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Hirsi Ali and ACT for America Team Up for Event on Islam

That Ayaan Hirsi Ali and that ACT! For America.

The language used to describe Ali, calling her, “a controversial voice calling for Islamic reform,” is a bit misleading since this is actually the same Ali who calls for “militarily crushing” Islam.

Bridge Initiative

Next month, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a controversial voice calling for Islamic reform, is scheduled to appear at a Washington, DC event hosted by one of the nation’s most active anti-Muslim groups. The Somali-born author and activist will deliver the keynote address at the annual conference of ACT for America, a non-profit advocacy group that lobbies across the country for bans on Sharia, and promotes the profile of its founder, Brigitte Gabriel, who has said, among other things, that practicing Muslims cannot be loyal American citizens. The two-day event brings together a host of commentators, bloggers, and ex-military personnel with histories of inflammatory statements about Islam and Muslims, and features a legislative session on Capitol Hill with scheduled speeches by fourteen members of Congress.

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  • Just_Stopping_By

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t follow much of your comment. For example:

    “I don’t believe he comes from a place of hatred. … When he dislikes certain kinds of people…” So, he does not come from a place of hatred, but merely dislikes “certain kinds of people” based, sometimes, on their religion or at least attacks them based on their religion (e.g., “the ol’ Talmudic playbook”)? That’s not a place of hatred? I would, without hesitation, call someone who said that Muslims were acting out of “the ol’ Quranic playbook” an Islamophobe and say that the speaker was coming from a place of hatred. And I think you would too.

    “That’s why I find it surprising that you would state the conference is an Islamophobic conference. It may be so, …” Umm, why is it surprising that I state something that you think may be so? Plus, it seems that you are implicitly suggesting that this “may” not be an Islamophobic conference. Surely you don’t actually mean that, which is why I am having a hard time following parts of your comment.

    “… but the funding is almost exclusively provided by Zionist organizations.” Actually, if you follow the links, you can see that one has to donate to attend this conference. It therefore seems to be self-funded. Is there anything that says that this conference is funded by outside groups>?

    And, yes, some Zionist groups are also Islamophobic, just like some anti-Zionist groups are Judeophobic. But, some Zionist groups are also very Islamophilic and raise money to specifically support educational and social programs for Arabs (majority Muslim) in Israel, while the largest US Zionist group raises money generally but makes specific grants to certain Muslim and other Arab programs in Israel. And some pro-Palestinian groups have strongly condemned Judeophobia/anti-Semitism. I could just copy and past many of the “Muslims are not a monolith” comments on LW here, but you get the idea.

  • Joey Sanders

    I agree with most of what you said in this comment. I’ve read a few of Dr. M’s posts and, sometimes, they can be quite crass. I don’t believe he comes from a place of hatred. I have read posts on his blog where he criticizes Muslims with the same amount of fervor. In his defense, he is not a hypocrite. When he dislikes certain kinds of people, he lets them have it. Whether or not that is the best way is debatable.

    I have read many of your posts and you are, obviously, very intelligent. That’s why I find it surprising that you would state the conference is an Islamophobic conference. It may be so, but the funding is almost exclusively provided by Zionist organizations.

    If you ever go to YouTube and spend some time listening to Gabriel, Hirsi et al speak at length, they all speak very favorably of Zionism and, of course, the state of Israel. It is very clear who funds them.

    Why are Islamophobic conferences funds by Zionist groups? That answer is very simple. By portraying Muslims as evil and savage it makes Americans more sympathetic towards the state of Israel.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Yup. We’re in agreement.

  • I agree with you; my comment, however, was not made about DrM’s general ideological stance but the automatic equivalence of Jews with Zionism leading to the faulty conclusion that anyone anti-Zionist must, therefore prima facie be an anti-Semite; a conclusion with which I disagree.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Well, this DrM comment was not explicitly anti-Jewish, but he has a history of that, though I’ll admit that he has toned it down in the past few years.

    For example: (“Actually what you’ve done is use what I call shabbos goyim hard at work.
    All your talking points are straight out of the ol’ Talmudic play book….”) There were other instances, but they’re too hard for me to recall specifically enough to Google them.

    Putting that aside, isn’t the conference referenced in the article an Islamophobic conference. It seems to be an unwarranted assumption that it is Zionism bringing these people together rather than Islamophobia — an assumption that makes it harder to fight Islamophobia if one insist on blaming something else for this event.

  • Your inability to distinguish between Zionism and Jews is akin to not being able to distinguish between Dominionism and Christians. Go to school or read a book–preferably both–before posting again, lest you look like a fool. Again.

  • Lithium2006

    Sorry, the anti-Semite card has worn out years ago.

  • sasboy

    Yes, I have watched this documentary. Thank you !

  • The Sandman

    Hate Jews much?

  • mindy1

    Oh lord, this cannot be good

  • mindy1

    OMG someone should make a book about her with a similar cover XD

  • Laurent Weppe

    Frankly, given how callous european migration policies and red tape often are, I don’t mind that she lied to authorities in order to stay in Europe.

    It only became a problem when she used her embellished life story to fuel her political career.

  • sasboy

    Every time Hirsi Ali hits the headlines, people should use it as an opportunity to expose her for what she is – a fraudulent asylum seeker from African who fabricated her life story down to the minutest detail whose lies were exposed on a television before she was ejected from the Netherlands.

    Her association with the warmongers of the American Enterprise Institute should leave nobody with any illusions of her being a “reformer”. Her polemics are best countered by Muslims in the US participating in political and civic life to the hilt and not letting the bigots silence them.

  • Joey Sanders

    Ali was forced to resign from her Parliament seat in the Netherlands because she lied on her political asylum application. Even her story about being forced to marry someone is under fire as another lie to gain citizenship in the Netherlands. She was about to lose her Dutch citizenship when she moved to the United States.

    Here she was able to find some good opportunity making money off the Islamophobia Industry. Only in the American media is a liar given such grand credibility and is able to profit from it.

  • 1DrM

    Zionism – bringing atheist frauds and teabaggers together.

  • JD

    2 professional lairs in a room full of gullible idiots

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