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Australian Defence League: Inside the Far-Right Anti-Muslim Hate Group


These fascist cowards in the “ADL” think stalking Muslim women is brave.

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    • Anonymous

      At this point, are you really surprized ?, all these idiots have spawn from somewhere

    • Anonymous

      Also they shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

    • JD

      LOL this is my land…..

    • LiesYouTell

      I doubt most Aussies Muslims know that the ADL is allied with hate groups (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center) in America. These Islamophobes shouldn’t be into allowed entry into Australia.

    • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

      They are allied with SION, Spencer and Geller.

    • moraka

      So the conclusion is not that the school is walled and fenced, to protect the students and the school from dangerous people. But because they keep and lock people in and to commit terrorism. Has this guy ever gone to school or is he a first grade dropout.

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