muslim women what they can and can’t wear is the height of irony.

One of the good Australians stood up to the racist Islamophobes and got a black eye for his efforts from his fellow countrymen. These goons are lucky, one day they will come across the wrong hijabi and she will not have the patience for their crap. (h/t: Phil)


The Independent

A man in Australia has allegedly been punched in the face after standing up for three Muslim women on a train in Melbourne.

Police are investigating the incident that began with two men in fluorescent orange tops verbally abusing a group of women for wearing headscarves.

According to Australia’s The Age newspaper, one of the men referred to the religious clothing after the women sat down next to them, saying: “You shouldn’t be wearing that s*** in Australia.”

Jason Cias, 36, claims an argument ensued, during which the older of the women spoke in Arabic to try and calm things down. The men then said: “You shouldn’t be speaking that s*** in Australia.”

As the women got off the train, one of the men shouted an apparent sexual threat. Mr Cias told The Age:  “I said to the guy, ‘Mate, they’re women’. The implication there was you don’t threaten people, particularly women.”

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Oh yes but it should be 7 inches long.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Wow. What should I do if I ever see a car with such a sticker on it? I get the notion that I’d love to put a firelighter under that car…or scratch out that sticker with my key… or get me a can of paint and splatter the contents all over it …write “GENOCIDAL” with spray paint on it … smash in that guy’s windshield …or all of the above. But they’d make me pay for it and that’s definitely not worth it.
    Anyway, what a pathetic s.o.b he must be to publicly display his narrow-mindedness, callousness and cruelty in such a stupid way. Well, I have seen those Israeli T-shirts with a Muslim woman or a kid with a slingshot in the crosshairs. I have seen the “Der Stürmer”-like anti-Muslim cartoons. (and btw, if the Allies could hang the editor of that rag after 1945 over his anti-Jewish cartoons, why make such a fuss over his emulators today???)
    After what they did in 1992-95 I can’t look at such things with humor. I mean, who thinks the same things must without a doubt be the same kind of person and would, if given the chance, do the same kind of things. Who displays such poison publicly is in my eyes a genocidal, an unworthy human being, and deserves a place in Hell. And may his name cease to exist too.
    After having seen such degrees of human depravity I’m getting to believe that my response to acts of verbal, or physical violence directed at me should always be excessive, to be on the safe side, and not be taken for a weakling or easy game.
    The problem is of course that even if I can claim self-defense, it will most likely be denied to me on grounds of my being what I am. After all, the right to self-defense was denied to a whole people in 1992-95. Much easier to deny it to a single individual.
    Now some may say that it’s excessive of me to associate and/or compare such an incident, or other instances of human depravity, with the war in BiH as I’m wont to do. They can think that if they want to, and even give me their regarded opinion if they like. But there can be no doubt that witnessing the events of 1992-95 and the outcome has taught me a lot about human nature. A lesson I shall never forget. And I will live by that lesson, to the last consequences.
    If someone wants to do me in for this above statement (and I do believe they could track me down arrest me “preventively”, put me on trial and in the slammer – or also without any trial at all – or just shoot me in the back – what they called “ley fuga – escape law” in Latin America) then I will at least have proof.
    And why do such things happen? Because preople are not equal. Because in the eyes of the mighty, some are undesirables. Because man is man’s wolf. And the biggest wolf gets to eat the most.

  • Reynardine

    If you wear a hijab, you might consider keeping it on with a hatpin.

  • Reynardine

    Listen: when I was young, we wore clothes.

  • AJ

    The emancipated woman of today with nip slips, side boobs, assets on display, wardrobe malfunctions – we didn’t grow up with these terms but that’s how an average celebrity of the west is described today.

  • Sam Seed

    Excuse me? I was referring to the comments section in the Independant, so you did not see any racist comments? I don’t get the rest of your question.

  • cmyfe .

    Of course! but as long as it is within “modern” limits ….i.e. except covering themselves without being threatened by “modern” men or laws.

    No problem in distorting their bodies to increase their market value but heavens forbid if they want to put a piece of cloth to hide their body from modern man!

  • JD

    #CAIR Islamophobia Watch: Bumper Sticker Photographed in Pennsylvania, ‘Promote World Peace, Kill a Muslim

  • cmyfe .

    Yes yes they shouldn’t be covering their bodies. They should be like proper “modern” women who inject silicon in their body parts for they eyejoyment of men. This is freedom for women.

  • Sam Seed

    Good for the Aussie gentleman who was brave enough to stand up to these thugs. However, it is also disturbing to read some of the comments that have racist undertones as they appear to be justifying the duo’s actions.

  • mindy1

    Kudos to the brave guy. As for the assholes, picking on women is a good way to look like a coward

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