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Fisher Price: Islam is the Light Baby Doll?

A blast from the past. Around Christmas time 2008 a doll was being sold by Fisher Price that cooed and gaga’d but through the power of suggestion some started to believe that the doll was saying, “Islam is the light,” but if you listen closely you could make it out to say anything:

Spencer and other Islamophobes jumped on this at the time and put it forward as another instance of the insidious creeping Jihad. One of Texas’s finest, Pastor David Grice extrapolated that the doll was a sign of “us” being “under attack religiously,” strangely he also saw a foreign Chinese conspiracy involved as well:

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    • That doll makes more sense than old Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, and the rest of their crazy Islamophobic brethren.

    • LaRoja

      What the hell was this?

    • Just goes to show that for every nut on one side, you have nuts on the other with just as much ‘acceptance’.

      And yes, it is odd that these people ‘see’ Islam wherever they go… Obsession? Fear? Inferiority complex? Whatever it is they see it more than most Muslims!

  • Syed

    LOL! The doll is apparently a mooslem-loving, leftist-commie dhimmi

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