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Study Finds Militants Have Little Knowledge of Islam

Bangkok, Thailand – February 20, 2014 : Apple Iphone5s held in one hand showing its screen with Facebook and WhatsApp application icons.

Reports over the years have established that individuals who join militant organizations such as ISIS are either completely ignorant or have very little knowledge of Islam. Muslims have been pointing this out for ages. Now there is a study, this time out of Germany that confirms this fact once again.

via. Huffington Post

A group of German scholars at the Universities of Bielefeld and Osnabrück analyzed 5,757 WhatsApp messages found on a phone seized by police following a terrorist attack in the spring of 2016. The messages were exchanged among 12 young men involved in the attack. The attack itself was not identified in the report.

Deutsche Welle noted that the timeframe suggested it may have been a bombing at a Sikh temple in Essen carried out in April of that year by a group of German teens with reported links to Islamic extremism.

Researchers conducting the study said the young men’s conversations demonstrated little understanding of their professed faith and that the group constructed a “Lego Islam” to suit their purposes.

People don’t join these groups out of a commitment to Islam but usually because of a perceived or actual grievance, and the influence of a close circle of peers.

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    • Awesome

      That’s a convenient narrative, but I don’t think the evidence bears it out. Many are well educated and appear to be productive, well adjusted citizens, until they aren’t

      It is possible to be well-educated in one respect while also being under-educated (not necessarily uneducated) in another, and I am not so sure that productivity and attempts to adjust are always going to be enough to mask or suppress the raw emotions of anger and/or trauma that may still be lingering inside.

    • B.D.S

      Welcome to discovering that George.

      *When the white supremacist fog is lifted it*

    • B.D.S

      White supremacy (NATO) is currently invading 8 Muslim countries. And has more than 1000’s militaries bases.

    • B.D.S

      “Daesh soldiers” call them by their name. Do you call NATO out of their name ?

    • Floki

      Great to see you! I hope you’ve had some well deserved time off and are enjoying this insanely unpredictable world.

      By the way, I’ve not yet made it to Valhalla (that silly place) … thankfully.

  • Hey there, nice to see you!

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