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AlJazeera: French Mayor Wants To Ban Islam


Does this even need any commentary? Meftah’s response seems perfect.:

By Massoud Hayoun @mhayoun, AlJazeera English

After the mayor of a small French city called this week for France to ban Islam, at least one French Muslim political activist was rejoicing.

Mayor Robert Chardon of the Southern French city of Venelles tweeted multiple times on Thursday that “the religion of Islam will be banned in France on Oct. 18, 2027.”

Mehdi Meftah, founder of Parti des Indigènes de la République (PIR), a political party representing the interests of people from many of France’s predominantly Muslim former colonies in Africa and elsewhere, called the mayor’s calls to outlaw Islam “absurd.”

“We are interpreting this as a great thing,” Meftah said. The comments, he added, show that “We, [French Muslims] are more and more visible. We have our mobilizations. We have our visions of what France should be.”

Chardon was not immediately available for comment.

A spokesman for Chardon’s party, the center-right UMP of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, told Al Jazeera that they are considering banning Chardon from the party.

“We condemn this but have yet to issue a formal comment on the issue,” UMP spokesman Pierre-Albert Mazars said. “We have begun procedures to look into removing [Chardon from the Party].”

Mazars said the party had no idea why Chardon had chosen the date of Oct. 18, 2027.

Meftah said Chardon’s tweets reveal that French politics “are in a state of disarray” and undermines the legitimacy of Islamophobia as a political platform.

French politicians “see [Muslims] as a threat,” Meftah said, a sign that French Muslims are gaining power as a political entity.

Unlike in the past, when French Muslims were marginalized, they now have their own movements like the PIR and can push back against what Meftah calls the “white political establishment.”

Read the entire article…

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    • bill moore

      After the attacks in Paris, this guy should be President of France!

    • Saracenboy

      >Islam wants to get rid of [ban] all other religions.

      [Citation Needed]

    • Awesome

      Islam wants to get rid of [ban] all other religions.

      Islam doesn’t “want” anything. It is a religion for which there is nothing in it that prescribes or encourages the banning of all other religions.

    • ShunTheRightWhale

      Former Yugoslavia is in need of statesmen that can change the opinion of the masses for the better. Germany and France “heriditary enemies” (Erbfeinde) for about 200 years (Germany’s unitiy 1871 was achieved as a militaric victory over France), their clinch about l’Alsace, Lothringen, after WWI the Coal-rich Ruhrgebiet, Saarland, Germany’s humiliation of France in their victory, installed a puppet regime in Vichy, build the French coast into a chain of bunkers and fortresses, nevertheless after the war, the Great Gerneral de Gaulle spoke with Catholic Conservative former Mayor of Cologne and new elected Bundeskanzler Adenauer after all that what had been done with him on an equal level. This was the birth of EWG: Formulation of international economical aims instead of invasions, at some turns even on the other side of the Iron Curtain. In World politics Germany was a divided country that was about first to be nuked in a Nuklear Holocaust. Under this circumstances the the newly founded EWG strove for economic strenghthening of her countries. Time proved that when Stalinism is survived and an astonishing leader takes over power in the USSR the old images of a death foe can be solved. But for some the collapse came too fast. Esspecially for Former Yugoslavia… But even after look a Slovenia small, but firm and since 2004 in the EU, has been a stable member since, especially compared to Greece. Look at Croatia finally managed that too. Serbia’s at the present too nationalistic and has issues with neighbors like Albania and Mazedonia. I think a progress of peace under EU-tutelage would strengthen the bonds between the two entities (EU and BiH), but EU-requirements are strict, the country would have to go through a number of political and economical reforms… But look at Eastern Ukraine or Syria the Scene looks much better than there and much better than 10 years ago. (no wars more since then)

    • ShunTheRightWhale

      Former Yugoslavia is a different issue… Eastern Europe has a long history of ethnic pluralistic countries, since the advent of Nationalism ethnicity has been a driving force behind conflicts in the region. For long periods of history, these peoples didn’t rule themselves, the First World War led to the collapse of foreign rule in the region. Until 1918 many East European cities had sizeable German populations that sometimes formed a merchant elite or entire regions with German rural settlements along the danube (p.e. Riga, Praha, Transsilvania,…). Nothing was left of that. With the receeding Ottoman Empire the uprising people (Montenegro, Serbia, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria) had a common enemy the Turks, but every of these new countries wanted to dominate the other, especially Serbia. This proved to be possible when former Habsburg dominated Croatia and Slovenia formed with Serbia the Yugoslavian Kingdom. But that was relatively shortlived so Croats and Serbs just made some territorial exchanges, before the Browm Soup drowned entire Yugoslavia. The Brown Soup lifted, Tito seized power and ruled with an iron grip: one-party-rule, borders and statues from the central power. These collapsed like with the Soviet Union but the case of Yugoslavia was much more complex: Serbia tried actively to force the insurgent Republics back into the Serbian dominant system, so every one fought their own war against Serbo-Yugoslavia; Slovenes, Croats and finally Bosniaks, and Bosniaks against the Croats too. Everbody against everyone, later on this pattern repeated in the Kosovo crisis. People were murdered on ethnical affilation and one party tried to secure borders over another and in disputed teritories ethnic cleansing was used to claim that territory for oneself. The post war situation created a complex political structure for Bosnia-Herzegovina: the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska. The enthnic tensions are still existent, the new sturcture doesn’t work fluently: See the tensions around the trial of Mladic and the 2014 riots… Bosnia-Herzegovia is a poor and corrupted country. As long as ethnical supremacism remains existent (especially Serbian superiority thinking) economical and political tensions and inegalities can fuel new ethnical conflicts.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      If only.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      I said somewhere else that at the going rate it will take over 700 years for Muslims to become a majority (2/3) in Germany, and if you factor in that their birth rate will actually decrease probably much longer, so what are those people making such a fuss about?

    • Hasan karim

      Je suis finished, looks like the Charlie hebdo crew is falling apart. After the hypocrisie we saw that day of many world leaders especially that person from the holy land. I saw this coming. Preaching about freedom of speech while your own government is involved with the most shady things in other parts of the world.

      Je suis crisis.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Maybe so. But I’m still worried about the onbly place in Europe which has an autochthonous Muslim population, seeing that most non-Muslims in the region are more or less openly hostile to Bosniaks and Kosovo Albanians. The Bosniaks have suffereed their Nakba in 1992-95 and whether they will be reduced to the Gaza Strip of Europe (but without access to the sea) remains to be seen. As the serbo fascist war propaganda conflates them with AQ and IS and calls them all Wahhabi. Of course that’s not true but truth does not serve the enemies of Bosniaks m and is of no consequence. Only the power of arms, that is, armed suoeriority, is relevant here. As fr the Kosovo Albanians, 1999 was their 1948. Whether tehir 1967 will eventualklky come remains to be seen. Buts as long as a sizable proportion of Serbs continue to raise themselves above the others (like: Bosniaks = “Turks”, “balije”, “Islamists”, “Jihadists”; Croats = Ustase”, “Nazis” “fascists” and Albanians, particularly those of Muslim faith = “Orcs”, “drug smugglers”, “Organ robbers”) there can be no peace. But imasgin eif the Allies had red-flagged theitr offensive into Germanys and we still had the Third Reich, that would be the same situation as we have in the Balkans today. The only solution for mer is that if they ever once step over the line again they must this time be militarily crushed as Japan was in 1945, and stripped of all their military conquests as Japan was in 1945. And even so, like in Germany and Japan after 1945 too many genocidals, fascists and Nazis would be allowed to continue their careers, continue in public office and never be brought to justice. I’m really ever getting more and more sympathetic tpo the idfea once espoused by Winston Churchill that every single Wehrmacht (or in this case, Serb armed forces) officer with the rank of major or higher should be summarily shot. Because it is my firm conviction that cruel people should be given the same degree of cruelty they so callously apply to others. The worst thing is, most of them weren’t cruel out of hate, pleasure or sadism but out of efficiency and the conviction of doing the right thing. And those are in my eyes worse than those who actually do hate. Think of the most horrible and hideous thing that can be done to another human being. Even that would be too good for those fiends. Besides that it would be debasing and undignified for those who would actually have to execute them (even though at times I think there are such to whom I would do it most gladly – with a samurai sword for example, but slowly, very slowly – but firstly there is the ever-present fear of getting the wrong person; and secondly, I’m not a murderer nor a sadist; for how long could I stand being the executioner?) The world is full of unworthy people. Not because of their race or their ethnicity or their religion. But because of their conduct. Their conduct and their deeds, which are open for everybodytpo see. Some of them can be ignored; some must be shown the limit they should never overstep. And some deserve death, but not only that. They deserve damnatio memoriae as well (needless to say the same applies to the IS thugs). And as long as I hear nothing but genocidal hate speech from most Serb or pro-Serb forists, I can’t but believe that a majority of Serbs are genocidal maniacs thirsty for Bosniak blood. I cannot but see them as enemies. With mistrust. I will never trust them. Because the tale of the scorpion and the frog applies here as well. Because that is what they have been taught for centuries. How they can be made sane I don’t know. Most probably they can’t. It’s impossible. Oh, a small minority are sane; they are immune to ultranationalism, chauvinism and fascism. A large majority of people are indifferent, just simple souls. If their leaders say its all right to commit genocide or to have genocidal ideas, that’s what they will do; and now suppose their leaders told them to behave friendly towards Bosniaks and Albanians, then they would do just that, never ask why and pretend never to have behaved otherwise. The thing is, one can’t do away with a people as a whole, even though a majority has, in one way or the other, become guilty of genocide because then one would be genocidal oneself. But what can the little man on the street do, especially in such places as the Balkans where might has always made right? Not much, I’m afraid. Only be ever watchful and keep your eyes peeled over those who through history have tried to do us in. Read the enemy’s newspapers, watch their TV, browse their web suites. If you see that they start filling with genocidal hate speech as they did back in 1992, you will know that the Moment of Truth has come. Keep a fistful of gold coins under your pillow; and a gun as well. Try to get yourself and your loved ones out if the line of fire. And if you can’t, do not let yourselves be led like lambs to the slaughter. Remember the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. And follow their example. If fate has decided that you must die at the hands of the enemy, take down at least six side-boys with you. That’s what I also think I, and everybody else, have to impress on our children and grandchildren as well, pass it on to future generations, across the centuries. Keep the memory of Srebrenica and the 1992-95 genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade alive.

    • sasboy

      Why wait that long to ban French culture ?

    • ShunTheRightWhale

      Can’t these haters come to a similar conclusion? This “author”, Sarrazin, prophesied in the 2020ies Islamic law will be enforced in Berlin. The real future for Europe is meanwhile less spectacular, the Muslim percentage will still rise, but since they live in the same economical system their age structure will blend with a lag, meaning their numbers will first become stable and then recede slowly as already does for many Non-Muslim populations in Europe. No spectacular Islamisation, no demise of the Occident. The political and economical situation is luckily (most often) too stable for right wing extremists or Islamists to get to power, the younger generation of migrants (under 30 years) is almost completly bilingual (at least here in Germany) and the majority of them just wants to make a living in the country of their birth. So all that remains to be solved are prejudices, sadly that’s a thing that takes much longer (for prejudices against Jews, p.e., about 150 years, so in the first half of the 22nd century Non-Muslim-Europeans will finally become more tolerant about Islam)…

    • JD

      CAIR Says Tenn. Man Who Planned Religiously-Motivated Attack on NY Muslims Should Face Terror Charges

      (WASHINGTON, D.C., TX, 5/16/15) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the Obama administration to treat a planned religiously-motivated attack on a Muslim community in New York as an act terrorism and to charge the alleged organizer of the attack as a terrorist.

      According to court documents, a Tennessee man who garnered more than 9,000 votes in a failed run for Congress last year admitted in federal court to planning an attack on a Muslim community in New York along with members of a right-wing militia.

      Robert Doggart, 63, was recorded on a wiretapped phone call planning to burn down a mosque and Muslim school, while shooting anyone who tried to stop the attackers.

      “Our small group will soon be faced with the fight of our lives. We will offer those lives as collateral to prove our commitment to our God,” Doggart wrote in a Facebook post. “We shall be Warriors who will inflict horrible numbers of casualties upon the enemies of our Nation and World Peace.” Doggart was arrested April 10 and charged with soliciting others to violate civil rights, attempts to damage religious property because of the religious character of the property and making threats through interstate communication. He pleaded guilty to interstate communication of threats and was released on bond to home confinement. He may not face any jail time

    • mindy1

      Can idiots be banned instead

    • downwithpants

      I definitely wouldn’t put religion on the same level as air. I do get your point that you can’t stop people from being religious

    • The greenmantle

      my money is on the latter . I wonder why that date ?. Judgement day ?

      Sir David

    • Laurent Weppe

      Banning all religions would be just another form of sectarian supremacism.

    • Laurent Weppe

      Apparently, the guy was hospitalized -against his will- just after his outburst: he’s suffering from a mouth cancer that’s killing him and the treatment and heavy painkillers he’s taking are either screwing with his brain… or making him state openly what he was prudent to hide until now.

    • Yausari

      Yes I agree that they shouldn’t be hypocritical about it But it’s a dumb idea, either way. It’s like trying to ban air. People will still practice religion.

    • Heinz Catsup

      Either you ban all religions or none of them. Besides, banning pretty much anything only creates more problems than it solves.

AlterNet: Exposing Anti-Islam Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Latest Deception

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali/Magan

An excellent article by Max Blumenthal on Ayaan Hirsi Ali that has gotten a lot of shares on social media. It notes what we and many others have for quite some time, her fraudulent autobiography and deceptive Islamophobic tactics.

By Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

While promoting her new book, Heretic, on a March 23 episode of “The Daily Show,” Somali-born author and anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali made a staggering claim: “If you look at 70 percent of the violence in the world today, Muslims are responsible,” she told host Jon Stewart.

Stewart did not demand any evidence and Hirsi Ali provided no citation. However, she made a strikingly similar statement in a March 20 essay previewing her new book for the Wall Street Journal: “According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies,” Hirsi Ali wrote in WSJ’s Saturday Essay, “at least 70% of all the fatalities in armed conflicts around the world last year were in wars involving Muslims.”

I contacted the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), a leading British foreign policy think tank, to inquire about the source of Hirsi Ali’s statistic. According to IISS Media Relations and Communications Officer Kat Slowe, IISS did not explicitly state such a figure in its research.

“I have spoken to a number of our experts and they cannot identify where this statistic may have come from,” Slowe told me.

“Their best guess is that the journalist in question [Hirsi Ali] may have access/a subscription to the [IISS] Armed Conflict Database and may have calculated this statistic independently. There are some concerns that it could be misleading as, without Syria (near 200,000 total deaths, and almost half of last year’s global conflict deaths) the figure would look massively different (and of course, this conflict did not have its root in religion),” Slowe added.

Read the entire article…

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    • downwithpants

      I bet you also use the term sheep le. Alex Jones is missing a fluff boy…so close you could be “his shadow”……

    • Tarig Musa

      If accurately portraying the facts about a persons history is a smear, you must have a different version of “smear”.

    • Tarig Musa

      well clearly you didn’t read the article as it provides screen shot evidence that it is in fact the guys you are a fan boy of that lied, not Max. next time you want to comment, try not to pose a question that has already been debunked.

    • JS

      What bold claims? What are you trying to argue? You can’t pick one part of my comment and then pretend to act intelligent because you somehow called me out on it. I specifically said “Islam can’t restrict or kill anyone. Only people can. Hirsi is trying to smear 1.8 billion Muslims as barbaric”

Eurofascists on the March


Not an untypical reaction in the looniverse to the rise of fascists and Neo-Nazis in Europe has been the rantings of BareNakedIslam, who can always be counted on to provide the unflitered, demented thoughts of racists and Islamophobes worldwide.

Today, what it means to be “European” for many Europeans is anti-Muslim and xenophobic, but then again for those who’ve been following Loonwatch the results of the elections aren’t surprising.

‘This is an earthquake’: The far-right rises as EU elections signal a massive shift across Europe

European voters have delivered “an earthquake,” says France’s prime minister, with the dramatic rise of right-wing, Euroskeptic parties. Partial returns from the 28-nation European Parliament elections show an unprecedented surge by Euroskeptics and outright anti-EU politicians. The results have sent national political party leaders scrambling with France’s ruling Socialist party holding a crisis meeting and Britain’s Conservatives rethinking their strategy for next year’s general election. “European politics will be different from today on,” said Doru Frantescu, policy director and co-founder of VoteWatch Europe, an independent Brussels-based organization.

So who were the big winners and losers?

The winners

FRANCE In France, the anti-EU, far-right National Front party led by Marine Le Pen got one in four votes, the best showing by any of the country’s parties. The Socialists were holding emergency meetings to discuss the results. The breakthrough dealt a further blow to President Francois Hollande, the least popular leader in France’s modern history. Proclaiming “politics of the French, for the French, with the French,” Ms. Le Pen said the election was a “humiliation” for Mr. Hollande.

 AFP PHOTO / Leon Neal
AFP PHOTO / Leon NealUK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage celebrates at a pub in central London on May 26, 2014. His UK Independence Party
(UKIP) topped the poll inBRITAIN With most of the seats declared in Britain, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) had 27.5% of the vote, the main opposition Labour Party 25%, the Conservatives 24%. Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out a coalition with UKIP. Mr. Farage said it was the most stunning election upset in 100 years.GREECE Voters in Greece, handed first place and six seats to the anti-establishment Syriza party that campaigned against fiscal austerity policies. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s New Democracy party came second but the Nationalist Golden Dawn party, whose leader and five other lawmakers are in prison pending trial on charges of running a criminal organization, jumped to third place, with 9.4 percent of the vote. The result gives them three seats.
EPA / PAWEL SUPERNAKThe leader of The New Right Congress, Janusz Korwin-Mikke (C), reacts after EU elections exit polls in Warsaw, Poland, 25 May 2014.

POLAND In Poland, marginal anti-EU politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke was elected to the parliament after declaring that it corrupts politicians and should be turned into a brothel.

SPAIN Podemos, a new movement that grew out of street demonstrations against politicians and banks, won five seats.

The losers

HOLLAND Initial exit polls from the Netherlands showed a setback for Geert Wilders’s anti-EU Freedom Party, which may have come in fourth after targeting a first-place finish.

AP Photo / Gregorio Borgia
AP Photo / Gregorio BorgiaBeppe Grillo, leader of the Five Stars Movement, delivers a speech during a campaign rally in Rome on Friday, May 23, 2014, preceding the EU Parliament elections on May 25.

ITALY The anti-establishment Five Star Movement, led by former comic Beppe Grillo, was defeated by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Democratic Party.

Germany Angela Merkel’s conservatives were the strongest force in Germany winning with 36% of the vote, but that was down from 42% in last year’s national election. The anti-euro Alternative for Germany party — which is only a year old — won about 7% of the vote. Ms. Merkel called the rise of the Euroskeptics “regrettable.”

European elections in Britain.

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Oh yes.

Le Pen Supporting Parti Quebecois Candidate Steps Down For Anti-Islam Message


PQ candidate steps down after posting anti-Islamic photos

(Montreal News)

A Parti Quebecois candidate who posted anti-Islamic material on social media has withdrawn from the campaign.

Jean Carriere, who was the PQ candidate for the Montreal riding of Lafontaine, created a social media storm on Wednesday when a Liberal party supporter digging through his Facebook page found a picture of a half-naked woman saying “Fuck Islam.”

Earlier this year Carriere also praised Marine Le Pen and the far-right Front National party of France.

Reporters had difficulty contacting Carriere Wednsday evening and his Facebook page was soon taken offline, but he later told one that he shared the image because he thought it was pro-feminist.

Thursday morning Premier Pauline Marois announced that Carriere had withdrawn his candidacy.

Around noon Carriere posted an apologetic message on his Facebook page.

One of the first replies came from Roland Richer, the PQ candidate for Argenteuil, who said he still admired Carriere and said he should not have been forced to step down.

Around 2 p.m. Richer’s comment was removed.

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    • abdul rauf

      why is that a bad photo? i think his head is shaped like that. it’s a birthdefect. the fetus turns to early and the head is pinched by the pelvis and fuses the skull to early and causes thaat misshapened head. happened to a co-workers kid.

    • Sam Seed

      Yes, he’s made quite a spectacle of himself.

    • Sam Seed

      Nothing wrong with being a Klingon, unless it’s an Islamophobe in which case we have reached depths of galactic proportions, long live the Empire!

    • Tanveer Khan

      I remember watching that when i was younger!

    • JD

    • Reynardine

      I believe he is a Klingon.

    • Jekyll

      Honestly not to be rude or anything but this nice looking gentleman ought to be wearing a baseball cap

    • The greenmantle

      Marine’ s supporters are also calling themselves “La Vauge Blue Marine ” thats the blue wave of the sea but to me sounds more like a vague blue rince . Like her hair style Sir David

  • The greenmantle

    I am confused and dont mean to be judgemental but this guy is … er … Black right ? Its not just a bad photo and he supports LePen ? ……… WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE DUDE! on the subject of the charming pouting Marine I noticed a rash of posters around Angers yesterday where she is described as “the alturnative voice” I found this quite ironic as her campaign appears to consist of her keeping quiet and her opponents shooting themselves in the foot . Unfortunetly this ruse appears to be working

Wilders helps to launch anti-Islam party in Australia


Wilders helps to launch anti-Islam party in Australia

An anti-Islam party based on the hardline views of Dutch politician Geert Wilders plans to field candidates at the next federal election, raising fears among moderate Muslims of a rise in extremism.

Mr Wilders, an influential far-right figure expected to shape the results of this year’s European elections, told followers in a video message that the Australian Liberty Alliance was being formed to “offer civil minded Australians fresh political vision and better policies”. Policies advocated by Wilders’ Party for Freedom include deporting immigrants convicted of a crime and stopping all immigration from Islamic countries.

“Many of you are disappointed by current political parties and have had enough of politicians who sell our Western civilisation,” Mr Wilders said in his video. “Like you, good people in Europe, America, Canada have had enough of politicians who don’t share our values and foolishly declare all cultures are equal, and who lack the courage to speak the truth and say that Islam is the biggest threat to freedom today.”

Australian Liberty Alliance was registered as a not-for-profit business last month by Debbie Robinson, the president of the Q Society, an anti-Islam think tank that was responsible for bringing Mr Wilders to Australia last year. The party will be headquartered in Western Australia and is expected to be launched by Mr Wilders early next year. It is yet to be registered as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission. Ms Robinson said she intended to stand as a candidate.

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia spokesman Keysar Trad urged Muslims to ignore the fledgling party, warning it would “galvanise hardliners” on both sides of the debate. “The extremists within our community love to see something like this,” Mr Trad said. “All this does is create further division.”

Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson said despite Australia’s implied constitutional protection of political speech, any party had a responsibility not to “inflame prejudice”. “Australia had Hansonism and saw it for its shallowness and flaws, and I think people will see exactly the same thing with Wilders,” Mr Wilson said.

Q Society spokesman Andrew Horwood said the party would have no formal relationship with either the Q Society or Mr Wilders. He said the party would be secular, conservative and campaign openly against Islam. “Australia is a different country to The Netherlands but we will be absolutely fearless in saying we don’t believe Islam is good for this country,” Mr Horwood said.

The Australian, 5 March 2014

See also “Australian Liberty Alliance, backed by anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders, set for launch”,, 4 March 2014

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    • Talking_fish_head

      And nothing of value was lost

    • Reynardine

      If you actually thought this community was a tenth as violent as you accuse it of being, you wouldn’t be here throwing tripe, but hiding under your bed in a puddle of your own urine.

    • Lithium2006

      Make sure you don’t trip over your tail as you tuck it between your legs while running.

    • AM24

      Pakistan’s present pathetic condition is due to the backstabbing and subservience of the bootlickers and brown sahibs like musharraf and co. If it wasn’t for that filth Pakistan could be just as great as Iran and Malaysia.

    • Heinz Catsup

      Good one!

    • AM24

      This same hindutva and zionist filth think Pakistanis are jealous of the relationship between India and the terrorist state of israel.

    • rookie

      “…and who lack the courage to speak the truth and say that Islam is the biggest threat to freedom today.”

      What a psycho!?

    • 1DrM

      Nothing you’ve claimed has been proven at all. What possessed you to think you can even “debate”? It’s obvious your comments get deleted is because you’re a worthless Hindu extremist fecal fascist troll. No respectable website has an obligation to post the comments of scum like you who support rape. Then again, you’re from India where rape in part of the national “culture” along with public urination and defecation. Slither back to the Hindutva latrine you were conceived in, gutter trash.

    • jacobin777

      Good riddance to you?

    • jacobin777

      Do always post this unintellectual tripe?

    • abhi098

      You have proved my point.Muslims will never change . They will kill themselves and also others. No use debating with people who are living in stone age. Good bye.

    • abhi098

      Do u know what deleting my comments say about islam and muslims? U guys are the world’s biggest hyppocrites. You not only kill non muslims in non muslim countries but even in muslim countries.

      Respect is earned and not by demand. Those who censor truth shouldn’t throw stones on others.

    • The greenmantle

      Will Indonesia let him in ? Sir David

    • Yausari

      He needs to get a life

    • Sam Seed

      Wilders go home!

  • mindy1

    This actually gives me the creeps. That a hater could start a party and get support does not bode well for peace

ADL Traffics in Crude Stereotyping of Muslims


Yesterday, William Saletan of published an article (The Muslim Taxi Driver) on how to kill legislation that favors Christian religion and it has to do with prejudice and paranoia against Muslims,

If you want to kill legislation that protects the right of Christians to withhold business services from same-sex couples, here’s one way to do it: Don’t warn people about Christians. Warn them about Muslims.

That strategy was on display in the campaign against Arizona Senate Bill 1062, which would have shielded businesses from discrimination suits if they acted on religious beliefs. Everyone understood that the bill would have allowed conservative Christians to refuse services for a gay wedding. But in Arizona, that wasn’t a strong enough argument against it. So opponents went for the Muslim angle.

Many Americans who talk about religious freedom are really just interested in the rights of conservative Christians. They’re not so keen on Muslims. In fact, they worry about Muslims imposing their beliefs on Christians. Two days ago, in praise of the Arizona bill, Rush Limbaugh complained, “Religious beliefs can’t be used to stop anything the left wants to impose—unless they’re Muslim religious beliefs, and then we have to honor those. But any other religious beliefs are not permitted.”

The first reference to Muslims in the Arizona fight, as far as I can tell, came from the Anti-Defamation League in a letter to state senators and in testimony before a state Senate committee on Jan. 16. If the bill were to pass, the ADL’s assistant regional director told the committee, “A Muslim-owned cab company might refuse to drive passengers to a Hindu temple.”

CAIR-Arizona has condemned the ADL’s stereotyping, calling on the group to apologize,

“It is unconscionable that a group purporting to defend civil rights would resort to religious bigotry to promote its political agenda,” said CAIR-AZ Board Chair Imraan Siddiqi. “The introduction of this stereotypical scenario gave way to the narrative that Muslims are in some way serial abusers of ‘religious freedom based denials of service,’ which is completely baseless.”

, , , , , , , , , ,

    • Guess

      You got that right. It is a mouth-piece all right. Paying lip services to save face once in a while when American Islamophobia gets too raw for them to ignore it — which by the way the Zionism ideology they adhere to is for the most part responsible for. And to wholeheartedly defend the Zionist crimes in Palestine at every corner, should give a pause, especially to American Muslims about this organization and its agenda.

    • Solid Snake

      Well, when I used the “50%” number I meant to use it in a way to indicate in a simple manner that the Republican Party (The Democrats being the other half) represents a good number of the US population and is mostly responsible for spreading this sentiment.

    • Salaams to all, Thank you for this. It brings some perspective which was needed in this particular case. On a related note, these are interesting objections to the ex-bill which I had not considered. I would, however, have to read the text of the bill itself to discern whether these scenarios would be possible. I’ve seen special interest groups outright lie–blatantly–on more than one occasion when it came to extrapolating the possible effects of proposed legislation. But now that the legislation has been killed, I needn’t go to the trouble. There remains the thorny problem of the case which inspired the legislation in the first place; but that is outside the purview of this website.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      I don’t think you were oversensitive. I think the issue was in the way the material was presented. No one reading the Slate piece or the CAIR-Arizona letter would have known that this was one of five examples or that another example involved hypothetical discrimination against a group that wanted to study the Talmud or Koran (Qur’an).

      “When 50% of the Untied States population uses the word Muslim, not even extremist or radical Muslim just Muslim, as an insult and a way to discredit, impeach, and sometimes even justify killing the president of the US, then you know that this sentiment is woven into society to an alarming degree.”

      I agree 100% on the concept, though I doubt the figure is actually 50%. ( ) Whatever the figure, it’s not negligible, as probably close to 100% of us have seen that tactic used. I think it could actually be the subject of an interesting LW piece if someone wanted to write about it.

    • Solid Snake

      I think I was a bit sensitive today, lack of sleep does that to you.

      But after reading the whole letter, I don’t think this was a case of intentional Islamophobia. Like you said they needed a few examples and they happened to use one involving a Muslim. They also used a Christian example.

      Im just so used to people on the internet and in real life bringing up Muslims when they want to present an example of bad behavior or violence. Its getting beyond ridiculous. Its just thrown about so casually with such confidence that it makes you want to tear your hair out. because there is no use arguing logically, the amount of misinformation and ignorance that has built up over time into these little soundbites is overwhelming. And its just so ingrained in that person, in the supporters of that opinion, and honestly, and unfortunately, it is ingrained in Western society as a whole.

      And that’s not just my opinion. Its a provable observable phenomenon. When 50% of the Untied States population uses the word Muslim, not even extremist or radical Muslim just Muslim, as an insult and a way to discredit, impeach, and sometimes even justify killing the president of the US, then you know that this sentiment is woven into society to an alarming degree.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      Agreed. I’m just stuck between two possible explanations for what happened at the Arizona branch of the ADL, and I don’t know which is worse. Was this a deliberate attempt to fight a law using Islamophobia, or are they so oblivious that this just “sounded right” to them? Either explanation would be bad.

      That said, the Slate piece and the Arizona CAIR letter are a bit misleading. Here is a link to the actual Arizona-ADL letter:,d.eW0 . It has the following examples:

       An employer could raise SB 1062 as defense to an employee’s equal pay claim under A.R.S. §23-341 arguing that his or her religious beliefs require that men be paid more than women.  The legislation could be used as defense to paying statutorily accrued interest on liens or other amount owed to individuals or private entities based on a religious objection to paying interest.  A secular corporation with religious owners could refuse to hire someone from a different religion, so as to avoid paying a salary that might be used for a purpose that is offensive to the owners’ religious views.  A Christian-owned hotel chain might refuse to rent rooms to those who would use the space to study the Koran or Talmud.  A Muslim-owned cab company might refuse to drive passengers to a Hindu temple.

      Again, I think what the Arizona branch of the ADL did was wrong, though if they had had a third example with a Jewish-owned business also engaged in discrimination, I think it would have been sufficiently balanced.

    • Solid Snake

      Wow, what a low blow. Shameful really, we haven’t said a thing nor are we involved in that situation yet they have to fucking mention us? See the stereotype isn’t whats making me angry, no I’ve heard worse. Its the fact that they say it so casually, like its everyday common sense. Whenever you need an example of a POSSIBLE crime or violence or discrimination just use Muslims or even better, Arabs. No one will say anything and if we ever do, we are trying to suppress free speech like when people peacefully petitioned that pop star to remove the Islamic imagery.

      We are accused of doing bad things whether we are vocal or silent, whether we are involved in a certain situation or not.

    • mindy1

      The ADL should be combating prejudice against all. For my Jewish brethren to engage in that kind is embarrassing and I am sorry about that.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      I don’t think anything will change in the near or mediate term in regards to Israel, but maybe their strategy in regards to Muslim Americans will, it has to in my opinion.

    • JD

      Yes right… ADL is nothing but a mouth piece and lobby group for Israel pretending to fight “defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all” If Abe goes and Bob takes over it wont matter there mission and job is the same

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      Maybe things will change at the ADL once Abe Foxman finally retires, which is supposed to be soon.

New Anti-Sharia Legislation Introduced in Several States


Sen. Lee “not so” Bright.

New Anti-Sharia Legislation Introduced in Several States


The 2014 legislative year has already seen legislation proposed that would ban the application of Sharia law in state courts. There are currently nine states that have introduced some variation of a bill aiming to block Islamic law. Most of the bills have carried over from 2013 with the exception of Vermont, which has introduced its first bill of this stature.

The bills are intended to combat the perceived threat that Muslims are undermining the United States Constitution and imposing Sharia law. Although almost none of the bills mention Sharia or other religious law specifically, instead opting for more neutral language, such as “foreign” and “international” law, their intent to vilify Muslims remains very much the same.

The bills are modeled after legislation entitled American Laws for American Courts (ALAC), which was authored by anti-Muslim lawyer and activist David Yerushalmi. The decision to explicitly leave out words like Sharia and Islam reflects a recent court case in Oklahoma where a federal judge ruled that legislation directly targeting Sharia law was in violation of Muslims’ Constitutional rights. However, the bill was amended and secured Oklahoma as the sixth state to enact such a law. Now even more states are looking to pass their own versions.

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright (R) is one of the lawmakers trying to pass this type of legislation in his state. Bright is a prime example of the paranoia and anti-Muslim demagoguery behind these bills. Over the summer, Bright, who is primarying Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for a 2014 Senate seat, accused the senator of being a “community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood.” This was after Graham took a diplomatic trip to Egypt with Senator John McCain (R-AZ). In a recent speech, Bright also went on a diatribe about Muslim immigration, asserting that the country might be admitting terrorists.

“We got to be careful about who we let into this country,” he told the crowd. “A lot of these folks from terrorist nations are coming in on student visas, and we shouldn’t allow it.” Later in the speech, Bright referred to immigrants crossing the Southern border unlawfully as “an invasion” and claimed some of them might have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bright is not the only state representative looking to have a bill of this category passed, however. Listed below are all of the proposed 2014 anti-Sharia bills:

  • Florida has introduced Senate Bill 386. The bill’s sponsor is Sen. Alan Hays (R), who last year proposed SB 58, which died on the Senate floor. Hays has previously compared Sharia law to a “dreadful disease,” and its only vaccination is anti-Sharia legislation.

  • Georgia has introduced HB 895 and SR 808 prohibiting courts from recognizing foreign and international law.

  • Iowa’s House Bill 76 was carried over from 2013 and has been referred to a Judiciary House Committee.

  • Kentucky has introduced HB 43, which has been referred to a House Judiciary Committee.

  • Missouri has re-introduced SB 619. The bill’s sponsor is Republican State Senator Brian Knieves, an anti-immigrant legislator and member of the State Legislators for Legal Immigration. SB 619 was vetoed last summer by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.

  • South Carolina has introduced three bills: HB 4494, which specifically bans Sharia, and SB 60 and 81, both of which were carried over from 2013. Sen. Bright is responsible for SB 81.

  • Mississippi has introduced HB 44, which has been referred to a House Judiciary Committee.

  • Vermont has introduced SB 265 and is the state’s first anti-Sharia bill.

  • West Virginia has introduced SB 2116, which is currently in a Judiciary House Committee.

  • Washington has introduced SB 6118 and HB 1392, which carried over from 2013.

Legislation outlawing Sharia law in state courts remains unnecessary and a distraction from more pressing matters. The background of the laws and its fringe sponsors show their true intent and has no place in our legislative process.

For more on Senator Lee Bright and his controversial views, visit The National Memo here.

“Lee Bright Warns of Immigrant ‘Invasion’ From ‘Terrorist Nations’” (via Right Wing Watch)

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    • Laila Muhammad

      Talmudic laws in nyc and other cities seems to be immune from these anti-int’l law bills…wonder why?….maybe mr jarushalem could enlighten us

    • Seeker

      The Muslims are taking over in France and have taken territories in England Oh noooo, our secret is out !!! It’s time for Operation Taqiyya everybody !

    • Hussein

      Yes, the fear what they see in Islamic countries, then wants to have a preemtive laws and at the same time giving those who wants these laws a signal that they are not welcomed. Who really will want to live under sharia Law…? Look at Theocratic Iran, Saudi Arabia and all the muslim countries where sharia is implemented if there is human rights and tolerance. The west should fight against sharia law with tooth and nail.

    • Hussein

      Can someone please tell me where on this earth the sharia is implemented, and at the same time does not infrige on human rights…? Is it in Pakistan with their blasphemy law..? Somalia, Sudan..? Saudi Arabia..? Are these coincidences..? Then which place is there on this earth that sharia is well implemented and then people hurry or rush to live there…?

    • The greenmantle

      Sorry are you on the same planet / dimention as everyone else on this blog ? have you ever travelled much ? I am British and now live in France and can confirm you are talking what I can only say is complete bollocks . Maybe if you dealt with the real world and actually got out of your basement you would realise this . By the way world of warcraft does not count as travelling . Have a nice day Sir David

    • Amie

      Not if you look the way Shari’ah Law is interpreted in countries like Saudi Arabia. In fact, I sometimes wonder if their version of Shari’ah is a mix of islamic and Mosaic Law (you know: chopping heads, chopping hands, stoning, etc). For example, the stoning punishment comes directly from the Mosaic Law (Old Testament). No stoning is required according to the Qur’an. However, to make their actions islamically lawful certain countries like Saudi Arabia have invented a story how the stoning punishment was in the Qur’an but the passage was “eaten by a goat.” What a joke! Really? A goat? So Allah SWT promises to keep his Word intact and protected, yet a goat got it?!? Check out this video in Arabic and English from learned sheikh Imran Hosein explaining the lie about the stoning rule:

  • Amie

    Are we, the American Muslims, being prepared for something more sinister?

Le Pen to visit Wilders Tuesday, hold joint press conference


Deacon Robert Spencer‘s pal Geert Wilders is joining up with France’s Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen to visit Wilders Tuesday, hold joint press conference

The leader of France’s nationalist Front National is meeting Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch anti-Islam party PVV, on Tuesday and the two will hold a joint press conference about their plans for the European elections.

The aim of Marine le Pen and Wilders is to create a strong anti-EU block within the European parliament. Wilders has spoken several times of his efforts to form a pan-European grouping.

In order to form an official group within the European parliament, Wilders and Le Pen need to deliver 27 MEPs from seven different countries. The PVV and Front National are currently ahead in the opinion polls.

Wilders has already made approaches to the Vlaams Belang, Italy’s Lega Nord and the UK Independence Party, the Volkskrant said earlier this year. UKIP and Sweden’s Democrats have refused to join an alliance with the Front National.

The PVV and Front National have different views on both Israel and homosexuality. Wilders has made a point of supporting Israel and gay rights.

Dutch News, 10 November 2013

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    • Cengiz_K

      …Islam critic…

      I am sure You are aware of how all the “I dont hate muslims but Islamofascism”-“liberals are seeing themselves in the light of intellectualism but don’t have the slightest clue of the world they are living in, that’s one impression I get when having exchanged one or two words with this elite.. This might be true for many branches of intellectualism or those who enjoy to refer to themselves in that manner, but there is something about those former people what makes one flinch either in disgust or pity.. Or maybe it is just me..

    • Cengiz_K

      That’s a rather good summary of all the public players who are dividing europe as a primary target among themselves imho.. And they are gaining power.. Heads up..

    • Helfrink89

      They actually have quite a few differences, believe me. I used to be associated with the “Alternative-Right” before my conversion to Islam and I found myself caught up in arguments between European/Continental Nationalists, Atlantic/Anglo-Saxon Nationalists and Eurasianists . Marine LePenn’s nationalism favors the Continental European Identity, which derives inspiration from orthodox Fascism (of Mussolini, Primo de Rivera, Codreanu), as well as various non-fascist nationalists like De Gualle. The European Nationalists HATE the Atlanticists, Neoconservatives, are critical of Zionism, Americanism, are disdainful of Anglo-Saxon thought and would like to see NATO dissolved. Geert Wilders is more of an Atlantic Nationalist, whom share a lot in common with neoconservatives, have warmer, if not cordial attitudes towards Israel, the U.S., NATO, etc. The Continental Nationalists sometimes resent the Atlantic Nationalists as “Kosher Nationalists” because of their warm attitudes towards Zionism. Atlantic Nationalists resent the Continental Nationalists as “Nazis.”

      And then you have the Eurasianists, who are a whole different ball-game from the two. Eurasianists really hate Zionism and Americanism (to a much greater degree than the Continentalists), but unlike the Atlanticists and Continentalists, Eurasianists don’t harbor much disdain towards Muslims and even see Muslims as an important part of their Eurasian vision. Both Atlanticists and Continentalists resent Eurasianists as “Communists” and “Neo-Soviets” (Though Eurasianists will still turn a blind eye or even justify Russia’s mistreatment of Muslims)

    • LeRoy Williams

      It is true that Wilders has an inferiority complex about being from a Muslim-majority nation, so he tries to bleach it out & attacks Muslims & immigrants to compensate

    • sasboy

      Many of the apologists for Geert Wilders, some of them Dutch, whom I have interacted with, over the net seem to think the man is not a racist or a race baiter at all, but rather an Islam critic and little more.

      Some people may be scared that this political marriage from hell between these two far right wingers, may be bad, because it represents a coalescing of extreme political views.

      But Marine Le Pen, daughter of Holocaust denying Jean Marie Le Pen, who is well known in France as a racist, coming together with Wilders, makes it easier for the far right’s critics to depict the latter as a racist, also keeping in mind that he has now turned on the Eastern European community in his country as well.

      When extremists congregate, it may create a bigger menace, which may be easier to expose and depict as the threat to progressive values which it is.

    • bboy_blue

      His hair dying is a result of a self loathing & denial, which manifests itself in the form of a wannabe Aryan spouting anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim bigotry.

      Geert Wilders’ Indonesian roots define his politics, says anthropologist

  • The greenmantle

    No problem , great minds think alike

Génération Identitaire stages anti-Islam stunt in Lorraine

The same group that stormed a French Mosque last year.

Génération Identitaire stages anti-Islam stunt in Lorraine

Des Dômes Et Des Minarets reports on the latest anti-Muslim initiative from the French far-right group Génération Identitaire, who were responsible for a widely publicised occupation of a mosque in Poitiers last year (and presumably also for the anti-Islam banner hung from the same building earlier this month).

Following the recent announcement that the mayor and municipal council have agreed to lease a plot of land to the city’s Muslim association for the construction of a new mosque, Génération Identitaire activists in the Lorraine capital of Metz have been changing street signs, by giving them new names intended to suggest that the city is undergoing a process of Islamification.

The new names include “Place de la mosquée”, “Rue de la lapidation”, “Rue de la charia”, “Rue du niqab” and “Place Allah Akbar”. The signs also feature the additional note “With the collaboration of the mayor of Metz”.

Génération Identitaire Lorraine has posted photos of the street signs on its Facebook page, along with a statement justifying the stunt as a “symbolic action”, the aim of which was to denounce “the increasing Islamisation of our city and the entire region”. By such actions the organisation hopes to “raise the awareness of the population about the growing expansion of the Muslim yoke over our daily lives”. It calls on the people of Metz to resist the building of the new mosque.

In the current issue of Searchlight Paul Jackson has an article that examines the ideology of Génération Identitaire and reports on attempts to set up a branch of the organisation in the UK.

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    • The greenmantle

      Not sure about your view of Russian colonialism there old chap nor that democracy leads to nationalism . Attaturk for instance was a nationalist but hardly democratic. I think as the colonial powers became more democratic they saw the inherant immorality of the colony system Sir David

    • George Carty

      My bad — I was only thinking of Metropolitan France.

      One of the ironic things about European colonialism is that Tsarist Russia was the most brutal of the powers at home, but one of the most enlightened in its Central Asian colonial territories. Perhaps it’s because democracy leads to nationalism, which in turn leads to greater brutality against colonials?

    • Laurent Weppe

      Oh no: there was this thing called the French Colonial Empire back in the day, with tens of millions of Muslims living and being mistreated within its borders.

    • George Carty

      Don’t you mean the days when it was illegal to be a Muslim within French borders?

    • Laurent Weppe

      They long for the “good old days” when white catholic upper-class frenchmen could treat the Muslims living within french borders like cattle and fucktoys.

    • mindy1

      Oh real mature -what is wrong with people

Anti-Islam Freedom Party gets over a fifth of the vote in Austrian elections

Heinz-Christian Strache, of Austrian right-wing party FPO (Freedom Par

Heinz-Christian Strache, of Austrian right-wing party FPO (Freedom Party)

Anti-Islam Freedom Party gets over a fifth of the vote in Austrian elections

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party gained over one-fifth of the votes in Sunday’s general election, while the ruling two-party centrist coalition got its worst-ever result. The swing comes amid a Europe-wide surge in support for the far right.

Though Austria’s two major centrist political parties, the conservative Popular Party and the center-left Social Democrats, have retained their majority in parliament, the resurrection of the far-right in Europe is a solid tendency marking a shift in the political mentality of Europeans.

Euroskeptic and right-wing parties in Austria have gained support from people who think the issues that matter most to them aren’t being addressed.

The extreme, radical right is drawing mass support from working-class, blue-collar voters, Sylvia Kritzinger, a political scientist at the University of Vienna, tells RT’s Peter Oliver. “Because of the policies they put forward, like immigration reform, anti-European integration, anti-corruption in the political system.”

The Viennese people Peter Oliver talked to are certain they want to “slow down immigration,” stop the EU “dictating everything” and “put Austria’s interests first.”

The leader of the Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache [pictured], insists he is not a racist. “I love Austria, I don’t hate foreigners,” he says.

Continue reading →

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    • Reynardine

      It appears Anschluss and Seyss-Inquahrt are lost concepts to them.

    • Bob

      The RT report is rather misleading in claiming that the vote for the FPÖ represented a “swing to the right” in Austria.

      The picture is complicated by the fact that the FPÖ split in 2005 when Jörg Haider and other leading figures broke away to form a rival party, the BZÖ. As I point out in a note at the end of the RT report, at the previous general election in 2008 the FPÖ got 17.5% and the BZÖ 10.7%, making a total far-right vote of 28.2%.

      However, Haider was killed in a car crash shortly after the 2008 election, and in his absence the BZÖ’s support has slumped, with its vote falling to 3.6% in 2013. So, although the FPÖ’s vote rose to 21.4%, the total far-right vote was reduced to 25%. And because the BZÖ’s vote failed to reach the 4% threshold, and its representation in parliament was therefore wiped out, the total number of far-right MPs declined from 55 to 42.

      It’s also worth noting that the 25% of the vote won by the FPÖ/BZÖ combined is lower than the 26.9% that the FPÖ received in the 1999 general election, while the 21.4% of the vote received by the FPÖ is also lower than in 1994 (22.5%) and 1995 (21.9%).

      So it’s not really true that the FPÖ’s 2013 vote is part of “a tide that’s turning right” across Europe, as RT suggests. Substantial electoral support for the FPÖ long predates the present rise of Alternative für Deutschland or Golden Dawn. And the far-right vote in Austria today is slightly down on what it has been in the past.

      Having said that, of course, it’s still cause for worry that a party like the FPÖ can get over a fifth of the vote in the Austrian general election.

    • The greenmantle

      Try reading 1984 it makes the point very clear Sir David

    • Tighe McCandless

      Perhaps I’ve been reading too much Harry Turtledove, but any group that calls itself the ‘Freedom Party’ brings to mind some truly unsavory individuals.

    • mindy1

      This is very troubling…

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