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Join LoonWatch’s IndieGoGo Campaign to Combat Islamophobia!

Hello, LoonWatchers!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our IndieGoGo campaign:

IndieGoGo, like Kickstarter, is a website that allows for crowdfunding.  This is a very effective means of harnessing the power of social media to raise funding.  Our campaign will last only forty days, so contribute now before it’s too late.  All you need is a credit card.  Payments through IndieGoGo are safe and reliable.

In exchange, I’ll send you an advanced copy of my upcoming book, The J Word: Jihad, Between Hype and Reality.

The Islamophobes are heavily funded, allowing them to maintain a robust presence online, operating highly professional websites and media organizations.  We’ve been able to stand toe to toe with them well enough, but we need funding to take LoonWatch to the next level.

Our avid readers and fans like you will need to be at the forefront of our IndieGoGo campaign.  We’ve counted on your support and blessing for many years.  Will you stand with us now?  Click here to go to our IndieGoGo page for more details.  Remember: CONTRIBUTE to our campaign and SPREAD our IndieGoGo link (short link:  far and wide.

Be a part of something historic and truly momentous: the first ever crowdfunding campaign to combat Islamophobia.

Thank you.

-Danios of LoonWatch.

Contact: danios [ at ]

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  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    Thank you, Karen.

  • Sam Seed

    Yeah I feel the same way it is very annoying.

  • Sam Seed

    Our main man is Steven Danios who has devoted much of his time and effort in rebutting the Islamophobes. I can’t see any ‘Muslim’ sites fighting Islamophobia as Loonwatch has done. It may be a small contribution,and the reason being none of the writers are paid ( unlike the Islamophobia organisations), but if people like us can spread the word about Loonwatch we can achieve the goal.

    BTW it’s IndieGoGo, not Indigo

  • Ilisha

    HI HamedIslam

    Welcome to LW. This is a multi-faith site. We have both Muslim and non-Muslim contributors and visitors. Everyone is on equal footing here.

    We’re anonymous because we choose to be. Our words are what matter, and most of us are not seeking celebrity.

    As for our articles, some do represent what you might call progressive values, though I think there is a strong libertarian current in many of our views as well. We’re a mix, and I think we defy a firm spot anywhere on the political spectrum.

    Yes, we get far less funding than ant-Muslim bigots. We don’t have our own version of David Horowitz handing over millions to fund Loonwatch–we do everything we do as volunteers, without compensation, which I think is a testament to our sincerity. This is the first time I know of that we’ve asked for donations.

    The motivations of the founders are clearly stated on the About page. There is nothing sinister or secretive about our mission. We’re an inclusive community of hate-allergic bloggers fighting bigotry, and you’re welcome to join if you’d like.

  • Sam Seed

    As it stands, the campaign is about $47k short of reaching it’s target. Can this be achieved within 30 days? I’m hoping as it’s Ramadhan some folks are more charitable. Hats off to the Non-Muslims who have contributed!

  • Reynardine

    It appears to be fixed. Thanx, Garibaldi!!

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Will try to rectify this.

  • Reynardine

    I will be glad to chip in in September (have hole in roof, ceiling,+ wallet this month). Meanwhile, though, please control that DISGUSTING POP-UP! It pops up when you enter the blog and then on EVERY DAMNED ARTICLE, and on a hand-held device, it covers the WHOLE DISPLAY!

  • jameyfan

    Hi. I miss my old name but after this site was changed, I went with my disqus name.

  • Sam Seed

    Hi Khushboo!

  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    Thank you! Now that you’ve contributed, please make sure to spread the word and get a couple more people to contribute.

  • mindy1

    Just kicked in 10 dollars :)

  • jameyfan

    During Ramadan is the best time for Muslims to donate and it’s considered Zakat according to scholars since this is a pro-Islamic website helping a very good cause.

  • Ben Etta

    Am still waiting for my paycheck! Then I’ll contribute! This is awesome news. Finally we got life signs:)

    Benjamin Taghiov

  • jameyfan

    We can donate a lot more if this is tax deductible.

  • Solid Snake

    Thanks, Ill print those as soon as Ican.

    Also, may I have permission to reupload this on another Youtube channel?

    Im talking with a major Muslim Youtuber on uploading it to her channel, she has many fans and can help spread the word more effectively.


  • CriticalDragon1177

    Maybe if you’re able to get enough money Loon Watch could even make a full fledged feature length documentary on Islamophobia. The anti “Obsession/Third Jihad” if you will.

  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    Unfortunately, we cannot add a Paypal option at this time. Sorry about that. Hope you can still contribute somehow.

  • Ashkar Lessirey

    No. Thank YOU :)

  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    Most likely, yes.

  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    We’d like to have more videos, but they have production costs to them… That’s exactly why this IndieGoGo campaign is so important.

  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    Hi Weeenis,

    We’ll see if we can add a Paypal option in the next day or so. Thanks for your input.

  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    Thank you, Sodium!

  • Danios_of_LoonWatch

    Thank you, Ashkar.

  • Tanveer Khan

    That……came out of nowhere. xD It does sound a lot like me though.

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