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The United States of Donald Trump

“It feels like 9/11.”

This is how a large swathe of racist America felt after Barack Hussein Obama was elected in 2008.

Now they are empowered.

The United States elected a fascist. A man who whipped up hate and xenophobia to shocking and unprecedented levels. The people surrounding and advising Donald Trump are the same people we have been warning about and exposing for years now. There was never a doubt that any Republican victory in the presidency would embolden this network of professional and career fear-mongers; Trump’s candidacy was worse than all of them.

This thread is for you to share your reflections and thoughts on the election of an American fascist.


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    • Khizer

      Fiction is the new ‘fact’, Illisha

      Fiction is the new fact……

      ‘Rational thought’ would imply thinking, and people don’t have time to think when they can instead spend their time on shitty YouTube videos/articles ‘explaining’ Islam and how Muslims are in ‘denial’ of the ‘fascistic elements’ of Islam. it’s easier letting others do the thinking for you.

    • Awesome

      One of the reasons Trump won was by exploiting fear of Islam. This is a real fear of Muslim failure to integrate and fascistic elements in Islam.

      And Muslims are in denial about this.

      This “real fear” stems from anti-Muslim propaganda promoted by the “bogeyman industry” for the fact-resistant troglodytes who don’t really know (or care to know) any Muslims, don’t really know (or care to know) Islam and/or don’t really know what fascism is.

      It’s obvious to Muslims that the propaganda against Islam and Muslims is a farce, as the lies, half-truths and hysteria that it runs on are so glaringly apparent to them, so naturally they’re going to reject the anti-Muslim propaganda. Indeed, anyone capable of critical thinking would reject it.

      This anti-muslim sentiment isn’t some freak outbreak. It is upheld by many traditionally liberal element such as homosexuals, women, peaceful religions as well as the majority of non Muslims. And it’s growing.

      It is upheld only by ignorance and by identity politics, while lies, half-truths and hysteria are used to brainwash people with it. It is indeed quite ironic that those who cry “fascism” about Islam, are in reality advocating it themselves.

      Think about this next time the Iman is telling you that the kuffir will burn in hell.

      This might actually be a legitimate point if almost every other major religion didn’t have similar beliefs regarding those who don’t believe in it.

      And for gods sake, do something constructive with this site and your time instead of encouraging the increasingly deafening negative feedback loop of rhetoric.

      The fact-resistant population are the only ones encouraging a “negative feedback loop of rhetoric”.

    • Khizer

      “Now we have a big following in Pakistan, Malaysia, in Egypt”

      By ‘big following’, do they mean armchair secular-liberal Pakistani teens, angry Malaysian secularists who hate practising Muslim Malaysians and raging secular Sisi supporting Egyptian ‘intellectuals’?

      Also for a ‘big following’, 20,665 Facebook fans seem pretty small for satirical sites, especially more well known satirical sites such as the Onion (which has 9.3M followers on Facebook).

    • Khizer

      Will do, ma’am

    • Awesome

      Trump’s win comes as no surprise, and he only won because his opponent was Hillary Clinton. Had Bernie Sanders not been cheated out of the nomination, he most likely would have won the election instead of Trump.

Dresden: Police Assume ‘Xenophobic’ Motive In Mosque Attack


Horrible news out of Germany. (h/t Mend)

via. The Guardian

Police suspect a far-right motive after two improvised explosive devices detonated outside a mosque and congress centre in Dresden just before and after 10pm on Monday.

No one was injured during the two attacks in the eastern German city, but the mosque’s 46-year-old imam, his wife and their two children were inside the building when the first bomb went off.

Imam Hamza Turan told Sächsische Zeitung newspaper that six bottles filled with explosive gas had been found at the site of the attack. “They attacked us because they hate us, because we are Muslims”, Turan’s 10-year-old son told the local paper.

The second improvised device exploded on a terrace facing the river Elbe, between the International Congress Centre and the Maritim hotel. The hotel bar was evacuated as a result.

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North West Infidels Promoting Racism And Xenophobia In Local Communities



via. The Times

Racist stickers saying “rapefugees not welcome” have appeared on lampposts and bus stops in a coastal town.

The anti-immigration stickers, which are being investigated by police, show the logo of the North West Infidels, a far-right group.

The images display the popular man’s name Muhammad and list defamatory statements underneath. A sticker at the Market Place in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, portrays refugees as chasing a woman with knives.

Local residents expressed anger at the signs. One said that she had reported the “awful” stickers to police and the council but more were appearing.

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    • 786 I have to admit my own bewilderment. At first I thought I must have read it wrong, but further research showed that I had read correctly…

    • George Carty

      I’m a bit puzzled why North West Infidels are in the North East, personally.

    • Agnostos

      Extremely sorry about your loss. Losing a friend is like losing a part of your past and cherished shared moments.This is indeed a killing political climate. Abnormal and over the top.The most intelligent and thoughtful are affected first and most.

      I don’t think you are coarser and denser. Maybe stronger, more adapting and adaptable, flexible and accepting of vicissitudes of life. Perhaps a life well lived, I guess. I wish you a long and happy one. Take care.

    • (((Reynardine)))

      I can’t even get access to the whole article.

      I had a friend, a good, gentle, and highly intelligent lady, who lived five blocks from me. We faced every election season together, researched issues together, watched debates over popcorn together, voted together. But last June, the roses went from her cheeks, and she said the political climate was so brutal she no longer wished to live to see the outcome. Then, she faded and died — she was gone by early July. I suppose I am both coarser and denser. I will carry on. But I understand where she was coming from.

    • mindy1

      Boy they are so subtle with their demands/sarcasm. Seriously, although there have been some troubling incidents, there really should be more dialogue about this issue, not name calling and rhetoric

Germany: Rise of Xenophobic AfD Party Worries Jewish And Muslim Groups

The rise of far right party, AfD, in Germany, well known for its explicitly Islamophobic agenda is worrying minority groups who are particularly targeted by the group’s agenda.

via. Huffington Post

Opinion polls suggest that the populist Alternative for Germany party, or AfD, will shine in the upcoming state elections ― in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on Sept. 4 and in Berlin two weeks later ― which is provoking anxiety among members of Germany’s Muslim and Jewish communities.

The AfD was founded in 2013 as a hardline Eurosceptic party, but has now shifted towards an anti-immigration agenda. Its popularity has soared in recent months, in tandem with growing security concerns and agitation over the integration of the more than 1 million — mostly Muslim — migrants that have arrived in Germany last year.

Earlier this year, AfD approved a manifesto that states “Islam is not a part of Germany,” and proposes a ban on the call to prayer and face veils in public places.

“Orthodox Islam, which does not respect our legal system, or even challenges it, and which claims dominance as the only valid religion, is not compatible with our legal system or with our culture,” the party’s manifesto said.

Muslims, however, are not the only group threatened by the rise of the populist party.

“The Jewish community in Germany is following the rise of the AfD with concern,” Josef Schuster, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, told HuffPost Germany. “They’re spreading fear and prejudice, thereby endangering the cohesion of our society.”

In addition to exhibiting “serious intolerance for Muslims and other minorities in our country,” Schuster says, the party’s platform is “against Jewish life.”

AfD’s draft manifesto published on April 30, 2016, referred to the circumcision of boys as “serious violations of fundamental rights,” a position that Israeli daily Haaretz said is “easily viewed as targeting the Jewish community.”

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    • Khizer

      Yes I agree, people should move on and invest their time in their new religion/atheism istead of railing against their former communities, I believe it is due to feeling ‘wronged’ (but $$$, and attention always helps) in some way, I’m not sure why but I heard this is one of the reasons for their antagonistic attitude against their former communities.

    • Just_Stopping_By

      I’m a bit late to reply, but I think you and Ilisha have a point about the viciousness of some ex-Muslims. I have almost always found issue with those who promote themselves as anti-something at the expense of being pro-something. If you leave a religion, you should invest your energy in doing good works as part of your new religion or your new atheism (not meaning New Atheism) or whatever you believe in.

      Similarly, there are obviously lots of religions that I don’t believe in, but I have no interest in engaging in theological disputes with them; their supporters to their beliefs and me to mine.

      I suppose I might have some more respect for the loud ex-Muslims if they at least put as much time and energy into something like helping house and support people fleeing from their families because they change their religion — something that happens not just among Muslims, obviously. But, when someone’s tactic is more to incite anger at a group they disagree with than to support those that they do agree with, I tend to find that tactic and attitude very offputting.

    • Khizer

      OH MY GOD!!!

      Everything makes sense now! The liberal Muslamo-fascists are soo cunning with their eeeeeevvviiilll words of deciet and lies, you truly broke the code brother! Anyone who doesn’t lump all war torn refugees and their families with pedophiles and rapists (pppppppfffff we white straight males CLEARLY don’t have the same amongst us, we are all innocent butterflies….) is a fookin evil, rape supporting, politically correct, gay libtard who wishes to take OUR FREEEDOMZZ.


      Seriously though, go back to 4chan, reddit, YouTube, etc. and bitch about big scary Ayrab men with other human thrash and debate whether it is ‘humane’ to castrate every Syrian refugee man entering

    • Faithful Christian

      —LiberalSpeak Dictionary— Word: xenophobia/Islamophobia Definition: anti-terrorism Example: “Oh no! That Swedish woman won’t let that Muslim into her bedroom! Such a Islamophobic xenophobe!

      Word: bigotry Definition: disagreement against leftist views, opinions, or ideologies. Example: “Oh no! He doesn’t want those ACSA(adult-child-sexual-attraction) supporters to go into the girls’ restroom! Bigotry at it’s finest!”.

      Word: racist Definition: someone who disagrees with leftist views, opinions, or ideologies. Example: “Oh no! He’s a white straight male! He’s racist!”.

      Word: loon Definition: someone who disagrees with leftist views, opinions, or ideologies. Example: “Oh no! He doesn’t believe that WTC7 collapsed vertically at free fall speed because of a fire on the roof! Such a loon!”.

      Word: hate Definition: something who disagrees with leftist views, opinions, or ideologies. Example: “Oh dear. This anti-NAMBLA article has so much hate in it”.

    • Khizer

      You are right regarding the target audience, but in my eyes, I see ignorance growing a lot these days. The economy is hitting hard and is slowly getting at rock bottom in most of the west these days. People are slowly getting more and more poorer, and not able to consistently keep up their middle class lifestyle, and people are getting more and more angry, and they want answers, simple answers to complex questions. More and more people are starting to disregard the Muslims of their dignity, they will ignore the pleas of Muslims who suffer discrimination and soon violence. In their eyes, we desreves it. the economy in the west is dwindling, people are getting more and more angry, and less rational, Muslims (in this day and age) are a great scapegoat, and people will just need a ‘little’ dis information to give them that push to just attack Muslims. Identify politics are very strong in this day and age, one of the U.S. presidential candidates (Trump) was psycho who used such politics to gain a lot of support, he was A U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CANIDIDATE, HE WAS A FEW STEPS AWAY FROM PRESIDENTSY OF THE WORLDS MOST MILITARILY POWERFULL NATION. He too was a very popular candidate. In a few years, when the economy is further down and more people are angry/less rational, the likely of another candidate like Trump getting elected would increase. The ignorant people susceptible to the trash these venomous ‘ex-Muslims’ peddle, is slowly growing. arrogant and ignorant fools, with the right amount if disinformation (MO WAS A PEDOOO, MO’s WIVES WERE ALL CONCUBINES, HENCE ALL MUSLIMS BELIEVE ALL THIS IS A OKAYYYY) will lash out and definately harm someone. I live in Pakistan, the poor here (which are pretty much the majority) are easily susceptible to lies regarding Christian/Hindu minorities, you can tell them that Pakistani Christians support the West’s constant destruction and plundering of their country, and they will be live it and burn any church down. My Psychology teacher once told me that, despite what we tell ourselves, we can all become savage, only in the right conditions. In the right conditions, people will abandon civility and embrace rage, and do things they would consider morally repugnant, but they would still do it, especially after being fed lies regarding a minority’s beliefs, they would start to not tell the difference between the religion itself and the adherents. The target audience for these screeching ‘ex-Muslims’ are growing, the dumb, mean, aggressive attitude amongst people is growing a lot.

Creepy Sam Harris Loses Debate Then Refuses To Air It


There’s a debate that Sam Harris doesn’t want published even though he’s the one who asked for it in the first place. His excuse is that it was extremely “boring” and that his nerdy sycophants, who have better things to do wouldn’t want to waste their time listening to it.

Apparently, writer and Yale Law School student, Omer Aziz, wiped the floor with him. (h/t: Tanveer)

via. Salon

Last December, I published an essay in Salon reviewing “Islam and the Future of Tolerance,” a book-length “discourse” on reforming Islam, conducted between neuroscientist Sam Harris and activist Maajid Nawaz. In it, I argued that the book was a simplistic and unoriginal take on a complex topic, more of a friendly conversation than any kind of serious analysis. The piece concluded by lamenting the erosion of public debate, as intellectuals of previous eras have been replaced by profiteers more interested in advancing narrow agendas than in exploring difficult questions.

The piece got Harris’s attention, and he publicly reached out to me on Twitter to invite me on his podcast to “discuss these issues.” Although some of his followers mocked the invitation, I gladly accepted, and we set a date and time for our debate.

That’s when things got interesting, because it turned out that Harris did not want a traditional debate or even an open discussion. As he wrote in one email:

I’d like you to just read [your piece], line by line, and I’ll stop you at various points so that we can discuss specific issues.

This was a bizarre and rather creepy way to structure our conversation. Think of how awkward it would be to read your writing in front of a critic who had empowered himself to stop, critique, and rebuke you whenever he wanted, with thousands of people listening. Even the strongest piece of writing cannot withstand a line-by-line cross-examination because such an exercise puts the writer in the witness box and therefore on the permanent defensive. If Harris’s rules were followed, our discussion would be more like an undignified show-trial than a frank conversation. Is there a single journalist who has ever participated in, much less proposed, this sort of guerrilla attack?

I replied to Harris and noted the absurdity of his invitation:

I really hope you were not literally intending for me to come on and read my essay on your podcast with you stopping me every other sentence as if I was in some kind of deposition or trial. This would be a totally fruitless conversation.

Instead, I proposed an alternative approach: We should each pick a few topics—reforming Islam, radical jihadists, holy war, etc—and have a debate around each one, alternating between who would kick things off. In other words, we should have a normal debate, on equal footing, where arguments could be tested against their rebuttals. Harris rejected that offer and firmly reiterated demand to be  judge, jury, and prosecutor.

Read the rest of the article…

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    • ronno

      it was only a ‘draw’ because omer refused to concede basic points like sam publishing an essay as a “get rich quick” scheme. he basically spewed shit for 3.5 hours and never made a single point if you believe omer came out of this with any credibility, you are not capable of serious intellectual inquiry.

    • DarthYan

      Part of the thing is that many Israelis are more misguided than evil. They can’t reconcile the fact that Israel committed war crimes with believing Palestinians are people so they blame Hamas for it all. Assuming all Israelis are like Aylet Shaked and Bibi Netanyahu (who even pro israeli people dislike) is like saying all cops are like Jon Burge or all black people were like Coral Eugene Watts

    • DarthYan

      I am actually curious about the links. Would you please provide them (I’m asking out of curiosity)

    • DarthYan

      They and likud both have charters that say the other can go screw. Likud says that the land between the river and the sea is ours, hamas says that all and will be theres. Personally I think both are awful nd that the only reason likud isn’t using suicide bombers is because they have access to missiles.

      Neither side are angels at this point. Israel’s gone hard right to the point even Joe Biden and other Israeli cheerleaders are starting to get weary of it all (I’m not joking.) Even pro israeli people are getting fed up with Bibi’s douch

    • DarthYan

      Except it doesn’t work cretin. Security experts agree with that.

    • DarthYan

      Now your being childish. I’ve been a commenter for years. I’ve openly insulted the Israeli right and compared them to nazis. I personally support a one state solution where neither holds dominance.

      But pointing out that the Khazar myth is a myth isn’t dedendibg has sea. Israel has committed more crimes but at the same time neither is free of warmongers (aylet shakad, Bibi, Avigdor, Hamas’s leader)

    • DarthYan

      Dude I hate hasbara. I described how Israel has repeatedly screwed the arabs a lot. I just point out that there are bigots who mask their hatred in legit critique.

      And fuck off attacking star wars.

    • DarthYan

      Dude, I’ve openly called Netanyahu genocidal and expressed contempt. I’ve openly argued against hasbara talking points.

      And leave Star Wars out of it. There are anti zionists who love it and it’s a good story regardless

    • 1DrM

      No one mentioned the Protocols, so you forget that red herring. It’s obvious you’re a desperate Zionist. The bootleg Jews of Europe(the majority of the invaders) sure as hell aren’t Semitic Hebrews. Is Yiddish a Semitic language? What’s this nonsense about DNA?! I’ve heard this BS HasbaRat talking point before and it holds no water. The very notion & the concept of Jewish “race” is ridiculous. How could that be, there are Black African Jews, Arab Jews, European Jews, Scandinavian Jews, Asian Jews. Jews are present among the citizens and natives of almost every nations on earth. Judaism is a religion, not associated with genes and DNA. They have no right to an inch of Palestine. Go back to watching Star Wars and leave the discussion to the adults, hasbaRat.

    • 1DrM

      The Khazar point is valid, they sure as hell aren’t Semitic Hebrews, but European userpers.

    • DarthYan

      I’ve seen way to many anti jewish people play the “Jews are khazars” or imply jews are evil and mask it in criticism of israel. There’s plenty of criticism of israel to go around (Richard Forer was a AIPAC member who did more research and did a 180 on the subject. But there are bigots who mask their hatred with criticism of israel. It’s like those who mask hatred of muslims with legit critique, or those who disguise hatred of the palestinians with criticism of hamas (Hamas is indeed a pretty nasty group.)

Polish Magazine: “The Islamic Rape of Europe”


What was once old is new again. A Polish newsweekly that is popular on the right-wing published a racist magazine cover reminiscent of European fascist, xenophobic illustrations of the past. Poland has seen quite a number of Islamophobic and hateful events the past year, including a massive Islamophobic march in November but “The Islamic rape of Europe” cover line really takes the cake.

By Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

A popular right-wing Polish newsweekly, wSieci or “The Network,” published a deeply provocative magazine cover this week. It shows a young blonde woman, garbed loosely in the flag of the European Union, being groped by three men. Only the six swarthy arms and hands of the assailants are in view, but the message is clear and barely needs the brutal cover line: “The Islamic rape of Europe.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Polish magazine said it was focusing on “what the media and the Brussels elite are hiding from the citizens of Europe.” An editorial in its pages, entitled “Hell Europe,” inveighed against a culture of “tolerance and political correctness” that supposedly led to the grim scenes on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne and other northern European town centers.

Groups of men, many apparently of Arab or North African descent, went on a shocking criminal rampage that led to hundreds of complaints to the police of rape, sexual harassment and other abuse. The incidents fed into an already growing backlash against European policies welcoming migrants and refugees, particularly an influx from war-torn Syria.

Continue reading…

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    • Friend of Bosnia

      Mukhabarat and Daesh both. They have a vested interest in making it clear to refugees that they are not welcome in Europe and have therefore to slink back and beg on their knees ot be re-admitted into tyranny, or to stay put if they haven’t yet fled. Also because both have a common goal, to destroy all those forces which stand for freedom. To IS, the Assad regime, and Putin, they stand for all they despise (while Putin, Assad and IS, as well as the Milosevic-era Serb leadership – who still wield power – stand for everything that I despise). The problem is to obtain conclusive proof.

    • nativejoe

      You guys know that these criminals video themselves and post it BC they are proud that they jumped someone. The rape problem is not new but hasd not been corrected.

    • George Carty

      Who would your money be on, were you a betting man? Syrian Mukhabarat, Daesh, or some other organization?

    • Friend of Bosnia

      That’s very plausible; I asked myself on New year, why now? Why young men allegedly of Muslim background, and why at so many places at the same time? That can’t be a coincidence. If one asks himself “cui bono” one can’t arrive at another conclusion. Unfortunately there is no conclusive proof. On the other hand I don’t believe that it was spontaneous, nor that it’s the nature of young Muslims, as some would have us believe.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Quite plausible. Yet people should remember that in 1918 and fir long afterwards they were worse off. There had been a devastating war; millions of lives lost; wholesale destruction; hunger; the “Spanish flu”; revolution and civil war in Russia; economies destroyed. Ys, they may surely feel bad. But actually it’s not that bad as it was after WWI, as my grandmother often told me. Except of course for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Syria

    • George Carty

      What do you think of the mass rapes in Cologne? They seem too organized to be just spontaneous criminality – do you think they could have been perpetrated by agents of the Syrian mukhabarat (or perhaps Daesh) precisely in order to induce Germany (and other European countries) to seal their borders against refugees?

    • George Carty

      It seems like the 2008 crash had had a similar effect on the European economy as WWI and the Treaty of Versailles, with Germany today taking the role of interwar Britain and France, while the Eurozone periphery takes the role of interwar Germany…

    • The greenmantle

      The whole deba

  • MichaelElwood

    Ilisha wrote: “Hillary Clinton is on board with neocon ‘regime change’ everywhere—previously Iraq, Syria and Libya.”

    It’s interesting that Clinton considers her foreign policy experience as one of her biggest assets. But nothing kind can be said about someone who makes the same mistakes over and over and doesn’t learn from them. Had she learned the lesson of Iraq, she wouldn’t have advocated for regime change in Libya. And had she learned the lesson of Libya, she wouldn’t have advocated for regime change in Syria. What makes it worse is that faux liberals like Clinton try to portray these interventions as being motivated by some maudlin concern for the people of these countries.

    Ilisha wrote: “It’s amazing how shallow politics are these days.”

    These days?

Bulgaria: Orthodox Church Says ‘Don’t Let Muslims In’

Patriarch Maxim of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church participates in an Orthodox Easter service in the golden-domed Alexander Nevski cathedral in Sofia on April 15, 2012. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrated Easter, according to the Julian calendar. AFP PHOTO / NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV (Photo credit should read NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Patriarch Maxim of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church participates in an Orthodox Easter service in the golden-domed Alexander Nevski cathedral in Sofia on April 15, 2012. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrated Easter, according to the Julian calendar. AFP PHOTO / NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV (Photo credit should read NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP/Getty Images)

This exemplifies the issue with leaders in an institutionalized religion that is wedded to a certain narrative of xenophobic nationalism. It is not limited to the Orthodox Church but can be seen coming from the voices of far too many religio-political figures. Clearly, these people are out of touch with the original and deep teachings of their faiths.


Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church has called on its government not to let any more Muslim refugees into the country to prevent an “invasion”.

The Balkan EU member has largely been bypassed by the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict and poverty, many of whom set off from Greece through neighbouring Macedonia and Serbia towards northern Europe.

But Bulgaria has still seen Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis cross its southeastern border from Turkey.

“We help refugees who have already arrived in our motherland, but the government must absolutely not let more refugees in,” the church, which claims 80 percent of the population as its followers, said late Friday on its website.

“This is a wave that looks like an invasion.”

It added that the problems in the refugees’ countries of origin “must be resolved by those who created them and the Bulgarian people must not pay the price by disappearing”.

Continue reading…

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    • Capt. J.B. Hennessy

      When they funded the overthrow of legitimate leader al Assad. That is how one starts a civil war, just like when the US decided to fund and train Cubans to overthrow Fidel Castro and in Guatemala engineered the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Jacobo Arbenz. A decades long civil war ensued in which some 200,000 people were killed, mostly by the US backed military.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      I wouldn’t want to claim that I’m better than others. I don’t see myself as an arrogant person. But at least I think I have my heart on the right spot. I’m not an inhuman, racist, Fascist, bigot, genocidal Nazi twerp. But I’m ten thousand times better and worthy than such individuals. To me, they represent everything that is hateful and despicable about mankind, and they should be given the same degree of cruelty they so callously inflict on others. And I do not mean just those who actually have blood of Innocents on their hands. I mean also and before all the instigators, propagandists and ideologists as well, and the idiots who follow them. Milosevic’s cronies who still run the Show in Serbia; Putin; Geert Wilders; the Le Pens; Viktor Orban and all the other rightist populists in Europe; the cetniks; Pegida AfD and all such similar Groups; Skinheads, KKK and all such dspicable scum – everything I HATE and DESPISE about mankind is embodied in These. They deserve no mercy and no quarter, they deserve to be erased from the face of the Earth, they deserve a most hideous nd painful death, they have earned themselves a place in Hell. And should any one of those Fascist evil bigoted genocidal BLOCKHEADS even try to inflict any bodily harm on me, even if it’s just a scratch, then I will KILL him with MY OWN HANDS!!! Should any swine-faced, swine-mannered (cross-kissing or not -actually the atheists are worse) sons of SWINE try to run me out of my house, my hometown, my Country, then I promise that I will take down to the nether-world EIGHT kuffar side-boys with me!!! Didja hear me, you Fascist swine and morons out there? Didja hear me?!?!!!

    • Friend of Bosnia

      This will not work. They will never agree on who gets what territories. Besides that, in BiH it would leave the Bosniaks – 50% of the population – on just 25% of the land. Many would have to give up their hometowns forever. Not only that, teh 25% would be two landlocked, separated enclaves, surrounded by hostile peoples on all sides, unable to communicate with each other, cut off from the outside world, economically unviable. A second West Bank and Gaza Strip. It would lead to the Bosmiaks’ radicalization, and then their enemies would have an pretext to eliminate them. Help from the outside is not to be expected. On the contrary. Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary refuse to do their part in the current Middle Eastern refugee crisis. Germany could cut off financial aid to them. Then the would turn to Putin. Next, Dodik pulls through his Referendum, effectively ripping Bosnia-Herzegovina apart. The Croats will reclaim their part of Bosdnia. Leaving teh Bosiaks in the predicament I described above. Of Course then teh Bosniaks will Resort to Military means, to avoid that grim fate. What happens next? Oh, the Bosniaks will initially score some success. And then Serbia intervenes. As that will not be sufficient, they will cry for help to Putin, and like in Syria, Putin will dispatch air force and ground Units with the connival of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. I think the Hungarns, ROmanians and Bulgarians will even allow Russian ships to unload supplies and troops for Serbia and to let Russian military convoys use theior roads, and Russian Military Trains on their railroads. To top that off Russia will fire cruise Missiles at the Bosniaks from warships in the Black Sea, or the Mediterranean, or the Adriatic. To crush the Bosniaks as they are doing with the anti-Assad Opposition in Syria today. And then they can smear the Bosniaks as “IS” And annihilate them with full impunity. – As they themselves put it: “Kill one third, expel one third, Assimilate (convert to Christianity) one third”. Finis Bosniae? 1492 all over again? If those who can do something about it stand aside and let it happen, or make another foul compromise with Putin, then I can tell you that such a world is not worth living in, and that then Mankind does not deserve to continue existing.

    • George Carty

      Thanks – I was of course thinking of the Second Balkan War.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      When the Serbs invaded Albania.

GlobalNews: Taxi Cab Passenger Brittany Bachinsky Charged With Hate Crime


A good thing Calgary is taking this seriously.:

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Hate crime charges have been laid against a passenger in a Calgary taxi abuse video. Global’s Nancy Hixt reports.

WARNING: This story contains graphic language. Discretion is advised.

CALGARY – A woman who was caught on CCTV video abusing a Calgary taxi driver has been charged with a hate crime.

Twenty-four-year-old Brittany Bachinsky is charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm in the July 2014 incident. The video was released to Global News in July 2015.

The video obtained by Global News shows Bachinsky berating the cab driver, saying, “I don’t know why the f–k they let people like this into our f—ing country.

“You shouldn’t be allowed in my country.”

Safou Ranna is the taxi driver shown in the video and has been driving a Calgary cab for two years.

“Your country? It’s not your country,” says Ranna in the video.

“It is my f—ing country, buddy. Where are you from? Where are you from?” replies Bachinsky.

“I’m from Canada,” says Ranna.

“I will f–k you up, buddy. You are a disrespectful motherf—er, you should be so glad to be in my f—ing country,” says Bachinsky.

Ranna says he is happy charges have been laid.

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    • CarlySimon

      Lol, was wondering if someone was gonna call me on that. Still gross, whatever the acronym. I bet her parents are so proud of the classy young woman they raised.

    • downwithpants

      I believe they’re called sti’s now….unless you mean Stupid Twenty-something Drunks

    • The greenmantle

      Pam has a sister ? Could there be others ? Its a worry ! Who can we call ?

      Sir DAvid

    • Ali

      This is kinda surprising. You dont see young islamophobes that often.

    • Yausari

      hahaha… So I see. When an Islamophobe did something bad to a Muslim, they shift to, “Oh they don’t represent us….”, “So what about Muslims? Muslims don’t represent Islam?”, “Erm… yeah, I guess not…” Later, among Islamophobe; “He’s A HERO!” Total hypocrite. LOLz. Good find, Dr. M

    • downwithpants

      Didnt know bachinsky was a first nations name.

    • 1DrM

      Go play in traffic, and let the adults carry on with the discussion, euroSeptic primate.

    • Jamie661

      There is no good or bad Muslim, Muslim is Muslim.

    • cmyfe .

      I was surprised at her age! I thought she looked at least 30+ but perhaps a combination of alcohol, drugs, sex with any movable object and pushing the body through all limits from pre-teen years will take its toll.

    • Weeeenis

      especially these d grade girls who look like there in their mid 30’s seem to harbor a racist undertone …

    • cmyfe .

      It could due to racism, bigotry or both. Girls like these can also take offence if you don’t “check out” their bodies which a good Muslim is against but is for some people sign of arrogance.

    • mindy1

      What a $+&68-$

‘Hate Crime’: Taxi Cab Driver Survives Brutal Attack


‘Hate crime’: Taxi driver recounts brutal attack

By KOMO Staff Published: Dec 8, 2014 at 1:12 PM PST Last Updated: Dec 8, 2014 at 11:21 PM PST

SEATTLE – Officers arrested a 26-year-old man early Sunday after he called a taxi driver a “terrorist” and beat him unconscious, causing the cab to drift out of control and strike several parked cars before slamming into an apartment building in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, police said. Investigators labeled the attack a “hate crime.”

Adam Gaal, the 34-year-old cab driver, told police the incident began when he picked up three men and a woman in Belltown just before 2 a.m. Sunday and drove them to the 4200 block of 27th Avenue West.

The suspect then gave Gaal his credit card to pay for the trip and apparently became angry at how long the transaction was taking, said Andrew Garber of the Seattle police.

“He says, ‘You know where you are? You’re in America, this is not where you come from. You are an immigrant this is not your country. You are terrorist. You are ISIS,” Gaal said.

The passenger, later identified as Jesse Fleming, then leaned across the seat and repeatedly punched Gaal in the face, Garber said.

Gaal lost consciousness and his foot slipped off the brake, causing the cab to roll downhill, strike several cars and eventually come to a stop after crashing into the stairs of an apartment building.

“He just jump on me and punching me, beating me, punching me and I become unconscious,” Gaal said.

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  • mindy1

    I am glad that the assailant got caught, and I want him to have a nice nation of islam roomie who’s in jail for steroids

Jody Hice: Elected To Congress Despite Believing Islam Doesn’t Deserve First Amendment Protection

I think Hice wants us to know he really, really, really loves 'Murica.

I think Hice wants us to know he really, really, really loves ‘Murica.

Daily Beast


Republican Jody Hice romped home in a safe rural Georgia congressional district last night. The congressman-elect is on the record saying that Islam is not a religion that deserves the protection of the First Amendment. He also has warned that Satan is infiltrating society and that there is a gay blueprint to dominate America via sodomizing “your sons.”

Yet Hice does have some surprisingly progressive views, such as his belief that women should be allowed to run for office. This is provided that they get permission from their husbands first.

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    • The greenmantle

      Its a very good book and does have some good ideas

      Sir David

    • Capt. Hennessy

      I believe the first thing Jody needs to do is change his name. His name alone promotes the gay agenda.

    • Jekyll

      Only if degenerates kept their pants on…

    • Reynardine

      The paranoid schizes are the ones that gun down schoolchildren en masse. Meanwhile, suppose you define exactly what you mean by “sexual degenerates”? I tend to keep my nose out of other people’s underpants.

    • Jekyll

      No, this culture

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