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The Myth about the “aggressive Muslim”

Hatred against Jews and hatred against Muslims have a lot in common. One thing in particular is that throughout history Jews and Muslims have been accused of being prone to criminality, rape and violence. The Nazis in the 30’s did so and many antisemites still today spread the lie. The exact same kind of lies are spread about Muslims.

You have all heard the Myth about the aggressive Muslim: the “terrorist”, the “criminal”, the “rapist”, the person that “inherently is prone to violence” just because he is Muslim.

This myth has its origin in classical antisemitism. I wrote about one part of the myth earlier this year: “are Muslims Rapists“. The slander about “aggressive” and “criminal” Muslims has the same origin.

Nicolai Sennells, a Danish psychologist, is often referred to as the main “expert” on this alleged  “Muslim aggressivity”. In Jihadwatch some years ago he claimed:

In Muslim culture, anger is seen as a sign of strength. To Muslims, being aggressive is in itself an argument and a way of gaining respect. But we should not be impressed when we see pictures of bearded men hopping up and down, shouting like animals and shooting in the air. We should take it for what it is: the local madhouse passing by…

In Western culture, self-confidence is connected with the ability to meet criticism calmly and to respond rationally. We are raised to see people who easily get angry when criticized, as insecure and immature. In Muslim culture it is the opposite; it is honorable to respond aggressively and to engage in a physical fight in order to scare or force critics to withdraw…

In general, Westerners are taught to be kind, self-assured, self-responsible and tolerant, while Muslims are taught to be aggressive, insecure, irresponsible and intolerant.

When the racists reports about “Muslim violence” they all do the same. They take reports about things that one Muslim or a small group of Muslims have done, or allegedly have done, and extrapolate it on all Muslims. Islam and “Muslim culture” were “responsible” for the individual crime, it is claimed. The Muslim is demonized and people are tricked to be afraid of him or her.

Thus: to be a Muslim is an accessory to murder, violence, rape and criminality.


“To be a Jew is an accessory to murder, violence, rape and criminality”. That is what the Nazis in the 1930s claimed and what antisemites of all times have claimed. The nazis did the same as the islamophobes today: all Jews and Jewish culture were blamed for the things a few had done or was claimed to have done.

By now you might ask whether a Muslim or a Jew has ever raped a woman, or if there are no aggressive or criminal Muslims or Jews? Of course there are individual Muslim rapists, thiefs, thugs and murderers, as well as there are such among Trump supporters, among farmers, Americans, Christians, Russians, carpenters, farmers and stamp collectors.  But if you claim that Muslims, Jews, Trump supporters or Christians or farmers are rapists or aggressive thugs you are spreading a dangerous lie.

According to Breitbart there is a “Muslim Rape Culture” and that Muslims are “violent” The Nazis spread the same lies about Jews in the 30’s, as Breitbart and others does today in respect to Muslims, and claimed that there was such a thing as “Jewish Rape Culture” and that Jews were “violent”. The German magazine Der Sturmer was especially famous for spreading these kinds of slanders and its editors were put on trial after World War 2, at Nuremberg.

The Jew was  demonized and people were tricked to be afraid of him or her.

In the picture below, from Der Sturmer,  you can see the satanic Jewish “snake” that is seen raping a woman, and in the background you can see the Talmud. The headline deals with legacy-hunters, also implying that Jews try to “take over” Germany. The text on the bottom of the page says: “the Jews are our unluck”.

Antisemitism Germany 5

The myths about the violent Jews and Muslims has often been based on sex. Der Sturmer reported much about “Jewish sex crimes”. The example below is from Der Sturmer 1927. According to the article, an American Jew has raped and abused a German woman in Ohio. “Defamation of the Race in America” is the headline. The implied message is that “all Jews are like that.”  

Here are two other examples from 1936 and once again Der Sturmer. About criminal cases that had to do with fraud. Der Sturmer combined violent articles about how Jews and Jewish holy books were inciting the Jews to violence with news that seemingly “comfirmed” the claims made in the longer articles.

First you read about Jews that was claimed to have committed fraud, thus being criminal, then you read articles about how Jewish culture and holy books (The Talmud) allegedly encouraged Jews to kill, lie and steal from non Jews. The text below is about the claim that Jews were allowed to kill nonjews (The same is said about Muslims today. It is claimed that Muslims are free to rape, and kill “kuffar”, i.e. non Muslims.)

The Jews were even using the blood of children in their food, The Nazis claimed. The ultimate “evidence” of Jewish aggressivity and criminality: human sacrifice.

The Nazi book “the Jew as a Criminal” is translated and can be read online.

“The frequent criminality of the Jew is as well known a fact as its peculiar inclination and aptitude for fraud, dirty enterprises, cheating in gambling, usury, sexual offenses of all kinds, pickpocketing, high treason, etc. These things shall find their confirmation here.  Beyond this, however, evidence is introduced that the role of Jewry incriminality does not limit itself to a more or less large participation, but rather is much more significant. In actually, the final threads of the criminal world come together in the hand of the Jew. The Jew is not only beneficiary of crime, he is also the leader and wire-puller of the criminal Underworld…”

The method of the book was simple: statistics. It was claimed that Jews were over-represented in criminal statistics.

“Up to the year 1929, of 348 international drug dealers, 98 were Jews, i.e., 28%… For the little Jew, the characteristic crime is pickpocketing. Here the Jewish element is decisive; it is his ‘profession’ before he has ‘arrived.’ [The English idiom for this would be ‘made it.’] The following numbers bear this out: In Berlin in 1931, 136 international pickpockets were arrested. Of these, not fewer than 106 were Jews — that is, 78%. In 1932, the number of arrested climbed to 163, of whom 134, or 82%, were Jews.”

That was not true as actual statistics from the 30s reveal. Jews were under-represented in criminal statistics. But that is not the main point. Even if there had been an over-representation if would still have been wring to blame all Jews and Jewishness becaise of that.

Chapter eight deals with sexual crimes:

“The Jew is sexually undisciplined and uses every opportunity to satisfy his sexual greed.”

Well, about the same as they say about Muslims today, right?!

Antisemitism is still a very big problem and the lie that Jews are criminals is still very widespread. But today the Muslims are blamed too, with the same racist logic the Nazis used against the Jews 80 to 90 years ago. 

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    • George Carty

      Not necessarily – one contemporary racist ideologue (Steve Sailer) has dubbed the lower-middle latitudes of the Old World (including the entire Islamic heartland as well as parts of southern Europe) as the “Jealousy Belt”, where women are especially beautiful and sexual competition is especially fierce.

      In his Weltanschauung, the Jealousy Belt is more libidinous than northern Europe, while its men are more possssive of “their” women than black African men.

    • George Carty

      Yup, actual Nazis (as in people who are not merely racially prejudiced but are actual proponents of race war) are outlaws against mankind – hostis humani generis.

    • Suzanne Shahadah

      He also trolls the Muslim Girl website (where he seems to have decided that I am Ilisha…not sure why…maybe he just needs his regular dose of being shut-down?)

    • Suzanne Shahadah

      Ilisha: Agreed, GrrlPower is an utter troll. He is now also regularly trolling the website (as both GrrlPower and SummerSonnet), and he has decided that I’m you…. I guess because he can’t believe there’s more than one outspoken Muslim woman in the world? I think I ought to take it as a compliment, given that you’re an actual journalist/author and I’m a suburban mom with free time and an internet connection…

    • Suzanne Shahadah

      Look at the stereotypes about the Ottoman Empire for an example of the first. It’s so interesting as well that many of the Western writers who wrote about Ottoman private life had little to zero access to that private life; they literally just made shit up.

    • Suzanne Shahadah

      I guess you were just intending to point out that stereotypes may change in their particulars, but they are still rigid, essentialist stereotypes.

      It’s like the stereotypes about all women being nurturing and gentle. Yeeesss, it’s SUPERFICIALLY a positive thing to say (I mean by that that it’s not an in-your-face, hateful, deliberate attempt to smear or insult women), but it is still reductive, essentialist, boxes us into predetermined rigid roles, and limits us as human beings. So-called “positive” stereotypes are still stereotypes. Still sucky, stil wrong.

Trump, Fox News and Swedish Crime Statistics

Dunce cap on Trump

On Saturday, Trump referred to what seemed to be an alleged terror attack in Sweden the day before. He talked about the U.S. Migration Ban and justified it by mentioning an “incident” in Sweden. But nothing remarkable happened in Sweden that Friday (I am from Sweden). It is more probable that Trump was talking about a TV segment that aired Friday evening on Tucker Carlson (Fox) about “Muslim Migration” to Sweden and alleged exploding “crime rates” in Sweden. 

Fox claims that “Muslims” who migrate to Sweden have increased the crime rate astronomically, and to prove this they interviewed Ami Horowitz. He made a lot of claims about refugees in the short segment while the TV flashed images of Muslims and people rioting. The aim of the claims is to scaremonger; they want to fool people to view immigration as something negative, and dangerous.

I am a Swede that loves the U.S.A. and Ami and Fox News are WRONG!

I will focus on one thing: the claims about crimes in Sweden. When Fox news wants to talk about problems with criminality they often choose Sweden, why not The Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico or the suburbs of New York? (Though they tend to also paint these areas as plagued by a “culture of Black” or “Latino” crime as well)

Sweden surely has problems. Unemployment and alienation among immigrants is a big problem but Sweden is still not as unsafe to live in as the U.S.A.

Lets just look at the statistics that have to do with homicides. Sweden has about 1-1.3 murders per 100,000 inhabitants and the USA has about 5. The U.S. controlled Virgin Islands has 52 murders per 100,000 (56 homicides 2010) and Puerto Rico 18.5 (681 homicides 2014).

Ami Horowitz claims that there are No Go Zones in Sweden where police cannot even enter. No, that is wrong. There are zones with social problems and unemployment among immigrants that RACISTS call No Go Zones. But real “No Go Zones” are the ones found in the USA. Compared to some areas in say Philadelphia and Baltimore (for good reasons such as a history of police brutality and militarization in those places), parts of the racist South, and towns with a legacy of “sundown laws” the Swedish suburbs are VERY calm and peaceful.

Perhaps Ami has never visited the  of USA?

Statistics and Swedish rape

It is difficult to compare statistics between countries. Not all nations define crime in the same way. In Sweden and the USA it is, for example, not a crime to be a homosexual. In nations with laws against homosexuals that “crime” affects the statistics.

The best example of this is the international statistics on rape and sexual assault. I have written about this in a recent article. Sweden has tough laws against rape reports and therefore has many reported cases of rapes in its statistics, whereas Egypt and Mozambique have lousy laws and report few or almost no instances of rape.

As “evidence” for this international statistics are cited. Indeed, according to those statistics a lot of rapes are reported in Sweden: 63,5  rape incidents per 100,000 citizens. The USA with 300 million people has 27. That would lead you to think that the numbers of rapes are skyrocketing but then you look at the figures. Sweden with ten million people has 5,960 rapes, Azerbaijan 16, India only 22,000, Lebanon 19, Mozambique 44! And Saudi Arabia claims that there is almost no rape, (and lash the raped women instead), Egypt has about 100 all in all, Canada 576.

Does this mean that Sweden is unsafe for women, and that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Mozambique are paradise for women?

Of course not, there are big differences between all countries. The first is that what is defined as rape in Mozambique and Saudi Arabia is not the same as in Sweden or Germany and what is legally defined as a rape in USA is not the same as in Sweden.

Mozambique still has the old colonial laws that stated rapists to go unpunished if they marry their victims and stay married for at least five years. Saudi Arabia, well… Lots of women are raped but the legal system doesn’t seem to care about that. Egyptian law is not protecting Egyptian women very well.

The Swedish law considers lots of acts as sexual assault and rape that other countries don’t.

That is why the statistics on homicides is so important. The international laws against homicide are almost the same in all countries. And the statistics show that Sweden is a far more peaceful country than the USA.

To lower crime rates the U.S.A. should INCREASE immigration

As for immigration.

If Donald Trump wants to decrease the rates of criminality in the USA, he should open the borders and bring in more immigrants. If you look at facts, immigrants to the USA have lower rates of crime than people born in the USA.

Many have reported on this fact which is scientifically and statistically confirmed. The New York Times wrote last year;

“In America, as in Europe, anti-immigrant backlashes have often followed episodes in which foreigners are blamed for crimes and other problems. But statistical studies show that in the United States, at least, immigrants are far more law-abiding than natives, regardless of race, class or education.”

Reason magazine wrote;

“This new study bolsters my reporting on the topic back in 2014 which also found lower rates of criminality among immigrants. As I then noted: University of California sociologist Ruben Rumbaut finds, among other things, that the incarceration rate of American-born males between 18 and 39 years of age was five times the rate of foreign-born males, and finds similar conclusions in a survey of other studies on the topic.

Rumbaut and his colleagues have updated their data. From the executive summary of their study:

‘For more than a century, innumerable studies have confirmed two simple yet powerful truths about the relationship between immigration and crime: immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime. This holds true for both legal immigrants and the unauthorized, regardless of their country of origin or level of education. In other words, the overwhelming majority of immigrants are not “criminals” by any commonly accepted definition of the term. For this reason, harsh immigration policies are not effective in fighting crime.’”

Lets look at the statistics. I looked at this some years ago and found these excellent charts from one of the studies by Rumbaut. It is statistics that show that 3% of the US population between 18 and 39 was incarcerated in 2000. 3.5% of the U.S. born population and 0.86% of the foreign born population was incarcerated.

Thus: to decrease the crime rates in the U.S.A: increase immigration (and end racist laws and policing practices targeting Black and Brown communities)!

The chart above also shows that the USA has far greater problems with criminality than Sweden. The US has 758 incarcerated per 100,000 inhabitants in 2005-2007. Sweden had 77!

It is interesting to see that Trump watches a show that claims that “Muslim” immigrants are behind crime and rape in Sweden and gets so inspired by it that he attacks Sweden the day after. Islamophobia, anyone?

Edited — Garibaldi (2/19), (2/20)

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  • Income inequality is inevitable when you import millions upon millions of untrained immigrants who don’t have the skill set to make much money.

    I think the importation of many workers is actually a symptom, rather than the cause, of income inequality. We have a very wealthy sliver of elite who are all too happy to greatly increase the labor supply and drive down wages and benefits. But they sliver would exist regardless. Also, not all of the immigrants are low skill. High paying, high tech jobs are going to immigrants too. I worked on an IT team in a large corporate and on a team of 13, I was the only American-born person. One from China, one from Pakistan, all the rest from India. No exaggeration.

    Of course there is an upside to this, in that we get some of the “best and brightest” in what some in India a few years ago called “the brain drain,” meaning they were losing good people to the US. The downside is that when too many people come, we don’t necessarily get the “best and brightest” anymore, and native-born Americans either have to accept very low wages or go without a job. Some people get mad at ANY criticism of immigration policy, but this is simple economic reality.

    There are so many sophisticated means why which this sliver of elite siphons wealth off of the common people, it’s hard to fathom. And it’s too big a topic to reasonably cover here. When I look at our government today being focused mostly on protecting profits, not people, the domestic policy as well as our foreign wars, are more comprehensible. Not pretty. Depressing, but easier to grasp.

    Thank you for your answers regarding Christianity. That’s a very positive and inspiring expression of the faith, bolstered by some lovely passages from the Bible. I’m satisfied with your answer, and so I don’t have additional questions. I do want to draw a parallel as far as image though, because not everyone looking in from the outside would see Christianity that way. Not just people on the receiving en of US foreign policy, which they might associate with Christians (especially due to Zionism), but even in America itself, oddly enough. The negative portrayal of Christians in a lot of popular culture is shocking to me.

    I was trying to watch a movie a while back that didn’t have any disturbing themes so I chose a sci fi about space bugs, thinking that would be innocuous. Yet they had a “Christian” woman on there who went from slightly kooky to crazy and violent. When she talked, people glared at her, an old lady cursed her and everyone nodded, and someone threw a can of vegetables at her head! I found this shocking. In the end they shot her dead. My “innocent” movie wasn’t. I rarely even try to watch Hollywood movies anymore.

    I feel like Islam and Muslims get a bad rap too. Because all the goodness and kindness you’re discussing with regard to Christianity finds expression in Islam too, among Muslims. A different flavor the same spirit. I know this because I know Muslims who are devout, and they are some of the kindest, most generous, loving people I’ve ever met. Truly. Just being among them feels peaceful and serene. They are not the Muslims who usually make TV. Please keep that in mind when you see portrayals in the media. I don’t think religious people generally get a fair shake these days, as secularists increasingly seem to lean anti-theist. I believe this is both earthly and spiritual warfare, and I find myself defending believers, regardless of their affiliation.

    Anyway, it’s good to have a fruitful discussion. There are too few good faith conversations, I think, online these days.

    I’m working on a home renovation project, and I’ve noticed procrastination often takes the form of writing comments here in Disqus. Conversation is more enticing than painting on any given day, but at some point, I have to drag myself back to task.

    It’s been nice talking with you. Thank you for taking the time. Take care.

Is Sweden Invaded by “Muslim Rapists?”

Pegida-Germany protest against refugees dubbed as “rapefugees.” It is a meme that has taken off on the right in Europe.

Is Sweden the “rape capital” of the world, as Breitbart and Islamophobes worldwide claim? What is the background to the high figures of reported rape in Sweden? Is it the so called “Muslim invasion of immigrants” that is responsible for it? Is “the Muslim rape culture” behind it? Or is it simply that Sweden has stronger laws against sexual offenses like rape, and that Swedish women are raised not to take shit!

I am from Sweden. When I went to school 30 years ago I heard about a case of two young white American exchange students who raped Swedish young girls. Many Swedes reacted with horror. Many blamed ALL Americans for the wrongdoings of these two. “All American white youngsters are like that, racists and rapists,” “USA is insane,” “Americans are rapists.” “Too much American TV-violence.”

Breitbart and Islamophobes worldwide do the same thing to Muslims. “Muslims rape women” they claim. “Muslims” are currently “raping” Europe, according to the Breitbart Senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

The so called “evidence” for this is the claim that the numbers of rapes allegedly is “skyrocketing” in Europe, and it is all blamed on Muslim immigrants.

It is worst in Sweden they claim. Sweden is a burning hell were “Muslims” rape, kill and burn down cars, they say.

Is Sweden the “Rape Capital of the Western World?”

Breitbart hates Sweden more than any other European country. Sweden is both a stronghold of feminism and a country that has accepted a lot of refugees, especially Muslims. And we all know that feminists, migrants and Muslims make Breitbart go bananas! Almost every time Breitbart talks about “Muslim rapeculture” in Europe they bring up Sweden as the worst case scenario. Sweden is the “rape capital of the Western world” it is claimed.

As “evidence” for this international statistics are cited. Indeed, according to those statistics a lot of rapes are reported in Sweden: 63,5  rape incidents per 100,000 citizens. The USA with 300 million people has 27. That would lead you to think that the numbers of rapes are skyrocketing but then you look at the figures. Sweden with ten million people has 5,960 rapes, Azerbaijan 16, India only 22,000, Lebanon 19, Mozambique 44! And Saudi Arabia claims that there is almost no rape, (and lash the raped women instead), Egypt has about 100 all in all, Canada 576.

So what is going on here?


Does this mean that Sweden is unsafe for women, and that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Mozambique are paradise for women?

Of course not, there are big differences between all countries. The first is that what is defined as rape in Mozambique and Saudi Arabia is not the same as in Sweden or Germany and what is legally defined as a rape in USA is not the same as in Sweden.

Mozambique still has the old colonial laws that stated rapists to go unpunished if they marry their victims and stay married for at least five years. Saudi Arabia, well… Lots of women are raped but the legal system doesn’t seem to care about that. Egyptian law is not protecting Egyptian women very well.

The Swedish law considers lots of acts as sexual assault and rape that other countries don’t. There has been a lot of discussion globally about the case of Julian Assange. If you agree to have sex with a woman in Sweden, using condom, and you take it off in the end of the sexual act, without the consent of the woman, it can be regarded as rape. Sweden has strong laws against marital rape, and rapists can be convicted even if the wife herself doesn’t report the rape by the husband. There are proposed laws that will make sexual harassment online a crime, like sending unsolicited pictures of a penis to women. Sexual bullying at work is regarded as a crime, and if it involves physical contact without consent it might be regarded as rape.

In the USA marital rape is still not entirely regarded a crime in 13 states.

The second difference is that different countries report rape statistically in different ways. If one person rapes a woman 100 times it can be regarded as ONE crime in some places. In Sweden it would be reported by the police as 100 rapes.

There has been some discussion about this online.

Imagine, for example, if your boss rubbed against you in an unwanted way at work once a week for a year. In Canada, this would potentially be a case of sexual assault. Under Germany’s more limited laws, it would be zero cases. In Sweden, it would be tallied as 52 separate cases of rape. If you engaged in a half-dozen sex acts with your spouse, then later you felt you had not given consent, in Sweden that would be classified as six cases of rape.

BBC wrote,

Official figures from the United Nations show that there were 17 kidnaps per 100,000 people in Australia in 2010 and 12.7 in Canada.

That compares with only 0.6 in Colombia and 1.1 in Mexico.

So why haven’t we heard any of these horror stories? Are people being grabbed off the street in Sydney and Toronto, while the world turns a blind eye?

No, the high numbers of kidnapping cases in these two countries are explained by the fact that parental disputes over child custody are included in the figures. If one parent takes a child for the weekend, and the other parent objects and calls the police, the incident will be recorded as a kidnapping, according to Enrico Bisogno, a statistician with the United Nations.

And the third factor is that the focus on the rights of women has led to an increase in reported rapes to the police. Swedish women are more conscious about their rights and are not afraid to report sexual assaults or rape.


Globe and Mail writes:

But aren’t refugees and immigrants responsible for a greater share of Sweden’s sexual assaults?

In a sense. Statistics show that the foreign-born in Sweden, as in most European countries, do have a higher rate of criminal charges than the native-born, in everything from shoplifting to murder (though not enough to affect the crime rate by more than a tiny margin). The opposite is true in North America, where immigrants have lower-than-average crime rates.

Yes, you read correct. Immigrants have higher rates of criminal charges than natives in most of Europe, but in the USA it is the opposite. (We´ll have to return to this fact some other day.)

Sweden doesn’t have statistics that cover the descent of convicted rapists. Denmark, the neighbouring country, has it.

Denmark is one of the countries that has “skyrocketing” rape figures according to Breitbart. Well there certainly is a statistic overrepresentation of immigrants in the rape statistics. The Danish paper BT reported some years ago that three times as many with immigrant background are sentenced for rapes than those with Danish background. That sounds scary, right?

Lets look at the statistics. This is from 2015. The first headline is about crimes that have to do with sexual assault (Sexualforbrydelser). The second headline deals with rape (Voldtaekt). The statistics show the number of convicted per year and their descent.

89.77% of Denmark’s population of over 5,580,516 was of Danish descent. That means that there are 10%, or about 560,000, with foreign descent. Of them something like 200,000 to 250,000 are Muslims. In 2015, 553 people were convicted for sexual offenses, 456 were of Danish descent. 49 were convicted of rape, 21 were of non Danish descent (statistikbanken). Bad, but hardly so alarming that you can claim that “Europe is collapsing” due to “foreigners” that “predominantly” are “Muslims.” (And some of the non-Danes are visitors to the country who do not live in Denmark.) Below you have the figures for 2014. 425 with Danish descent were convicted of sexual assault in 2014, compared to 39 foreigners (less than 10%). 18 with danish descent were convicted for rape, 12 of foreign descent. (statistikbanken) Yes, immigrants and their children have higher rates of crime than native Danes, but it is hardly the disaster Breitbart talks about.

There are differences between Denmark and Sweden, but not big ones What is true for Denmark should be true for Sweden.

The irony is that Breitbart hates feminism and the concept of equal rights for women. Feminism makes women look ugly, they claim. They have written several articles ridiculing women that have reported about rape and sexual assault. Just search on Breitbart and you´ll see: Rape+hoax. Rape+fake. Rape+lie.

Breibart makes fun of rape victims, and claims there is an inflation in fake rape allegations. But still they claim to be concerned about so called “Muslim Rape.” Hypocrisy!

There are a lot of problems still in Sweden and Denmark with oppression of women, and with rape and sexual assault and some immigrants bring with them a view of women that is not acceptable to most Swedes. But that does NOT justify slanders against all immigrants or Muslims.

Not the first time

It should be emphasized that there are many similarities between the current hatred against Muslims and the way Jews today, and historically, have been slandered and hated,

The Nazis spread the same lies about Jews in the 30s, as Breitbart spreads about Muslims today. It was claimed that there was such a thing as “Jewish Rape Culture.” Especially the magazine Der Sturmer was famous for spreading these kinds of lies. 

In the picture below, from Der Sturmer,  you can see the satanic Jewish snake that is raping a woman, and in the background you can see the Jewish Talmud.

Antisemitism Germany 5

In the 1930s it was claimed that Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe were overrepresented in the criminal statistics of Germany. That might be true since they were socioeconomically poorer that native German Jews. In the same way as Breitbart does today, the nazis claimed that this was “evidence” of “Jewish criminality” and “Jewish rape culture.”

Sweden, and the Nordic countries are on the top of the list of countries where women have the most rights, where there is most equality between genders.  There are problems, but lets solve them without blaming all Muslims and without spreading lies.

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    • Brandon Suan

      Go fuckin kill your self you liberals!!!!!! This article has not done nothing hate on breitbart. You’re spreading lies that you don’t even understand, they did not ridicule victims as those hate crime victims were PROVEN HOAXES!!!!!!! Ask ANY fuckin Swedish woman in Stockholm and they will tell you that they are afraid just to walk the damn streets at night!!!!!!!! Fuck you, fuck political correctness, and fuck Islam, it’s a disgusting cult founded by a literal CHILD RAPIST, and that is why over 830,000,000 Muslims are radical

    • David

      Okay proof ?

      Its like when blm claims blacks die more often in encounters. Read several studies showing otherwise.

    • You did NOT expose my ignorance. I merely asked you to support your assertion with “Muslim doctrine,” and in fact you FAILED. You evidence does NOT support your assertion.

      You implied if you father is a Muslim, then you will ALWAYS be considered a Muslim. FALSE. If you have Muslim parents but you grow up and decide you are a Christian, then you are Christian, not a Muslim. I realize Jews have some ethnic component, as they have told me themselves, so that you can actually be an “atheist Jew.” But that isn’t how Islam works. It’s a religion, not an ethnicity. “Muslim atheist” is an oxymoron.

      In fact, Obama WAS NOT EVEN BORN a Muslim. He was born to two atheists/agnostic parents.

      Neither of your assertions is true. They are BOTH false.

      Anyway, why are you on about Obama? He’s not even in office anymore, and when he was, he relentlessly bombed Muslims, just like the rest of our presidents. What more did you want?

      Now you have Trump, not Obama. Time to move on

    • How wrong you are. I’ve been on 4 of the 7 continents, and am quite well traveled.

      You’ve now changed the subject. The question is whether or not the propaganda regarding rape statistics reflects reality, or is skewed in order to promote an agenda. That’s the question we’re addressing here.

      Even if you’re correct and there are problems in Malmo, that is not an excuse to lie about the numbers.

    • Simon Campbell

      There is also the fact the higher gender equality leads to a more rapes being reported which will inevitable lead to a higher number. Because the thing is that most rapes goes unreported.

    • Lindum

      Look, you are obviously a person who doesn’t travel much, and gets your ideas from those around you. I agree with you. Forget the stats. Just get on a plane and go to Malmo. I assume you’re a woman. Wander around there outside the city centre and see what happens. You can have similar experiences in many cities though. Try Beszier or Marseilles for example.

    • There are no statistics being “explained away,” period. We are challenging alarmist propaganda that does not reflect reality.

    • Of course a child born to Muslims is considered a Muslim. A child born to Christians is considered a Christian too. How else could it be?

      But if you grow up and decide to be something else, then you aren’t a Muslim anymore. Islam a religion, not an ethnicity.

    • What “Muslim doctrine” is that?

    • Where have I said that?

      Nowhere, of course.

The New York Times’ ISIS Rape Story and the Islamophobic Lie Machine

The New York Times article about ISIS’ theology of sanctioning enslavement and rape, like the previous article by Graeme Wood in the Atlantic on the question of whether ISIS is “Islamic” or not created a lot of controversy and discussion.

The article has several serious issues that have been highlighted by commentators, Islamophobes predictably decided that they would use it as a boon to forward their narrative about Islam and Muslims. Take the queen bee of loony Islamophobia, Pamela Geller, she was up to her old shtick of lying and manipulating in an attempt to propagate not only her narrative on Islam but also a smug attempt at saying ‘Hey you libtard, dhimmis, I was right all along, see! Now you have the liberal paper of record saying what I said.’

However, like her Islamophobic comrades, she has to lie and twist in an attempt to achieve this point (see below). Not a surprise but the audacity of her chutzpah and how little she thinks of her :followers” is still striking.

(H/T: Omar Baddar)


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    • jkings

      I didnt gather from the NYT that they were singling out Muslims when speaking of rape. They were singling out the group ISIS. Well deserved. It was about time someone pointed out their system of slave trading and freelance rape of anyone they felt like, feel like raping. I would not even expect LW to disagree with that to be honest. But nothing really shocks me anymore.

    • Sam Seed

      How did you come to the conclusion that this site condones or supports the actions of ISIS? Wow indeed.

    • JS

      Just shows how desperate these clowns are for recognition in the mainstream.

    • mindy1

      Just a simple editing error which she will apologize for/sarcasm

    • mindy1

      Insulting to parasites

    • mindy1


    • Reynardine

      And our needs bee all the same.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      I agree but want to stress that at least no bees were, to my knowledge, actually hurt by publishing this article. LW has a lot of bee friends, so we are not bee-o-phobic.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      100% spot on! Ah, how I wish such cruel people were made to feel in their own flesh the cruelty they so callously inflict on others.

    • The greenmantle

      I think you are being insulting to bees here . Pam is more like a parasitic wasp . She and ISIS support a common program.

      Sir David

    • Reynardine

      The “fundament” of all “fundamentalists” is cruelty to the “others”, whether it is Da’esh or Donald Trump.

      (“Fundament”, interestingly, is an old euphemism for “anus”).

Mordechai Kedar Joined Geller and Spencer At Pro-Israel, Anti-Muslim Rally


If you had any doubts of the type of cretins we are dealing with look who flew-in just for the anti-Muslim, pro-Israel massacre on Gaza rally.

via. IslamophobiaWatch

Yesterday Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s American Freedom Defense Initiative held a rally in Union Square, New York, under the slogan “We the living support Israel”.

In an apparent attempt to boost turnout – even Geller must be aware that the vast majority of New York’s Jewish community, including committed supporters of the state of Israel, will have nothing to do with her – the event was subtitled “And minorities persecuted under Islamic rule”.

According to Geller, an individual who enjoys at best a tenuous relationship with reality, the event attracted “thousands” of AFDI supporters, though it’s odd that her website contains no pictures of this vast throng. From photographic evidence, it looks as though the attendance was at most a couple of hundred. A report at the Huffington Post puts it at “around 150″.

The speakers included Israeli academic Mordechai Kedar (pictured), who flew to the US specially to address the rally. According to Geller’s report, he devoted his speech to showing “how the jihadists are proceeding according to quranic imperatives”.

You’ll remember Kaidar. He’s the man who recently hit the headlines after he argued that the only thing that would deter attacks on Israel would be if the sisters or mothers of the perpetrators were raped.

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    • Guess

      After what he uttered, just seeing the picture of this rapist-mind is stomach-churning. The one he works for is still standing by him, but I hope the U.S. institutions where his booked to spew his bile will come to their God-giving sense.

    • mindy1

      With those kind of comments I wonder how scholarly he is-is he like a spencer “scholar”?

    • Yausari

      I’ve never heard of him. People don’t normally get away with calling for mass rape. What’s his excuse I wonder? Freedom of speech? If he was a Muslim, he’ll probably be arrested. Maybe then I would have known him sooner.

    • golden izanagi

      I saw that guy on one of the highlights on youtube of that rally apparently Robert spencer praises the guy calling him a “great international warrior for truth” and other crap.

Wingnut Islamophobes Create Another Hoax Story: Muslims Rape Horse

The sick servile minds of the Islamophobes know no depths of depravity that they aren’t willing to revel in; EDL Review takes them to task for circulating lies in the Islamophobic looniverse.:

Muslim Horse Rape Story EXPOSED

(EDL Review)

Islamophobic sites like IslamVersusEuropeBaredNakedIslam and Vivienco, have been posting and regurgitating a story claiming that a 53-year-old ‘Muslim’ inhabitant of El Ejido abused, and raped a female horse (click on the names for their articles). But the story has been manipulated and has been a petty attempt to demonise Muslims.

First of all, it’s extremely strange that these sites have provided no or little source or reference to the story they are mentioning. Secondly, the author fails to give the name of the rapist, and only gives the initials ‘M.A’. Why? Is it so we don’t find out that this incident never even happened? Thirdly, earlier news reports (like this) only say the man was ‘African’. There was no mention of his faith.

A real-looking picture of a dead horse has been added into the manipulating articles, giving the impression it’s the same horse that was ‘raped’. As you can see, BaredNakedIslam even claim it is.

But this picture isn’t even of the incident! It’s a four-year-old picture that has been used previously in a Spanish news article titled ‘Wild horses cause three accidents in recent days Carnota’ (here), explaining how some Spanish workers were injured when crashing into horses on a road!

Clearly, these websites have been manipulating people by twisting things for their biased agenda. Only the gullible have been believing them without checking their accuracy, like the English Defence League (EDL) Surrey Division.

Note: We have exposed sites such as Vivienco before when they circulated a similar duck rape article and blamed it on a Muslim. The story was alsomanipulated. Read about it below.

Further reading:

  1. Islamophobic Duck Rape Stories EXPOSED

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    • RDS

      The lows have not only reached rock bottom, they started DIGGING.


    • Firdaus

      only a complete idiot would believe such story. I’m glad Islamophobes are collecting stupid people.

    • Reynardine

      Tinka, I adore your Jurassic Parkistani!

    • Christian-friend

      EDL’s motto: If something bad happens in Europe, it’s the Muslims fault, even when it isn’t. Disagreeing makes you a Dhimmi.

    • Reynardine

      The link provided indicated that three different accidents had occurred when unfenced horses roaming the hills of Galicia strayed into the roadway in January and February of 2008. The climate of Galicia, on the north coast of Spain, is a lot colder and foggier than most of Iberia, and at night, especially, it was not possible to see these dark bay horses, let alone stop. One woman wound up in the hospital; as I can make out, two adult horses and a foal were killed. The mayor demanded that those who owned horses put identifying marks on them, and that horses be kept from accessing the roadway.

      I know that much, and I never studied Spanish. I have only as much of the language as I picked up in the streets of Miami after it was run over, yet it is clear to me none of these horses are rape victims. What we’re seeing, then, is no misconstruction, but an intentional malicious lie.

    • Reynardine

      Given that it wasn’t even the right horse, the rest of it is likely baloney, too (I shouldn’t have said that, because now these freaks will claim Muslim women disport themselves with baloneys). But why a horse?

      Well, have you ever checked out a stallion? A man who could make an impression on a mare would be, well, unusual. And that’s what these Islamophobes are quaking in their boots about. WHAT IF THESE PAYNIMS ARE ENDOWED LIKE STALLIONS? AND THEY’RE INVADING US! Some similar idea, I understand, was behind all the Victorian “invasion literature”. Only now that all the Romanians and Roossians and such have proven to be as normal as anyone else, they’re obsessing about AYRABS, who are so formidable they kill MARES! How can a feller compete any more?

      P. S. There was a case of duck rape, but it was in Miami some twenty-seven years ago. The perp was American, and already no stranger to the Jackson Memorial psych ward.

    • Fred

      It’s also important to note that there’s hardly ANY sources that give us early stories before the Islamophobic sites started publishing. It’s definitely strange… and even stranger that they didn’t even provide these crucial sources.

    • Fred

      And yeah, its a case that happened in Almería, Spain. Where the majority are Christian.

    • Fred

      @Zakariya Ali Sher

      Other sources also state the man was African, so it’s just a compilation of silly stories. Nevertheless, what Islamophobes are failing to realise is that religion has no part in this. You’re right though, they’re implying it does and are deeply stupid about it.

    • @Garibaldi

      Anyway, even if it were true, it would be a logical falacy to say that because this sick man happened to be a Muslim, this would somehow reflect poorly on Islam, or Muslims for that matter, but these sites usually aren’t very logical, in addition to being dishonest.

    • @Garibaldi

      Not surprising that they have practically no sources backing them up on this. This sounds like something they would make up out of thin air.

    • Zakariya Ali Sher

      Ummm, to be fair, the early story cited in this article describes the man as ‘magrebí,’ a Spanish cognate with the Arabic Maghrebi, implying that he was Moroccan (or at least North African) in origin. And while there are Moroccan Jews, it is still a Muslim majority country. Even without giving his name, being Moroccan is enough for many people to equate this with ‘Muslim.’

      Now… that said, his actions most certainly are not in accordance with Islam. Abuse of animals is considered a sin in Islam, and so is bestiality. This individual was presumably non-practicing. At most he MIGHT have been raised Muslim, but he certainly wasn’t following the precepts of the faith. Not that it would matter either way, since he’s clearly a sick, heartless individual and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of whether he is Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist or whatever…

      Of course, the bigger implication here is that once again we have the Islamophobic right wingers attempting to imply that Islam endorses bestiality. That is a very unusual claim, especially considering the stereotypes on Islam and sexuality, but it is a particularly insidious one. I think part of the reason is because it is so easy to make up things about Islam, given the general ignorance of their target audience. But then, why bestiality in particular? I think its mostly because it serves to alienate Muslims from the rest of society. It paints us as ‘different,’ ‘exotic,’ and of course, ‘savage.’

      But then, it runs into a couple of big problems. Perhaps most amusingly, secular Western democracies have actually legalized bestiality, amongst them Germany. According to wikipedia, France only outlawed bestiality in 2004, and the Netherlands in 2010. Denmark apparently tried to outlaw bestiality and failed.

    • AJ

      Muslim men seem to have quite a range of species they like to have sex with. They like goats. I have heard some like camels too. Sometimes, they might have farewell sex with their dead wives, as the Egyptian “fatwa” proved. But they might also like horses. And if they don’t like any of it, they like to blow themselves up and do it with 72 virgins in heaven.

    • Khalid

      @AJ haahahahahaha, you guessed it, we got something BIG in the works for next time

    • Garibaldi

      @AJ, ha! I’m sure they are willing to go further up the Mammalian species, probably ending up talking about Muslim men raping Whales…

    • crow

      I’ve always thought the right-wingers engage in a lot of projection when it comes to stories like this, but then I always knew they were degenerate slime.

  • mindy1


Yossi Gurvitz: IDF Colonel-Rabbi Implies Rape is Permitted in War


Rabbi Colonel Eyal Karim

Israeli journalist Yossi Gurvitz describes himself as a former Orthodox Jew who claims to have seen the “light” and turned atheist at the age of 17. We are unfamiliar with his work but received this tip from a reader regarding one of his recent articles.

It is titled, IDF Colonel-rabbi implies: Rape is permitted in war. Colonel Eyal Qarim was questioned, (seemingly while not in uniform) about whether rape is permitted in war, and his answer implied that it was allowed.

Now I am unfamiliar with halacha or Jewish law, but my guess is it is a system as varied and expansive as Sharia’. Most likely you can find any opinion under the sun within halacha and so I am sure many will insist that the opinion proffered by the IDF Rabbi is not the only one, and is not the position of the IDF.

However, looking at the question and answer it exposes a troubling indication that an IDF Colonel Rabbi who was once being considered for the position of Chief Rabbi held the view that “rape is permitted in war.” More over it is not the first time that extremely problematic views have been expressed by influential IDF Rabbis.

It also brings us back to the question, “what if they were Muslim?”  If a prominent Muslim scholar had offered such an opinion one can be assured that it would be all over MEMRI.

Gurvitz omitted the whole question from the reader to the Rabbi, but we provide an approximate translation via. Google for context:

There have been various wars between nations, such as the First World War, for example, different nations fought each other, and no one was particularly good for the Jews or bad for the Jews…

But if they had captured a village and there were Jews and Jewish girls were raped, it is considered, rightly, a disaster and tragedy to the girl and family.

If yes, rape in war is considered a shocker. How, then was I told that a long, beautiful woman is allowed, according to some authorities, even before the process described in the Torah, I mean, surrender and lay with it created, and only then take her home, etc.?

This seems contradictory. After all, if rape is considered a civil war and not something shocking, why, apparently, Jews allowed?

Is it allowed in our days [sic] for an IDF soldier, for example, to rape girls during a fight, or is such a thing forbidden?

Now it’s very clear that the questioner is asking whether or not rape is allowed in war time. This is the answer that Rabbi Qarim gave (translation via. Gorvitz):

“The wars of Israel […] are mitzvah wars, in which they differ from the rest of the wars the nations wage among themselves. Since, essentially, a war is not an individual matter, but rather nations wage war as a whole, there are cases in which the personality of the individual is “erased” for the benefit of the whole. And vice versa: sometimes you risk a large unit for the saving of an individual, when it is essential for purposes of morale. One of the important and critical values during war is maintaining the army’s fighting ability […]

As in war the prohibition against risking your life is broken for the benefit of others, so are the prohibitions against immorality and of kashrut. Wine touched by gentiles, consumption of which is prohibited in peacetime, is allowed at war, to maintain the good spirit of the warriors. Consumption of prohibited foods is permitted at war (and some say, even when kosher food is available), to maintain the fitness of the warriors, even though they are prohibited during peacetime. Just so, war removes some of the prohibitions on sexual relations (gilui arayot in the original – YZG), and even though fraternizing with a gentile woman is a very serious matter, it was permitted during wartime (under the specific terms) out of understanding for the hardship endured by the warriors. And since the success of the whole at war is our goal, the Torah permitted the individual to satisfy the evil urge (yetzer ha’ra in the original  -YZG), under the conditions mentioned, for the purpose of the success of the whole.”

Gorvitz comments on this:

Wow. Herein lies a hornet’s nest. The first is that according to Qarim, the rape of female prisoners is not just permitted, it is also essential to war; the success of the whole at war relies on it.


Another problem is that Qarim invokes here the usual apologetics of those who speak of “Jewish morality”: he claims war is a conflict between nations, not individuals, and that the individual has no importance at war. The raped woman is not a woman, is not a person, has no feelings and if she feels pain it is unimportant: she is not a woman or a person, just an individual of an enemy tribe whose misfortune was to be captured. Furthermore, Qarim says that rape during wartime is immoral if carried out by a rival tribe – but all Jewish wars are, by definition, mitzvah wars. If the rape of the defenseless is part and parcel of “Jewish morality,” it’s not hard to reach the conclusion it is inferior to all modern morality systems. It is also worth noting (Hebrew) that “Jewish morality” is a by-product of German blood and iron romanticism.

Yet a third problem is that, essentially, Qarim says there is nothing which may be prohibited in war, if it is done “for the success of the whole.” We know that the killing of armed combatants is permitted (this is, after all, the essence of war), and we now learn that, for His Blessed Name, the rape of women is also permitted. Then we must ask ourselves whether it is also permitted, for the sake of victory, to also kill unarmed people. Children, for instance, who we have good reason to think may seek one day vengeance for the death of their fathers and brothers and the torturing of their mothers and sisters. The notorious book “Torat Ha’Melekh” answered in the affirmative; it would be interesting to know what Qarim thinks, and whether there is anything he thinks a Jewish soldier ought not to do for victory.

But the real problem here is that Eyal Qarim is an IDF colonel (Aluf Mishneh), and is a senior officer in the Military Rabbinate, i.e. is in a senior position in the IDF religious edicts apparatus. I’ve sent the following questions to the IDF Spokesman:

  1. Is the rape of women during wartime agreeable to the IDF Ethics Code?
  2. If not, why does a prominent military rabbi promote it?
  3. If not, does the IDF intend to end the service of Col. Qarim, or bring charges against him?
  4. How does the IDF Spokesman intend to deal with the anticipated damage to its image in the international arena, resulting from Col. Qarim’s ruling?

Frankly, I did not expect an answer, but surprisingly enough an enraged officer from IDF Spokesman New Media Unit called me. His official response was that Qarim was not an officer in active service when he wrote that ruling, and furthermore that my question “disrespects the IDF, the State of Israel and the Jewish religion,” and hence his unit will no longer answer my questions.

I told him that, as an Israeli citizen, I considered Col. Qarim to be a ticking time bomb, which will blow up in the IDF’s face should a soldier rape an enemy woman: it would automatically be seen as official policy. I told him this happened in the past. He vehemently denied it, and wouldn’t listen.

I think that the fact that Qarim was on hiatus at the time – earlier he was the religious officer of a crack unit, Sayeret Matkal (commando unit) – is unimportant. What is important is that the Military Rabbinate chose to re-call an officer who wrote such a ruling to active service. Qarim was briefly considered a candidate for the position of the Chief Military Rabbi. This is the face of the IDF in 2012, and this is the face of the rabbis it chooses to employ. There are certainly more humane rabbis than Qarim; yet somehow these are not the rabbis who are promoted.

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    • syed ali

      This is disgusting.

    • Believing Atheist

      One more thing I wish to say is that this Rabbi has a messed up view of halakah.

      Rabbi S. Yisraeli stated that international conventions on what is permitted and forbidden in war are halakhically valid. Rape is forbidden by Geneva Convention. Article 27 of the Fourth Geneva Convention explicitly prohibits wartime rape and enforced prostitution. These prohibitions were reinforced by the 1977 Additional Protocols to the 1949 Geneva Conventions


      Btw, I think you misunderstand my views. I do not justify all of Israel’s actions. I for instance, oppose the occupation, oppose the blockade, oppose settlements, etc

      However, I just wanted to make it clear that the IDF seldom rapes Palestinians as the report states and this Rabbi is just a loon/extremist for implying what he implied.

    • Aspie and Atheist

      Words matter: A new language for peace Israel’s propaganda machine carefully chooses its words to assert illegal ownership over Jerusalem and Palestine.

      Israel maintains only “administrative control” over Jerusalem – illustrated by the fact that embassies, even the US embassy, are in Tel Aviv – although the government assert they “possess” the city [GALLO/GETTY] The words which people use, often unconsciously, can have a critical impact upon the thoughts and attitudes of those who speak and write, as well as those who listen and read. Dangerously misleading terminology remains a major obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace.

      It is normal practice for parties to a dispute to use terminology which favours them. In this regard, Israel has been spectacularly successful in imposing its terminology not simply on Israeli consciousness and American usage but even on many Arab parties and commentators. It has done so not simply in obvious ways like use of the terms “terrorism”, “security”, “Eretz Israel” or “Judea and Samaria” but also in more subtle ways which have had and continue to have a profound negative impact on perceptions of legal realities and other matters of substance.

      The current initiative by Palestine to upgrade its status at the United Nations from “observer entity” to member state or, temporarily failing that, “observer state” is commonly referred to, by both supporters and opponents of this initiative, as an effort to “achieve statehood” or “recognition of statehood” through the United Nations. It is nothing of the sort.

      The State of Palestine already exists in accordance with the relevant principles of international law. It meets all the conditions for sovereign statehood set forth in the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, and more than two-thirds of the 193 member states of the United Nations, including 16 of the world’s 20 most populous states, now recognise the State of Palestine as a sovereign state.

      The State of Palestine has simply been under the occupation of another state for more than 44 years, as Kuwait was, without ceasing to exist, for seven months two decades ago.

      ‘Ending the occupation’

      Palestine’s UN initiative seeks to level the legal and diplomatic playing field and, thereby, to enhance the chances of finally negotiating an end to the occupation. The issue and objective are not “achieving statehood” or recognition thereof, which can only be accorded individually by other states, but “ending the occupation”. With the expiration on January 26 of a three-month diplomatic “freeze” consented at the request of the Quartet, this last-chance effort to save a “two-state solution”, if it can be saved, should resume soon.

      In this context, journalists who refer to all or parts of occupied Palestine as “lands which the Palestinians want for their future state” are, consciously or unconsciously, siding with the mostly Western minority which views Palestine as an aspiration rather than as a state under occupation. More shockingly, even some high Palestinian officials still refer thoughtlessly to “our future state”. Both under international law and in the eyes of most of the world’s other states, Palestine is not a “future state” but an existing state under occupation by another state.

      “Israel can no more ‘cede’ title to occupied Palestinian lands than a squatter can cede title to an apartment which he has illegally occupied.”

      Commentators on all sides speak of Israel’s “ceding” territory occupied in 1967 to the Palestinians. The word suggests a transfer of land by its legitimate owner. Unless there are reciprocal exchanges of territory in a final peace agreement, the issue of Israel’s “ceding” territory to Palestine does not arise. Israel can withdraw from occupied Palestinian territory, but to “cede” property one must first possess legal title to it.

      Israel can no more cede title to occupied Palestinian lands than a squatter can cede title to an apartment which he has illegally occupied. In reality, it is Israel which continues to insist that Palestine cede to Israel indisputably Palestinian lands forming part of the meager 22 per cent remnant of historical Palestine which Israel did not conquer until 1967.

      There is also much talk of “concessions” – “painful”, “far-reaching” or otherwise – being demanded from Israel. The word suggests the surrender of some legitimate right or position. In fact, while Israel demands numerous concessions from Palestine, Palestine is not seeking any concessions from Israel. What it has long insisted upon is “compliance” – compliance with agreements already signed, compliance with international law and compliance with relevant United Nations resolutions – nothing more and nothing less.

      No “concessions”, only “compliance”

      Compliance is not a concession. It is an obligation, both legally and morally, and it is essential if peace is ever to be achieved.

      The Palestinian territories conquered by Israel in 1967 are still frequently referred to as “disputed”. They are not. They are “occupied” – and illegally so, since the status of “perpetual belligerent occupation” which Israel has been seeking to impose since 1967 does not exist in international law. While sovereignty over expanded East Jerusalem, which Israel has formally annexed, is explicitly contested, no other state has recognised Israel’s sovereignty claim and Palestinian sovereignty over the Gaza Strip and the rest of the West Bank is, in both literal and legal senses, uncontested.

      Israel has never even purported to annex these territories, knowing that doing so would raise awkward questions about the rights (or lack of them) of the indigenous population living there. Jordan renounced all claims to the West Bank in favour of the Palestinians in July 1988. While Egypt administered the Gaza Strip for 19 years, it never asserted sovereignty over it.

      “Israelis have come to believe that Israel currently possesses sovereignty over Jerusalem. It does not. It possesses only administrative control.”

      Since November 15, 1988, when Palestinian independence and statehood were formally proclaimed, the only state asserting sovereignty over those portions of historical Palestine which Israel occupied in 1967 (aside from expanded East Jerusalem) has been the State of Palestine.

      Misleading language has been particularly destructive with respect to Jerusalem. For years, Israeli politicians have repeated like a mantra that “Jerusalem must remain united under Israeli sovereignty”. Understandably, Israelis have come to believe that Israel currently possesses sovereignty over Jerusalem. It does not. It possesses only administrative control. While a country can acquire administrative control by force of arms, it can acquire sovereignty (the state-level equivalent of title or ownership) only with the consent of the international community.

      Israel does not “possess” Jerusalem

      The position of the international community regarding Jerusalem, which the 1947 UN partition plan envisioned as an internationally administered city legally separate from the two contemplated states, is clear and categorical: Israel is in belligerent occupation of East Jerusalem and has only de facto authority over West Jerusalem.

      The refusal of the international community (even including the United States) to recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, evidenced by the maintenance of all embassies accredited to Israel in Tel Aviv, vividly demonstrates the refusal of the international community, pending an agreed solution to the status of Jerusalem, to concede that any part of the city is Israel’s sovereign territory.

      There can be no question of Israel relinquishing or transferring sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem for the simple reason that Israel currently possesses no such sovereignty. Indeed, the only ways that Israel might ever acquire sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem are by agreeing with Palestine on a fair basis for either sharing or dividing sovereignty over the city (or doing a bit of both) which is recognised as fair and accepted by the international community or by agreeing with the Palestinians to transform all of historical Palestine into a single, fully democratic state with equal rights for all who live there, in which case the Jerusalem conundrum, as well as most of the other perennial roadblocks to peace intrinsic to any potential “two-state solution”, would cease to pose any problem.

      This legal reality is of fundamental intellectual and psychological importance for Israeli public opinion. There is a world of difference for an Israeli leader between being perceived as the person who achieved Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem for the first time in 2,000 years and being perceived as the person who relinquished some measure of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem. It could be a life-or-death distinction.

      “Justice” in the peace process

      One word which has been too rarely used in connection with the “peace process” (and which should be invoked more often) is “justice”. For obvious reasons, it is never used by Israeli or American politicians as a component of the “peace” which they envision. Yet a true and lasting “peace”, as opposed to a mere temporary cessation of hostilities, is inconceivable unless some measure of justice is both achieved and perceived, by both sides, to have been achieved.

      It is high time for all involved to recognise and speak clearly about these fundamental realities. The clarity of thought necessary to achieve either a decent two-state solution or a democratic one-state solution would be greatly enhanced by clarity of language, by taking care to use terminology which both reflects reality and facilitates, rather than hinders, the achievement of both peace and some measure of justice.

      Source: Aljazeera English News

    • Aspie and Atheist


      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Aspie and Atheist

      @Believing Atheist,

      How are jews being dehumanized. And sorry to tell you, but it is a fact that Israeli soldiers and settlers murder Palestinians almost on a daily basis.

      I’d like to ask a question- who are you? Why do you keep defending and justifying Israeli policies?

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