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AlJazeera: France to Close Over 100 Mosques


Is this the best response to the attacks in Paris? Shutting down mosques may satiate the appetite to be seen as “doing something” but is it really an effective strategy to combat “extremism” or does it only feed and perpetuate faulty narratives of a “war on Islam” and that mosques are breeding grounds for “radicalization?” What standard will the government of France use to declare something sufficiently “takfiri” or “radical?”

These questions and more are vital and need to be seriously engaged in a discussion on extremism, surveillance, civil and human rights.

After all, most of those who commit these acts aren’t known to frequent mosques, quite often they are religious novices. Radicalization doesn’t occur in the mosques: so how exactly is shutting these mosques down going to solve anything?


France is likely to close up to 160 mosques in the coming months as part of a nationwide police operation under the state of emergency which allows places of worship that promote radical views to be shut down, one of the country’s chief imams has said.

Following news that three mosques have already been closed since the November 13 attacks on the capital, Hassan El Alaoui, who is in charge of nominating regional and local Muslim imams and mediating between the imams and prison officials, told Al Jazeera on Wednesday that more were set to be shut.

“According to official figures and our discussions with the interior ministry, between 100 and 160 more mosques will be closed because they are run illegally without proper licenses, they preach hatred, or use takfiri speech,” he said.

Takfiris are classified as Muslims who accuse others of the same faith of apostasy, an act which has become a sectarian slur.

“This kind of speech shouldn’t even be allowed in Islamic countries, let alone secure countries like France,” El Alaoui, who became the first Muslim prison chaplain-general in 2005, said.

The recent mosque closures, he added, were made under “a legal act that the authorities have” and must have happened because “of some illegal things that they found”.

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The following exchange with head of CCiF (Council Contre Islamophobia en France), Yasser Louati with Amy Goodman is extremely important.:

AMY GOODMAN: What about the effect of the mosques being raided on the Muslim community?

YASSER LOUATI (from Collective Against Islamophobia in France): Oh, an outrage and deep humiliation and complete abandonment by the government. The question was like, why? You know what’s going on in mosques. The Minister of Interior knows radicalization does not happen inside mosques and they just came here, they found nothing and started, like, pulling off ceilings. They smashed the libraries, threw books on the floor and just walked away. If it isn’t a sense of vengeance, you know, you are applying against Muslims, then what is it? Why not respect human dignity. I mean, like, you know, these Muslims are the very same target as you are people. Well you are not Muslims. Why hit them again by government forces that show no respect whatsoever? And when the pictures went viral on social media, the government said nothing about that.

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    • moraka

      By calling you stupid i shut down an argemument? Are you high?

    • JamalSalam

      Ah, another one that wants to shutdown argument by name calling. Well done. Sorry but I just see Islam as the creation of one man and his alter ego.

    • JamalSalam

      Thanks for your reply. On one point – ‘A child can see that if you slaughter people endlessly and plunder and dominate their lands, some of them will fight back’. But this is how the crusades started isn’t it? 400 years of aggressive and violent expansionism by Islam resulted in ‘Blowback’ as you put it.

      Another point – ‘They’re a mercenary army doing what they’re paid to do–not an organic outgrowth of Islam.’ History and islamic doctrines and scripture do not support this argument.

      I do agree that the west is behaving badly. We are being controlled by corporate interests and banking elites.

      Quite frankly I don’t see much joy in either side. Slaves to corporate and banking elites or slaves to Islam.

    • moraka

      You are the living definition of stupidity or else they let you use the computer in the madhouse to early. You come with a shallow wikipedia style explanation of fascism, then claim that somehow Islam is fascist despite the fact that fascism has virtually nothing in common with Islam. Never mind the fact that fascism is a secular European ideology from the modern period and Islam is a Abrahamic religion from the 7th century.

    • moraka

      That makes no sense and misses my point.

    • Mike Moore

      Hitler was Austrian and there is suggestions that he was also of jewish background. For anyone trying to make a point either pro-jewish or pro-islamic, using Hitler in their argument is dilussionall at best. Since everyone since WW2 realize he was simply an egomaniacal mental cripple.

    • Mike Moore

      If the mosque’s imams encites violence… (Which goes against the Quran teaching, according to muslim’s I’ve heard as well as Obama), then the imam is a terrorist and should be arrested and jailed in isolation. If the mosque’s parishioners protest, arrest them as terrorists, then after a period in prison, deport them. Based on the claims that islam is a peaceful religion. It can’t be both a peaceful religion while also espousing violence and or hate directed at non-muslims. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, so goes the saying. Furthermore, close down any mosques which harbor espousers of violence against non-muslims and ones found with weapons. Common sense, no rocket scientists needed. And any new immigrant should be required to swear an oath against violence against citizens of the country they migrate to. And to espouse good will and civility towards others that doesn’t worship their own ideology. With penalty of deportation.

    • George Carty

      François Hollande reminds me of Ramsay MacDonald, the British Labour Prime Minister during the early part of the Great Depression. Just as MacDonald was trapped by the Gold Standard (which forced him to pass many policies that screwed over the working classes), so Hollande is likewise trapped by the Euro.

    • George Carty

      It’s more likely they’re trying to pander to the Islamophobes in the hope they won’t vote FN.

    • George Carty

      Drinking into oblivion? I thought that was more a national pastime in more northerly countries (the beer belt and especially the vodka belt), not a wine-belt nation like France.

    • George Carty

      Aren’t almost all jihadists from Western countries radicalized not in mosques, but in universities or via internet hate propaganda?

    • HobgoblinTruth

      Looks like we got another “moderate Muslim” in here.

    • Sam Seed

      I know a guy called Sandy at work, it’s an Scottish name.

    • Sam Seed

      100% correct Illisha!

    • Yausari

      We have a problem where people think that are “many” sects in Islam when they’re only two, sunni and shia. I don’t know if they know this, but for typical islamophobe; you know what’s going to happen. But let’s assume he is an expert of Islam, because he acts like one For example; many thinks that wahabi is a sect. When it is a tribe. If those people are asked whether they are sunni or shia. they will say sunni. People like this “CadaveraVeroInnumero” and the likes will deny and approve it whenever convenient. Like when we say ‘Taqiyah is shia’s teaching’…. well you know the rest.

    • Amie

      Well,… what to say? Europeans are looking for any excuse to try to discredit Islam as religion and to discriminate against Muslims in general. While there might be radicals attending mosques, at the same time they are saying that the mosques are the places where people get radicalized. How so? What makes one person be practicing Muslim believer, yet peaceful and not an ISIS lover, while the other is just an opposite–and they attend the same mosque? The obvious answer is that it is not the religion of Islam, Qur’an or the mosque. It is individual people. Just like one Christian decides that his God forbids abortions and goes out to attack abortion clinics, another one may believe that his God is merciful that even women who do abortions will be forgiven. However, by closing down mosques or taking other anti-religion measures specifically aimed at Islam, the Westerners are showing that in their fight against radicalism they are also indirectly attacking the religion of Islam.

    • AJ

      Care to give examples of ISIS’s actions rooted in the Quran?

    • CadaveraVeroInnumero

      Are you asking me to accept a Shia rebuttal against the Sunni claims of ISIS? What value is there in that? What makes a Shia declaration of jihad more credible than a Sunni (by ISIS, a resurgent Turkish Ottoman Calipahye, or the self-elevated rights of the House of Saud)?

      However one (Shia, Sunni, certified accredited Muslim scholar, or plain ordinary Joe) lays out the proper procedural (juridical) steps in declaring jihad the end result (goal) is the same – the global submission to Islam: every land & peoples, every man,, woman, and unborn babe.

    • TheSyndicate2006

      Nah, France prides itself on people drinking into oblivion, having premarital sex, mocking other religions, hating foreigners especially North African types, and think their cuisine is all that. Closing down bars and gay clubs would be an assault on their fascist secular ideology.

    • downwithpants

      I dont think Sandy is a guy’s name…then again it is 2015.

    • Friend of Bosnia

      Well, in the same way as many other fora are dominated by bigots, racists, fascists and genocidals. One might get the impression that the world is full of them. I could say with the same justification that a majority of a certain people (you know whom I mean) are exactly that. Well, maybe not a majority but, alas, a very large proportion. Recently their Prime Minister expressed the wish that his people and their neighbors, whom they tried to exteminate could “live in peace together for 100 years”. Good, and then what?

Witchcraft-obsessed GOP county chair: Muslims must accept Jesus or leave the United States


Was this man a raving Islamophobe before he found Geller and Spencer or was his nutty, fringe and warped version of Christianity triggered by his association with Geller and Spencer‘s SIOA? As important is the question of how in heck this guy ever came to be the chairman of a county Republican Party? I wondered if Big Stone County was in Michele Bachmann‘s neck of the woods, as that would explain a lot but it is not! Hopefully, the nearby Islamic Center of Willmar and its congregants will not be targeted because of this officials hate speech.

Raw Story

The chairman of a county Republican Party in Minnesota who believes that big government is actually a form of satanic “witchcraft” is not backing down from controversial comments he posted on his Facebook page about Muslims.

Big Stone County Republican chairman Jack Whitley said he opposed waterboarding terrorists because he believed that Muslim “parasites” should be killed.

“I am opposed to waterboarding muslim terrorists because it is a waste of resources,” he wrote Wednesday on Facebook “They are muslims, they are terrorist, we know where they are from, we know where their buddies are, we know where thier mosque’s are, we know millions of these parasites travel to Mecca every year and when…FRAG ‘EM! Simplicity. I love when it all comes together!”

The comments were first reported by the Bluestem Prairie blog.

Whitley said Thursday that he would not apologize for his remarks. He said Muslims should either convert to Christianity or leave the United States.

“This is where I’m making my stand,” he wrote in another Facebook post. “Muslims inTwin Cities Area are calling for me to apologize for a comment I made on facebook about them being. parasites and we need to frag them .I will not apologize and I will not compromise .They either need to repent except Jesus Chist or leave the country .Any Muslims or group of Muslims who do not stand against Jihad Muslim terrorist are consider part and parcel with the Muslim terrorist. I was just contacted by a reporter from the Minnespolis Star Tribune who will be writing a article on their blog site if you care to follow this story.Bravery is contagious , I am not a coward are you? If Muslims think they can come to this country and dictate anything that makes them terrorist ! Lets see if your love for God and country,patriotism,extends any further than your finger tips on the keyboard. If you want to consider this a call to arms,then so be it .”

Whitley told the StarTribune that he didn’t like Muslims because Islam was a violent religion.

“I don’t really see much of Islam being peaceful at all,” he said. “Don’t come into this country, infiltrating this country with your terrorist activities and terrorist agendas and call it a ‘holy war.”

He also explained to the StarTribune that he doesn’t believe Muslims deserve First Amendment rights.

“Your association with those in your religion who have those terrorist activities, and your unwillingness to call them on the carpet for it? No, you no longer have the right to practice that religion if it infringes on the peace and the tranquility of this nation and the people around you. That nullifies your constitutional right to practice your freedom of religion.”

On his Facebook page, Whitley has expressed concern about witchcraft and Satanism.

“An oversized government will always be an immoral government, creating entities where none are needed, to virtually control every aspect of the lives of its citizens, for the ‘greater good’, thereby creating rebels of the ones who will not bow to these corrupt entities. This is also known as witchcraft.”

He said that Hollywood, the NFL, the NBA, televangelists, the Christian music industry, the health industry, and academics were all part of the “government of Satan,” which he claimed had infiltrated the Christian church.

“American Christians or should I say ‘Westernized Christians’ are absolutely caught in the trap that satan has laid for them, and they dont even know it because it feels so good,” he said in another post about the movie Noah.

Whitley also expressed his opposition to the “feminization and homosexualization of the church” in his Facebook writings, and said he didn’t donate money to missionaries “unless they prove to me they stand against abortion and homo’s.”

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    • Ricardo Hotatio

      What about 1 x 1 x 1 !?

    • Awesome

      First, it is importend to note that like I said before deception in the area of salvation is completely unacceptable, these verses don’t concern salvation.

      You believe that the crucifixion to be a part of salvation, and associate it with God’s plan. Yet you admit that God allows humans to deceive each other and themselves. By extension it is obvious that, while God may not deceive about matters of salvation, God allows others to deceive and be deceived about matters of salvation. Therefore, the belief that humans deceived themselves about the crucifixion being a part of salvation is consistent with what God allows. It just happens that you believe that the ‘salvation through crucifixion-blood atonement’ doctrine to be a part of God’s plan, while Muslims believe that doctrine to be an invention by humans.

    • Awesome

      I considered the discussion closed, but here you go:

      A few days of no response shouldn’t be enough to give you the impression that this discussion was closed.

      We need Gods personal involvement in our lives to receive and understand truth. (Communicated in and through prayer) The question becomes; Is there spiritual guidance in our lives and who is actually inspiring us, this is depending on what we believe. Indeed only the truth sets us free.

      It has always been a matter of faith, and rarely today has anyone ever converted to a different faith in a discussion about faith.

      I used these essential verses before:

      Rom. 8:14 because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. 15 For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” 16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

      And those verses are only essential for those who believe them to have been divinely-inspired. For those who do not believe that they are divinely-inspired, then it is almost inconsequential what they say. While Muslims are obligated to believe that “Jesus” was the Messiah and the last Israelite Prophet sent by God with the Gospel as a Messenger to the Israelites, Muslims are not obligated to believe in Paul as an apostle of “Jesus” or in any of his epistles. “Romans” is one of Paul’s epistles, which are only of religious value to those who believe in him.


      You are trying to change the mind of a person who actually received God’s spiritual indwelling in his life! What you believe about Christ, the crucifixion and de resurrection (which is the core of the Gospel and which enabled me to live a restored life through Christ) is simply being exposed not to be true by the Spirit, this disqualifies Islam, it is not based on truth and it obstructs salvation.

      I wasn’t aware of any attempts to change anyone’s mind. You can believe whatever you want to believe and I never expected to convince you otherwise. My interest is only to debunk your religious arguments objectively, historically, and textually.

      However, beliefs about matters with no available objective standard to be measured by, can never be objectively defined as “true” or exposed as “not true”. This can only be done subjectively, based on another set of beliefs that are already regarded as true. My beliefs about Christ, the alleged crucifixion and resurrection can only be regarded as not true by those who already regard contrary beliefs to be true. Thus, you disqualify Islam on account of your beliefs, and I disqualify Christianity on account of my beliefs. The crucifixion and resurrection are at the core of Christianity, but they are not at the core the gospels, and more specifically, they are not at the core of what “Jesus” is alleged to have taught in those gospels.

      That is why:

      1John 5:9 If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son. 10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. 11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

      Yet in this passage, there is no mention of:

      – the divinity of Christ – the crucifixion – blood atonement of Christ

      – the resurrection of Christ

      Since those points are the main issues of contention between Islam and Christianity, it seems prudent to focus on passages that clearly pertain to them. 1 John 5:9-12 does not appear to be one of them.

      1John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. 6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

      1 John (and specifically its references to Jesus coming in the flesh) is said to have been written to counter docetism (the belief that “Jesus” was all spirit and no flesh). However, docetism is not a part of Islam, so referencing passages denouncing docetism does nothing to disqualify Islam from a Biblical perspective.

      Rom. 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

      Again, “Romans” is an epistle of Paul, whose credibility is another issue of contention given his opposition to the law among other things. When discussing the doctrines you associate with the mission of “Jesus”, Paul’s epistles are invalid as evidence unless everyone in the discussion agrees that Paul was an apostle.

      This means either I or you is wrong, but my confidence is in a cleansed and secure conscience.

      Yes, it is obvious that we cannot both be right, as our beliefs are too contrary to each other to be reconcilable. So at the very least, one of us is wrong to some extent. While you may put you confidence in a mental state, I find a person’s mental state to be too fickle and subjective to ever be a reliable indicator of reality. Objective consistency is far more reliable.

      One addition 1 John 4 is a reference to the verses the Gospel of John:

      Even if that were the case, 1 John itself is still said to have been written to counter docetism, and in the beginning of 1 John 4, this seems fairly obvious.

    • Ricardo Hotatio

      I considered the discussion closed, but here you go:

      We need Gods personal involvement in our lives to receive and understand truth. (Communicated in and through prayer) The question becomes; Is there spiritual guidance in our lives and who is actually inspiring us, this is depending on what we believe. Indeed only the truth sets us free.

      I used these essential verses before:

      Rom. 8:14 because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. 15 For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” 16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.


      You are trying to change the mind of a person who actually received God’s spiritual indwelling in his life! What you believe about Christ, the crucifixion and de resurrection (which is the core of the Gospel and which enabled me to live a restored life through Christ) is simply being exposed not to be true by the Spirit, this disqualifies Islam, it is not based on truth and it obstructs salvation.

      That is why:

      1John 5:9 If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son. 10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. 11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

      1John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. 6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

      Rom. 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

      This means either I or you is wrong, but my confidence is in a cleansed and secure conscience.

    • Awesome

      According to your reasoning I have been saved from the power of sin through deception after I repented, and because I was deceived I am still lost !?

      No. It is only according to your religion that faith in the crucifixion doctrine has ‘saved you from the power of sin’. If the crucifixion was a “deception”, then there is no benefit or salvation from the “power of sin” in believing in it or any religious doctrine that is based on it.

      Deception is the hallmark of the dominion of darkness, if you believe it to be a attribute of God, certainly in the aria of salvation, you are a willing victim. A lie has no power without deception. This is decisive to be able to discern if something is of God or from His opponent.

      I don’t believe that the alleged crucifixion has anything to do with the salvation of humanity. Rather, I believe that the crucifixion was the salvation of “Jesus” from those wanting to kill him and not the salvation through “Jesus” by which Christianity maintains that humanity must believe in to be saved. In Islam, God saved “Jesus” by not allowing him to be killed or crucified. Those who wanted to kill “Jesus” were deceived into thinking that they accomplished this task by the illusion of a crucified, killed “Jesus”. Those who fell for the illusion narrated it to others who were then deceived by it as well, while the followers of “Jesus” who knew better, were not.

      While you may not believe that God would conceal a portion of reality from the visual perception of people, it is clear from both the Bible and Qur’an that God does exactly that. Perhaps the best example of this, is the belief in the God-ordained existence and visual imperceptibility of the unseen. There are of course other, more specific, examples of God using deception against people, and specifically in the Bible, which Jean Markale referenced (ex: 1 Kings 22:22, Ezekiel 14:9, 2 Thessalonians 2:11). Therefore, the belief that the crucifixion was a deception that God used against those trying to kill “Jesus, would still be in accordance with how God is portrayed in the Bible.

      Once again thank you for your time, I will come with another more detailed respons. What is missing in your respons is your rebuttal in how I addressed the sin problem, and that is essential, because it contains the whole purpose of God in solving that problem.

      I already addressed the issue of sin. God can forgive sin without a blood sacrifice as a sin offering. This is clear in both the Bible (ex: 2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 55:7) and the Qur’an (ex: 4:17, 4:110). Without the need for a blood sacrifice to remove sin, the Christian belief about the crucifixion is redundant and unnecessary.

      As for me I am willing to ‘go to the bottom’ of this, I hope you are too. If needed, you can contact me at

      If this comment section closes before this discussion is finished, then I may consider it. Otherwise, I would prefer this discussion be public for the benefit of everyone.

      What I find difficult to accept is that you seem to want to have it both ways. On one hand the acceptance of the God of the Old and the New Testament, at the same time rejecting His message. If you reject the message of God, you reject God Himself. (See sin problem!)

      I accept the message of God. I just don’t agree with certain Christians and Jews on what that message is or means. It is possible to accept (or partially accept) something that is written, and reject an exegesis of it as unsound or false.

      The only reason why some writings are not part of the NT is that its content was not divine inspired and in many cases it is an evil attempt to spoil ‘Gods plan for salvation’! This is the exact same reason ‘we’ qualify Mohammed as a false prophet, subsequently it is not difficult for most of us to determine who is scheming this.

      The writings were not accepted as part of the NT, because they did not agree with a particular church’s doctrine. There were as many different canons of the NT as there were different church establishments in the early period. The standards by which NT writings were canonized were neither applied consistently nor universally to the extent that what was canonized by some churches was regarded as apocryphal by others, and vice versa. The current canon of the NT was not considered closed until the Tridentine Council of the 16th century CE, and it was only done in a sectarian fashion, to which, even to this day, disputes still remain. Genuine “inspiration” seems to have nothing to do with it, as I’m sure every church claimed the same thing about their canon. God’s plan for salvation has been what it’s always been – faith, obedience and sincere repentance for sins. Attempts to “spoil” this, would only be with claims to the contrary. Since Islam is consistent with this plan, then it is not a valid basis for rejecting Prophet Muhammad’s prophet-hood.

      A must read about the divinity of Christ:

      Having read it, I found it to be unconvincing.

      That the Jews are alleged to have accused him of claiming to be God (John 5:18, 10:33) is no more than a deliberate exaggeration on their part, for which “Jesus” is alleged to have rebuked them for (John 10:34-36). Interestingly, according to those passages, the Jews said that he made this claim while he is only a man, and on that point of him only being a man, he did not dispute that.

      As for the term “son of God”, it is an ancient idiom, which, in Hebrew, means (and is interchangeable with) the term “servant of God”. So the usage of this term in reference to “Jesus” does nothing to prove that he was divine. The Qur’an refutes that idiom’s usage when it is used literally by some Christians. Likewise, the term “Father” in reference to God is traditionally metaphorical. A lot of the alleged statements of “Jesus” in the NT that Christians use to prove the divinity of “Jesus” all can be probably be explained as metaphors, expressions, figures of speech or contextually in reference to something else. Oral communications often tend to utilize these forms of dialogue, and it is important to consider them when reviewing such statements. Also, the miracles of “Jesus” that are mentioned in the NT are more accurately defined as evidence of divine inspiration, not divinity.

      Denying the divinity of Christ is blasphemy see the first letter of John chapter 4

      The beginning of chapter 4 of John seems to about “Jesus” interacting with a Samaritan woman, so I am going to assume that you are referring to the beginning of chapter 4 of 1 John. However, there is nothing in the beginning of that chapter about denying the “divinity of Christ” being blasphemy. In fact, there is nothing substantial in that chapter about the “divinity of Christ” at all, but only about “Jesus” coming in the flesh, which isn’t the same thing.

      Paul made a prophetic declaration about these developements:

      Gal. 1:6 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— 7 which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned! 10 Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. 11 I want you to know, brothers, that the gospel I preached is not something that man made up. 12 I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.

      This is hardly a “prophetic declaration”, but a condemnation of those teaching anything different than what Paul was teaching. This was directed specifically against the disciples of “Jesus” (and their followers) from the Jerusalem Church, headed by James and Peter, that rejected Paul and his teachings. They were “Jewish Christians” known as “Nazarenes” and their successors were known as “Ebionites”. Their beliefs were similar to the beliefs of the Pharisees, except that they believed that “Jesus” was the promised Messiah (in the traditional Jewish sense) with some of them believing in his virgin birth. The Ebionites are said to have described Paul as a disingenuous Gentile convert to Judaism who sought fame by trying to create a new religion. The Jerusalem Church attempted to reconcile with him, which is said to have failed, and they permanently disassociated themselves from him.

      Needless to say, Paul’s Church eclipsed the Jerusalem Church, eventually coming to define Christianity and the rest is history. Thus, it is necessary for Christians today to accept Paul, because without Paul there would be no Christianity as it exists today. Since his teachings are also contrary to Islam, then I, as a Muslim, reject them and consequently an inclined to regard Paul as a false apostle.

      with curiosity I am awaiting your respons to my previous post, the one you will find below this one, or did you miss it?

      I did not miss it. It just did not appear for me until several hours after it was posted.

      I really appreciate our mutual respect for each other. This is important because truth should always be the common friend in human relationships. It is a waist to fight over truth, there is a calling in life to help each other to explore truth, since it is the gateway to freedom and (eternal) life for all of us.

      While I would agree, what is regarded as the truth varies by belief in what is true and what is not. Therefore, it may sometimes be important to discuss it in case it can result in something new or beneficial.

      In the meanwhile I found this wonderful exploration of the divinity of Christ, the man who asked the ultimate question a human being may ever here: ‘Who do you say, that I am?’. (Luke 9:20)

      Having already addressed that exploration, what is this reference to Luke 9:20 supposed to be about?

      I have to correct my self on the part of the sin problem, it was partially addressed. The part that was lacking was that repentance it self is insufficient because of the remaining helpless human independent condition.

      Generally, sincere repentance is sufficient for those seeking forgiveness for sin. The human condition of being prone to sin is exactly what it is meant to be, and isn’t going to change without changing human nature. However, regardless of being prone to something, engaging in it is always a choice and there is more value in choosing virtue than there is in simply not being able to choose anything else.

    • Yausari

      Associating partners with God is shirk. Witchcraft is the same thing, Cid.

      “Verily, Allah forgives not the sin of setting up partners in worship with Him, but He forgives whom He wills sins other than that. And whoever sets up partners in worship with Allah, has indeed strayed far from the path.” (4:116)

    • 1DrM

      Sounds like you’ve outlined the problem with your own radical yet failed “belief system,” Retardo. Your lies and continued evasiveness about answering simple questions show that you’re a complete coward who would be be out of your depth in a parking lot puddle. Dishonestly is hardwired to your “theology.” For a soulless cretin who openly supports terrorism against the peoples of the Middle East in the name of your twisted “beliefs,” you’re really one to complain about “comment moderation.”

      Since you have nothing better to do but waste the time of your betters peddling nonsense, I will repeat it again : You’re a cowardly extremist loser hiding behind a failed Satanic Christofascist religion, a total waste of space with zero redeeming value.

Megyn Kelly: Fox News Preaches Anti-Muslim Blood Libel in Wake of Oklahoma Beheading


By Mooneye

At Fox News, Islamophobia protrudes from the top, Roger Ailes, down to the bottom feeders like Eric Bolling, “The Five” crew, Megyn Kelly, etc. Remember, Ailes is the same guy who put “‘Fox News on lockdown’ after ‘observing a dark-skinned man in what Ailes perceived to be Muslim garb.’ He turned out to be a janitor.

The Kelly File, hosted by Megyn Kelly has a track record of demonizing Islam and Muslims so it’s unsurprising that she attempted to capitalize on the gruesome workplace murder in Oklahoma by Alton Nolen (Jah’keem Yisrael) to fan the flames of hate and suspicion against Muslims.

Nolen, recently converted to Islam and is said to have tattoos of Jesus Christ and other tattoos related to the Black Israelites, which indicates a propensity to experiment with religions. Instantly, questions have been raised about whether this may have been a “lone wolf attack,” however at the mosque Nolen frequented worshipers described him as “mentally disturbed.”

Many say Nolen was mentally disturbed and latched on to some extremist views.

While Fox has already proclaimed this a “terrorist attack,” law enforcement investigating the murder have not, considering the fact that Nolen’s attack came after he was fired from his job and stating they have “found no link to terrorism,” law enforcement is treating it as “workplace violence.”

It’s interesting to note, as Media Matters’ Eric Bohlert does that Fox News is picking and choosing its “terrorism” targets. In fact, there is an actual, clear cut, act of terrorism that is big news that Fox has barely reported,

Sounding the jihadist alarms, Fox News and the right-wing media are eager to label the ghastly crime an act of Islamic terror.

While that story continues to play out, it’s worth noting that an actual act of political terror remains in the news. It’s just not a priority for Fox.

On the night of September 16, 31-year-old marksman Eric Frein was allegedly laying in wait outside the Blooming Grove police barracks in northeastern Pennsylvania, preparing to assassinate state troopers. Shortly before 11 p.m., Bryon Dickson was shot and killed as he walked towards his patrol car. Moments later, as he approached the barracks to begin his overnight shift, trooper Alex Douglass was shot and seriously wounded by a bullet fired from a .308-caliber rifle.

But turn on Fox News and you don’t hear much about Eric Frein from the channel’s high-profile hosts. You don’t hear much about the anti-government zealot who murdered a cop, while trying to assassinate two. And you don’t hear evening hosts diving into Frein’s background trying to figure out what sparked his murderous streak.

In two weeks since the shooting, the Fox programs monitored by Nexis have mentioned Frein’s name in just six reports, and most of those were simply news updates that consisted of one or two sentences. Only one segment, which aired on On The Record With Greta Van Susteren, featured an extended conversation about the killing and the subsequent manhunt. In none of the six Fox reports however, were Frein’s vocal anti-government leanings mentioned, nor was there any suggestion Frein was a domestic terrorist.

Hosts Neil Cavuto, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity have all ignored the shocking cop-killer story. In general, Fox has provided almost no commentary, no context, and certainly no collective blame for the execution.

By contrast, in the days since the Oklahoma killing, Fox programs monitored by Nexis have flooded the zone with coverage of the beheading, totaling hours and hours of coverage.  Most of Fox’s reports offered extended, overheated commentary, and most of them dwelled on the fact the killing may have been an act of terror.

Cavuto, O’Reilly, Hannity, and Megyn Kelly have all hosted extensive coverage of the killing, with Kelly and Hannity devoting nearly their entire September 26 and September 29 programs to the Oklahoma story (“Terror In The Heartland“), allowing guests to make all kinds of unproven connections between the crime and to Islam and, of course, to politicize the tragic killing.

Kelly has stooped so low as to have a man on her show with the pseudonym of “Noor,” whose identity was hidden, claiming unverified and patently fabricated “insider knowledge” of the mosque that Nolen frequented.

“Noor” parroted, word for word, the usual line of conspiracy theories, slander and hate that we have come to expect from fringe idiots like Pamela Geller and Deacon Robert Spencer. For all we know “Noor” may actually be the loony Christian White supremacist extremist David Gaubatz or his son, both have a history of fake “conversions” so they can then afterwards claim to have “infiltrated” Muslim mosques. It’s a way for them to make a living on the Right-Wing fearmongering circuit, along the likes of fake ex-terrorists/Muslims such as Ergun Caner, Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem, etc.

In the Kelly File segment, “Noor” claims that members of the Oklahoma mosque are operating “stealth jihad.” That they will not promote terrorism in public but will in-doors, among congregants. “Noor” went on to forward the taqiyyah conspiracy theory, saying,

“There is a teaching in Islam, taqiyya, which is deception. Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam even said, ‘war is deception.’ The reason they are so deceptive is that when they cannot do jihad physically, they attempt to do jihad by means of stealth: by endearing themselves to the media, endearing themselves to government, endearing themselves to the American people, to slowly work their way in.”

This is the equivalent to a blood libel being preached against Muslims in modern-day America, on a major national cable news network that has no scruples about airing false, slanderous and damaging statements regarding Islam and Muslims that have been proven to be lies and fabrications. In the past, Fox News has been implicated in inspiring hate crimes against Muslim Americans, this will only lead to more such crimes.

What should be done about Fox News?

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      Is that you behind the sign?

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      Ugh those assholes >:(

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      Fabulous suggestion, DollarStore. I’m cheap, but I’d pay that you might leave.

Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer and JihadWatch Zombies Harass Muslim Academic, Anne Aly


What else can be said about how despicable and gutter the disgraced blogger Robert Spencer is that hasn’t already been said?

As he continues to dwindle into irrelevance and insignificance he continues his worn-out tactic of trying to gain notoriety by attacking dignified academics, who unlike him, are well versed in Islam.

Muslim academic draws hate fire

As a proud and outspoken Muslim, Anne Aly has also become a target for anti-Islamic hate groups.

The Curtin University lecturer – who chooses not to wear a hijab and denounces Muslim extremists – has been bombarded with hate mail after a recent interview in which she defended Islam as a religion of peace.

Her quotes were republished on a right-wing website called Jihad Watch, along with her work email address.

“I was just really speaking out against some of the false assumptions about my religion,” Dr Aly said. “But what they (the hate groups) really want is for me to denounce my religion.

“By saying that Islam is not about terrorism and Islam is not about beheadings or female genital mutilation, they can’t cope with that because it shatters the basis for their arguments.”

Dr Aly said some of the messages she had received had been unnerving, while others had sought to “educate” her about her own religion.

“It is upsetting and, yeah, it is worrying, but in some ways I get where they are coming from because a lot of these people just assume what they see on the news is typical of all Muslims,” she said.

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    • Ali

      Isnt this an old story?

Oklahoma School Film Blames Muslims For Oklahoma City Bombing


By Mooneye

Jenks Freshman Academy, an Oklahoma school, has shown students in history class a “History Channel” film titled “Conspiracy: Oklahoma City Bombing.” Adam Soltani, director of CAIR-Oklahoma, was tipped off to the showing by a concerned parent.

Soltani viewed the “documentary” which largely blames Muslims for the 1995 bombing perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Soltani writes,

Unfortunately, the film that is an approved selection in Jenks schools’ media library was little more than a hate-filled video that goes to extreme lengths to drag the blame for one of the most tragic events in Oklahoma history onto Islam and Muslims.

The video in question is currently being reviewed by Jenks’ school officials, however, by not immediately pulling the video from their shelves, the school administration is missing the point.

There is no question that this video should be pulled from the shelves. What kind of school in its right mind would air shows from the “History Channel?” The History Channel is well-known to be light on actual history and heavy on hearsay, UFO abductions, Bible codes and all around goofy/faulty history-telling.

The idea that Muslims were the real masterminds behind the Oklahoma City Bombing mirrors what disgraced journalist turned “terror expert” Steven Emerson claimed at the time, when he infamously stated that it had “a Middle Eastern trait.” Since then conspiracies claiming Iraqi secret agents covertly sent by Saddam Hussein used the easily duped, poor little McVeigh and Nichols for the attack have infested Far-Right Tea Party sites, such as Accuracy in Media and the ironically named American Thinker.

In the recent past we have seen concerted campaigns by right-wing, Islamophobic organizations such as ACT! For America, The Eagle Forum and Charles Jacobs’s Americans for Peace and Tolerance attempt to challenge, expunge and or edit-in their prejudiced views of Islam and Muslims into history and social studies texts.

The case in Oklahoma, while not directly related to those campaigns, highlights what may be a serious problem and requires further investigation. What exactly are schools teaching their children about Islam and Muslims? How many are teaching them, as in this instance, that Muslims are nefarious evil-doers who are behind all acts of terrorism?

Hopefully this glaring issue is resolved quickly and children can learn real, solid history and not be indoctrinated by just another sensationalist History Channel documentary that doesn’t deserve the dignity of being watched in a school classroom.

One last note is that there is an actual conspiracy revolving around the Oklahoma City Bombings that has recently been in the news and it has to do with the possible cover-up of evidence by the FBI, leading some to believe others were involved,

A Salt Lake City attorney is arguing in a lawsuit that the FBI has video of the Oklahoma City bombing that shows a second person was involved.

The case is at the heart of Jesse Trentadue’s quest to explain his brother’s mysterious jail cell death 19 years ago, which has rekindled long-dormant questions about whether others were involved in the deadly 1995 blast.

What some consider a far-flung conspiracy theory is at the forefront of his Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI that goes to trial Monday.

Trentadue says the agency won’t release security camera videos that show a second person was with Timothy McVeigh when he parked a truck outside the Oklahoma City federal building and detonated a bomb, killing 168 people. The government claims McVeigh was alone.

Unsatisfied by the FBI’s previous explanations, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups has ordered the agency to explain why it can’t find videos from the bombing that are mentioned in evidence logs, citing the public importance of the tapes.

Somewhat callously, the FBI has responded by saying it would be “burdensome” to search for the video,

The FBI says it can’t find anything to suggest the videos exist, and says it would be “unreasonably burdensome” to do a search that would take a single staff person more than 18 months to conduct.

This all sounds suspicious and raises many questions but the conspiracy about Iraqi involvement is a concoction from the fevered imagination of the right that has no relationship to these facts.

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    • sasboy

      You know somebody is running low on convincing arguments when they have to use factually incorrect information to attack a group of people. This is a good sign.

    • glddraco

      pretty dumb considering it was far right Christians that did the bombing. Keep thinking otherwise though if it makes you feel any better.

  • mindy1


Boykin Terrifies Dobson With Dire Warnings Of America’s Pending Islamification


Good old, former Lt. Gen. Jerry “Allah is an idol” Boykin, says we’re at “stage four” of the impending Islamic takeover. I have noticed an uptick in halal carts in NYC!

Boykin Terrifies Dobson With Dire Warnings Of America’s Pending Islamification

By Kyle Mantyla (Right-Wing Watch)

Yesterday, James Dobson hosted Lt. General Jerry Boykin on his radio program to explain to his audience how the Muslim Brotherhood is currently entering “phase four” of its five-stage plan to take over America.

The interview proved to be so alarming to Dobson and his listeners that they kept Boykin around for another half-hour so that he could continue to enlightening them about the dire threat that this nation is facing.

I cannot even begin to adequately capture the utter terror and paranoia that drove this second episode as Dobson and his co-hosts grew increasingly alarmed as Boykin informed them of American’s impending doom, claiming that the US does not want to try those responsible for 9/11 because we are intimidated by the Muslim world and that they day is fast approaching where his granddaughters will be forced to wear burkas:

Boykin: You know, it’s interesting to me that two of the groups that have not said anything about this – in fact, have kind of been on the other side on this – are the women’s groups and the homosexual groups. Both of those groups are discriminated against very heavily, so if there was total sharia law in this country, by sharia law homosexuals would be killed and all the women would be wearing burkas and hijabs and would be subjugated to the authority of men. But these two groups have no come out and said anything.

LuAnne Crane: They’ve been silent.

Boykin: We are at war. And I think that until Americans are willing to find out was Islam is and to find out the truth about what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing in our country, we’re going to continue to live in darkness.

James Dobson: Are there activist judges that are taking us in that direction?

Boykin: Absolutely, and you know I have a great respect for the Governor of New Jersey, but he just appointed a judge, a Muslim judge, to one of the courts up there in New Jersey who has been known to be associated with operatives from Hamas.

Dobson: This is Christie? Governor Christie?

Boykin: Yes. And this kind of thing reflects, I don’t think an effort on his part of implement sharia law, I think it’s this whole concept of trying to appease the people that, in fact, are our enemies.

Dobson: General, I have wanted to ask this question of somebody for a long time – I’m sure it has a good answer, but I’ve never heard it. 9/11 occurred ten years ago and the people who are responsible for that horrible day of bombing have still not stood trial. Ten years! It’s one thing for them to have been convicted and put in prison for ten years – they haven’t even been brought to trial and I don’t understand why. Can you explain that?

Boykin: No, sadly I can’t because I think that the whole thing is a political issue. I think, this is my personal view, but I think neither the previous administration nor this administration is willing to take them to trial because I think they fear the outrage from the Islamic world because there is so much support around the world for what those people did.

Dobson: Well, that’s appeasement again. We’re intimidated.

Boykin: We are intimidated.

Let me say I have six grandchildren and three of them are females and I must tell you, I am greatly concerned about the day coming when they will be wearing burkas. That’s how serious I consider this threat.

Dobson: Are you serious?

Crane: That’s not just extreme?

Boykin: I am very serious.

And the only hope for avoiding this catastrophe, of course, is to vote for the candidates who truly recognize the peril that America is facing.

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    • alpha Mailbox

      The little teddy bear ewoks of the Ikhawan couldn’t even take over egypt, their home the hell are they going to take over the US?

    • And the insanity spreads… People invoke “The Muslim Brotherhood” and “Hamas” for pretty much everything nowadays, without having any clue what those organizations are or how they operate. Kind of like al-Qaeda was invoked (still is, sometimes) by people who don’t even know that al-Qaeda and the Taliban are two distinct things. “Linked” is another scare-word frequently employed by the loons. In typical conspiracy fashion, anyone they personally dislike is somehow “linked” to Hamas or the MB, or both (the loons don’t know that there is a difference between Hamas and the MB). Since they have no proof, they can make the lies as big as they want; over on WND (I know…) they believe that there is a secret Muslim army composed of Hamas and MB operatives currently housed somewhere in the US. Ten million of them. 10,000,000! On top of that, some of the commenters are spreading the story of a secret Russian army stationed in Ohio, supposedly in league with the ten-million-man Muslim army. Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up. It takes a talented and pathological liar–which are apparently abundant in the Loonosphere–to invent stories like this. Really, anyone can be “linked” to anyone else. Example: my brother works for the NSA and sometimes briefed former President Bush. So now all of you are “linked” to former President Bush by only three degrees of separation and, therefore, are involved in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. Congratulations.

    • You know, a beard used to be de rigeur for men in the Anglo-Saxon cultural sphere. In the Bayeux Tapestry, one can distinguish the Englishmen from the Normans by the fact that the former are bearded. Even when i was a Pagan, I always got remarks about my beard, and how I must be a terrorist or at the very least, Not From Here. (That’s rich, considering my earliest ancestor in America was born in Connecticut in 1624!) i also remember an actor–I thought it was Pierce Brosnan, but somepony told me it was actually Brad Pitt, so I’m unsure–anyway, he was growing a beard, not even a large one, and people started with the “terrorist” remarks with him, too. Long hair was also de rigeur at one time in the Teutonic lands; short hair meant that you were a slave. Now people think that short hair is somehow more “respectable.” What that says about our modern civilization is telling. We’ve got a psychosis about beards and long hair here in America.

    • I’m already working on that. Ha, people think my being a brony is all because I like MLP? I’m really working hard to Islamicize not just Ponyville, but all of Equestria! Princess Celestia will wear hijab if it’s the last thing my secret network accomplishes. And then Equestria will be 20% more awesome!

Norway Survey Looks At Attitudes Towards Minorities



A Norwegian survey commissioned by the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice was undertaken by the Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities.

The survey was carried out between August 2010 and May 2012 by TNS Gallup and had some interesting results that in some ways are consistent with views across Europe.

The survey is described by the authors as the “first extensive population survey” of its kind. It largely focused on Norwegian views towards Jews and antisemitism but also covered attitudes towards other minorities, including Muslims.

As you can see from the summary of the survey, stereotypical and antisemitic views of Jews do exist in Norwegian society. The results also show that there is greater social distance to other minorities than to Jews.

Norwegian society is most negative towards contact with Muslims, Somalis and Romani. Those with the strongest antisemitic views were also strongly Islamophobic, xenophobic and skeptical of immigrants.

The results show that stereotypical views of Jews exist in Norwegian society. All in all, 12.5 per cent of the population can be considered as being significantly prejudiced against Jews. When compared to the rest of Europe, the prevalence of antisemitic views in Norway is relatively small and on a par with the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Certain antisemitic notions are, however, more widespread in Norway. For example, as many as 19 per cent of respondents agree with the statement that “World Jewry is working behind the scenes to promote Jewish interests” and 26 per cent believe it is correct that “Jews consider themselves to be better than others”.

Antisemitism can also be gauged by analysing negative feelings and social distance. The survey reveals that 9.7 per cent of respondents feel antipathy towards Jews, while 8 per cent of the population do not want Jews among their neighbours or circle of friends. Overall, the three dimensions used in measuring negative attitudes towards Jews are somewhat less prevalent among women, younger people and those with higher education than they were among men, older people and those with lower education.

Respondents were also questioned about their attitudes towards immigrants and people of other nationalities and religions. The results show that the social distance to most other groups is greater than that to Jews. The Norwegian population is most negative towards contact with Muslims, Somalis and Romani (gypsies). Those with the strongest antisemitic attitudes also most strongly reject other groups. This is particularly evident in terms of attitudes towards Muslims, Somalis and Romani. Seventy-six per cent of those who distance themselves socially from Jews display similar attitudes towards Muslims. Antisemitic attitudes are also more common among those respondents who are highly sceptical of immigrants. Such tendencies have been observed in other European countries as well.

The number of respondents who believed that negative attitudes towards Muslims were widespread in Norway was far greater than the number of respondents who believed that negative attitudes towards Jews were widespread. When queried on what they thought the reasons for such prejudices were, respondents often made connections between negative views of Muslims and specific social problems of multicultural Norway. Negative attitudes towards Jews were often explained with reference to the role played by Israel in the Middle East conflict, and almost never with specific reference to Norwegian society. The comments did, however, occasionally contain stereotypical views of Jews or highlighted that such prejudices were often the cause of negative attitudes among other people.

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Australian Defence League: Inside the Far-Right Anti-Muslim Hate Group


These fascist cowards in the “ADL” think stalking Muslim women is brave.

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      At this point, are you really surprized ?, all these idiots have spawn from somewhere

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      Also they shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

    • JD

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    • LiesYouTell

      I doubt most Aussies Muslims know that the ADL is allied with hate groups (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center) in America. These Islamophobes shouldn’t be into allowed entry into Australia.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      They are allied with SION, Spencer and Geller.

    • moraka

      So the conclusion is not that the school is walled and fenced, to protect the students and the school from dangerous people. But because they keep and lock people in and to commit terrorism. Has this guy ever gone to school or is he a first grade dropout.

Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer’s Ally Pastor Usama Dakdok Wants Another 9/11

Pastor Usama Dakdok, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Pastor Usama Dakdok, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

By Mooneye

Last week Will Coley of Muslims for Liberty was a featured guest on Liberty Radio Ohio for a discussion on the relationship between Islam, Muslims, America and politics. His interview is worth listening to and begins at 53:26 as he delves into many subjects and also responds to the guest who preceded him, Pastor Usama “Muslims are demons” Dakdok.

Dakdok is an extremist preacher and good friends with Rev. Deacon Robert Spencer. The interview was amazing for the sheer lunacy and vile hatred Dakdok was able to spew in just a few minutes.

The interview with Pastor Dakdok begins at 25:50, below are some of the “gems” he spewed in what essentially was a 25 minute tirade.


On CAIR. He thinks they wear wonderful suits:

Pastor Usama Dakdok: CAIR is a big lawyers here in America, they are here to literally take over America with a smile on the face wearing these wonderful suits and ties.

Pastor Dakdok believes religions are vegetables in a bowl of soup and Islam doesn’t fit into the soup because it’s poison.

Bill Yarborough: What should the place of religion be in America in relation to our government or political system?

Pastor Dakdok: Well brother there is a big difference when you say Atheism, Buddhism, Agnosticism whatever…and when you put Islam into it. It’s like me and you eating a dish of soup and you can put 50 different vegetables into it. See the Coexist stickers which you see many times on cars that say ‘lets all get along.,’ America’s a melting pot. Co-exist can exist but when you add Islam to it, it cannot exist. So when you add Islam to the soup which you have 50 vegetables in it and everybody enjoy eating this soup when you add one spoon of poison to this soup it’s no longer soup.

Not only doesn’t Islam fit the bowl of religious vegetable soup but it’s a cult and Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to legally exist in America; they are here to takeover and have already infiltrated government. I wonder if this is what Rev. Deacon Spencer means when he says that Muslims should be brought up on charges of “sedition.”

Pastor Dakdok: “Islam is a very wicked cult. It is illegal for Muslims to live in America. Why? Because that is cult that teaches no freedom of religion.”

Pastor Dakdok: “Muslim in America my friends are not here to become Americans and enjoy our freedoms, they are here to spread Shariah, they are here to takeover America for Allah.

It is illegal for Muslims to breathe air inside the America therefore we should never allow Muslims to be anywhere in our government and sadly the last five years the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Jihadi are in the White House, they are in the FBI, they are in the CIA, they are in the Homeland Security. They are here to infiltrate America through our education, through our political arena, through the media, so that’s exactly what happening in America.”

The radio host then asks Dakdok a sensible question abou what his solution is to the so-called “Islam problem”? Dakdok’s answer is that it would be better to have another 9/11 than Muslims in government like Rep. Keith Ellison.

Bill Yarbrough: “If, indeed, Islam cannot exist within our framework of laws and Constitutional protections and they are truly mutually exclusive, what is the remedy, what are you proposing from a political, legal perspective that would remedy that? If you had a magic wand what would occur so we don’t have any of the dangers of which you speak?”

Pastor Dakdok:”Well, we believe if the American people read the Quran which we have translated in our ministry, it took us four years and we sent that copy to every senator and Congress member and highest justice of the Supreme Court and I doubt any of those people have read it.

If the the American people read the Quran they will stop a man like Keith Ellison from the district of Minnesota to swear on the Quran. The man is swearing on a book that commands to kill every American until the last American become Muslim.

And if the American people read the Quran they will never allow a Muslim senator or President like Obama, or a Muslim Congressman like Keith Ellison to run for this offices.

America is losing America from inside…I don’t want the government to tell me what religion I should believe in but by allowing, giving the government the freedom to allow Muslims to run for office, to educate our children, to bring the new generation you are kissing your country completely good bye. I wish we have another September 11th, better, much better than to have Muslim senator and Muslim Congressman, Muslim mayor and Muslim educating our children on the propaganda of Islam because that is destroying the foundation of America.”

Usama ends his rant with, “We love Muslims, we want you to know the love of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.” Isn’t he merciful?

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    • Christian-Friend

      The question is: what are you implying?

    • Randy

      Oh, you’re a moderator? Okay! Coherent assertion? Okay? You can’t comprehend what I’ve said? Okay! We’ll leave it at that. Again, we’re done! I’m most certain you will need to have the last word, so please blab away.


    • Sam Seed

      The important thing my friend is that ‘God loves you’, that is all.

    • Laila Muhammad

      promoting fear is very profitable to isamaphobes….we as muslims have been targeted..we are cannon fodder for what don rumsfeld called a ‘100 yr war’…god protect us

    • Rights

      Me used to chase them things as a child on dry, windy days in the countryside. What a joy that was! Can’t quite explain it. Made me nostalgic. Those were the days! Gone. Never to come back.

    • Rights

      Lancaster’s judgment was truly prophetic when it comes to the “Papists” part. But the “Mahometans” have taken nothing yet.

    • Sam Seed

      Sorry that was in response to Ilisha.

    • Tanveer Khan

      El Cid confuses me so much. There’s his comment to me which I mostly agree with, then that comment and the afghan girl comment…

    • Reynardine

      Uh…we’ve figured out who you are, actually.

    • Tanveer Khan

      That’s enough to turn any man into a bigot.

    • Tanveer Khan

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    • Reynardine

      I hate to be vulgar, but I suspect his own tailor made his center seam painfully short.

    • Sam Seed

      Ok, just gone and done that, hope he wins!

    • Sam Seed

      Here’s how he describes himself on his blog The Straight Way Ministry:-

      “Hello, My name is Usama Dakdok. I was born in Egypt and I grew up in a Christian home. But as I grew up in school in Egypt, a government school, and through all these years that I was in school, I learned about Islam, like every other student in a Muslim country. I came to America in 1992, and I found out that there were many Muslims in America. I said, “What a great ministry for me to do right here.”

      With all the knowledge that I have about Islam, I can reach out to the Muslim people with the word of Jesus Christ. That is why we began The Straight Way of Grace Ministry.

      Please look around my website. There are many resources available to you as a Muslimto get to know the Lord, Jesus Christ, better. You who may want to learn more about the religion of Islam and how you might reach out to those in this faith with the word of our Savior. Please contact us if you would like us to personally visit your church or organization and share our good news!

      God loves you, my friend.”

    • Tanveer Khan

      Usama Dakdok? ….. XD

    • “But let us remember that we form a government for millions not yet in existence. I have not the art of divination. In the course of four or five hundred years, I do not know how it will work. This is most certain, that Papists may occupy that chair, and Mahometans may take it.” – William Lancaster – delegate to the North Carolina convention to ratify the Constitution

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      Sure they do. And they get thrown off when they meet the non-stereotypical Muslim. Those in the wonderful suits and ties; instead of some torn rags of desert attire.

Nigerian Christian Group To Launch Terror Campaign Against Muslims in “Defense of Christianity”

Henry Okah

The Mend leader Henry Okah in court in Johannesburg. He was convicted of terrorism last month. Photograph: AP

Nigerian Christian group threatens retaliation over Islamist attacks


Nigeria could face a battle between rival terrorist groups after Christian militants threatened to attack Muslim targets in response to bombings carried out by the Islamist group Boko Haram.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend), the umbrella body of armed groups in Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta, said it would launch a new terror campaign “in defence of Christianity”.

“The bombings of mosques, hajj camps, Islamic institutions, large congregations in Islamic events and assassinations of clerics that propagate doctrines of hate will form the core mission of this crusade,” the Mend spokesman Jomo Gbomo said in an emailed statement.

The group appears to be responding to the ongoing attacks against churches and Christian populations in northern Nigeria, which some estimate have killed more than 1,000 people, including Christians and Muslims, in recent years.

The threat of a new round of violence, which Mend said would be codenamed Operation Barbarossa, comes a week after the Christian group claimed responsibility for the ambush of a boat in Bayelsa state, southern Nigeria, in which 13 police officers were killed.

The statement prompted concern in Nigeria, although there were questions about whether Mend had the capacity to launch widespread attacks on Muslim targets.

“We are on the cusp of something imaginable happening – there is a likelihood that we are going to experience some kind of Christian retaliatory killings for what’s happening in the north,” said Tolu Ogunlesi, a journalist and witness to attacks on Muslims in southern Nigeria.

“I’m just not confident it will be Mend that will do it. Just like Boko Haram, it is not a single organisation but different faces and shadows all using the same name.”

Mend has appeared increasingly fragmented in recent months. The group behind the current threat against Muslims is believed to comprise disgruntled militants who have turned against the amnesty agreed between Mend and the Nigerian government in 2009.

“Mend no longer exists in the way it has done in the past,” said Ken Henshaw from the Niger Delta-based group Social Action. “They key characters from Mend who really had the capacity to unleash mayhem have all accepted amnesty and handed in their arms. I can’t think of anyone left who can carry out the same level of violence.

“But I don’t think this threat should be handled lightly. At the moment Nigeria is so volatile, things are getting out of control,” Henshaw added. “Here is a group threatening to kill other people, it must be taken seriously.”

There have been a series of attacks or threats against Muslims by Christians in Nigeria in recent years. In 2011 a group called Akhwat Akwop – which it claimed was the Christian equivalent of the name Boko Haram – began distributing leaflets in northern Nigeria threatening terrorist attacks against Muslims, claiming it would emancipate Christians in the north.

In January there were attacks against Muslims in Rivers state in the Niger Delta, although Mend did not claim responsibility for those attacks.

“There is some precedent for attacks against Muslims in southern Nigeria,” said Adunola Abiola, founder of Think Security Africa. “And although there are real questions about whether Mend have the capability and the networks to carry out the attacks they are threatening now, it’s worth remembering that this is not just a group confined to the Niger Delta – they have operated in Lagos and Abuja before.”

Last month the Mend leader Henry Okah was sentenced to 24 years in jail after a South African court convicted him of terrorism over twin car bombings in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, in 2010.

There was speculation that the threat from Mend was at attempt to coerce the government into negotiating for Okah’s release. “The timing of this sentence suggests to me that this might be intended as some sort of proxy conflict with the federal government,” said Abiola. “But at this point in time and given the unpredictable turn of events in Nigeria, that anything is possible and they shouldn’t be ignored.”

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