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Pamela Geller Falsely Claims Imam Rauf Made Comment “Blaming Jews” for 9/11

Plastic Pam or Catwoman?

Pamela Geller accused Imam Rauf of “blaming Jews for 9/11,” which is just more lies from her and her cronies. Media Matters exposes their lies.

Geller falsely claims Imam Rauf made comment blaming “the Jews” for 9-11

Pam Geller falsely claimed that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is heading an initiative to build an Islamic community center in Manhattan, once blamed “the Jews” for 9-11 and said, “If Americans only know it was the Jews’ fault, they would have done to the Jews what Hitler did.” But those comments have been widely attributed to Sheik Muhammed Gemeaha, a one-time imam at the Islamic Cultural Center in New York City who  reportedly made those inflammatory comments after resigning and returning to Egypt in 2001. Center officials roundly condemned the comments.

Geller accused Rauf of making the comments with the following headline:


But in a November 4, 2001, New York Times Magazine piece, Jonathan Rosen attributed the comments to Gemeaha: “Recently, I read an interview with Sheik Muhammad Gemeaha — who was not only the representative in the United States of the prominent Cairo center of Islamic learning, al-Azhar University, but also imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York City. The sheik, who until recently lived in Manhattan on the Upper West Side, explained that ‘only the Jews’ were capable of destroying the World Trade Center and added that ‘if it became known to the American people, they would have done to Jews what Hitler did.’ ” Gemeaha reportedly made his comments to the website and translated excerpts were posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

As Rosen noted, by November 2001, Gemeaha no longer lived in New York City. The Times reported on October 23, 2001, that Gemeaha had “moved his family back to Cairo” and had “sent a letter of resignation to the mosque.” The Times further reported that members of the mosque’s board condemned his comments:

Neither The Times nor the sheik’s associates at the mosque in Manhattan were able to reach him in Cairo to ask him about the remarks attributed to him. But colleagues said that if he made the comments, they would be a dramatic turnaround for a Muslim leader who was a mainstay at interfaith events with New York’s rabbis and ministers.

”It does not represent at all the policy and the beliefs of the Islamic Cultural Center, nor what Imam Gemeaha was teaching the Islamic community during his three and a half years here,” said Mohammad Abdullah Abulhasan, Kuwait’s ambassador to the United Nations, who heads the mosque’s board. ”It really took me by surprise to see this.”

Rauf serves as a member of the Islamic Center’s board of trustees.

Geller has since updated her post. No longer directly attributing the comments to Rauf, Geller now excerpts the comments, attributes them to no one, and then purports to provide “more ugly dirt on radical Imam Rauf”:


*Correction: I previously wrote that Gemeaha reportedly made the comments before resigning and returning to Egypt. I regret the error.

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  • Daniel

    What a lying trash bag site this is. You would be better titled Loons

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  • iSherif

    God bless President Barack Obama! 🙂

  • mindy1

    Beautiful muslim, i accept your apology, and if I come across as defensive, it’s because it sounds like you were insulting the military, which I respect, and not the policy makers, whom I don’t

  • Mindy1, I was talking of America as a nation and political entity and specifically during that era, pre and post 9/11. I wasn’t talking of nor judging all it’s people of course, some of whom are outstanding people, like yourself.

    Of course i’m not lumping you all together. I know i come across as an extremist, Loon Watch are always censoring my posts, and i’ve fought with them about that, I certainly don’t want to offend our allies. I find that many American Muslism don’t understand this problem, that further infuriates me.

    What I am saying is that the US cannot put military bases in countries around the world, against the will of the citizens of those countries, without letting them do the same.

    I do not see the Pentagon letting Mexico or Brazil or south America put their bases in US waters. Will the US let Bahrain, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and countless other countries put bases on it’s soil? What would happen if Bush had let Fidel Castro station military bases in US waters, or land, against the will of Americans? You can rest assured Mexican towers would be blowing up and the american version of The Taliban would become a pop0ular movement (you already have that according to Mikey Weinstein) .

    The RUssian invasion of AFghanistan and it’s subsequent events have made me question the stupidity of the Muslim world in letting America fight with them.

    Would it have been better any better if Russia had stayed in Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan who sided with America (who didn’t want Russia controlling the EUrasian oil routes) had not tried to rid the Russian presence.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan made a huge mistake there.

    With hindsight we can look back and did we side with the right superpower?

    I’d say not.

    In any case, i apologise if i offended.

  • Mindy1 – Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has indeed made the valid point – as have many non-Muslims in the USA like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan – that US foreign policy is probably THE motivating factor behind Al Qaeda’s attacks on US citizens and property. It is what Osama Bin Laden himself has always maintained; and Imam Rauf points out that we are foolish if we don’t listen to what Bin Laden says about his reasons. The idea that “they hate us because of our freedom” is absurd.

    I expect most Muslims would agree with Bin Laden’s opposition to the presence of the CIA and US military in countries all over the world, especially Muslim countries; but most Muslims would not agree with the actions Al Qaeda takes to ‘remedy’ the situation. Muslims would also disagree with US and ‘western’ sanctions against Muslim countries that result in death to civilians due to starvation and lack of adequate medical supplies; and with the way the USA has regularly propped up dictators when those dictators were ‘good for America’ – only turning on them when they ceased to be ‘yes men’ for the USA. These are the kind of things the terrorists oppose. That doesn’t make their terrorist actions any less evil, just as those terrorist attacks don’t make the US foreign policies that provoked them excusable.

    This is all that Imam Rauf was saying. He has never condoned the terrorist actions of Al Qaeda; rather he has consistently condemned such actions as being anti-Islamic. His point is valid, though, that we cannot effectively fight terrorism if we fail to understand what motivates the terrorists.

  • mindy1

    Beautiful muslim, I am American, and I am here on this site trying to learn to get along with other people, so please do not lump us together, as I am trying to keep an open mind.

  • iSherif

    Well, I love America but I disagree with its foreign policies. And it’s really common knowledge now that US foreign policy influenced the 9/11 attacks to a considerable extent.

    As regards Pamela, the woman is really a crazy zero who, like Spencer, deserves a website solely dedicated to exposing her rubbish.

    “Glen Beck on Imam Rauf’s nefarious ties…….”

    Oh yes, Glen Beck…..that says all we need to know about the whole issue, doesn’t it?

  • Mindy,

    Not to approve or condone 9/11, but US policies are to blame partly for 9/11. There is no doubt about that, even US military generals say as much. The Taliban and it’s ilk (al qaeda) would never ever have gained the strength it did, if the US didn’t prop it up during the Russian invasion.

    If Imam Rauf said that, (and sorry i cannot confirm or deny yet, but i’ll look into it) then that is not the same as saying what Geller said he did.

    That said, it doesn’t justify mass murder or 9/11 of course, but propping up corrupt dictatorships in the Middle East against the will of the people makes a mockery of “democracy”.

    The USA itself is proof that democracy is little more than a whore that can be bought. If they believed in democracy why are they propping up corrupt dicatatorships and attacking those who dare to oppose what the people want. Saddam’s regime was attacked because he was going to start trading oil in the EUro like Iran was. This will happen eventually, whether the US likes it or not. The US troops were in Saudi Arabia against the will of the people. Where the hell was democracy then?

    Oh and Mindy, yes, I am anti-American, until such time America stops poking her nose into every country in the world, stealing other peoples oil, and killing at whim, she will be the worlds number one enemy. Thank God the rest of the world see sense. Unlike the native Indians we will never go quietly. We will bring the US down before that happens.

    Once again, not to condone Al Qaeda, but they are an American creation. A cynic may say, “what goes around, comes around”

  • mindy1

    Not that I believe anything geller says, but there is a rumor that he attributed 9/11 to u.s. policy-can anyone confirm or refute that?

  • Kind of comforting that these people have nothing else to resort to than obvious lies. It clearly shows where they stand.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    Pamela Geller you can keep making things up but at the end a lot of honest people will always expose your lies you criminal. You are very lucky that there are a lot of idiots and frauds like you who support your filth, or else you wouldn’t have any real career to support you since your fake job helps you in your miserable life.

  • Justin

    When will the media realize these people are rabble-rousing idiots? Oh wait, they already do, that’s why they get airtime. Stupid me.

  • Shane Chauhan

    I do not know what Pamela Geller’s motives for these statements are but I kind of agree with the prevous posts that it may be a divide and rule strategy being implemented

  • This ole hag Geller is trying a divide and conquer strategy. She’s despereate to take away Jewish support for Obama. This is about the upcoming Nov election too.

    They (she and her ilk) have an agenda to split us from our allies, and take away whatever support we have, which includes many prominent American Jews that is why she made that comment. Geller calls Soros a nazi collaberator, (a lie) and she is now slandering Mayor Bloomberg with similar nonsense.

    Doesn’t she know, this stupid illiterate hag, that all one has to do is a simple search and her lie about Imam Rauf will be exposed? One only has to see her lies (about honour killings etc) to see why the right wing is so reviled. They have nothing but putrid filth and lies to give.

    Geller and the rest of the right wing is always decrying “leftist liberal Jews”, whom she dismisses as being in bed with “islamists”.

  • schmorgus

    Geller wrote today about Steven Harper, Canadian PM. She said he is the leader of the free world because he vetoed a resolution about the genocide in Bosnia.

    She called the genocide a “lie.”

  • “He blamed the Jews!” lied Geller who blames Muslims for the Holocaust and World War 2 (and just about everything else).

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