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Santorumism of the Day: “Muslims speak Islamic”

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    • Goldberg

      Another story that truly exemplifies the loons’ doctoral level knowledge of Islam and the Quran. In any event, does anyone know where I can learn how to speak Islamic? Does Rosetta Stone make software to teach you how to speak Islamic?

    • Menot

      The problem with religions other than Islam, is that their books have been altered to fit with the times. Alot of Christians don’t believe in biblical laws and therefore only abide by parts of it to fit in, which is absurd. Islam only has one book and people tend to take them out of context. Now they go after hadith’s like Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim etc. They don’t bother looking at the tafseers or anything. Christianity calls for the death of apostates but they’ll deny it when it’s clearly written right there. It’s sad how unintelligent and uninformed people can be. Sad, sad, sad.

    • sk8er_2U

      “you might get the language thing a little bit closer to right.” It is necessary that many terms are explained properly. Once everyone can, at least, speak in the same language, using the correct terms, imagine how much easier arguing would be. Quran is written in Arabic. Arabic is a language. Islam is a lifestyle or religion. Being Jewish is a religion. However, like being Muslim, many people will say they are Jewish because their parents are, though they don’t practice.

      Maddow is fair, “It’s not just Rick Santorum.” For Santorum, he should understand that only few see Islam as politics.

    • LOL, “Quran, is in Islamic.” One for the record books.

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